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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 16


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise – the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is the FINAL EPISODE

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 16

Hoshi's Revenge

Travis took a long and convoluted path to Hoshi's quarters, fearing he would be followed by one of Archer's thugs. When he got there she had showered and was waiting for him. "Did you find out anything, my handsome warrior?" she asked, pouring him a glass of liqueur.

"I'm not sure my lady. I asked him first about T'Pol, and he said something about Trip wanting to keep her around." he began.

"Heh. Yeah he loves that tidy little bum." she laughed. "What about me?" she pressed.

"He hinted that he might want to get rid of you." Travis told her. "And suggested it might be soon" he added.

"So we need to move quickly Travis. I can take care of Archer personally; but we must have support from others in key positions on the crew. Malcom, Trip, and Hayes are key, although Hayes isn't critical." Hoshi said. "I think I can influence Tucker, maybe even get T'Pol on board. Can you handle Reed?" she asked.

"I think so. He's pretty easy when it comes right down to it." Travis replied.

Hoshi leaned toward him, reaching her slender fingers behind one ear and pressing her lips to his. She didn't linger long before breaking the kiss. "We move tomorrow Travis." she told him. "Get some sleep." she added, rising to walk to her bed.

Travis watched her twitching behind, wanting her after the session in Archer's quarters. But he knew there was time for that later. "See you in the morning my lady." he said, rising to look through the view glass before he opened the door. Another roundabout walk and he was back to his own quarters, ready to sleep in preparation for a busy day.

"Ensign" T'Pol acknowledged Sato's arrival.

"Subcommander, we need to talk" Hoshi told her erstwhile opponent. The two walked to the corner of the mess hall, taking a table away from the other crewmembers in the area. "You know that whole competition thing was just a way for Archer to fuck the two of us, right?" she began, getting a nod from the Vulcan. "We need to get him out of that chair."

T'Pol looked at the woman sternly, glancing around to make sure they were not within earshot of anyone else. "What are you saying?" she demanded.

"Archer must go" Sato restated. "He has to be - well - eliminated."

"And command will pass to..."

"We can decide that later. I just need to know you're with us." Hoshi said.

"Us?" T'Pol queried.

"Travis and I are organizing things. Malcom is with us. If you and Trip join up we'll be set. Phlox will go with whomever is sitting in the big chair." Sato responded.

"Me and Trip?" the Vulcan eyed the Asian woman, wondering how much she knew.

"Of course. Look, the two of you are something of a closet item; but an item nonetheless." Hoshi said.

"As are you and Archer." T'Pol said.

"I've only been playing up to Archer so he wouldn't catch on. That bastard is such a horndog he'll drop everything for a piece of ass" Sato blurted, her eyes narrowing at the thought. "But I can use that to our advantage." she added.


"I'll get him in bed, suck his cock, pour him some tainted wine, let him stick his dick someplace, and he's gone before he knows what hit him." Hoshi explained.

"Okay, let's say I - or we - go with your plan. When does this go down?" T'Pol asked.

"Tonight" Sato responded.

T'Pol's eyebrows rose at that response. That gave them no time to plan the change of command. But she had heard rumors that Archer was planning to 'disposition' certain members of the crew now that he had suitable replacements waiting in the wings. "Alright. But we need to establish some parameters for the change of command." she said.

"Agreed." Hoshi said, with no intention of relinquishing any of the power she planned to possess. She and Mayweather had a little 'sideshow' of sorts in mind.

"We meet here at thirteen hundred, you, Travis, and I'll bring Tucker along." the Vulcan beauty said, standing to leave with a nod.

Hoshi waited, watching the curvy backside draw the usual attention before she rose to leave. She does have a hot ass she thought, heading for a 'meeting' with Travis. He had been having a discussion with Malcom, and would surely bring news. When she arrived at the appointed location in one of the ship's many access tubes she was surprised to find both Travis and Malcom Reed, whose eyes were spending most of their time scanning her body. "Travis. What's up?" she asked, uncomfortable with Malcom's attention.

"Malcom and I have arrived at an agreement." Travis said.

"Oh?" she queried, her hands on her hips.

"Uh - yes, and he's with us, as long as..." his voice trailed off suspiciously.

"As long as he gets a piece?" Hoshi suggested. Malcom looked her up and down, licking his lips in anticipation.

"Well - yes." Travis replied.

Hoshi gave him the eye. "Very well. We do it here, we do it now, and that's the end of it." she told them.

Malcom decided to speak up. "I want a blow job, and then I want your ass" he told her.

"Oh really, my ass?" she stared him down. Travis nodded that he had agreed to the terms. "You are going to have to earn that ass mister." she told him.

"Alright; but you have to suck me first." Malcom said, unzipping his fly. "On your knees" he added.

Hoshi glared at Travis, angry that he had whored her out and even more angry that he stood there watching. Then she dropped to her knees, reaching through Reed's fly to pull out his flaccid penis. She despised a man whose dick was soft in her presence. She was about to take his organ in her mouth when his hands grabbed her head, stopping her. She looked up.

"I want you naked" Malcom told her.

Sato made quick work of it, standing naked in front of the armory officer. He twirled his finger, so she turned slowly in front of him, cringing when his hands groped her backside. As she turned to face him he put his hands on her breasts, then on her shoulders to push her down. Just had to boost his ego with that move! she thought, letting him shove her to her knees. Then his hands took her head an pulled her mouth to his organ, forcing it between her lips. "ggglllPHHH" she grunted, letting the man use her mouth as he saw fit. She participated only enough to get him hard, then let him fuck her face until he pushed her away.

"What do you want now?" Hoshi asked, still on her knees.

"Your ass" Malcom answered, the epitomy of brevity.

"Lie down on the floor. You're going to worship my ass with your tongue before I let your dick in there." Hoshi told him. Malcom spared no time doing as she directed, reaching up with his hands once he was down. Sato straddled his torso, lowering her hips to present him with her backside. She felt his hands on her hips, pulling her closer. "Suck my ass Malcom. Stick your tongue up my butt and show me you want it." she ordered. This man is never going to possess me. This is just to get his cooperation! she thought, pushing lower as she felt his oral probe at her anus. "Come on now Lieutenant, you can do better than that. SUCK MY ASSHOLE" she barked, grinding her buttocks against his face. The analingus lasted twice as long as her fellatio, and she reached down to find his dick. Fortunately it was still hard. She spat on her hand to coat the head and swung her body around to sit on him. Again his hands stopped her.

"On your hands and knees." Malcom said.

She reluctantly changed her position, waiting as Reed knelt behind her. She felt the spongy head of his dick pressing against her anal ring, then the pressure. "Too soft, and not enough lube. Use my pussy first." she ordered.

Malcom really wanted her ass; but acknowledged her point by shoving his cock into her waiting cunt. He fucked into her willing vagina, pushing his thumb into her tightest hole as he pumped into her belly. A few minutes of this and he had to try her ass again, pulling out of her pussy and forcing his way up her butt.

"gggGODDAMMIT TAKE IT EASY BACK THERE" she growled, keeping her edge even though the man's dick was unremarkable. She kept her rectal muscles relaxed and let him fuck her. She knew it wouldn't take him long. Even though she wasn't clenching her rear around his penis, he just didn't have much staying power. Five minutes of sodomy was all he could handle, and she felt his jizm splattering her insides as he grunted on her back like a rutting pig. "Cum in my ass Malcom, that's it, fuck my bottom" she said half-heartedly.

Travis shook his head at the weak sexual performance of the man. Two minutes in her mouth, two in her cunt, and another five up her butt? Under ten minutes with the hottest woman on the ship? he laughed to himself as he reached down to give Malcom a hand up.

Malcom had hoped for more; but was satisfied now that he had sodomized Ensign Sato. He accepted Travis' assistance to rise, tucking his mucky penis back into his trousers and zipping up his fly. He watched as Travis helped Hoshi to her feet, then leered as she pulled on her clothes. and HE gets her any time he wants he thought, feeling envious of the black helmsman.

Having fulfilled her part of the agreement, Hoshi was ready to move forward. "Alright Malcom, you've had my ass, now are you prepared to lead the Armory crew in a little ship's coup this evening? she asked, glaring at him.

"Y-yes ma'am" he stammered.

"And are they briefed on the scenario?" she asked, her hands back on her hips.

"I will be briefing them at fifteen hundred, at shift change. And we will have all three shifts present for the action." he told her, standing at attention.

"Good. See to it that they are ready." she barked, turning to walk away. "Travis!"

Travis nodded to Malcom and followed Hoshi out of the access tunnel and into the corridor, noting that Malcom's sperm was soaking through her pants between her buttocks. He couldn't wait to get his own penis back in there...

T'Pol rang Hoshi's private line, Tucker sitting beside her. "T'Pol. I'm with Tucker. Deck seven access forty-two in ten" she said softly, indicating the location and time for a briefing.

Hoshi acknowledged the message with a simple click and turned to Travis. "I'm hooking up with Trip and his Vulcan in ten minutes, wait for me in my quarters - take the tunnel." she told him, referring to the access tube that led directly to her bedroom while avoiding the public corridors. He wouldn't be seen entering her private quarters that way.

Travis nodded and took the next turbolift five decks up. He understood the reasons for security; but sometimes wondered about her allegiance. She'll be assassinating Archer. What does that mean for him? he wondered, glancing around to make sure there were no wandering eyes as he opened the access panel and ducked inside.

At the appointed time Sato arrived to find T'Pol and Trip. "You with us Commander Tucker?" she asked.

"With one condition - well two really." he replied, looking Sato up and down.

Oh fuck, here we go again... Hoshi thought. "Okay, what do you want Commander - as if I didn't know." she taunted him.

"First I want to know that T'Pol will be safe." he said, taking the Vulcan's hand. "We are a team." he added.

"Done" Hoshi replied. "What else?"

"Your ass" he said without blinking. "Here and now"

Sato rolled her eyes. "Fine" she said, turning and bending at the waist. She tugged her trousers down to her knees and looked around. "What are you waiting for Commander? Stick your dick up my ass and get your cookies." she told him.

T'Pol nodded, and Trip pulled his penis out, pressing it against the Asian woman's anal port. "Ready?" he asked hoarsely.

"Fuck my butt Commander. I'll hold up my end of the deal" she replied, grunting as Trip's crooked dick rudely invaded her rectal chute.

"How is it?" T'Pol asked, her hands roaming his back and shoulders as his hips moved in an erratic rhythm.

"mmm.. good... tight..." Tucker grunted, sliding his hard cock all the way up the Asian's asshole. He'd wanted it the previous evening and Archer had insisted on taking that spot. Now her hole was wrapped around his dick, and it felt good.

Hoshi stood with her hands on her knees, Commander Tucker's penis stroking in and out of her rectum. "Come on Tucker. Get it done." she said, clenching her sphincter around his organ. At least his is better than Reed's little boy-dick she thought.

T'Pol leaned close to whisper in his ear. "Cum in her ass Trip, fill her with your seed" she encouraged. "FUCK her cute Asian ass."

Tucker grunted as his climax approached. He reached down to grip Hoshi's lithe hips, pounding his cock into her nether port. "Gonna cum Hoshi. Gonna cum in your tight ass" he grunted, his thrusts increasing in both speed and power. "Yeah baby... take it... take IT... TAKE IT IN YOUR BUTTHOLE!" he howled, pouring his semen into her bowels in spurt after spurt from his member. It was as good as he'd hoped; but he knew they had business to attend to. He let her muscles squeeze him out, tucking his dick into his trousers as he watched her pulling up her pants. The only thing he hadn't enjoyed was looking at her gaping asshole after he filled it; but that could wait...

"Okay Tucker. You've had my ass, now what's your plan?" Hoshi demanded.

"I'll be meeting with Hayes to test the waters there; but it won't matter either way. If he's in, we have more firepower; but if not we can take care of Hayes and his troop later." Trip told her. "Engineering is behind me, so when the time comes all the codes will be switched and the ship will be ours." he added.

"Ours?" Sato asked, glaring at him.

"Well - yours then" he responded.

"Science team ready to go?" Hoshi asked.

"Yes ma'am" T'Pol replied. "Are we go for action at eighteen hundred?" she asked.

Hoshi nodded. "Eighteen hundred." she looked at both of them sternly. "It's a normal day until then. No surprises." She turned to leave, pausing a few feet away. "And not a word outside the trusted core team" she added, continuing on her way. Things seemed to be falling into place. It was time to relax and get her head together before she met Archer for his last time.

Sato walked quickly to her quarters, entering after checking for 'eyes' in the corridor. Travis appeared in her bedroom door dressed in her favorite silk smoker and carrying a glass of white wine. "Well lover... thank you... seems you're in the mood, mmmmm?" she said softly, taking the wine. She pressed her body against his, feeling the strength of his manhood on her belly. Their lips met in a gentle kiss. "Ohhhh baby I need a shower." she told him, stripping off her uniform.

"How was the briefing?" he asked, his eyes taking in her sexy form.

"Good. Engineering and Science teams are with us. Hayes is pending; but we'll have MAC support either way." she replied, walking into the bathroom as his eyes followed her derriere.

And Tucker had her ass too. DAMMIT! he thought, his ego feeling bruised that two of his fellow officers had enjoyed her slinky butt today, and he had not had her ass in several days. He finished his wine and poured another, waiting for her to emerge. She appeared in the doorway, her nudity as stimulating as always. His cock grew quickly back to full strength as she wrapped her arms around him, nuzzling his neck as she ground her pelvis against his loins.

"Oh Travis. It's all happening just as we planned." she whispered in his ear. "Take me, my gentle warrior. Make me feel like a woman" she said hoarsely, her fingers wrapping around his shaft as they kissed. The fell gently on the bed, groping each other's bodies. She kissed her way down his chest to take his huge cock into her mouth. "MMmphhhh" she grunted as his hand pushed her head down. She could feel the rush of liquid in her pussy as he used her mouth, her tongue lashing at his dick.

This is why I love this woman Travis thought, lying back to enjoy her expertise as a fellatrice. He reached over, tugging at her leg until she swung it over his head to straddle his face. His hands moved to her beautiful cheeks, pulling her pussy down to his face as he parted her buttocks. He sucked her clit into his mouth, pulling open her backside to enjoy the view. Her anus was puffy and red, a clear sign that she'd been taken that way - and recently. Without stopping his oral ministrations he pushed a fingertip into her butthole, feeling her lips go as far down his shaft as they could. Her asshole was wet inside; but it felt like a synthetic lubricant, one she had injected to enable his wish. He gave a gentle push and her bottom relaxed to allow the digit entrance, worming in to the second knuckle. Still tight enough for me he thought.

Hoshi knew he would want her butt, especially after watching Malcom fuck her there. Phlox had been savvy enough to give her a supply of what he'd referred to as 'anal douche'; but it wasn't an enema to clean out her bowels, it was a formula to lubricate her rectum from within so that penetration wasn't so traumatic. It had worked last night. Now for the 'big' test. She slowly pulled away from his muscular form, turning around to lay on her back next to him. She grabbed his rock-hard cock and gave it a squeeze. "Fuck me Travis. Fuck me hard" she begged.

Travis didn't waste a millisecond, rolling over between her silky thighs and pushing his meatpole into her willing cunt. Hoshi groaned, her fingernails raking his back as he shoved his full length into her snug pussy. "Oh Hoshi... baby..." he panted, his hips thrusting in a rhythm matched by hers. He reached under her to fondle the smooth cheeks of her backside, using his big hand to pull her body onto his cock. He fucked her until her body trembled and spasmed beneath him. The hand under her butt explored, finding the tight hole between her cheeks. "Baby... I need your ass..." he whispered hoarsely, "now..." his finger pushed into her nether port.

She gently pushed him up, rolling onto her belly under him. She reached back to splay her cheeks for him. "Take my ass lover... fuck my tight asshole" she said. "nnnnYAHHHH" she groaned as his thick pecker split her sphincter, stretching it wide. Short little grunts escaped her as ten inches of black cock pushed into her backside. "h-hurts..." she mewled, grabbing fistfuls of sheet as she tried to relax her butthole. I can take this for the rewards of his support tonight she thought.

Ensign Mayweather pushed into her ass until his hips lay flat against her buttocks, twitching inside her rectal channel as her muscles spasmed around his meat. "Hoshi... oh my baby... your ass is so fucking tight..." he said hoarsely. He held his hips still, wanting this sodomy to last a good long time. She began to wriggle gently under his weight, her hips writhing from side to side as she worked her muscles around his cock. "Oh god... so damn good..." he whispered. She had never done this for him, never worked her asshole to get him off the way T'Pol had the one time he had the Vulcan's butt. Hoshi's was tighter, with smoother walls. The clenching of her rectal muscles was more natural, less regular than the Vulcan's. "ANGGHHHH" he grunted as her pooper gave him a particularly sharp clench.

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