tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnterprise - the Other Side Ch. 13

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 13


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise -- the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #13, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 13

Trip goes to town on Crewman Kelly

Trip had his eye on her, mostly because she was black and he'd never had any human black pussy. Janet Kelly was a pretty girl with a nice body and a diminutive personality that made most refer to her as 'cute'. And she had that black booty...

Kelly was worried as she walked down the corridor in the officer's quarters area of Defiant. On her normal rotation she'd been assigned to Commander Tucker's staff in engineering, and while on duty there she'd made a mistake. It was caught by one of the junior officers, and no harm was done; but the officer reported the error to Tucker who called her to his quarters for a 'meeting'. She'd heard about the Commander's meetings with female crewmembers, and was hoping to avoid any confrontation with the Commander. Arriving at his room she pressed the bell.

Trip didn't really have a plan for the meeting with Kelly; but he knew he wanted to get his hands on that round butt somewhere along the line, and if things went beyond that then so be it. The chime sounded and he turned toward the door, ready to read the young woman's mood and attitude. "Enter" he said. The door opened and Janet Kelly stood there. "I said enter, crewman." he barked, watching the girl as she tentatively walked through the door. After the door closed Trip pressed the 'lock' button and motioned her over. Her uniform did nothing to hide her curves, and he didn't hide it as he looked her over. "Have a seat Kelly." he said, patting the sofa next to him. She clearly was uncomfortable with the idea of sitting next to him that way, hoping that this 'meeting' would be across a table or something; but she did as he ordered.

"S-Sir." Kelly stammered, demurely crossing her legs.

"Yes crewman?" Trip responded.

"I know why you have called me here, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry for my mistake and it won't happen again... sir." she told him.

"Sorry! SORRY!" Trip barked. "You know that if Ensign Berkey had not discovered your error there could have been a lot of damage and even death!" he added.

"Y-yes... I-I know s-sir. I w-won't.." she lowered her head.

"Well crewman, I'm afraid words are not enough." Trip said.

"W-what are you going to do sir?" Kelly asked, nearly in tears.

Trip reached over, taking her neck to pull her body over his lap. His left hand held her down while his right yanked at her uniform trousers, pulling them down to expose her panty-clad bottom. He ran his fingers over her cheeks, then pulled the panties up into her crack to expose those cheeks.

"W-why..." she blurted.

SMACK his hand landed on her right cheek. SMACK then the left. He alternated his blows, landing at least a dozen on each buttock before he paused, letting his fingers explore her rounded bottom. Kelly blubbered and sobbed, tears flowing down her face as he pulled down her panties to fully expose her backside.

"W-what do you want me to do, s-sir?" Kelly managed to ask, cringing at the idea of this man fondling her rear so blatantly.

Instead of replying to her question, Trip spread the cheeks of her butt to gaze at her chocolate wrinkle, teasing at the clenching hole with a fingertip. He'd asked around, and nobody had laid claim to this ass. He took a finger into his mouth, getting it wet with spittle before teasing her anus again. This time he pushed enough to spread the opening a quarter inch. The girl wriggled her hips trying to dislodge his digit; but he held her down and pushed it in to the first knuckle.

"N-NOOOOO." Kelly cried out. She'd never been sodomized, and was terrified at the thought.

"Look crewman. If I choose to fuck your butt then I will FUCK YOUR BUTT!" Trip barked at her, shoving the finger another quarter-inch into her virgin ass. "Or perhaps you have something else you would like to offer?" he taunted her, his penis twitching against her belly.

Janet Kelly was mortified. She felt the spasm of his organ. She didn't want him to rape her backside; but...

Trip yanked his finger from her tight rear and brought his hand down on her cheeks in a flurry of hard spanks. His left hand grabbed her hair, pulling her head up only long enough for his right hand to free his dick from his pants. Then he pushed her head down until his organ was pressed against her lips. "Suck it Kelly. Suck my dick." he ordered, pushing down until her mouth opened to accept his meat.

She had performed fellatio on a few occasions. She'd had dates with a few of the men aboard the ship, and they always wanted a blow job - at least - before they said good night. But this was not voluntary. The pressure on the back of her head increased, and she opened her mouth to avoid a bloody lip...

"Yeah girlie... SUCK IT." Tucker barked, shoving half of his organ into her resisting oral cavity. He reached down with his right hand, running his middle finger down her crack to find her virgin hole. He ran the tip of his digit around her wrinkled ring, thrusting his hips upward. "Make it good bitch, or maybe we'll find out about THIS." he forced the fingertip back into her asshole.

"mmmMMMMPHGGLPHHHH" she squealed, her hips thrashing in her attempts to dislodge his intruder from her backside. Her struggle was to no avail. Tucker was pushing her head further down, forcing his phallus into her throat while his finger gouged its way into her rectal channel. She knew there was no use to her resistance; but it was just so wrong.

Trip held her head down, enjoying the gurgling sounds she made as his cockhead pushed against her throat. He pulled the finger from her butt and found her vaginal port, shoving inside her tight cunt to bring her juices out. It took several minutes of manipulation; but he managed to bring enough of her natural lube out to spread around her labia. He fingerfucked her pussy as she began sucking his dick on her own, then made brief contact with her clit. Her body jerked at the contact, a tiny muffled squeal escaping around his dick. He inserted a second finger into her cunt, twirling and rotating the digits in her glory hole while her head bobbed up and down on his meat. "That's better crewman. Suck it nice." he said, pulling the fingers out to return his attention to her anus.

"mmmMMMPHGGGLPHHH" Kelly squealed as again her butthole was stretched by a thick finger. This time the digit pushed deep into her most private hole, reaming her nether port in a rhythm matching the cock now thrusting into her mouth. Afraid he might still rape her ass, she tried to focus on getting him off in her mouth, clenching her lips as she worked them up and down. As if he had read her mind, the finger was yanked from her bottom and both hands gripped her head. The cock was now fucking her face, making full strokes out and back in. The Commander was making gutteral grunts as his hips bounced under her. She sucked frantically, letting him push the organ against the back of her throat. I CAN DO THIS! she thought...

Tucker fucked the girl's face, his cock twitching madly as he rapidly approached a climax. "nnnnYAHHHH..." he grunted, feeling the semen building up pressure. "ohhhYEAHHH.." came another growl. Then his hands held her head in place, his hips pounding upward to skewer her pursed lips. "YEAHbaby... YEAHbaby... SUCKITTTTT." he howled, sending blast after blast of his seed into her gurgling throat. "SWALLOW IT ALL GIRL... OR ELSE!" he threatened her, knowing she wouldn't be able to satisfy that particular demand. She didn't know it yet; but he would be taking her anal cherry. One last pump and he forced her head down, her lips clenched around his root. Her body spasmed as she choked for breath. "NNNNNNGGGGHhhh." he growled, finally letting her up. He reached over to swat her upturned butt before pushing her onto the floor.

She'd never been debased like this. This man had been more than just forceful. He had humiliated her in ways no man had ever done, and she was beyond tears. She was on her knees on the floor, resting her head on her hands as she sobbed. Her lips were sore from his brutal oral copulation. She felt his hand on the back of her head and cringed at his touch. She sensed him standing and walking away, lifting her head to see what he might be up to. He was pouring a drink at the bar. "um... sir?" she said meekly.

Trip turned around to look a the punished crewman. "Yes crewman?" he queried.

"M-may I have a d-drink please sir?" she stammered.

He grunted his response, taking another glass to pour some whiskey for her. He walked back to the sofa and sat heavily, handing her the glass.

Kelly took the glass and thanked him, taking a sip of the strong liquor and thankful for it's potent affect. She finished the glass in three long swallows, setting the glass down on the table. "S-sir?" she began. "Are we done?" she asked shakily.

Tucker laughed. "No... I don't think so Kelly." he replied. "You have more - eh - punishment coming." he added. "Another drink?" he suggested, raising his eyebrows.

She handed him her glass. "Y-yes sir." After a second double-shot of his best whiskey she was feeling more than tipsy, and was glad for the liquor's numbing effect. She sat next to him on the sofa, her eyes down as she pondered what might be next. "Um... Commander?" she began, "W-what is my next p-punishment?" she asked him.

Trip thought about it for a few moments, his eye catching the table across the room. "First I think you should remove your uniform." he told her. He leered as the girl stood up, pulling her shirt up over her head before tugging her trousers down to her ankles so she could step out of them. She stood in front of him in her bra and panties, cringing when his hands reached out to explore her body. His fingers slipped behind her, unfastening her brassiere before pushing it out of his way. He leaned forward and took a dark nipple in his mouth, sucking hard before giving the sensitive flesh a gentle bite. His hands roamed down over her bottom again, kneading the fleshy curves while he sucked the other nipple. He grasped her hips, turning her body around before pushing gently between her shoulder blades until her hands rested on the table. Her backside jutted out at him, her cheeks clenching to hide her private parts from his gaze. He chuckled, using his hands to spread her buttocks. "You've never been fucked in the ass, have you Janet?" he asked, just looking at the little brown wrinkle.

"N-No sir." she replied, still trying to clench her buttocks together.

"Relax your cheeks crewman." came his order. SMACK came his response when she didn't comply. He knelt behind her and used his thumbs to splay her anus open. He worked up a glob of spittle and launched it, hitting his target dead center and pushing his middle finger into her tight behind. She squealed and stood up; but he pushed her back down and shoved the finger to the hilt in her trembling, clenching asshole.

Without warning he yanked the finger from her backside and stood up, pulling her along by her arm to push her body over the table. Then he sat behind her on one of the dining chairs and resumed his manipulation of her privates. One finger slipped easily into her cunt, then he added a second as he began working his tongue at her niggardly little butthole. She squealed and squirmed; but he knew this particular act would eventually get to her. He'd not met a woman who didn't enjoy having her asshole licked and sucked. He added a third digit to her pussy and curled his tongue to worm it inside her ass.

"ohhhhhhhhhgod..." she moaned softly, her body beginning to respond to the Commander's ministrations of her most private parts. His fingers weren't particularly nice, gouging around in her vagina like that; but his tongue... oh his tongue felt so good back there. Her hips writhed of their own accord, pushing back toward him as his wet oral digit wormed its nasty way a half inch up her ass.

Trip pulled back briefly, yawning her cheeks wide so he could get a good look at her asshole. "Feels good, eh crewman?" he taunted her, flicking his tongue at her little wrinkled hole. He pushed a fourth finger - from his other hand this time - into her wet cunt, coating it with her juices before pushing it an inch into her ass. She squealed, her buttocks shuddering at the lewd intrusion. More pressure and the finger was buried inside her rubbery little rectum. His cock was getting anxious, rising to a state of readiness as he worked her holes with his fingers. He pulled his digits from her openings and stood up, walking around the table to present his penis to her. "Suck it nice girl, get him hard and wet." he told her, easing his meat into her mouth a few inches. He felt her tongue lapping at his cockhead, her lips gripping the shaft as she suckled. "That's it Janet... very nice.." he told her.

"Mmmphhhhgglphh" she grunted as the Commander's penis again filled her mouth. His manipulation of her nether regions lit a fire of lust in her loins, and she wanted to go beyond this point. Just how far beyond she wasn't sure; but for now her mouth busied itself on his cock. Quite abruptly he pulled his organ from her face, stroking her back as he walked around the table. She felt his bulbous cockhead against her vaginal opening and braced for what she knew was coming. "oooOOHHHHHHHMMMM.." she grunted as Tucker's cock pushed aside the folds of her pussy to thrust into her belly. His cock wasn't the biggest she'd had in there; but it had been several weeks since that black hunk from the armory had fucked her. "nnNNGG... nnNNNGG... nnNNNAHHH.." she moaned, her hips writhing to receive his strokes. He called this punishment; but she needed this passion as much as the next woman.

Trip looked down, carefully aiming his dick for the initial penetration of her wet cunt. In a single long stroke he pushed aside her vaginal folds and burrowed into the heated cauldron of the black girl's pussy. Her body moved in a way that told him she loved being fucked like this, and he obliged. He pounded into her cunt, his balls bouncing off of her clit with every stroke bringing little grunts from the crewman. His gaze found the rounded cheeks of her booty, the little wet wrinkle of her anus peeking out between them. He snuck a hand down there and gently worked the pucker with his thumb while fucking her. His light pressure was rewarded as her sphincter relaxed, letting his thickest digit stretch open her bottomhole. She squealed; but did not resist as he slowly worked his thumb all the way into her asshole. He wriggled the digit in her tender orifice, feeling it press against his cock through the thin membrane. He felt her body convulse in the first sign of an orgasm, and hammered his dick into her cunt to get her there before the next phase of her punishment.

Kelly needed this. She needed a nice hard fuck to push her over the top. She needed the satisfaction that came with a nice climax. "ohhGODDDD... OHHHHGODDDD... FUCKMEEEEEE... CUMMMMMINGG." she howled, her hips bouncing up off the table as Tucker's cock fucked into her wet pussy. His thumb in her butt actually felt good now, stretching and reaming the tight opening to her backside. Her loins burned with the fires of passion, her vaginal muscles clenching at the plunging organ as she convulsed in the throes of her climax. She collapsed on her belly on the table, trying to gather her breath. Then the penis was gone from her pussy and the head was pressing against her.... "ohpleaseNOOO" she begged; but her body was unable to resist.

Trip chuckled at her pretense of resistance. His hands gripped her fleshy hips and he pushed until the bulbous head of his meat popped past her tight anal ring. Her hips thrashed from side to side; but that only enabled him to wriggle a couple of inches of his dick into her ass. He held her down, gently stroking her spine as her motions allowed another inch into her mucky hole. "That's it crewman... relax and let me into your virgin ass... let your Commander have your cherry.." he said hoarsely. Her bunghole clenched tight, almost painfully so, at his manhood. He held still while her squirming subsided, then leaned back enough to drop a glob of spittle at the point of penetration. Then he slowly slid his meat out of her an inch and worked it back in taking the 'lube' with it. Another wriggle from her hips and he was halfway up her ass. Another glob of spittle and he had all but the last inch buried in her virgin rectum. "So fucking tight Kelly... such a fantastic ass to fuck..." he groaned. He knew he didn't dare start thrusting in her butt. The buttery smooth walls combined with the clenching of her sphincter rings and he would blow his load. He wanted at least a few minutes in her rear, to remember the taking of her anal virginity.

Her body shuddered from the pain of his sodomy, her asshole burning as Tucker's penis forced its nasty way into her butt. She'd never had anything bigger than a finger back there, and was honestly afraid that a cock would simply tear her in half. IT FEELS LIKE A FUCKING TELEPHONE POLE IN MY ASS! she thought. Her hips wriggled of their own accord; but the motion only served to allow deeper penetration by his cock. She tried to hold still, then realized that didn't help either. No matter what she tried his penis wormed ever deeper inside her rectal chute, filling her beyond anything she had imagined. It hurt; but at the same time it felt... different. Different and exciting in a dirty, nasty, lewd way. The sensations were new to her, and she was beginning to enjoy it.

Trip looked down at the sight of his cock in her distended little hole. He pulled out a couple of inches, watching the pink inner flesh of her anus gripping his shaft. Then pushed back in slowly, watching her sphincter pull inside with the movement. He didn't often get this view, as most of the time the sodomy was far more aggressive. He felt a convulsion in her ass and responded with a twitch of his cock. Kelly grunted and another spasm gripped his meat. He leaned forward, the motion serving to burrow the rest of his dick into her ass, and whispered in her ear. "Do you want me to cum in your ass?" he asked, giving another twitch of his cock. She moaned in response, beginning a gentle writhing of her hips beneath him. "ahhhh... relax baby... let me fuck your tight ass..." he said hoarsely. He knew it wouldn't take long once he started moving.

Her bottom had been taken. She knew it would never be the same. She felt his thick member begin to ease out of her gripping butthole, sliding almost all the way out before pushing back inside. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. "ohhhhgod... easyyyyyYYYY... p-pleeease... easyyyyy... mmmmmm..." she moaned softly. Tucker's cock began to build up a rhythm as he stroked in and out of her bottom. Twinges of pain were still there, especially when he pulled all the way out and shoved it back in there; but the pleasure was mounting as well. She felt the spasms as he grew closer, and gave in to lust...

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