tagIncest/TabooEnticed by the Sight Ch. 02

Enticed by the Sight Ch. 02


One of the secret truths that I learned from seeing Rita and Dad is that the world doesn’t stop just because you’ve had sex. When I came down for dinner they were laughing and joking in the kitchen where they’d just had sex, cooking a delicious dinner of Chicken Marsala. I watched them closely, looking for some indication of their afternoon tryst. But I was disappointed. They didn’t share any secret ‘we’ve just had sex’ looks, there weren’t any whispered innuendos or surreptitious smiles. It was all just an ordinary dinner in every way.

Rita was still Rita, funny and charming. You couldn’t tell that she’d just let a man shove his thing into her. And Dad was till Dad, making the same jokes he’d always made and not looking at all like the man I’d just seen spurting cum so hard that he couldn’t breath.

But I’d seen him panting and cumming. I knew the truth now. The look in his eye as he spurted into Rita’s hand was as much a part of him as his love for James Bond movies, or the way he murmured ‘dumbass’ under his breath when another driver cut him off. It was another grown-up secret – sex wasn’t everything, in spite of how you felt when you were a teenager. It was just another part of your life, albeit probably the most fun one.

So we had a nice dinner, with me knowing they’d just made love and not letting on, and them pretending that they hadn’t. As always, it was a fun evening. The only problem was, I still couldn’t get the image of Dad’s tool out of my mind.

While we ate I tried not to stare at Dad. But all kinds of forbidden thoughts still kept running through my head. Me sneaking under the table to somehow get a closer look. Dad taking it out so that his little daughter could see. Daddy plunging it into me. I was drawn, enraptured by the visions in my mind, and I felt them all the way down between my legs.

I knew that at the very least I was going to have to give myself another good thrashing when I went to bed to relieve the desires my pussy was calling to me.

After dinner we all settled in to watch a movie on cable. Since it was Friday night I didn’t have any homework, and I was able to spend the whole evening with Rita and Dad. Some of the girls I knew at school were planning on going out to a movie, but I quickly decided that I’d rather spend the night close to my Daddy. It was a very intimate evening for me, now that I knew the things that I’d just learned about grownups and sex and all. Sharing Dad and Rita’s secret life, even if it was only one-way sharing.

After a languid evening in front of the TV, we all said our goodnights and went off to bed. I wondered if they were going to do it again in their bedroom, and the thought fueled even more yearning between my legs as I walked to my bathroom. I’d taken a shower before dinner, so aside from the persistent moistness between my legs, I was still clean. I brushed my teeth and went to my room. I discovered then that just getting undressed can be a little erotic adventure of its own, if you’re already dripping and ready.

I had to search through my dresser a little until I found it – an old beige t-shirt of Dad’s. I took my tank top off and slipped it on over my jeans. I wanted my daddy close to me, and this was the best way I could thing of. I peeled off my jeans slowly, savoring the feel of them sliding down my legs. I took off my socks, and then I was ready for the main event. I hooked my thumbs over the top of my panties, and I slid them down slowly.

They were dripping with my goo and reluctant to leave the warm wetness of my crotch. I had to tug on them a little to get them unstuck from my slit, which caused delicious shivers to run down my spine. I was so far beyond ready that it wasn’t even funny.

My original plan was to just lie on the bed wrapped in Daddy’s old shirt as I pleasured myself. But the image of Rita sitting on the counter with her legs wrapped around Dad flashed into my head, and that gave me a different idea. I closed my eyes and sat on the edge of the desk, pretending that I was Rita in the kitchen and that Dad was between my legs, about to thrust his thing into me. I closed my eyes and moaned a little as I put my fingers gently on my mound. I had never felt so open to an intrusion before, and my fingers slid into me as easily as if they were coming home.

I took my slippery middle finger (I always use my middle finger, did I tell you that?) and started flicking my swollen clit. My breathing was ragged and my eyes were drawn to my crotch as I tried to picture Dad’s sex there, eager and dripping as it tried anxiously to find its way into me. That did it.

I came, my sensitive clit alternately begging for more and pleading with me to stop as my second orgasm of the day shook through me. I would rub myself hard and fast, and then hold onto my pussy tightly. Over and over I alternated my fondling as I milked a good hard cum out of myself. I finally wound down, and I gently smeared my wetness all over my secret place as my breathing returned to normal.

Funny thing was, as hard as I’d just cum, there was something inside of me calling out for more. That had never happened before. Usually after I came I was languid and sleepy, my desire sated for the time being. But somehow it hadn’t worked this time.

I let myself down off the desk and went to bed. The sheets were fresh and clean, and I snuggled gratefully into them, curled up into a ball under my warm blanket. You know that world that exists between sleep and dreams? Mine was occupied that night by visions of Daddy’s thing. What did it look like, dripping and naked? What would it feel like inside of me? How hard would it shoot into me? Would I be able to feel his cum hitting inside me? I slept fitfully, my slumbers interrupted by hungry sensations between my legs and pictures of my daddy naked.

I tossed and turned, sleep mostly eluding me as the night went along. Finally I sat up. It was the wee small hours, maybe 2 or 3 o’clock. My breathing was kind of hard and fast, and my heart was pounding. The idea had come to me suddenly, and I knew there was no turning back. I was going to sneak a peek at Daddy’s naked thing. Maybe that would quiet the need between my legs and the curiosity in my head. I was a little scared of the idea, but determined to try anyhow.

I got up and padded down the hall to Daddy and Rita’s room. I made sure that the hall lights were off, and then I quietly opened the door. I poked my head in, prepared to ask something innocuous should anyone be awake, but they were both asleep. The scent of Rita’s sex was heavy in the air, and they seemed very much in love cuddled together in the bed.

I shut the door behind me, but I didn’t let it latch in anticipation of a hasty getaway. I took a deep breath and got down on my hands and knees. That way I was below the level of their eyes should anyone look up. I slowly and quietly crawled around to Dad’s side of the bed. I was so afraid, but I guess that a dripping slit trumps a pounding heart. There was enough light from the moon and stars coming in from the window that looked out over the back yard that I could easily see what I was doing. Nervously, and trying not to think about what might happen if I got caught, I raised my head up and peered over the edge.

Dad was lying on his back, his manhood only inches from my face. Rita was lying on her side, facing away from us. I got up on my knees slowly. My mouth was practically drooling as his crotch came into view.

I guess it had never occurred to me that Daddy might not be naked. I learned that some men might actually put on some underwear to go to bed. I’d seen how badly his manhood was straining to be free down in the kitchen a few hours before, and I guess I just assumed that in the privacy of his own bedroom he would have set it free.

But no. The anticipation I’d been feeling came crashing down around me as I saw Dad was wearing a pair of boxers. They were silky and black and had little red hearts on them. I could easily see the mound of his sex under them, but I really had no more idea of what it looked like than I had in the kitchen. Less even, because now it was obviously not erect. I bit my lip as I tried to decide what to do.

I mean, the choices were obvious. I could get back on my hands and knees and crawl away, unsatisfied and with only faint hopes of gathering enough courage to try this again. Or I could try to move his shorts enough to see. Of course, that came with the huge risk of waking him. And what defense could a young girl present if she was caught sneaking into her daddy’s room and sliding off his shorts in the middle of the night?

I thought about my aching pussy, and tried to imagine living with the throbbing until its curiosity had been satisfied. I couldn’t do it. There was no way that I could stand this any more. Daddy’s sex was stuck in my head like one of those songs that won’t go away. His little girl had to see it.

I reached for the snap at the top of his shorts. Slowly and carefully I worked my fingers under the elastic waistband so that I could unsnap them. I listened to his breathing, alert to any change that might indicate that he’d felt me. But I sort of forgot my fear as I realized how close I was to seeing it, and a delicious thrill ran through me.

The first snap came undone with a little pop, and I moved my hands down to undo the next one and then the next. My hands trembled a little in anticipation, and all I could think of was how large it had looked in Rita’s hand. All I had to do now was spread the flaps wide.

I pushed them aside, careful to pay attention to Daddy’s breathing. It was slow and deep, and I gratefully let my eyes drop to my prize. It was nestled in his crotch, nowhere near as menacing and insistent as I pictured it would be. Why, flaccid it was hardly bigger than my fist. It was kind of pointed towards his chin like it had been in the kitchen, only way smaller. In spite of its size, I felt a warm gushing between my legs as I saw my very first grown up man.

But I wanted to see it big. I wanted to see it full and hungry, dripping and red. Where was that one? The one I hungered for, the one my slit was wet for? Why, this really wasn’t very satisfying at all.

It’s amazing how a girl can rationalize her behavior when she’s close to having one of her lusts satisfied. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me. I knew what I was going to have to do. I was going to have to touch it. Isn’t that what girls did to boys’ things? And why not? He was still asleep, and if he hadn’t noticed my fingers under the waistband of his shorts, he probably wouldn’t awaken from my touch. Especially if I was really soft and really gentle. I could do this. I knew I could.

I took a deep breath, and reached out and slid my fingers under it. It lay there gently, and I let my thumb rest on the top of it. I slid my thumb up and down the top, and almost immediately it began growing. It was amazing. I’d never felt so powerful. I’d never realized that I had this kind of control over a man’s desire. A delicious shudder and through me and settled in my wet slit. This was fun! I wrapped my fingers around it and began sliding them up and down, kind of like I’d seen Rita do earlier.

In only a minute or two it was as large as it had been in his pants, I was sure of it. Maybe it was even bigger. I couldn’t tell because of course I hadn’t really seen it before. Maybe it just looked longer in my tiny hand. The end was swollen like a ripe plum, ready to burst. And out here in the open where I could see the whole thing it was definitely bigger than I’d imagined. Rita let him put this whole thing inside her? Unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine it and at the same time I wanted it more than anything. It was getting hotter as I stroked it – I could feel it. My daddy’s sex wanted me, all because I’d given it a few strokes with my hand. I was amazed. I was fascinated. And I was very very horny.

I don’t know exactly what came over me then. In my imagination I was going to get a good look, sneak back to my bedroom, give my pussy a good thwacking, and sleep the sleep of an innocent daughter. But suddenly that wasn’t enough. I could feel my own fluids oozing from me, drenching my thighs as I ached to be filled. But there was no way I was going to get that.

My mouth watered, and I hungered to have him inside me. Who could have known that the attraction of holding a swollen man in your hand could be so strong? I trembled with desire to see it spurt in person, instead of through his pants. I don’t know exactly what compulsion drove me, but I bent my head over Daddy’s lap, and I gave his shaft a long lick from balls to the tip.

Daddy moaned a little bit in his sleep, and his hips thrust it against my lips in some kind of involuntary response, trying to find its way into me. It was mostly Rita’s flavor on him, but I also tasted Dad – musky and salty and soapy. I gave it another long lick, slower and harder this time, and as I was done I saw a drop of clear fluid ooze out of the little slit in the end. I don’t know exactly what came over me, but I couldn’t stop myself. I bent my head over, letting my hair graze his thighs and belly as I forgot just what I was doing and began to bath his shaft with my warm tongue.

Suddenly Dad moved. My heart jumped in my chest and I quickly let go of him. Hurriedly I dropped back down to the floor, petrified that I’d wakened him. My heart was beating like a big bass drum as I waited to see if I’d been discovered, and I scolded my aching slit for getting me into this position. After a moment or two I heard some shuffling around in the bed, and the bed springs squeaked. Rita moaned, a deep throaty sound. Then I heard that sound that everyone learns eventually - the sound of man and woman joining in the most intimate of experiences. A slow, rhythmic, wet ‘whap-whap-whap’ reached my ears as my Dad thrust himself into his wife.

They were doing it! Not even a few feet away from me Dad was screwing Rita. I was certain that I might still be caught, and so I stayed frozen on the floor. They hadn’t jumped up and screamed, “Nikki!’ so I knew they hadn’t seen me. But what kind of position were they in? Were they looking at each other? Would they see me if I tried to leave. I couldn’t just casually get up and walk out - they’d see me for sure.

Finally I began to crawl towards the door, staying low and trying to time my movements to the sounds they were making so that they wouldn’t hear me. Maybe I could steal a peek at them and then if weren’t looking my way I’d be able to duck out. Still on the floor but away from the bed, I turned and put my back into the corner by the door. Because of the way the light fell into the room it was the darkest place there. I wasn’t more than ten feet from the foot of the bed. I couldn’t see much because the bed was so high and I was so low, but I could definitely hear their coupling.

I made up my mind. I’d stand up in the dark corner, chance a look and then duck out as quickly as I could. I’d never be able to explain it if I was caught in their bedroom now.

But my pussy overrode my common sense. I realized that I didn’t really want to leave. The scent of Rita’s body as she was pummeled, the sounds of their coupling and the image of Dad’s tool all combined into a delicious lust that settled between my legs. Hey, this was what I’d come in here for, wasn’t it? To see Dad’s manhood erect and dripping? Here he was using it just like I’d hoped to see this afternoon in the kitchen, and I was about to sneak out? Nope. A girl’s got to make the best use of the opportunities that come her way, right?

I stood up slowly, my back in the darkest corner of the room. As I got higher and they came into view, I saw them doing it. They were both facing away from me, but I had a really good angle to watch from.

Rita was on her knees, her legs spread wide and her arms folded and resting on the headboard. Her head was resting on her arms, her eyes closed in silent pleasure and a trace of a sleepy smile on her lips as Daddy shoved himself into her.

My dad was behind her on his knees, thrusting himself in and out of her gaping slit. With each thrust of his hips, Rita was pressed forward, only to bounce back with him as she strained to keep him inside of her. “Whap-whap-whap.”

Dad’s hands were on her hips, holding her gently as he slid in and out of her. Somehow her ass looked more naked than anything I’d ever seen with that big pink thing slipping in and out of her.

Dad had shoved his black boxers down to his knees, freeing himself so that he could take Rita. I could see it all. I watched my daddy screwing his wife. My eyes were drawn to his sex, teasing me and at the same time satisfying my curiosity as it vanished and reappeared inside his wife. It was big and hard, and glistening gently in the starlight from the window. I could hear a little moan escape her lips each time he pushed himself into her, and Dad’s breathing had turned into panting.

I suddenly realized that I’d lifted my t-shirt up past my slit and I was fingering myself in time to Dad’s thrusting. God, it was so sexy! I spread my legs a little wider so that my fingers had better access. I began rubbing myself hard from side to side with my middle finger solidly on my clit, hoping that the wet sounds I was making between my legs would be covered up by the noises that Rita and Daddy were making.

Rita’s voice, soft from sleep and sex, was barely loud enough to reach me. But there was no mistaking the lust and satisfaction in her voice. She had a hard time getting the words out between Daddy’s thrusts. Tenderly she asked him, “A third… time today…. baby? What’s gotten…into….you?”

Dad tried to time his answer to his thrusting and gasping for air. But it was obvious that he was getting close. His rhythm changed, and somehow it became deeper and stronger. The ‘whap-whap’ of his hips against her thighs became louder and more deliberate. “I….must really…..love you…..honey. I just…. had… to…. arrrrrrgh!”

Dad thrust himself into his wife so hard that her head bumped into the headboard. Her face had a small satisfied smile on it as he buried himself deep in her and came.

As Daddy shot his sperm into Rita’s slit, I started to cum too. I bit my lip and tried not to fall to the floor as my knees buckled and I held my throbbing pussy tight. Dad’s back arched as he tried to bury himself in her wet pussy, injecting his seed as far into her as it could possibly go. My whole hand became soaked as my slit gushed gooey girl juice. I was grateful that I was able to lean in the corner, because I felt so lightheaded that I thought I might pass out. I shook and trembled, my hand buried between my legs as I came over and over.

Daddy and I froze, each of us totally enveloped in our own orgasm. After a lifetime we both gasped for air at the same moment. They didn’t hear me over Dad’s sudden gulp for air, and I tried to muffle the other noises that wanted to escape my lips.

Dad was done. He’d emptied himself into Rita, and he reluctantly withdrew his manhood. It was all shiny with their mixed juices, and I could see that it was already starting to shrink back to the size it had been when I first saw it. He collapsed on the bed next to her, obviously exhausted. Rita stayed there a moment, still on her hands and knees. I wasn’t sure in the low light, but I thought I could see Dad’s white stuff oozing from her slit. Daddy caressed her ass as Rita smiled her sleepy smile.

After a minute or two, Rita bent over to kiss him on the head. “Better, baby?” she whispered. I could see that Dad was already almost asleep, but he kind of nodded. Rita got down, cuddled up in his arms in a ball and closed her eyes.

I slid down the corner of wall slowly and sat on the floor out of sight. My legs were still kind of weak and shaky, and my hand was positively covered with the musky drippings from my hole. But for the first time since I’d seen them this afternoon, the throbbing in my pussy had faded from ‘do me now’ to a barely tolerable neediness. I smeared my wetness lazily around my slit and thighs as I waited for Dad and Rita to go to sleep so that I could sneak out.

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