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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 15


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise – the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #15, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 15

The Competition Finale!

Having given T'Pol a two week break to recuperate from her dramatic defeat by Sato, Archer was ready to wrap up the competition. He decided that this would be a 'Name That Cock' round, and would include four men on his staff. Major Hayes, Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed, and Ensign Mayweather had been recruited for the event, and stood ready to perform. The two competitors would be blindfolded prior to the arrival of the men, and the sex would commence. First, the women would take each of the four cocks in their mouths, attempting to name the owner without any other contact. Archer would keep score. The second event would be vaginal penetration, and again the competitors would attempt to name the owner. Third would be anal, and so on. Ultimately each competitor would be penetrated in all three openings and have a fourth organ in one hand. Archer could act as a 'wildcard' cock as he saw fit.

Hoshi had received Archer's note about the final round, and figured it was all about luck. How the hell do you tell which dick is fucking your cunt or your ass? she wondered. Sucking them might be reasonable; but everything else was up in the air. But none of it really matters she thought. All of these men would be worshipping her in whatever ways she saw fit before long.

T'Pol had also received the note, and tried to put together some sort of logical approach. She knew she needed to apply some discipline and do her best if she was going to win - and she had to win or face some rather dire consequences. Archer had made that much abundantly clear.

Archer called the four men together thirty minutes prior to the planned start of the round, to give them a few more details and to let them know what he expected. "No messing around here gentlemen." he told them. "This is a serious competition with real consequences and I need it to be fair." he added.

Malcom spoke up first. "Uh, sir? So we are each going to stick our dick in these two and they are going to guess which one of us it is?" he asked for clarification.

"Yep. That's it Lieutenant." Archer replied.

"And we're going to get into all three holes, right?" Trip asked.

"Yes; but it will be an orderly thing, not a free-for-all." Archer replied. "Oral is first event, vaginal second, anal third, then there will a few multiple rounds after that, depending on scoring." he added. The four officers nodded that hey understood. "Alright then. The ladies will be reporting to my quarters at nineteen hundred hours. I want the four of you to gather quietly outside the door no later than nineteen-fifteen ready to go. I'll blindfold the women and open the door when they're ready." he told them. "Dismissed."

Archer had suggested that the competitors dress comfortably rather than trying to impress him. They would be naked before the men arrived for beginning of the first event anyway. Although the oral event would have them on their knees, the other events would require some sort of apparatus that was the same for both. He brought in one of the 'examination tables' Phlox had suggested, which also gave him the option of restraints. His steward delivered a well-stocked bar cart to keep their thirsts quenched and a chilled buffet in case anyone got hungry. Fifteen minutes before the appointed time and everything was ready. He took a quick shower and pulled on some casual duds, foregoing the undergarment for the evening. While his penis wasn't going to be an official element, he would be joining in the activities as he desired.

Sato and T'Pol had been instructed to arrive together, and at nineteen hundred exactly they were at his door. The two entered and Archer gave them each a beverage, suggesting they finish them quickly in order to be ready to begin in ten minutes time. Then he opened the floor for questions.

"Sir, it isn't clear what this event will be. Can you describe the scenario please?" T'Pol suggested, getting right to the point.

"Alright, I guess I can do that." Archer began, thinking carefully through what he chose to say. "This is the final round, as you know, and in order to make it fair I've decided that we will simply test your abilities to sense details about a variety of male sex organs." he began. "You will both be blindfolded shortly, so that you will have no visual connection to make when the men arrive. During the first three events you will be competing individually, meaning that while one of you is being tested the other will not be involved. For the oral round you will be on your knees, and the four men will each put his cock in your mouth for one minute. At the end of that minute you will be asked to name the owner of that cock, and the next man will take his place." he told them.

"Will we know if our guess is correct?" Sato asked.

"Yes." he replied. "That does make it a process of elimination after the first test, and I'll give you that advantage." he clarified.

"Okay, so what about the second and third events?" T'Pol asked.

"For these rounds you will be seated in the examination chair with your feet in the stirrups. As before, each man in turn will insert his penis in your vagina for the second round or your anus for the third, and again it is for one minute. You can ask them to fuck you, or you may request they remain still. As with the oral round you will be asked to name the owner at the end of that minute." Archer explained.

"And what happens after that?" Hoshi asked.

"In the event that the score is tied, we will have a bonus round that will consist of multiple penetrations, with timing and rules the same as the first three rounds." he told them, glancing at his watch. "And with that it is time for the blindfolds." he told them, handing each woman a thick black mask. Unlike the simpler style, these were more secure while having an unobstructed region for the nose and mouth. After assisting them with the masks he had them strip before he checked the view glass. The men were gathered as he had requested and he opened the door. "Ladies, now enterring the room are Major Hayes, Commander Tucker, Lieutenant Reed, and Ensign Mayweather. They are the owners of your cocks for this round. Keep in mind that I may stand in at any point in this round, as a wildcard element." he told them.

Hoshi was at a loss. Other than Travis, whose cock she had experienced in every hole, she had only a brief experience with Tucker on which to base her responses. She didn't know whether her Vulcan opponent was any better off; but she was getting worried...

Now that she knew who the four men were, T'Pol thought through her experiences with each. She had been with Tucker on a number of occasions, and with Reed twice. Hayes had successfully forced himself on her once, and Mayweather as well, so she might just get this right if she could stay focussed.

"You drew lots earlier, and Subcommander T'Pol will be first. On your knees, Subcommander. Prepare to suck your first cock." Archer ordered, watching as she carefully settled on her knees. "First man up!" he called, waiting until Hayes was in position. "Begin" he clicked the timer.

The Captain had suggested that the men just place their organs on the lips, letting the competitors choose how to proceed. Hayes took that advice, placing the head of his semi-flaccid penis against the full lips of the Vulcan. He looked down, watching her tongue work around his head before she pursed her lips and took his shaft into her mouth. Then she pulled her head back, taking his dick in her hand and moving beneath it engulf one of his testicles in her mouth. She was quickly back to his penis, working her tongue around the head again as the organ responded, then one stroke down to the root with her lips. Hayes had a broad smile on his face as the Vulcan worked his meat. The timer chimed. "TIME" Archer called, pulling the Vulcan's head back.

"T'Pol, you have thirty seconds to formulate your answer." Archer said, restarting the timer.

Her mind worked through the details of the engagement, the tastes, the sensations of touch and smell, and the responses.

"Ten seconds" Archer called.

"Lieutenant Reed" she blurted.

"Are you certain of that, Subcommander?" Archer asked, giving her the opporunity to revise her response.

"Y-Yes.. Lieutenant Reed" she replied.

"That is incorrect." was the call. "Next cock" he ordered, resetting the timer. He waited until Tucker was in position. "Begin"

Her failure was disconcerting; but she had to move forward. She followed the same process, licking the head with light strokes before taking the head between her lips to suck gently. Then her lips slowly moved down to the root before she pulled back and moved lower to taste the balls. The owner of this cock made a small sound, and she quickly wolfed the dick into her throat. Another low grunt and she withdrew. "Tucker" she said.

"Correct, in forty-two seconds." Archer declared. "NEXT!" he called, resetting the timer and watching as Reed moved into place. "Begin"

Two up, one down she thought, working through her process on cock number three. This one was somewhat pungent, as if the owner had not showered since morning. Which one would be most likely to do this? she wondered. Her lips worked the organ, hoping to get it to full erection as a data point. "TIME" came the Captain's call, pulling her head off the dick. "Thirty seconds." he said.

AH! She realized it was probably Reed who would go without showering. "Reed" she said.

"Are you certain?" Archer asked for confirmation.

"Yes sir. Lieutenant Reed" she replied.

"Correct!" Archer declared. "That is two for three Subcommander. NEXT!" he called. The Captain was certain she correctly identify the next cock and silently waved Mayweather off, giving the sign that he would be stepping in this time. He pulled his half-hard dick through his fly and stepped up to her face, pressing his cockhead against her lips. "Begin" he said, starting the timer.

T'Pol took dick number four into her mouth, the variables rattling around in her head as she went through the list. The taste was definitely familiar, as was the feel. The organ wasn't yet fully erect, so she couldn't use size on this one. The possibilities were Hayes and Mayweather, or so she thought. A trip down to the balls did nothing to help her, and going to the root with her lips was inconclusive. "TIME" came the call, and her head was jerked back. "Thirty seconds".

DAMN! she thought. It didn't seem that the cock belonged to either of the two men that remained. Surely Archer wouldn't have substituted... "Hayes." she blurted, unsure of the answer.

"Are you sure?" Archer asked.

"N-no sir." she replied honestly.

"Final answer, Subcommander." he demanded.

"Major Hayes." she replied.

"That is incorrect Subcommander." Archer said. "Your score is two out of four possible." he added. "Ensign Sato, it is your turn. FIRST COCK FOR SATO!" Archer called, resetting the timer and watching as Mayweather stepped up and put his cockhead to the lips he knew so well. "Begin"

Hoshi was a talented fellatrice; but this was different. She wrapped the fingers of one hand around the base of the cock, using the other hand to cup and fondle the testicles hanging below. Definitely familiar sensations. She pursed her lips and took the head into her mouth, lapping the head with her tongue. I've tasted this cock before she thought. She worked her lips down to the root, letting the organ grow as she sucked. The cockhead pushed against her throat before the shaft was at full extension. It had to be Travis. She pulled back, letting her lover's penis slip from her lips. "Mayweather" she said.

"Correct Ensign." Archer called, stopping and resetting the timer. "Next!" he added. Watching Tucker move into position. When the Commander's meat was touching her lips he called "Begin" and started the timer.

She took the cockhead into her mouth and suckled the sensitive flesh. One hand roamed below, squeezing the balls before finding the man's anus. In one motion she took the cock into her throat and pushed a slender digit up his ass. A low gurgle came from the owner. The asshole was definitely unfamiliar; but that sound...

"TIME" Archer called, pulling her head back. "Thirty seconds."

Hoshi's mind raced, thinking through the possibilities. It wasn't Travis, and she didn't think it was Tucker or Hayes; but the one sound she forced from him was confusing.

"Ten seconds!" the Captain called.

"H-Hayes" she responded.

"Final answer?" Archer pressed.

"Y-yes, Major Hayes" she answered.

"That is incorrect Ensign." he said, bringing a chuckle from Hayes.

"NEXT" came the call. Archer waited as Malcom stepped up to push his dick against the Asian beauty's soft lips. "Begin"

She took the somewhat bitter-tasting head into her mouth, thinking through what that taste might mean. This man's crotch was pungent. She recalled the social gatherings she'd been to, sliding her lips down the shaft slowly. She really didn't need the cock at this point, pulling back and letting it go. "Reed" she blurted, sitting back on her heels.

"Correct!" Archer called. "That ties the score ladies. NEXT!" Archer reset the timer and waited until Hayes had his dick against her mouth. "Begin!"

Hoshi knew it had to be Hayes, unless Archer was substituting - and she would know if that was the case. She took the cock into her mouth, going deep on the semi-erect organ as she cupped the balls gently. The penis was quickly at full attention, and she could easily take the entire length without choking. She pulled back and off the now-stiff dick. "Hayes." she said, confident of her response.

"Correct!" the Captain called. "Ensign Sato leads, three points to two after the oral event. Good job ladies. Subcommander, you will take your place on the table for the next event." Archer called.

"May I have a drink sir?" T'Pol asked.

Archer poured her a beverage and handed it her. "Allow me to assist, Subcommander." he said, leading her to the table and turning her. He pushed her back until her buttocks pressed the edge, then helped her up, lifting her knees to place her feet in the stirrups. "I have some lubricant to aid with the initial penetration." he told her, coating a finger and applying it to her pussy. After moistening the outer lips he added more lube and pushed a finger inside her cunt, stroking it in and out while she squirmed. "There we go." Archer chuckled. "FIRST COCK FOR THE VULCAN PUSSY" he called, stepping aside to grab the timer and watch Hayes take his place between her widespread thighs. "Remember Subcommander, you can request that the cock be fully inserted, held in place, or stroked into your cunt." he reminded her. "Begin"

"Put it in" she said softly, her body awaiting the insertion. The man took his time, slowly pushing into her willing vagina. "ALL THE WAY" she demanded. The cock was slammed into her wetness. "HOLD STILL" she told the owner, using her muscles to try and identify anything unique about the organ.

"Thirty seconds" Archer called.

"Fuck me." T'Pol ordered, her sensitive nerves feeling the meat as the owner stroked in and out. The cock was unremarkable, although familiar to her.

"TIME!" Archer called, tapping on Hayes' shoulder to remind him to pull out. "Thirty seconds"

T'Pol carefully considered the information she had. Both the cock and the motion of the owner's hips were familiar, though neither was particularly impressive. It definitely was not Mayweather, and didn't feel like Trip either. She hadn't sensed any body odor when the owner leaned toward her.

"Ten seconds" Archer called.

"Hayes." she said. "Definitely Major Hayes."

"Correct" came the Captain's call. "Next" he said, resetting the timer as he watched Tucker position himself. "Begin"

"All the way in please." T'Pol said, relaxing her inner muscles as the cock pushed inside her. "Hold." she called, using those muscles to grip the organ. "Okay, now FUCK me." she ordered. Two strokes into her pussy and she knew it was Trip. She let him stroke in and out of her until Archer called 'time', then gave her answer. "Tucker"

Archer tapped his XO on the shoulder. "Correct" he declared. "Next". After resetting the timer he watched Reed push his cockhead against her cuntal opening. "Begin"

"All the way in." she told him, holding back a laugh as the semi-flaccid dick was wormed into her pussy. "Hold" she said, squeezing the organ with her inner muscles. "Now FUCK ME" she demanded. She couldn't hold back the laugh this time as Malcom struggled to stroke into her willing cunt. "Reed" she declared, jerking her hips to dislodge the still flaccid dick.

"Correct again, and three out of three." Archer declared. "Next" he said, knowing the Subcommander could do the math. He decided to let Travis have his turn, and she would just have to decide whether it was the Ensign or himself. He waited until Travis had his dick against the wet opening. "Begin"

"All the way in Travis." she said.

Archer moved over to get as close as he could to Mayweather without touching T'Pol. "Wait a minute Subcommander. Are you sure it isn't your Captain?" he teased her.

"IN!" T'Pol repeated. Waiting as a rather thick piece of man meat was eased into her cunt. "Hold" she said, predictably. This was a good sized dick; but it wasn't quite fully erect yet. It could still be either of the remaining possibilities. "FUCK ME HARD!" she demanded, letting out little grunts as a powerful pair of hips pounded the cock into her belly. Damn. Archer could do that too... she thought.

"TIME!" came Archer's call, watching the black cock pull out. "Thirty seconds."

The Vulcan applied every logical tool she could think of; but none gave a clear answer. She had to guess. It would be just like Archer to use this as an opportunity to put his dick into her; but...

"TIME!" came the call. "Your guess, Subcommander?" Archer demanded.

"Archer!" she declared.

"Incorrect, Subcommander. You have scored three out of four in this event. You will now vacate the table." he told her, helping her up after handing her a damp towel. "Ensign Sato, to the table please!" he called, moving to assist his Asian consort as he had the Vulcan woman. He manipulated her body into place and lubricated her vagina and labia as he had for T'Pol, then reached for the timer. "FIRST COCK FOR ENSIGN SATO" came the call. He watched as Malcom moved into position, noticing that he had jerked himself into readiness this time. His cockhead in position, Archer called "BEGIN".

Hoshi had been paying attention. "Push it in slowly" she said, relaxing her loins as the organ was inserted. "Slide in and out a few times" she instructed, getting a feel for the penis and its length. "Now fuck me hard" she told him, bracing herself. The man screwed into her pussy; but there wasn't much distinction. Then she caught a wiff of his 'personal scent', a sure identifier in this case. Without his withdrawal she called out "Reed".

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