tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEntertaining The Troops

Entertaining The Troops


For background on this, check out one of the older Poorwrtier stories and read the introdcution/description.

This is another true Catherine story that I will never forget. I call this one:


My lovely wife Catherine and I had had many discussions about her being seen partially or totally naked by other men and how exciting we both found it to be.

We had a standing agreement that if a situation arose where she felt like exhibiting herself, she could go ahead and do it as long as it was safe.

One weekend I had four of my old Marine buddies to my home for a weekend barbeque. They all live out of state in different cities and we love getting together once a year at each others homes on a rotating basis. This was my year. This was our third day all hanging out and we all had so much fun together.

Catherine really liked these guys and they sure loved her too. We are all about ten years older than she is so believe me, to us she is one hot little dolly. She is anyway, but we sure loved having her around us.

This particular Saturday I remember was really fun. It was hot and sunny and wonderful and everyone was laughing and having so much fun.

I notice Catherine gave me a little wink and started up with a 'fun' topic. She will often start into a subject that gets the conversation going where it can end up in something fun.

She announced to all the guys that I was taking her on a four day weekend vacation in a couple of weeks and it was up to her to decide where we were going.

All the guys asked if she had decided where she wanted to go. She said, "I've decided to go to a resort in Mexico where we can try a nude beach."

From the wink starting this out, I realized I was going to have to play the straight man and this was a scenario we had played over in our private discussions many times before.

Well the guys went berserk at hearing her say nude beach!!! So I piped up too and began to do my part. I said, "Oh yeah, RIGHT!!!! You would never dare go to a nude beach. Not in a million years!"

Catherine said, "Yes I have actually been thinking about it a lot and I think I could really do it.

I've decided I want to try it before I turn too old and then look back with regret wishing I would have tried more daring things."

The guys naturally all encouraged her and I said, "Are you saying you would be willing to be naked in front of other people?"

"Yes I would Michael. You are the one telling me not to ba ashamed of my body right? So if it's O.K. with you and only if you are there to of course, then I would like to try it."

She gave me a nice little teasing look with her eyes that meant "keep going with this", so I did.

I said, "If you want to try it, it's O.K. with me. As a matter of fact, if you would even dare to do that, I will extend the vacation to a full week and buy you three new swimsuits and two new outfits."

She began to jump up and down and said, "REALLY Michael!?!? Really?"

I said, "Yes, really."

My buddies were very interested in this conversation and Dibble tosses out an idea. He says, "Catherine, why don't you just pretend you are on a beach right here and show Michael you would dare to do it? This way you will be among friends and not a bunch of strangers for your first time trying it out."

The other three guys all cheered their hearty agreement and much encouragement and said they would be "happy to help" by pretending to be guys on the beach.

Catherine played along and acted as if it was a great idea. I began to laugh and said, "Dream on boys, she'll never do it."

Catherine looked right at me and a very sexy smile, said, "Dare me?"

I said, "Hey, I double dare you Cutie."

Now we were all out on our back deck which is fairly large. We were sitting on lawn chairs. My location is very secluded so no one can see the back of the property at all.

Catherine says to us, "You lucky boys pretend you are on a wonderful beach in Mexico and I'll be back."

As she left us to go up to our bedroom, the guys were all clapping, hooting and whistling and as excited as if they were all about to get million dollar checks. I was frankly not 100% sure what to expect.

In a few minutes Catherine comes down the stairs and out on the deck in a little, tiny, bikini and high heel sandals. The height of the sandals made her butt flex up and look unbelievably fine! The suit was black and thin and so sexy!!!! It fit her every curve.

She said, "O.K., are you boys all still willing to help me pretend we are on a beach in Mexico?"

Again with the loud clapping, whistling and hooting as if they realized this was just too good to be true. Needless to say, all of us were in instant agreement and all of our eyes were on her. She loved that.

After a few minutes she stood facing us all and said, "O.K. boys, here I am enjoying the Mexico sun." As she said this she reached back and unhooked her top and held it in place as she looked at me.

She said, "Honey are you O.K. with your buddies seeing my bare breasts and nipples?" What a tease!! Just hearing a woman say those words makes a guy horny.

I said, "For these brothers, I am willing to share a look if you are."

She replied, "I am." And he finished taking it off slowly as we all sat open mouthed staring at her.

She leaned over and let the cups fall away as she unveiled her gorgeous breasts with her soft, pink, puffy nipples. She laid the top down by her 'beach' chair.

We all stared at her magnificent breasts and puffy pink nipples. Oh did she look fine!!!! She stretched and moved her shoulders side to side a bit hamming it up to make her boobies bounce, jiggle and sway.

She said, "There, that wasn't so bad. Do I look O.K. boys?"

We all whistled and hooted and cheered with a lot of "Oh ya's!!!!".

Although she obviously loved the attention, she said, "Now come on boys! Act normal and let me get through this so I can get my full week's vacation and new outfits."

She said, "I have to see if I can really do this and be able to walk around with guys all around me. This will be good practice."

So she began to parade around and we got to see her boobies jiggle and move like only boobs can. We were loving every second of this.

Then as we were watching her she walks to the end of the deck like she's looking out over the ocean. With her muscular back to all of us, she looks back over her shoulder directly at me and says, "Honey, can I show them your other favorite parts?"

I gave her a smile and an afirmative nod. She then bent over and slowly, slowly, teasingly slowly, slid her bottoms all the way down her muscular legs to her ankles and stepped out of them.

She carefully stayed bent all the way over as she stepped her sandals out of the suit as well. As she lifted out first one leg and then the other, we were all treated to the vision of her sweet little pussy.

When I saw all of my buddies staring at her super fine bubble butt and her little pussy poking out of her fine bare butt cheeks, I was the proudest man in the world.

THEN ...... she turned around and we all saw her totally nude facing us. In the high heeled sandals her legs looked so long and flexed up too.

She had her feet just far enough apart to create that little 'space' at the top of her thighs, perfectly showing off her beautiful shaved vulva to us all. And she even turned her toes in like I like. It looks sexy, but she thinks it's the 'dumb blonde ditzy look' as she calls it.

She stood looking up at the sun with her big sunglasses on and giving us a lot of time to see her naked.She even slowly turned all the way around letting each of us see all of her fine body.

We were all mesmerized by her beauty. There is nothing as beautiful in all the world as a naked woman. And even though I have seen her ten thousand times, I still get a thrill every time I see her like that. I was just as excited as my buddies who were seeing her for the first time.

Catherine says, "O.K. guys, I think the hardest part is going to be talking to people who are sitting on towels on the actual sand beach and not in the chairs. Do you mind sitting on the deck to pretend you're on the actual sand so I can practice on you?"

I knew what she was doing. She always says that all men will do anything a beautiful naked woman tells them to do. She was showing off to me that she could get these four grown men, all Marines no less, to leave their comfortable lawn chairs and sit on a hot deck just for her.

And .... Surprise!!!!! All of them were sitting on that hot deck within 10 seconds. I laughed.

Catherine announced, "I need to prove I can do this and walk right by men or even talk to them."

She began to walk right between all the guys. She'd stop and pretend to chit chat about the ocean or the sand or the sun. Her pussy was just about face height to these guys sitting on teh deck.

And for the lucky guys on the other side of her, her luscious round, firm, curvy bare bottom was right in their faces as they waited their turn to meet her fine pussy 'face-to-face'.

My good buddies were each getting a nice close up view of my wife's fine body and her sweet little pussy in particular. They could see every detail and was she ever teasing them too!

I have no doubt they could catch her lovely scent which is completely intoxicating, believe me! And oh did they love that!!! Then when she turned and talked to another guy, they'd get to see her bare bottom again.

She proceeded to walk all around the deck for about ten minutes. She punctuated her walk with occasionally bending over telling us she was pretending to be picking up sea shells.

Now ladies, in case there are any of you who don't already know this, seeing a woman walk naked amps up the turn on factor about 100 times from just seeing her stand naked.

You see, female bodies move in so many ways all at the same time. Boobs each move separately and in dififerent directions, their firm buns move all over, legs, arms tummy, you get the picture, and every movement is fascinating to true males.

All the men were quite obviously suffering from massive hard ons, as was I. Each guy had to make soom pretty obvious 'adjustments'. Catherine noticed that too and I could tell it flattered her.

Just when I thought she was done she said, "Will one of you nice boys get my chaise ready for me?" They nearly knocked each other over setting up a nice lounger for Catherine.

As she stood there waiting her slaves to bring her chair she absent-mindedly patted her butt cheeks and sent a ripple through the firm flesh. When see saw how that mexmerized them she laughed.

She inquired, "Boys is it really that exciting to just see me touch myself a little bit?"

"Oh yes maam!" was their reply.

So she gave us a little tease and poked out her butt and spanked it a few times on each cheek. Then she even turned toward us and spanked her little bare pussy too, about five medium light swats. Now THAT got us all going!!! Trust me!

She gave me another knowing smirk as if to say, "watch this", and walked over to the chair they got ready for her and stretched out on it.

She approached it and knelt on it on her hands and knees first, giving us all a beautiful poked out bare bottom and pussy shot that all men love.

She continued and stretched out on her tummy with her boobs mashing and squeezing out on the sides and her perfect little bubble butt poking up high in the air.

She even left her legs apart so we could see her fine pussy too. OOOOHHHH Were we all loving it!!!!

She said, "Will one of you be a deer and rub some suntan lotion on me?"

They nearly fought over the lotion and took turns rubbing her neck, arms, legs, back and especially her round firm bottom.

I saw her buck a bit when they did the inside of her legs and I found out later they accidentally bumped into her pussy 'just a bit'."

After about fifteen minutes she rolled over and let us see her naked body stretched out in all her glory. Her breasts are all natural so they do lay out sort of flat when she's on her back, but that still looks so sexy and I think it accentuates her nipples all the more.

And her flat tummy makes that nice mound protrude and since she's shaved we were treated to those beautiful and dainty pussy lips. Her clitoris, or 'Miss Clitty' as she calls her, was quite prominent and I know every one of us was wishing he had his tongue on that sweet thing.

And those thoughtful friends of mine did not even have to be asked this time. Three of them nearly collided to be first to rub lotion on her. They ended up all doing it at once while I looked on.

First they looked to me and said, "Michael can we do the good parts too?"

I said, "That's up to Catherine."

She said, "Well boys, only if you are gentle about it. I guess it makes sense since don't want them to burn."

So four men were rubbing lotion on her legs and arms and tummy and even on her breasts and two lucky guys 'gently' put lotion on her perfect little pussy too. They did not slip anything inside, but remained respectful and polite.

She said later it was incredible to have eight strong men's hands on her body all at the same time.

As she tanned, she kept her shades on. I knew she could still see us, but the others guys may not have realized that. They took the dark glasses as a green light to stare at her body all they wanted to, and they sure did.

As the time went on, she asked if we minded if she stayed naked and we all (big surprise here) begged her to. She said it felt so wonderful and she had just gotten so used to it.

I don't think any of us got used to it at all. And I for one had one of those erections the Viagra ad warns about that lasts more than four hours. I think we all did.

Well the day was so fun and she remained naked for about five more hours. Even as we moved inside for the evening she remained totally naked except for her high heel sandals.

The sandals made her legs look so long and sexy and muscular. She even served us drinks and some cake and ice cream in the nude.

If any ladies are reading this, you cannot even imagine the forever impression you will make on your man if you just try walking around naked in your house. He will love you for it and you will find him transformed into the most agreeable man you ever saw.

And if you ever approach him while he's sitting in a chair and you surprise him by walking up to him in high heels and nothing else, bring him anything on a tray and I guarantee you he will never, ever forget that moment as long as he lives. It is one of the most wonderful things in the world a woman can do for a man. And it's so simple and easy too.

If you really want an unforgettable moment, show up naked with cold lemonaide when he has a buddy over. But you might want to talk about that one ahead of time.

Well, when the guys finally left she hugged each one. She caught my eye and gave me a 'watch this' look and said, "Boys, you may all kiss my bottom good bye if you want to since you stared at it so much and seemed to like it."

Each guy literally got on his knees as she leaned over putting her hands on her own thighs and poked out her cute little bottom. They each kissed it with passion. They were in heaven.

After each kiss she turned and gave each guys hard penis a nice squeeze through their pants and whispered something in their ear.

Later that night when we were in bed, we were talking and we laughed at how her rules bore out to be true.

Guys will do whatever a beautiful naked woman tells them to do. And she can get any man to literally kiss her butt.

I asked about the penis grab and what she whispered to them.

She said she was sorry, but after all that teasing she just had to see how big they were and apologized to each guy for making them hard for so long and not being able to offer them relief.

She said they all said it was worth it and they'd soon be thinking of her in their hotel room as they took care of it. We laughed.

Then we made love for the next three hours and I did everything to her that I was imaging for the entire day.

After our love making we were back down in the kitchen getting a little snack and there was a knock on the door. It was her brother's friend who was stopping over to borrow a book.

I went to teh door and opened it while she remained in the kitchen. The guy standing there was only about 35. I invited him in and he stood just inside the door and said his name was Tim.

I called out to her in the kitchen and said, "Catherine, your brother's friend Tim is here to pick up a book."

She said, "Oh yes, I remember. I have it right here." Then she called out, "Tim do you mind if I'm not dressed? I'm practicing for Mexico."

Tim said, "Oh no, that's fine." I think he was expecting maybe some casual clothes.

Catherine came around the corner in just high heels and completely naked and handed him the book. He stared with eyes wide open as was his mouth. She laughed at him and said, "Relax Tim, it's just a naked body."

He took the book and I opened the door for him as he slowly, and I mean slowly, backed out the door all the while staring at Catherine's pussy.

When I shut the door we both laughed and she said, "Oh GREAT!!!! Now that got me all horny again. I need you to take me upstairs for some more of that great loving of yours Honey."

I said, "I live to please you my dear, I live to please you."

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