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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 10


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi -- and at the end she announces herself as 'Empress Hoshi Sato'.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise -- the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #10, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 10

The Major takes her Ass

** Part 1 - On report for dereliction **

Corporal Amanda Cole had been neglecting her duties, choosing to spend her time having fun with as many of the Terran Command officers as she could. It seemed to her that this situation Archer had them in on Defiant would ultimately be fatal to all of them, so why not get as much pleasure as she could? She thought that being on the 'good side' of so many of the TerCom officers would keep her safe from whatever disciplinary measures Major Hayes and his Maco cronies might deem appropriate. Oh, she had sucked off the major more than once, and even let his second in command fuck her once; but if there was power to be had on Defiant it would be with Archer's men.

Major Hayes entered the small conference room, making certain the door was closed before he said anything to Hawkins and Chang, his two most trusted men on the Maco team. He looked them both in the eyes before speaking. "Gentlemen, we have a problem with one of our own. Corporal Cole has been avoiding her duties, even been insubordinate on a number of occasions, and we have to take corrective action." Hayes told them.

Chang nodded; but knew about Cole's relationship with many of the TerCom officers. "Sir, has this action been cleared by Archer or his first officer?" he asked.

Hayes responded. "Good question, and yes it has been cleared. Cole has a choice of facing a court martial for dereliction of duty or submitting to disciplinary action of my choosing." he told them. "And I think you both know what kind of 'action' I'm talking about here." he chuckled.

Hawkins had wanted to fuck Cole since he first laid eyes on her, and was eager to get this particular action started. "Sir, I am ready and willing to perform as you command." he said, laughing loudly.

"I'm sure you are, Corporal. The three of us will be administering the punishment right here in this conference room this evening. Cole will be instructed to report here after the evening meal, and I will take steps to ensure that she does so." Hayes told them. "Be here at nineteen-hundred hours to plan the session. Cole will be here at nineteen-thirty. Any questions?" Hayes asked. Neither man responded, and Hayes stood up. Hawkins and Chang stood up, coming to attention in place. "Dismissed." Hayes barked. "And gentlemen, not a word of this to anyone." he added, getting a nod of acknowledgement from both men. They left the conference room, acting as if the meeting had been just another tactical discussion, and returned to their duty stations.

Hayes paid a visit to the cargo bay, opening one of his personal containers to remove an unmarked case. He returned to his quarters and opened it, revealing an assortment of paraphernalia associated with bondage and punishment. He hadn't used any of it since his last visit to the pleasure caves on Rigel; but they would come in handy for the session with Amanda Cole. She may be a woman; but she was strong and quick. It would take careful preparation and fast reactions by the men to subdue the lithe and athletic Cole. After a thorough inventory of the case, Hayes closed it and put in his locker, heading down to sick bay to get a hypospray and some other things from Phlox.

"Um... Major, you're not planning on inflicting physical injury are you? After all, Corporal Cole is one of your -- um -- charges." Phlox queried when Hayes asked for a fast acting, short-duration tranquilizer.

"No doctor. This is a disciplinary session as the Corporal has been charged with dereliction of duty and the Captain has approved the offer of court martial or onboard punishment." Hayes replied.

"I see... And you're assuming the Corporal will choose the latter?" Phlox pursued, preparing the drug as he discussed it.

"I'm sure she will. Cole isn't stupid. She knows a court martial would result in execution in these -- uh -- turbulent times." Hayes chuckled.

Phlox laughed. "Yes, well I've also been led to believe that Amanda is something of a -- uh -- promiscuous girl anyway."

"Oh?" Hayes queried, wanting to hear whatever the doctor knew about the pretty NCO.

"Oh yes.... the Corporal has come to visit me a number of times for -- uh -- lubricants... stimulants... things of that nature." Phlox responded. "She's quite -- uh -- sexually active, mmmm?" he added.

Hayes took the discrete case from the doctor, nodded his thanks and headed back to his quarters, adding the two hyposprays and the bottle of numbing lube to his bag of implements for the evening. He looked at his watch. Thirty minutes to the evening meal call. Hayes showered and dressed, then headed for the Maco mess hall prepared to give the order to Corporal Amanda Cole. His penis stirred in his pants at the thought of giving her a fucking she would not forget.

** Part 2 - A plea for leniency **

The meal was the usual, red meat for protein and an assortment of vegetables to keep things moving. Water or red wine was the choice for beverages, Hayes noting that Cole chose the wine and had three glasses to wash her dinner down. The Maco team finished and began to depart when Hayes asked Cole to remain seated. After the others left, he looked her in the eye, shaking his head slowly. "Corporal Cole, you have been negligent to the point where I have no choice; but you still have one." he began, watching her heaving chest as she took it in.

"Oh? And what's that sir?" Amanda asked, feigning respect.

"You can be charged with dereliction of duty and face a court martial, and you know what the penalty is, or..." Hayes paused, watching the color leave her face. "Or you can meet with me at nineteen-thirty hours in Maco tactical to discuss alternate disciplinary measures." he told her.

Amanda Cole sat across from her commanding officer, trying to think through those choices. Hayes had made it pretty clear. She really only had one choice. "I-I'll see you at nineteen-thirty in tactical sir." she replied, standing and coming to attention.

Hayes looked her up and down, enjoying the way she trembled, the slight jiggle of her firm titties beneath her uniform. Another breach of protocol he thought. No undergarment!. His eyes found hers and he stood up. "Dismissed." he barked, watching her as she turned to leave. Just as she got to the door he stopped her. "Cole." he said, his gaze locked on the rounded curve of her ass. "Don't be late." he added. Tonight I will have that cute ass. Hayes thought as he watched Amanda's backside disappear. He glanced at his watch. Fifteen minutes before Chang and Hawkins would meet him in the conference room. He headed for his quarters, picked up the bag, and headed for Tactical.

"Okay men. Here's the plan." Hayes began, opening the case on the table. "Corporal Cole will -- one way or the other -- be restrained across this table using these cuffs on her wrists and ankles." he said, holding up the padded restraints. "They will fasten to the table legs on each corner. We will begin with her face down, as I plan on getting her ass nice and red with this." Hayes held up a hazing paddle which had holes of various sizes across it's surface. "One of you may have your cock in her mouth for this part of the session, the other may be probing her cunt with his fingers or one of the toys." he continued.

"You think she'll just let us tie her down?" Hawkins asked.

"No I don't." Hayes replied, picking up one of the two hyposprays. "These have a fast-acting tranquilizer that will only last a few minutes. The two of you will be concealed when she arrives, one in the equipment closet there..." Hayes said, pointing to a small door to one side. "The other will be in the anteroom over there." he added, pointing to a similar door on the opposite side. "Cole will be sitting at that end of the table. When I call DEPLOY I want the two of you to enter and restrain Corporal Cole while I administer the hypospray. Phlox tells me she'll be out in seconds, and will remain unconscious for several minutes. Should be long enough to strip her and get her on the table." Hayes explained.

"Let's leave her panties on at first." Chang suggested.

"If she's wearing any." Hawkins responded with a chuckle. He reached into the pocket of the case and pulled out a bag of toys, withdrawing two of the tubular devices. "We're going to use these on her?" he asked..

"Oh I figure we'll have our fun with the bitch. Make her squirm and squeal." Hayes replied, reaching into the bag and pulling out a butt plug. Chang and Hawkins both took in a quick breath. Hayes smiled at them, twirling the plug in his fingers. "I have it from a reliable source that Amanda's ass is virgin, and it won't be when she leaves here." he told them. "This will be the last thing up her butt before my cock, and I plan on fucking her virgin asshole for a while before you two get your turn."

Hawkins shook his head in disbelief. "Damn... I've wanted to fuck that ass for two years." the Corporal said.

"Heh... yeah, gotta say she's got one helluva nice backside." Chang agreed.

Hayes looked at his watch. "Five minutes." he said, putting things back in the case for easy retrieval when the time came. "Let's be in position, and remember -- the call is DEPLOY." Hayes added, closing the case and setting it under the table next to his chair. Hawkins and Chang took up station in the two concealed rooms, ready to spring into action. Three minutes later the room access bell chimed. Hayes tapped the intercom. "Hayes." he said.

"Corporal Amanda Cole, reporting as ordered sir." came the subdued voice.

Major Hayes tapped the lock. "Enter." As soon as she was inside he tapped the lock again to avoid interruption, and confirmed with a glance that the soundproof function was active. He pointed to the chair opposite his (and in between the two doors). "Sit down, Corporal." he ordered.

Amanda did as the Major ordered, taking her seat across from his glowering countenance. He didn't speak, and after a couple minutes she broke the silence. "So sir, you have some kind of disciplinary action for my... negligence?" she asked.

"I do Corporal; but first I need some answers." Hayes spat at her. "My sources tell me you've been fucking and sucking every officer on Archer's staff, maybe even Archer himself, to somehow garner favor with them." he said angrily. She didn't answer; but her demeanor changed as she realized he had more information than she thought. "I see." Hayes said. "So I guess you would be willing to fuck and suck me and my staff to make up for this?" he suggested, glaring at her.

Amanda cleared her throat, shifting uneasily on the conference room chair. "W-well... I-I..." she stammered.

Hayes slammed his fist on the table, startling her. "Dammit Corporal, I asked you a question." he roared. He watched as she began to clench her fists, shaking her head slowly as if to say 'no, she wouldn't do that'. "DEPLOY." he shouted. The doors opened simultaneously and the two Macos grabbed her by her shoulders and elbows, holding her in place as Hayes pulled out the hypospray and pressed against her neck. Within moments she slumped in their arms, unconscious. The two Corporals beginning tugging at her uniform. Hayes stopped them. "Get her up on the table, it'll be easier. And remember, leave the panties -- if she's wearing them." he instructed, guiding her body as they pulled her up out of the chair. Less than a minute later she was naked save for a pair of very skimpy bikini panties. Another minute -- and with no time to spare -- she was splayed over the table with her wrists and ankles secured by the cuffs. Another minute and she shook her head, mumbling something.

"W-what the FUCK!" she howled, her limbs thrashing against the taut bonds that held her in place. Hayes stood behind her, letting her test the restraints as he and his men watched. Hawkins was visibly aroused, licking at his lips as his fingers involuntarily rubbed the front of his uniform slacks. Hayes rested his hands on her hips, feeling the firmness as she lost the fight.

Once she stopped struggling, Hayes let his hands drift around to cup her buttocks. "Now, Corporal Cole, you will be disciplined as I -- and my men -- see fit. Since you seemed to favor sex as your payment we will take advantage of it as well." he told her, squeezing her trembling cheeks.

"N-NO! NO FUCKING WAY! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" she shouted, resuming her struggle against the cuffs.

Hayes backed away, letting his fingers drift briefly between her legs before he reached for the paddle. "I see we need to do some convincing then." he said, tapping the paddle against her upturned bottom. "Very well." SMACK came the first strike, square across the fullest part of both cheeks. Amanda howled in pain, redoubling her struggle. SMACK.. SMACK...SMACK cane three sharp strikes in succession. More howling, more struggling. SMACK.. SMACK...SMACK - three more. Still she howled. Hayes nodded to Hawkins, who quickly had his penis unleashed and was walking around toward her head. "Amanda, I do not want to hear that screaming, so Corporal Hawkins will give you something to do with that foul mouth of yours. SUCK HIS COCK." Hayes spat, running his hand over the reddened and warm globes of her butt. Hawkins presented his dick at her lips; but she kept them tightly closed. SMACK.. SMACK...SMACK "I said SUCK THAT DICK!"

It took a dozen more blows from the paddle before Amanda could resist no more, and opened her mouth to accept Hawkins' penis. She gurgled and gasped as he held her head still, fucking her mouth as Hayes inspected her welted bottom. His fingers moved lower, feeling the damp heat between her legs. "She's wet." he said, inserting a finger beneath the flimsy panties and sliding it into her cunt. "Corporal Chang, would you like to do the honors?" Hayes asked, moving to the side while holding the panties away from her hot pussy. Chang nodded, freeing his penis and walking behind the restrained Corporal Cole to position the head at her opening. "FUCK HER." Hayes ordered. A muffled squeal came from around Hawkins' meat as Chang drove his dick all the way into her in a single thrust.

Hayes walked around the table, taking in all angles as his men used her holes for their pleasure. The sounds coming from her were now muffled whimpers, her body buffeted between the two men. Hawkins was first to finish, pumping his load into her mouth as she gagged and gurgled. "Suck it clean, Amanda. Suck it nice and clean." Hawkins spat at her, holding her head firm with his dick buried in her mouth. Not long afterward Chang also emptied his load, this one going deep inside her belly as he grunted and slammed his groin against her. He motioned to the two men to disengage and watched as they withdrew abruptly, Amanda coughing and gasping for breath. Hayes left her alone for a few minutes, pouring three glasses of some excellent whiskey he'd found in the cargo bay. They toasted to the conquest, leering at the nearly naked body of Amanda Cole as she recovered to semi-coherence.

"Well Corporal Cole, I think you've figured out by now that I am the one in charge here and you will obey my orders. Is this correct?" Hayes asked her.

"N-No... s-sir... This is not appropriate d-disciplinary action f-for my..." Amanda stuttered.

"BULLSHIT!" Hayes barked, picking up the paddle and giving her three more quick strokes on her ass. "I will determine what is appropriate, Corporal. And I say this is exactly the discipline you require." he spat at her, reaching down to shove three fingers into her cunt. "If I decide you need a good hard paddling, that is what you will get -- and if I believe your pussy needs to be fucked, that is what will happen." He withdrew the fingers, now coated with her juices and Chang's semen, and roughly shoved his thick middle finger into her asshole. "And this hole will be used as well." he laughed, reaming her rectal channel with his calloused digit.

"N-NOOOOOO... NOT BACK THERE.... PULLLEEEEASE...." she howled, squirming as much as she could to try and dislodge the skewering finger.

"Ah... so you don't like having your ass used, eh?" Hayes snickered, adding a second finger in her butt. "Well now... it's certainly tight enough.... Are we to believe your ass is virginal?" Hayes laughed.

"Y-yes... I-I've never done t-that... p-please don't..." Amanda Cole trembled. But she knew it was hopeless. She knew Hayes -- and probably his men -- would sodomize her before they were finished.

** Part 3 - Taking it deep **

"Alright Amanda, I want you to suck my cock now. Or more precisely, I will fuck your throat." Hayes barked, yanking his fingers from her bottom and walking around the table. He presented his penis to her, brushing it against her already bruised lips before grasping her head in his hands. "Open up Corporal. "Open your mouth and take my dick." he ordered. As soon as her lips relaxed he shoved his meat into her face, driving it inside her oral cavity until he felt her throat convulse. "Yes Corporal, this is your commanding officer's cock and you will service me whenever and wherever I choose. Now SUCK." he barked, pulling his organ part way out before shoving it back into her mouth. She seemed to be trying to please him, gurgling and sucking as he fucked her head.

Hawkins had opened the toy pouch and pulled out a thick dildo, waving it to get Hayes' attention. Hayes nodded, pointing to the small bottle of numbing lubricant. He held his dick just short of choking her, grabbing her ears to keep her motionless. "That's right Corporal, suck my cock now... suck it nice and we might go easy on that tight virgin ass of yours. Corporal Hawkins is going to give your pussy a little stretch, so just relax and concentrate on sucking me." Hayes told her, watching as Hawkins positioned the thick rubber phallus at her wet hole. On Hayes' mark he drove it into her cunt, sliding it all the way inside until it bumped against her cervix, buried as deep as it could go. He fucked her with it, bringing muffled whimpers as her mouth and pussy were filled to capacity. Hayes moved his dick in and out of her sucking mouth, enjoying the feel of her tongue as she finally went to work trying to please him. "That's it, Cole, suck it like you mean it and I'll give you a nice drink." he said lewdly, stroking into her oral cavity as if she were a common whore.

Chang went to the pouch and pulled out a very slender vibrator, getting Hayes' attention and approval. Chang coated the intruder with the lube and positioned the tip at her unused anus. Amanda jumped, forcing Hayes' cock into her throat again as she grunted her protest. Hayes held her head once again and nodded to Chang. "Now Corporal Chang is going to begin the preparation of your tight little asshole Amanda. Don't worry, it is a very small vibrator, and Corporal Chang has promised he won't hurt you." Hayes laughed, nodding to Chang who pushed gently on the plastic intruder until her anal ring gave up its resistance. "Turn the vibe on Chang, give her a little thrill." Hayes instructed. Chang flipped the switch, turning the little toy into vibrating tool.

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