Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 16


"Fuck my ass Travis." Hoshi said softly. "Take it easy; but I want your seed in my ass now." she added, wriggling her hips in invitation.

His hips moved of their own volition at her invitation, his raging erection pushing in and out of her bottomhole. "OhFUCK" he gasped, his dick twitching erratically in her clenching ass. "Baby... Can't hold it... NYAGHHHHHHHH.." he grunted, pounding into her rear as his semen flowed into her backside. He fucked her hard, gouging her sphincter open as he pumped his hips in raw lust. His fingers left red welts on her hips with his frantic thrusts, her squeals of pain going unnoticed. His final spasm left him spent and he collapsed on her back, his breathing hot on her neck.

Hoshi let him lay there for a few minutes, his thick organ still throbbing inside her asshole. She moved gently. "Travis... I need to get ready..." she whispered. He rolled off, his organ leaving a vacuum in her butt as it was yanked out. She glanced at the clock, realizing she had less than an hour to be ready for Archer. "Gotta go Travis. Stick with the plan. I'll ping you when Archer is down." she told him, walking quickly to the bathroom.

Travis had a smile on his face as he dressed and headed out through the tunnel - the way he had arrived. His cock was happy now, and so was he. His mind began running the scenario for the evening over and over, making sure there were no gaps, no details left uncovered. They all had to trust the others, that everybody was on the same page - and Jonathan Archer had to be in the dark. That's Hoshi's job, and she'll take care of it! he thought, confident in the Asian beauty's abilities. He was pleased that he had been in her ass before Archer - on this day anyway. Why is her ass so treasured by the men on this crew? he wondered. His cock twitched - and he knew why.

Archer checked under his bed, making sure the weapon was there, loaded, and ready. He would fuck her, then he would kill her. Nobody would ask any questions. Ah yes, the fucking part is so much nicer than the killing part... he thought. But then again, there was Mynka to fill that hole once Sato was gone. The Captain showered, not bothering to shave as he didn't care if he scraped her inner thighs - as if he was going to do that on her last session. He also didn't bother with underwear, throwing his silk smoker over his shoulders as he awaited her arrival.

Hoshi had prepared well, giving Archer's steward a special bottle of wine to put in the room before she arrived to avoid any suspicion on Archer's part. She had a capsule of 'enhancer' which shouldn't be needed; but just in case... She was wearing a topcoat; but under it she was in the black lace she knew he couldn't resist. It was a crotchless thong on the bottom, and the halter completely revealed her pink nipples. He would be mad with lust as soon as his eyes saw her. She also had a second bottle of the same wine with a different label as a backup plan. She walked purposefully down the corridor to his quarters, pressing the call button as she arrived. "Sato" she announced, looking around for possible eyes.

"Enter" Archer said, sitting back on the sofa with his legs spread lewdly. Hoshi entered gracefully, dropping her topcoat as soon as the door closed. "Well... don't you look sweet" he said, using a term he'd not used before. He watched as she approached, pulling a wine bottle from the bag she carried. "Oh no baby. I have some special wine for us this evening" he told her, reaching for the bottle on the table and pouring them each a glass.

Hoshi glanced quickly, recognizing the label. She set the backup bottle down and smiled. "Okay, we can have this later" she replied, letting his eyes take in her body before she sat down. She had taken the antidote for the poison, so drinking the wine would have no affect; but would slowly put Archer to a permanent sleep. She sat next to him, looking him in the eye as she smiled.

He poured two glasses, handing her one and raising the other. "To one more hot evening" he said, taking a sip of the deep red beverage. "Mmm... excellent choice. I'll have to thank Philips for his service" he said, referring to his cheif steward. He deliberately threw his robe aside, revealing his loins to her. "Why don't you get busy" he suggested, reaching over to pull her head down. He took another sip of wine as her lips wrapped around his cockhead, sucking hard as his hand pulled her down further. Life is good. he thought, finishing his glass and closing his eyes.

She took his meat into her throat, knowing this would be the final blow job for this Captain. She heard him gulp down the wine and set the glass down. Her tongue lashed at his organ, her lips gliding up and down the shaft as her fingers groped his balls. Abruptly his hands pulled her head up and she found his eyes glaring at her.

"In the bedroom. Time to fuck" Archer said, his speech slightly slurred.

Sato rose, taking his hand as she headed for his room. His walk had a bit of a stagger, so she knew the poison was working. He followed her into his bedroom, his hands ripping the lace from her body; but she didn't care. When the got to the bed he pushed her face down onto the mattress, falling on top of her with his knees between her legs. She let it happen...

"Time for some Hoshi tush..." he growled, reaching down to position his penis against her anal pucker. His hips gave a shove, forcing the head past her sphincter and into her hole. "Take your Captain's cock up your ass, bitch." he said, his words becoming increasingly slurred. His hips jerked again and his manhood was buried inside her butt. "W-what...the...ahhhghghh" he grunted, collapsing on her back.

Hoshi let him lay there for several minutes, until his breathing stopped. She pushed herself up, rolling his limp form onto the floor. "Change of plan, Captain." she spat at him, walking back to his closet to grab a set of her clothes she'd left there. She pulled on a shirt and form-fitting pants, then knelt beside the body to confirm the result. There was no pulse. She quickly moved back to the living room and reached into her bag to retrieve the secure communicator, choosing the channel she wanted and pressing the call button. "Sato - the Vulture is down. Repeat - the Vulture is down" she said, waiting for the acknowledging click before she set the device to listen mode.

Travis was ready, having retrieved Hoshi's things in her quarters. He rolled the trolly down the corridor, pressing the call button when he arrived. He rolled Hoshi's things through the door and into the bedroom, giving her a quick kiss. The two of them emptied the trolly into the closet and stuffed the dead body inside, then rolled it out into the living room. He pulled out his communicator, chose a channel, and pressed send. "Mayweather - the Vulture is in flight. We are a go." he said, waiting for the click as Hoshi had.

Hoshi's communicator chimed and she pressed receive, listening as the voice on the other end said "We are secure. Bridge in five". It was T'Pol, and they had both Engineering and the Armory under control. She nodded to Travis, then they embraced for a long moment. "Let's do this" she said. They walked out of what was now HER quarters, pulling the trolly with Archer's body behind them. They arrived at one of the trash vents and shoved the trolly out into space, then continued to the bridge. Hoshi took her place in the Captain's chair upon arrival, acknowledging the others as they arrived.

"We await your orders ma'am" Tucker said.

"Open a channel to Terran Command" she barked.

"Channel open" T'Pol told her.

"This is starship Defiant to Commodore Brooks. Respond." she barked.

The viewscreen lit up with the face of the veteran officer. "This is Brooks. Where is Archer?" he demanded.

"Captain Archer has been relieved. You are speaking to EMPRESS HOSHI SATO" she barked. "Stand down your defenses and prepare to surrender." she said.

"Y-you cannot be serious!" Brooks stammered.

"Arm forward phasers and target the command post" Sato barked.

A few seconds later Malcom said "Phasers armed, target acquired".

"Commodore?" she queried.

Brooks knew they had no defense for the formidable weapons on the Defiant. The ship was three generations advanced from anything they had, and it's shields were easily a match for the Terran weapons. It was over before it started...

Empress Hoshi Sato ruled with a satin fist, demanding sexual worship from her male subjects and obedience from all. For twenty years her regime successfully resisted any and all invasion attempts, and with Warrior-in-Chief Travis Mayweather behind her (literally) she controlled the Terran Empire.

Long live the queen!

AUTHOR'S FINAL NOTE - I hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it. The characters of Hoshi Sato and T'Pol are by far the hottest, sexiest women in Star Trek history, and I am certain there are many men who have had the same fantasies as I. Send me a message if you have suggestions for a future series based on a sci-fi theme. I'm always looking for new ways to enjoy!

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