tagMatureEntertaining Colin

Entertaining Colin


As the soapy suds caressed her naked form Amanda still could not believe that she had gone this far. Colin, her son Ray's best friend, had always been a good looking young man. And when he had made a pass at her she had laughed it off initially. What would a 20 year old want with a woman just turned 41? Familiarity meant that her husband all but ignored, and neglected her, and as a consequence, she had neglected herself. But here was something about Colin, something that made her feel alive again. He had kept ringing ,"for her son," when he knew that he would be out, just so that he could speak to her. Finally she gave in, and agreed to meet him at a discreet, off the beaten track, hotel.

In her heart she knew it was wrong. But there was an unspoken attraction between them that she could not deny. He had been absolutely unambiguous in what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her. Not marry her, or whisk her away, just to fuck her. She felt dizzy at the prospect.

She pushed the soft, white, fluffy white towel between her legs to remove the last few drops of bathwater from the fine hair of her trimmed pussy. How should she dress? Well, for once it would be as her. Not for her husband. Not for his friends. Not even for her young stud – what should a woman old enough to be his mother wear for him anyway? So she decided on something simple, but smart. The fresh white lacy hi-leg panties with matching bra were simple, but sexy .The rose print blouse was subtly gathered under her bust, accentuating her 36c assets. The lined white pencil skirt skimmed her knees hiding the nude lace tops of her hold ups. A pair of high heeled beige courts completed the fetching ensemble.

The knock on the door came at 3 o'clock precisely. She felt her nipples stiffen in the soft cups of her bra with the expectancy of it all. As she opened the door the tall, confident figure of Colin stepped in clutching a bunch of flowers. "You look beautiful" he murmured, a vision in crisp white shirt and casual jeans. " Now , we are going to do this my way."

Amanda's heart jumped. She had gone through what was going to happen in her mind a thousand times. What do you do? When do you do it? And all of a sudden all these things were out of her hands.

"So you came Amanda? Dressed in your prissy clothing I see. But you are not at some summer drinks party now, you are here, in an anonymous hotel room, to get fucked. Drop your skirt"

Amanda reached behind and unbuttoned first the button, then the clasps, and then lowered the zip behind her waist. The skirt cascaded into a heap around her ankles.

"Spread your legs"

Eager fingers ran their way up the inside of her thighs before a thumb pushed the silky gusset of her panties to one side and prised apart her damp lips. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he whispered.

"Oh yes Colin"

"Well let's see how you enjoy this, bend over the bed, and take off your blouse and panties"

Slowly, Amanda bent over, unbuttoning her blouse, she cast it aside as another line of defence disappeared, then hooking her thumbs into the sides, she slid the panties down her legs, and tossed them to one side. Colin marvelled at her sleek stocking clad legs, the delicate lace tops, and the pulchritudinous ass exposed before him. The thin straps of her bra seemed to hardly contain her heaving, swaying breasts.

"First Amanda, I am going to spank you. Have you ever been spanked before? " She shook her head in abject shock.

"Here you are, sneaking out to a rented room, lying to your husband, lying to your son, to get the sex you crave. Don't you feel guilty? Since you are a beginner it will just be 10 strokes. After each stroke I want you to say, "Thank you Colin, one more please, is that understood? "

"Yes Colin" she whimpered. Her mind swam at how accurately he had tapped in to her psyche, the fear, the shame, the lust. He drew back his palm and smacked it against her buttocks: "Thank you Colin, one more please," she gasped as a searing pain overtook her; smack,

"Thank you Colin, one more please", the next stroke lower down, smack,

"Thank you Colin, one more please" the pain rising in waves , four, five, six , seven, eight, nine, ten times, his hand mercilessly flayed her behind,

"Thank you Colin, one more please" she cried.

" I think that it is time for you to be rewarded " he retorted. Instead of the sting of his palm she felt the bulbous head of a warm, slippery, giant cockhead pressing at her pussy.

"Oh yes Colin, please, please push it in"

In one stroke he drove his cock into her, forcing her to gasp for air, then he withdrew and thrust again, and again. Amanda started to adjust to the pace, as the pain of her beaten buttocks started to give way to the mounting pleasure from her pussy. She realised that she hadn't even seen his cock . But boy could she feel it! And the not knowing . The imagining of what it looked like, of exactly how big it was, as to how flared the helmet was, sent her into a delirious state of ecstasy, which excluded everything else, her marriage, her past, her frustrations. There was just the reality of this young man, taking her to a place she had never been before.

"My nipples," she moaned, "squeeze my nipples"

Colin leaned forwards, unhooking her bra in one, then stuffed the delicate lingerie into her panting mouth. His cruel fingers tugged at her breasts, her passionate gasps muffled by her gag. It was too much for her. The rising tide of her orgasm overwhelmed her as his fingers and pounding tool pushed her over the brink.

"You whore," he intoned, "thinking only of yourself, well I know how to finish this off."

He swiftly withdrew his rock hard cock, leaving her pussy sizzling with aftershock, turned her over and then climbed astride her chest. Yanking the bra straps dangling from her previously gagged mouth ,she gasped for air just as his urgent hand pushed and pulled at his manhood in a mad flurry, exploding spunk all over her face, lips, hair and breasts.

"Did you like that Amanda?" he enquired as he climbed off her, wiping himself on the sheets.

"Oh, yes, I liked it alright" she moaned. After the frenzied lovemaking it was very quiet. She lay there slowly becoming aware of the dull pain from her battered ass cheeks. Raising a finger to wipe a tear of joy from her eye she inadvertently smeared semen across her cheek. "Looks like I'm going to have to do my make up again" she laughed. They both laughed.

" I only hope that you enjoyed that as much as I did," Colin replied, as he slipped on his clothes, and disappeared beyond the doorway.

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You have cut and pasted a large section of another of your stories and changed a few words and adjusted it from from cane to spank. Shame you could not have been more imaginative !B

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