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Entertaining Everyone


I had wanted to take my partner to a strip club ever since I met her. She is very open to being with a woman and I thought this would be the ideal way to see how far I could push this fantasy for us both.

Let me describe Tash, she's 36 years old but god she looks no older than 26 or 27. She's got a very fit body size 8 and is toned and is tanned all over, she has a real slutty look about her and she really knows how to dress to show it all off. When she goes out she always draws approving looks from guys and envious looks from other women. Let me describe her a little bit more, she has short very straight black hair which when looks amazing against her dark smoky eyes. She has a totally shaven pussy which is always permanently wet and hot, my favourite though is her ass it's very full but not heavy. She's has amazing tits with the most fantastic long hard nipples on top that get hard almost all of the time.

There is very little that Tash and I haven't done yet, she loves me to cum on her face, she loves anal sex and has let me fuck her outdoors while someone was watching. Our sex life is varied and interesting just the way us guys like it.

Well OK this is how the story actually went down. She was out on a bacholorette party and all the girls were dressed as bunny girls, Tash looked amazing in her black Basque, frilly black tutu, French knickers, stockings and my favourite black 6 inch heel shoes just looking at her made me want to cum in my pants. She'd been out in Blackpool all day from 10.30am and when I picked her up in Manchester at 11 she was looking horny as fuck and she made it pretty obvious early on that she was up for anything as she groped my cock in my pants in full view of everyone as we met at the train station.

We walked back to the car arm in arm and I broached the subject –

"Hey what about a spot of filthy fun?" I asked

"God yes" she replied with a real glint in her eye.

I took her by the hand and walked the short distance to Long Legs strip club in Manchester; before we arrived at the venue I pulled her down a dark alley and began to kiss her deeply. My hands groped her and grabbed at her tight arse, she was moaning in seconds and grabbing my hand and trying to shove it down the front of her knickers. I went with it and ripped them clean off, she screamed a little as I did this but soon threw her head back in ecstasy as I slid two fingers straight into her dripping wet pussy.

As she began to move against my fingers I pulled away and took her by the hand she nearly fell over as I dragged her towards the club. The guys on the door looked very pleased to see a woman as sexy as Tash coming into the club.

"You guys know there is only half an hour left don't you?"

"Yes we won't be that long, is it busy inside?" I asked.

"Not too busy now no most have left already" they replied.

We went down the stairs and paid the entry fee. As we entered the club there were about 30-40 guys in their and numerous dancers in various states of undress. Tash was gripping my hand so I turned to her to see her problem.

"I've got no knickers on" she exclaimed.

"I know more fun for all" I said and continued to the bar.

We ordered a couple of drinks and were approached immediately by a stunning tall blonde called Ashley. She only had eyes for Tash and made it very plain she wanted to dance for her.

"Can I interest your wife in a dance?" Ashley asked me not taking her eyes off Tash.

"It's OK with me, but I don't want it to be too private if you know what I mean?" I replied with a smug smile on my face.

Ashley took hold of Tash's hand and led her to a stage area; I could feel my cock getting harder in my pants. Ashley got a chair and placed it in the middle of the stage and ushered Tash to sit down which she did, Tash sat very lady like with her legs crossed very aware she was knickerless. The music started and Ashley began to move slowly in front of Tash, she then straddled Tash's legs and began to simulate riding her; god watching this sexy blonde riding my partner was amazing, without thinking Tash took the lead and placed her hands on Ashley's hips and moved them slowly down to her arse. She caressed them slowly as she did this Ashley moved in close and kissed Tash full on the lips, I was transfixed as I watched Tash slowly French kiss this stripper that she met only minutes ago.

Ashley stood up and moved Tash's legs apart so she could stand up between them. By now all the guys in the club and the other strippers were all watching the show, they all had a bird's eye view of my partner's pussy which looked swollen, red and very wet. Ashley continued to dance and totally stripped off, she leaned forward and placed one of her nipples into Tash's mouth. Tash eagerly began to nibble on it and licked it with so much hunger that she began to gyrate her pussy on the chair. It was so horny watching this that by now I was openly rubbing my cock through my pants.

Ashley soon moved and knelt down between Tash's legs, I couldn't believe what I was watching. Ashley slid her fingers into Tash's pussy and began to fuck it really fast and hard. Tash was groaning within seconds and I could tell she was close to cumming.

"Someone get this woman some cock," said Ashley.

I was shocked........ I couldn't move, I just watched as this shaven headed guy about 6'4 stood up and walked over whilst getting what looked like a huge cock out of his pants and offered it to Tash's mouth. Tash just took it straight in without even thinking, She is a grade a cock sucker and she was wanking him into her mouth within seconds.

"Cum all over this sluts face for me baby" said Ashley

After what seemed like only a minute Tash was screaming to an orgasm whilst this guy was wanking his cock over my partners willing face. He started to cum and it was covering her face, she was licking her lips wiping it up and eating it like a true little slut.

Now I know Tash if she's horny she's not finished until she's had a cock in her ass. I couldn't wait to get home and do it to her I was so fucking horny for her right now.

Unfortunately Tash had other ideas and had begun to position herself on all fours on the floor. Ashley was now licking her arse out from behind and trying desperately to ease a finger or two inside her puckered arsehole. Out of sight this black doorman was taking off his clothes and walking over stroking a huge erection. I actually feared for Tash at this point, but all I heard was Tash screaming Yes as she saw it.

The doorman knelt behind her and just shoved it into her tiny asshole. Tash screamed and I knew she had cum straight away. It didn't stop there however the doorman began to fuck her harder than I've ever seen anyone fuck anyone before. I was by now wanking my cock in my pants and cumming buckets inside them.

Tash screamed to yet another orgasm as the doorman pulled his huge cock out of Tash's asshole and grabbed her hair and stuffed it in her mouth and began to throat fuck her until he released all of his cum into her willing mouth.

Tash lay in a head totally spent, fucked, used whatever you want to call it until Ashley helped her to her feet and delivered her back to me with a smile.

"Did you enjoy" Ashley asked

"More than you'll ever know" I replied.

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