tagIncest/TabooEnticing Uncle Mike Ch. 1

Enticing Uncle Mike Ch. 1

bySilver Sea©

The summer is so much fun. Warm weather. No school. No early morning figure skating practice. I just love it. Oh and all the boys running around with their shirts off and showing off their flat abs and strong legs. Hah, and they think it's only them that enjoy the additional flesh exposed to accommodate the sun and the heat of summer. But why, why do I have to get stuck with dog sitting at my uncle's in summer. Uncle Mike and his dog Chester. Some business trip was taking Uncle Mike out of town and he hated putting his dog in a kennel and he was going to pay me and my parents were on this responsibility kick and earning my own money and blah blah blah.

Oh well. He did have a great house, and a DVD, and high speed internet, a hot tub and a pool and it was secluded and quiet so I could play my music as loud as I wanted and not disturb the neighbors and he always let me order food in so I didn't have to cook. I guess it wasn't that bad being away from my friends for a week. And the last time I stayed there I did find Uncle Mike's stash of adult movies that I can entertain myself with should I get bored. They were pretty good. I picked up a few good sex pointers watching them last time. Oh, and the orgasms I had playing with myself. WOW!!!! And now that I had a vibrator... And Uncle Mike is such a hunk, if he was any closer to my dad's age they would have been twins (yeah, dad is a hunk too). And Trish did say she may be able to come over one or two nights if my uncle said it was ok. You know, this won't be so bad.

Tuesday afternoon mom drove me over and dropped me off. Almost threw me out of the car because she had somewhere else to go. I had packed mostly bathing suits and t-shirts, a couple of pairs of jeans, my roller blades to keep my legs in shape for skating, one bikini for when Uncle was around and a couple of thong bottoms for when I was alone. But I really should shave my bikini line before I wear one of them in public. I haven't trimmed my little bush since the skating season ended a couple of months ago.

I was wearing some cutoffs with red satin thong underwear underneath a loose tank top that showed my navel, and no bra. My nipples pressed against the thin cotton. The satin was smooth between my cheeks. I was fantasizing about me leaning against a wall, uncle Mike kissing me, sliding a hand under my top, the other hand working on my cutoffs, his discovery of my satin... when mom unceremoniously tossed me out of the car and said "See you Monday." That ended that fantasy, and the ooze of my fluids that was beginning to dampen my thong.

Uncle Mike lived alone with Chester, his ever loving companion. Aunt Theresa had left Uncle Mike a couple of years ago. God knows why. She's shacked up with some younger guy who is half the man Mike is. Uncle Mike is gorgeous. Good looks. Great bod for a guy in his 40's. Lots of money. Gee, it's too bad he's my dad's brother. But then, what would he want with a 19 year old? He seemed to have enough women buzzing around him wherever he went. I would still love to fuck him, or even just suck him and feel his hardness in mouth and geez, what am I thinking, he never seemed very interested in me other than as a niece. And he is my uncle for crying out loud. And if it happened it would probably feel like I was doing my dad... a thought which had crossed my pubescent mind more than once.

Mike and Chester were out by the pool when I arrived. I walked in the front door and saw him out back reading the paper. Chester saw me first and barked. Uncle lowered his paper, saw me and waved to me to join them outside. I walked outside and dropped my bags. Mike stood up and gave me a hug. Gee that felt good. What I wouldn't give to make one of his hugs last. Tilt my head up. Place my lips on his moist mouth. Press closer. Feel his shorts bulge, press against me... Dogs and their noses. I guess my little dampening between my legs was more gushy than I had realized. During the hug, Chester walked behind me and goosed me with his muzzle. I jumped, called his name and pushed him away. Hug over.

"Chester!" barked Uncle Mike, "As much fun as I'm sure that is, it is rude you know. And we haven't even said our proper hellos. Sorry Melissa. Dogs. Mind you there are times I wish I was one."

"That's OK uncle Mike, I think that is Chester's idea of a proper hello, you bad dog." Still wagging and happy cuz someone is talking to him. And in my mind I was thinking, 'So you think it would be fun to have your nose down there, do you uncle Mike, well so do I, care to give it a try...'

"I'm so glad you could come and take care of Chester while I am gone. And you're glad too, right Chester?" He reached down and patted Chester, who wagged his tail and got more excited though I'm sure he didn't know why he should be so happy.

"Mel, (he always called me that), why don't you jump in the pool. I'm just going to finish reading this article and then I'll make us some dinner. After dinner, I have to pack and when I'm done we can go over what you have to do to look after Chester. It's much the same routine as last time you were here, but just to be sure you don't have any problems we should go over it."

"OK". Uncle Mike was a wonderful cook too. He would make things I normally wouldn't eat but for some reason when he made them they tasted great. Hmm, and what a great chance to tease him a little. Nah, maybe I will go inside and change into a regular bikini, I might get embarrassed. I felt a wry smile creep onto my lips and I decided no, I will be brave and have a little fun at his expense.

Mike was sitting in the chair again looking at his paper. "Uncle Mike?" "MM hmm?" "Do you mind if I change right here?" "Sure Mel, whatever." I'm sure he didn't even hear what I said he was so engrossed in his reading. I lifted my shirt off, reached into my bag for a bikini top and slipped it on. Hmm I had to get his attention somehow before I bent over to drop my shorts.

He wasn't looking at me, just talking to me through his paper. What can I say to get his attention? I turned my back to him and undid my shorts.

"Uncle Mike, Is it OK if I soak naked in your hot tub?"

I heard his paper drop to his lap just as I was bending over lifting a leg out of my shorts, pushing my bare, tight figure skater's ass towards his face, just my crack covered by the thinnest of thongs and wispy, soft, curly, blonde pubic hairs peaking out tickling at the red satin.

"Umm, I don't mind but I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

"Oh, might someone see me?" I turned to face him. Uncle Mike was now staring at my crotch, my quickly moistening crotch. I know he had enjoyed the view. I blushed a bit, but I know he didn't notice. He was too busy admiring my body. "Oh no, no one will see you. Well except me. I swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub nude all the time it's so private back here. I'm just not sure what my brother and your mother would think about you walking around here naked. And about me seeing you naked."

He seemed a bit flustered by the idea. Maybe even excited after drinking in my tight bod through his unblinking eyes.

"Oh, I mean when you're gone, when I'm here alone. Oh and, if you're more comfortable being naked in your own backyard, don't let me stop you. I won't tell." I giggled.

Oh wow, I'm not sure what I would do if he started walking around naked. I would be so damn horny. Oh, he won't do that. Not with his niece here.

I walked to the pool and dove in. The water was cool and refreshing. I felt the nipples on my 34B tits push against the smooth material of my top. When I surfaced, Mike was getting out of his chair and gathering his paper.

"I'm going to go in and start dinner, Mel. You stay out here and keep Chester company. We'll eat on the patio if that's OK with you."

"Sure. Can I help". "Nope. You just relax. You will have enough to do around here the next few days.

Mike disappeared inside. I splashed around in the pool and got out. I contemplated removing my top to catch the last few rays of sunshine the day was serving up, and to surprise my uncle, but decided against it. I wasn't sure how I would explain that. It wasn't like I had an all over tan. My tan lines would reveal nude sunbathing was somewhat new to me if I did expose my tiny breasts. They weren't big, but I thought they were shaped ok with nice sized nipples and heck, they never got in the way when I was being athletic.

Ahhh, why not. When would I get another chance to expose myself innocently to my uncle. And he did say it was ok with him. And it was fun pushing my tush in Uncle Mike face and seeing him a little flustered. Bet he didn't realize how his little niece had grown up. How hot she had gotten. I slipped my top off and draped it over the back of the lounger. I looked at my red satin thong undies. Not being bathing bottoms, they sagged a bit under the weight of the water. I could leave them loose and offer my uncle glimpses of my puffy pussy lips, but that might be pushing it a bit too far too fast. God, since starting this little game I was just getting hornier. The thought of fucking my uncle was suddenly becoming an obsession. I tugged my thong up a bit so the thin material covered my private area as much as it could, but also revealed the outline of my slit. I laid myself down on the chaise, allowed my legs to fall open a bit closed my eyes, tried to relax and waited for Mike to return. I had no idea how he would respond.

The door opened. I so wanted to open my eyes and see his face but I fought to act natural and calm and kept my eyes closed.

"I see you're making yourself comfortable Mel." "Oh, well yes uncle Mike. You said you wouldn't mind" "I don't mind Mel. What man would?" MMM he noticed and liked what he saw. WOW my pussy was wet and slippery. He puttered around emptying the tray he had brought out. He didn't seem too flustered this time. Hmm. Maybe I was just a niece to him. Or maybe having a half naked woman in his backyard wasn't that unusual.

He lit the grill and turned to go back inside.

"Mel, I'm going to pour myself a cocktail. Would you like one before dinner as well?" "Sure" "What would you like?" "Oh, whatever." "OK, I will bring something back out to you."

He was so hot and so cool. It was so nice here. Uncle Mike treated me like a grown up guest. He was so easy going and he didn't hassle me about anything. I walked over to my bag and was bent over picking out a mag when I heard the door open. I hope it was a pleasing sight for uncle. Me bent over, my legs slightly spread. I think men like that view. And when I stood and looked I'm sure uncle was staring at my behind again. I wonder what he was thinking.

"I made myself a martini and there was some left over so I poured you a glass too. Is that OK with you for a pre-dinner drink, Mel?"

WOW, a martini. Uncle Mike is so cool. I've never had a martini. "Sure. I guess."

"Oh wait. I forgot. You're old enough to drink right?"

"Yes. It's just that mom and dad would never offer me a drink like that."

"Well, you're at my house and I say it's OK. If you don't like it just bring it in the house and I will fix you something else. And if you drink the martini but don't like the olives, Chester will be glad to take those off your hands."

He sat my drink down and disappeared back inside. I climbed into the chaise lounge and took a sip of my martini. Phew, it was strong. But aside from the obvious bite, there was smoothness to it. I decided to struggle through the martini for a bit.

I sipped and read and sipped some more. The sun was warm and the breeze tickled at my limbs. I tossed Chester an olive then tried one myself. Not bad. Mike appeared with a tray and set the table. He flipped a white tube in my direction. It landed on my belly. Sunscreen.

"Better rub some of that on those nice tits of yours Mel. They're kinda white and I would hate to see them burn."

Mmm, nice tits, did you hear that. Wanna help me Uncle Mike was I wanted to say but I already knew the answer would be no, as much as he might like to.

We chatted about nothing while he floated around the table putting out plates and glasses and cutlery. He glanced at me a few times while I rubbed the creamy sunscreen into my tits. It felt nice massaging myself, though it would have felt better if he was doing it.

Mike started the barbeque then turned to walk in the house. As he walked past me he scooped up my empty glass.

"Want another?" I didn't even realize my glass was empty. "Sure. I guess. It was good." He looked at the glass, "Obviously." "You're right by the way, Chester did enjoy his olive." I smiled, and realized how warm I felt. The sun, the martini, being treated as an adult. I was enjoying this.

Moments later Mike re-appeared placed another martini beside me.

"Uncle Mike, I'm worried there may be some white places on my back as well." I held up the sunscreen. "Would you mind?"

"Sure Mel."

I flattened the lounger and turned over handing Mike the sunscreen when he arrived at my side. He put the sunscreen in his hands and started rubbing it into my back. Long strong strokes from his marvelous hands. I moaned out loud.

"Feels good, does it Mel?"

"I'm sorry Uncle Mike I just...."

"That's OK Mel, massages should feel good. Look Mel, your butt is pretty white too, you better put some sunscreen on there as well."

"Well you're there Uncle Mike. If you don't mind. I would hate to miss a spot myself and I can't see back there without a mirror."

"Sure Mel, but you can't tell anyone."

I spread my legs a bit while Mike was dispensing more sunscreen onto his hands. He was thorough. All over my butt, in between my cheeks and down between my thighs, his hands roamed, grazing my satin covered pussy and tickling my exposed blond pubes more than once. Oh god, don't stop I thought to myself. I wanted to pull my thong aside, raise my hips and tell him to take me right there. He stopped.

"Gotta go in and wash my hands before I start cooking Mel."

I glanced around and caught a glimpse of my uncle with a huge erection under his shorts just as he stepped into his house. I smiled, turned over, and raised the back of the lounger again. My fun was having the desired effect. And I was so horny myself. I slipped my hand under my thong. My god, my pussy was soaked and my hand was dripping when I pulled it out. I was wiping it off on a towel when Mike reappeared a little less excited if you catch my drift. He glanced at me and smiled and began cooking at the barbecue. He had a large pot, a saucepan that he placed on a side burner and some strainer like device he threw on the grills. There were a couple of other bowls. One with cut up veggies and one with shrimp I think.

I picked up my glass and watched Mike while he cooked. Nice shoulders. Sip. Nice ass, even in those loose trunks. Sip. Nice legs. Sip. Sip.

Mike turned around. "You look like you're making yourself at home."

I was resting my elbow on the arm of my chaise, glass held high, body reclined, legs fallen open with my knees resting on opposite sides of the chair, bottoms barely covering my pussy, blond hairs spilling out both sides of my red satin glistening in the sunlight. I'm sure Uncle Mike was enjoying the view.

"I am, thank you. And your martinis are delicious." I declared tipping my glass up draining its contents and sucking the olives into my mouth. I looked him in the eyes, held an olive between my teeth and slowly sucked the pimento out of it. I closed my eyes and just as slowly allowed the olive to disappear between my lips. What was I doing? Seducing my uncle? Those martinis really went to my head... and loosened my inhibitions.

"If I was 20 years younger..." started Mike.

"We wouldn't be here in your beautiful home with you cooking me dinner".

"I guess that's true. But if we were I'm not sure we would get to dinner.", he chuckled and smiled.

"If I were 20 years older..." I began.

"You wouldn't have such a great tight body to drive me crazy."

"Really Uncle Mike? You really think I have a great body?" bubbled out of my lips.

Wow, what a mood killer. I'm such a kid.

"Yes Melissa. You do. And thanks for bringing us both back to reality... niece. OK. You pull yourself up and pour us some wine. Dinner is ready and being served."

What a goof I am. Such a teenager. Shit. I really blew that opportunity. Oh well, I'm sure he would have stopped us before anything happened. I poured the wine. And when I think about it I leaned across the table to fill the glasses, like a kid, instead of walking around like an older more mature woman would have done.

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