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Entertaining the Ex


Pauline parked the car in the garage and depressed the clicker for the doors to close. She left her high heeled shoes on the floor of the car and walked to the connecting kitchen door, her feet clad only in hose. It had been a long, long day at work. As she entered the kitchen, she was greeted by the sight and smells of her husband cooking. "Hello, gorgeous! What's cooking?"

Richard crossed the kitchen and hugged her, giving her a wet kiss. After two and a half years of marriage, Pauline learned the value of the simple things in life. Having a husband greet you with a home-cooked meal after a hard day at work was definitely a good thing in her life. Richard's cooking was delicious, even superior to most restaurants they tried. "I hope you don't mind, I've pulled out all the stops. We've got company tonight." Richard said nodding towards the hallway. Pauline's gaze lingered at the foodstuffs spread out on the kitchen island, for just a dreamy moment, before she looked to the hall. In the doorway to the kitchen stood her nemesis, Mark.

Pauline merely stared at the smiling face of her husband's ex-boyfriend. Mark was a gorgeous guy with a great sense of humor and virtues that outweighed his flaws by a lot, but Pauline could not stand the very thought of the man. Mark and Richard had been boyfriends throughout college, each being the other's first significant romantic attachment, and worse yet, Mark had been Richard's first ever.

It wasn't the fact that Mark was gay, or that he reminded her of the fact that her husband is bi, which meant to Pauline she had twice the chance to be cheated on some day. The thing she hated about him was the shared history, the sexy and hilarious stories Richard and he recounted on the few occasions they were together. The cherry on top of that bitter cake of hate was the fact that the two of them broke up by virtue of their careers pulling them to separate coasts, rather than any kind of disagreement or indiscretion. The sad twinkle Pauline could detect in Richard's eyes whenever he thought of Mark did not help matters in the least.

Pauline greeted Mark with a smile she did not feel. They exchanged empty pleasantries for a few minutes. "What occasions the visit? Are you in town for long?" asked Pauline.

Mark swallowed the mouthful he was tasting, with an appreciative moan at Richard, before dropping the nuke. "Actually, my stay is indefinite." Pauline did her best not to show her shock as Mark continued, "The company is becoming bicoastal, opening a branch right here in town, and I've been asked to be the deputy head."

Pauline excused herself to freshen up, then shot back a brief congratulation on the apparent promotion. Upstairs she splashed cold water in her face and took a long hard look at herself in the mirror. She tried to tell herself that everything will be alright, but she couldn't make herself believe it. She and Richard had been together now for as long as he had been with Mark, but that was trumped by Mark being that first, tragic love.

She now regretted postponing having kids until they were thirty, a kid might stop Richard from leaving her, at least on paper. A divorce would net Pauline a big, empty house and a big alimony check, but it would also bring her a gaping hole in the heart. The things didn't matter to her if she was to be alone. Stripping Richard of all his possessions and dignity would bring her little to no comfort. Pauline suppressed her panic and dismissed those dark thoughts of divorce.

Her imagination was just running amok for a spell and she looked at the positive side. She was married to Richard, and she just had to stay that way. Mark was here to stay, and the fight for Richard's affections had apparently begun. "Well," thought Pauline, "the first round is on MY turf." Pauline rushed into the bedroom and pawed through the wardrobes. She never changed clothes so quickly in her life. Her makeup was deftly adjusted in record time. With a last look at the full length mirror, she came down the stairs just as Richard was about to call her down for dinner.

The looks on both the boys' faces told her she nailed the 'this is how I look at home, when I'm dressed for comfort and not trying to look hot, yet wind up looking spectacular all the same' look. "Fifteen, love." thought Pauline as Richard pulled out her chair for her. The dinner was excellent, but Pauline concentrated on the conversation. She thought of it as a verbal battlefield and countered each story of Mark and Richard's past with one that extolled the virtues of married life, and building a life together.

Mark started agreeing with her sentiment, and then bemoaned the fact that, because most people could marry freely and build a future as a couple, they never understood the plight of those that were not allowed to. Richard agreed heartily.

"Fifteen all." counted Pauline to herself, and steered the conversation to lighter topics. The wine was flowing freely and they were opening the third bottle just after dessert. Pauline skipped off to the kitchen to make coffee and returned to find the men on the couch, Richard's hand on Mark's knee. She choked down her anger and remembered the old adage: "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar." She poured the coffee bending down at the waist, giving the boys a good view of her cleavage. A view, she noted, even Mark took in. Then she planted her tight, supple buttocks in Richard's lap. She knew that drove him wild. She leaned back on Richard and sipped her coffee as relaxed as if she was sitting in the empty armchair opposite. Richard put his hands in her lap. "Thirty, fifteen." was Pauline's smug thought as she put her head back on Richard's shoulder with a cuddly moan.

Pauline started to discreetly, ever so slightly, grind her ass. The wine kicked in by now and they started telling dirty jokes and recounting random sexual conquests. Inhibitions lowering by the minute, Pauline felt that Mark could not miss what she was doing right in front of them, but she didn't care. She was a married woman in her own home, and if she wanted to dry hump her husband in front of 'the other woman', she was damn well going to! In fact, Pauline decided to up the ante a few more notches. "Mark, where are you staying tonight?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm at the Four Seasons. Company put us up for the month. I'm going apartment hunting next week."

"Well, you have to stay with us tonight, you'll spend plenty of time in that lonely hotel room." Mark and Richard exchanged a look which Pauline couldn't make out. "Please, stay, and you'll enjoy a home made breakfast in the morning." said Pauline, while leaving unsaid that she intended for him to "enjoy" her shrieks of ecstasy for half the night.

Mark reluctantly agreed when Richard joined in on the request with a note of humor in his voice. Pauline attributed it to the wine making her hear things and counted "Forty, fifteen". As the conversation wound down, she dragged Mark upstairs to the spare bedroom right next to the master one. She was the very epitome of domesticity as she turned the bed down and pointed out all the amenities to him. She left his door ajar, bid him good night, and then entered her own bedroom to find Richard sitting on the bed, wearing only his briefs.

She left the door open behind herself and started to slowly undress while gyrating sensuously. "Time for the game point." she said to herself and finally revealed her bosom after many peeks. By the time she danced her way to the bed, she was only wearing her thong, and Richard was rock hard, his briefs gone. She grinned in triumph as she undulated in front of him with her arms in the air. Richard stroked her hips and then hooked the sides of her panties, pulling them down to her knees. She kept her arms up and danced while the panties fell down on their own. She bent over and planted her hands on either side of her husband, ostensibly for balance as she stepped out of her panties, allowing her hot breath to just tickle the purple mushroom head of Richard's cock.

She turned her face upwards and french kissed him, then gently pushed him to lie back. She knelt down and took hold of his erection with one hand and let out a gobble of spit which landed on the head of his cock. Her other hand came up and started to gently tickle the underside of his ball sack, all the way to the perineum, using only the very tips of her fingers. Richard moaned appreciatively. She licked the tip of his dick and he got up on his elbows to watch. She stroked his length with one hand that glided fast over the hot flesh, and very, very gently massaged his scrotum with the other. Her tongue danced all over the backside of the head of his cock, slathering it with saliva.

Richard started to groan impatiently, and Pauline's tongue retreated. She grinned at him and looked him straight in the eye as she pursed her wet lips and pressed them to his tip. Richard's eyelids fluttered closed, and his deep breaths became hitched, as she slowly began lowering her tightly pursed lips down his cock. Her wet tongue danced wildly over every bit of cock that made it in her mouth. This exquisite torture seemed to go on for ages from Richard's perspective. When she finally pressed her lips to his rolled back foreskin, her tongue danced all over the sensitive underside of his cock. Richard was so close to the best orgasm of the year, all he needed was for her to tug him once more, but she didn't. He opened his eyes and gave Pauline a demanding look. She was smiling, as best she could with her lips distended around his cock, and then pulled her mouth off his wet dick.

Before Richard could react to the loss of sensation, she moved the hand from the scrotum to the base of his cock and squeezed to the point of pain. Her other hand started jerking him off furiously. Her thumb was pressed lengthwise against the underside of his cock, pressing all the way to the tip on every upstroke. His hips started rising and falling in counterpoint to the motions of her jerking hand and Richard came with a loud groan. He almost lost consciousness. When he caught his breath he looked at the triumphant face of his wife, streaked with his cum. He pulled her face up with one hand and kissed her. He took his time kissing her and slowly licking his cum off her lips, eyelids and the bridge of her nose. After each lick, he would french kiss her again. It was their habit to kiss after a fellatio, snowballing the cum between them. Neither minded the salty, buttery taste.

Pauline genuinely loved her husband's freaky bedroom antics. On their wedding night, Richard deflowered her anally and Pauline came like never before, like she never thought possible. She adored being penetrated in the ass from behind, Richard's body pressing against the length of her own. One of her husband's hands would simultaneously be touching her clit and penetrating her all the way to her g-spot, the other one rubbing her nipples. With his mouth on the side of her neck, tickling all the way to her ear, or french kissing her, she would be in heaven. That combination of sensations always brought her to multiple orgasms and they did it almost once a week. She liked it even better than when he ate her out. She would have loved to do it tonight, but, with Mark nearby, she wanted Richard to fuck her vanilla style. As they swallowed a part of Richard's load each, she gently tugged her hand that was grasping the base of his cock the whole time. He was still hard and Pauline knew he would last for a quarter hour ride.

Even if she only came once, she intended to make it sound like an orgy. Richard shimmied up the bed and Pauline followed on all fours. She lowered her breasts, the erect nipples dragging across his thighs, then over his belly and chest until she presented them to his mouth. He kissed around the aureole before licking it and sucking the nipple into his mouth for a nibble. He did the same to the other one, while he twisted the first one with his fingers. Pauline moaned louder than usual and threw her head back. She rose up on her knees and paused with a sharp gasp, as Richard held on to her nipple with his teeth, turning her breast into a cone.

She looked him in the eye as the pain acted like an aphrodisiac, making her pussy weep. He let go with a smile and she practically fell on his lap. Her butt cheeks were pressed up against his cock. She reached behind herself and grasped it. Rising up, she walked a bit backwards on her knees, helped along by his hands on her hips. She aimed his cock at her pussy and lowered herself with a loud moan. She only took in a few inches before straining upwards again and coming down for some more. Richard let her set the pace and depth, content to merely help with her balance.

Pauline now had her husband's cock all the way up her pussy. She moaned loudly as she ground it all around her insides, and yelped every time she rose up and lowered herself back down. She vocalized like a porn star when he reached up and began toying with her nipples. Fucking her husband with Mark next door was turning her on in ways she couldn't imagine. Before long, she came without even touching her clit. The orgasm ripped through her body, leaving an exhausted warmth in it's wake. She still wanted a bigger show and she smiled at Richard.

Richard's face sported a naughty grin, but Pauline didn't care. He put one hand on the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. She loved the feel of his hard cock inside her as her body shifted. She felt his head nod and her eyes shot open in dismay when she felt another hand on her hip. Richard now held her fast as the bed tilted to announce the arrival of a third person. She felt a finger with a blob of lubricant snaking it's way between her buttocks and tried to break out of her husband's grip.

Mark's voice came from behind, shushing her. A rush of adrenaline cleared the post orgasmic fog from her head. Is her husband's ex going to fuck her ass while she was riding her husband? Her brow furrowed and she searched her husband's eyes, not being able to make anything out in such proximity. Her shouts of protest were muffled by her husband's mouth. The finger felt tender, but insistent on her asshole. Pauline had the fantasy of being sandwiched between two guys since she was in junior high, and thought she would live to realize it after she married a bisexual man and started to enjoy anal sex, but this was wrong. If it was anyone but Mark, she'd do it right now, but she had no intention of being used as Mark's conduit back into Richard's sex life.

Richard took his hand off the back of her head and she straightened up a bit. She used one hand for balance and tried to protect her rear with the other. Richard twitched his cock inside her and her breath caught. She opened her mouth to protest the situation, but Richard just crooned at her to relax, over and over again. Mark grabbed her hand and pressed it flat against his abdomen. She twisted around and saw that his cock was hard and covered with a lubricated condom. She drew a deep breath when she saw the look in Mark's eyes.

He was hungry for her. There was no other way to describe it. He pressed his cock to her anus and waited. Pauline was torn. As much as she wanted to experience a threesome, she did not want to lose her husband over it. The look in Mark's eyes and the twitching of Richard's cock in her pussy were working together to drown out any higher brain functions. She was a deer in the headlights. "I want you." Mark simply said. "I've wanted you, ever since Richard first told me about you. I've wanted you more, and more, with every thing he mentioned about you." Pauline found herself believing him and considered the possibility of a permanent love triangle developing between them.

All concerns vacated her brain as Mark's cock pushed into her ass and slipped past the ring of muscles on the first try. She let out a strangled cry. Even with the lubricant it was a very uncomfortable thing since Richard was still very much in her pussy. She remembered her hand was wedged between her ass and his belly and used it to push him back a bit. Mark stopped pushing in. Richard reached up with both hands and began kneading her breasts. Now Mark had both hands on her hips. She caught her breath and began moaning in pleasure. As she moved her hand up to Mark's chest, he pushed in another inch, eliciting a sharp cry from her and getting her nails dug into his skin. That would make him pause for a few seconds. They repeated this a few more times, until Mark bottomed out in her bowels and she turned to fully face Richard, putting both hands on his shoulder.

"I love you!" she gasped out.

"Oh, baby," replied Richard, "the best is yet to come!"

Mark grasped her under her breasts and raised her up so Richard could change into a kneeling position that mirrored his own. During this maneuver, Pauline was of little help, as neither erection slipped out of her, but kept rubbing up against each other through her innards. She was but a rag doll between them. Now Richard held her up by one hip and one knee, keeping her wide enough for uninterrupted access. Mark held the other hip and kneaded her breasts with one hand. "You have spectacular tits." he told Pauline. She put one hand on Richard's shoulder and the other behind her head to pull Mark in for a kiss. Richard bent down and licked her tits.

The three of them kissed each other in turns as the boys reamed her out from both ends. Each thrust seemed to wipe a thought from her mind. Richard kissed the back of Mark's hand over her breasts and shot him a look. Pauline was lost in the throes of ecstasy, but still saw it as some sort of a blessing. Mark's hand stroked down her belly towards her pussy. He tickled the hood of her clit and Pauline was so close. He kept tickling the same spot and finally Pauline had to exert herself to get the pressure to the right spot. The depravity of being touched there by her husband's ex, and having to make the final push herself, sent her way past the edge and she began cumming in continuous waves. She was lost in a sea of pleasure, the waves created by the pounding of her lovers' hot flesh.

She could hear loud cries of "yes".

Pauline had no concept of time so she didn't know how long it took her to realize the cries were of her own making. When she started to come back to the real world she felt an emptiness in her ass. Her husband was holding her up against him with one arm around her back. His other hand was tangled in her damp hair and turned her head to the side. As she gasped for breath, she felt that something was missing. When her vision cleared, she saw Mark standing next to her on the bed, the condom was gone, and he was jacking himself off furiously. With a series of short, loud shouts, Mark emptied his balls all over her face. She could only smile feebly.

Mark stepped off the bed, his chest heaving, and laid down next to them. Richard laid her back and started to do what he desperately wanted to. He pounded in and out of her pussy with rising frequency, and she barely held on to consciousness. She was tapped out, and couldn't come anymore, but she wanted to feel him cum inside her. She wanted to feel claimed by her mate. Richard's thrusts became faster and faster until he finally came with a shuddering groan. She enjoyed each mighty thrust followed by a hot spurt of cum in her womb.

They were gazing into the other's eyes, catching their breaths, when Mark's face butted in and licked his own cum from her cheek. Richard joined in on the fun and they cleaned her up with their tongues. After Richard's flaccid cock slipped out of her, he lay down beside her, and french kissed her, again transferring the cum from his mouth into hers. After they finished, Mark grasped her jaw and turned her face his way and did the same.

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