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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 14


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) put the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise -- the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #14, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 14

Andorian Pussy is Sweet as Candy

Archer studied the list, looking for something - anything that would make him notice. On their last recruiting stop a Waypoint W-397 they had taken on another thirty-four crewmembers, and he needed at least a few of them to be standouts. The Defiant was commissioned with a crew compliment of more than 400, and after starting with a skeleton crew of only 44 from Enterprise he now boasted a crew of 154. But he needed technical and operations contributors, not only basic crew to perform menial tasks. Then a name caught his eye. Mynka Shana'an was an Andorian woman with a background in starship operations, specifically helm operations on warp-capable vessels. Her surname - Shana'an - rang a bell with him, and he did some research. YES! Mynka's father was the very famous Andorian warp scientist Rhan Shana'an, inventor of the Andorian crystal energy sources and designer of many of their most advanced starships. He would seek out this young woman and perhaps make her an offer...

Mynka knew nobody among the new recruits, feeling somewhat alone on this primarily Terran crew. She had done her research as well, and knew of Archer and his penchant for baudy women and perverse sex. She could handle that. If it would get her noticed by the top man, Archer, she could handle it. In spite of her famous father she was a bit of a maverick, known as much for her skills in the bedroom as for her talents in the classroom when she attended the Andorian Institute of Technology back on Andor. At one point she faced charges that she traded sex for grades, and had to prove her knowledge before a review board. Oh sure, she had fucked the professor; but not for a grade. She knew how to make men take notice, and once they noticed she knew how to get them on her side. She had to figure out how to make Archer notice. Just as that thought crossed her mind the door chimed on the room she shared with the young Vulcan girl T'Kel, who wasn't in. "Enter!" she said. A young crewman stood at the door. "The Captain requires your presence." he told her.

Mynka held up two fingers. "Two minutes?" she asked. The crewman nodded and she quickly donned a form-fitting pantsuit, brushing her hair and applying a quick blush to her lovely blue cheeks. The crewman had watched the whole time. She knew he was gawking when she pulled down her trousers, bending over with her cute round butt pointing at him. She seldom wore undergarments. Too confining. He saw everything... She walked to the door, flashing him a disarming smile. "Let's go see the big boss!" she giggled, putting on her best 'cute girl' act. She could feel his gaze burning holes in her pantsuit as she walked in front of him. It was a good thing she knew where she was going, as he followed her all the way to the Captain's office. Her escort reached over to ring the chime, waiting to hear Archer's voice before he opened the door. "Crewman Shana'an sir." he said.

Archer thanked the crewman and waved her inside, closing the door behind her. He looked her up and down, enjoying the view. "Well... you're a cute little thing, aren't you Mynka?" he laughed.

She knew she had him. Now to close the deal. "I'm sweet too, sir." she giggled.

"Oh yeah?" Archer challenged, flirting playfully with the young girl.

"Yes sir. Sweet as candy." she responded, crossing her legs with a dramatic move. The pantsuit covered everything; but she knew he was gazing at the juncture of her legs, imagining what lie beneath the clingy garment.

Archer went over her file, bringing up her record as a pilot and her education in warp physics before mentioning her more personal facts. He heard nothing during those discussions that would disuade him from putting her on the bridge. Then he looked her up and down, licking his lips. "Miss Shana'an, I believe you may have the required qualifications to join my bridge staff." he told her.

"That sounds good sir." she responded respectfully. "But I am sure there will be some sort of testing to attain such a highly regarded position. Am I correct sir?" she queried.

Archer shook his head in disbelief. "Yes Mynka, there are - uh - tests you will need to pass." he replied. He glanced at his watch and stood up. "I have ships business to address right now; but why don't you come by my quarters this evening at - say - nineteen hundred hours. We can have some dinner and go through some of the requirements." he told her.

Mynka knew she had him at that point. She stood and took his hand, giving him a strong handshake before stepping back to salute. "Yes sir. Nineteen hundred hours sir. I will be there." she said, spinning around to leave.

"Dismissed" Archer chuckled, waiting just a few more seconds to stare at her sweet little ass beneath the clingy pantsuit before he opened the door. Damn she's a hot one he thought, watching her taut backside as she wriggled down the corridor. He was caught when she stopped suddenly and turned around, giving him a wink before continuing into the turbolift. Busted! he laughed to himself. Not that it mattered. He would find out later just how 'sweet' she really was. For now he had that 'ships business' to deal with - a quick screw with Ensign Sato, who had become suddenly very accomodating, before dinner. It was good to be Captain.

Mynka moved quickly back to her quarters, glancing at her watch. It was only fifteen-thirty, so she had plenty of time. T'Kel was there when she arrived, studying the schematics for the long range sensor array she would be maintaining. "Hey" Mynka said, heading straight to her closet to select an appropriate outfit for her evening with Archer. The final three would hang on display while she showered and prepared her body. That way she would choose based upon how she felt at a time closer to the event, and would select her fragrances to suit both. She spent long minutes washing her lithe form, concentrating on her most private areas. She wanted Archer to find her irresistable.

T'Kel found her roomie to be an odd one, favoring a pursuit of fluff and fragrance over one of logic and technology; but she was pleasant enough. Smart, too, or at least it appeared that way. Mynka had formulated the answer to a very difficult physics question just a day earlier, her understanding of such advanced concepts surprising her. Now she was back to her fluff and perfume, rushing about with powders and lotions, choosing an outfit to show off her physical attributes. "Do you have a social gathering this evening?" she asked.

Mynka laughed. "You might say that." she replied. "Dinner with the Captain." she clarified, laughing again.

T'Kel nodded her acknowledgement. "And you believe your appearance will have some influence over whatever he might be considering?" she queried.

"I believe he is a man. A human man. And he is subject to the carnal desires of all human men. If pleasing him that way will improve my situation here on this vessel then I will use whatever skills I may have to please him." she expounded on her 'logic' for her Vulcan friend.

"I see." T'Kel acknowledged. "I wish you luck Mynka." she added, going back to her technical specifications. She had heard the stories about the human lust, even heard rumors about their penchant for the females of other species. Having not yet gone through the 'cycle' of the Vulcan species she had no understanding of passion, let alone the blind carnal lust of which she had heard. Perhaps she would have an opportunity to discuss the topic with her fellow Vulcan, T'Pol, while she served on Archer's vessel.

Mynka chose a very revealing outfit consisting of nearly transparent pants which fit loosely except around her hips, and a halter top which hugged her small but shapely breasts. The top and pants were the color of the sands of the Desert of Andor, and the icey blue of her skin. A velvet cover rounded out the garb. She went back into the bathroom for the final touches, inserting an applicator into her vaginal orifice to spray her opening with the sweet fragrance of peppermint, then smoothed on a complimentary lotion to her thighs. Archer won't be able to resist this. she thought. She glanced at the clock. Eighteen-forty-five. It was time. Without rushing she donned the pants and draped the cover over her shoulders. Bidding T'Kel a good evening, she headed out and down the corridor to the turbolift.

After his quick fuck with Sato Archer took a long shower, washing his privates thoroughly as he fully expected the young Andorian to be tasting his meat at some point. He had no expectations other than to experience the young woman and to judge her suitability as a member of his senior staff. She certainly had the qualifications on paper, and was a real treat to look at. Definitely the most desirable Andorian female he'd seen. And she seemed to be fully aware of her own sexuality, which was a plus. He shaved and threw on one of his many silk smokers, pouring himself a glass of his favorite Andorian liqueur while he waited. Five minutes early the chime sounded. "Enter" he said calmly, sitting on the sofa in anticipation. He saw her and his jaw dropped briefly. "Mynka, come in my dear." he said, waving her inside as he stood to take her wrap.

"A good evening to you my Captain." she said, letting him remove the cover from her shoulders.

"Oh my, how lovely you look." Archer said, his mouth watering as he took in her lithe curves. He gazed in lust as she turned around for his inspection, his eyes locked on the firm, taut cheeks of her backside. He swore he could see right through the fabric, and realized he was right. "Come... sit for a minute. Dinner will be here in thirty minutes." he told her, following her twitching form to the sofa. "Andorian liqueur dear?" he offered, pouring her a glass. He sat in a chair across from her, wanting to be able to see her while seated. "You look... well.." he found himself without words for the first time in a long time.

"Ravishing?" Mynka suggested, giggling at her brave response.

"Yes. That works Mynka." Archer said, only slightly embarassed at his loss. "I must say that is quite an outfit." he told her, his eyes finding her nipples so boldly displayed under the transparent halter.

"I'm glad you like it sir." Mynka said demurely. "I hoped it would add to our enjoyment of the evening." she added, letting her thighs part deliberately. She watched his eyes divert between her legs, and spread them further to give him a good look.

Archer had heard about the colorful flowers tucked between the legs of young Andorian females; but he had not expected to be looking at just such a flower quite this early. The pants she wore gave him a clear view of her pussy, the wispy white curls trimmed neatly out of the way. The light blue of her outer skin gave way to a sandy pink, then the bright pink of her labia. It was exquisite to look at.

Rather than closing the curtains on her display, Mynka lifted one knee to rest her foot on the edge of the sofa. She dropped one hand down to her crotch, rubbing gently until she could feel the moisture through the fabric. Archer finally broke his stare and she gave him a broad smile. "I'm glad you like the view Captain." she told him, taking a sip of her drink. She decided to continue with her bold approach. "So, Captain Archer of the Defiant, have you ever enjoyed the pleasures of an Andorian woman before?" she asked him.

Archer was stunned momentarily, taking in the fragrance of what he thought was peppermint. "I will admit to you Mynka that I have not had that pleasure." he replied, turning the question around to her. "And have you had the pleasure of a human male?" he asked her.

"No sir I have not; but I have heard stories..." she said, letting her words trail off.

"Oh?" Archer responded. "And what stories would those be?" he asked, hoping they weren't too disdainful.

"Stories about the size of the human penis. Stories of great skills of passion. All good things sir." Mynka replied with a smile.

Archer returned the smile; but had nothing in response. This young woman had him in something of a quandary. "Uh... Mynka - may I call you Mynka? - let's dispense with the formalities, shall we?" he suggested.

"You may certainly use my proper name sir." she replied.

"And you will call me Jonathan please." Archer suggested, refilling their glasses. The chime sounded and he called for entry, welcoming the interruption to the awkward moments. His steward enterred with the meal cart, showing his Captain the choices for the meal even as his eyes were grabbed by the stunning young woman keeping company with his leader. He caught the Captain's eye and gave him a knowing wink, then bid Archer a good evening and quietly departed. "Join me my dear." he said, waving to his guest. He watched as she approached, staring at her body as she moved.

She moved as she knew would please him, slinking toward him like a cat in heat. He pulled out her chair, then pushed it in as she sat down. "Thank you kind sir." she said, keeping her eye on him as he sat opposite her position at the table. He was attractive enough, in a human sort of way. Kind of rugged looking with a powerful build. From what she had heard and now perceived from his actions, he would be a satisfactory lover should that become an option. She hoped that it would.

The meal went well, the food an excellent blend of Terran and Andorian cuisine. Archer focussed the conversation on Mynka's qualifications, encouraging her to tell of her successes and those of her noteworthy father. By the time the dessert course was finished, they were both ready to relax. Mynka went to the bathroom to 'freshen up' while Archer bussed the table and pushed the cart out into the corridor. He sat on the sofa having poured an after dinner apperitif for the two of them. He watched her walk toward him, patting the seat beside him as she approached.

"Wait" he said as she arrived. "I simply must see you up close." he told her, his hands resting on her hips. The peppermint was much stronger now, and he leaned forward to discover that it came from her crotch.

"Sweet as candy Jonathan." she said softly, letting him run a hand between her legs. She let him fondle her body, turning her around so her derriere faced him. His hands cupped her buttocks, squeezing them as his breathing became harsh. "Like my little butt, Jonathan?" she teased, bending foward to give him a better look. She knew what he could see.

He was dumbfounded, staring at the delicious looking starfish between the girl's perfectly formed buttocks. As with her pussy, the coloring was positively artistic. He pulled her hips back and buried his nose between her cheeks, taking in a deep breath to capture her essence in his lungs. "Oh my..." he grunted, letting her go as he slumped back on the sofa.

Mynka sat next to him, taking her glass and holding it up in a toast. "To an enjoyable evening." she suggested.

Archer recovered quickly and tipped his glass to hers. "To an evening of unspeakable pleasures!" he responded, giving her a wink.

She let out a low giggle. "Mmm... unspeakable, huh?" she queried, resting her hand on his leg. "I guess that would be okay." she added, dragging her fingertips along his inner thigh. "What did you have in mind?" she asked him, pressing her firm breast against his arm.

She was certainly being suggestive. Archer decided to see how far she would go on her own, reaching around her to knead her lithe shoulder to pull her close. "Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something." he answered softly. Her fingers tugged his smoker aside, her fingertips teasing at his nipples before they wandered down over his belly. Her lips took each of his nipples in turn, her tongue flicking around the sensitive flesh as her fingers found his penis, bringing it quickly to life. He did his very best to allow her to make the moves, his own fingers gently stroking her shoulders and back.

Just as she was about to get down to business she sat up, giving him a smile as she deftly pulled the halter over her head to reveal her beautiful titties. He reached over to fondle the perfect orbs, watching her slide the pants down over her ankles. Then she rejoined him on the sofa, pressing her lips to his as her fingers again stroked his meat. She was a very passionate kisser, a skill Archer held in high regard. She knew just how to suck at his lips, working her tongue into his mouth in between. Then her mouth moved quickly down his body, her tongue tracing his muscles to the one muscle that counted. Her mouth was hot as she engulfed his penis, her tongue flashing around his cockhead while her lips nibbled the shaft. He looked down to watch as the beautiful young woman sucked a human dick for the first time. She had the skills of a practiced fellatrice, working his cock as had the very best lovers in his experience.

Mynka had practiced the act with a number of plastic and rubber toys, learning to open her throat to take a large cock. But this was the first time with the real thing. For one thing the taste was far better than the fake phalli. She ravaged Archer's cock with her lips and tongue, forcing her own head down until her throat muscles convulsed around him. If Archer wanted a blow job for starters, she would give him a blow job he would never forget. She felt his hands roaming over her body, and curled herself up so he could discover her treasures. If he thought she looked beautiful through the clothes, he was in for a treat. One of the risks she had taken while at the institute was having her sexual organs and orifices colored by an artist. Not to distort what was natural; but to enhance that natural beauty. The result was a stunning genital view. His fingers found her moist center, spreading her juices among the soft folds of her pussy - and bringing the fragrance she had chosen out in full. She heard his moan, felt the twitch of his penis, then let out a moan of her own as two thick fingers pushed inside her vaginal channel for the first time. "Mmmphhhhh" she mewled, pushing her hips back to capture more of his fingers.

Her pussy felt incredible around his fingers, so fucking hot and juicy. And the smell of her! His thumb was available, and he began to tease at her tight anal ring with his thickest digit, enjoying her lips as they travelled down to his root. His cock twiched, then twitched again, and he knew it was over. His fingers worked feverishly in her receptive cunt as her mouth worked his cock. "Ahhhh... Mynkaaaa..." he groaned, his dick spasming wildly in her oral cavity. "ohhhyesss.. ohbaby... SUCK ITTTT" he growled, his hips jerking upward to fuck her pretty face. His thumb was now just inside her anal ring, and he couldn't go further with it at this point. He could feel the silky inner flesh, and would revisit that port later. For now he was unable to focus on anything other than her wonderful mouth wrapped around his penis.

Mynka knew she was pleasing the Captain, sucking hard on his organ as he spewed his seed into her throat. She swallowed all of his load as he spilled spurt after spurt into her mouth. She gently gripped his balls as he finished ejaculating, squeezing his sensitive orbs passionately to let him know she wanted this. She kept his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his shaft and head until he pushed her away, his fingers withdrawing from her openings at the same time. She looked up into his eyes, licking her lips. "I thought that would be a nice way to start." she said softly, turning herself around to sit back next to him.

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