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"Hello, my name is Adriana."

Roxanne takes a moment to process that a woman who looks like a Latin model is talking to her. Roxanne shakes her head briefly and laughs. "Sorry...hi, I'm Roxanne."

They share a laugh, but Roxanne is soon drawn to Adriana's flawless face that didn't need the make-up she put on or the pink lipstick on her very kissable lips.

"I saw you from the back and I just had to talk to you." The sensually deep tone and slight Spanish accent in Adriana's voice makes Roxanne's heart flutter.

"Oh yeah," Roxanne asks with interest even though her conscience is screaming "you have a girlfriend, her name is Huo."

"Yes, I love your witch costume."

"What, this old thing," Roxanne says looking down at her short, midnight black dress with bell shaped sleeves, and thin shoulder straps. "These new black, low heeled shoes were harder to get."

They share another laugh as Roxanne looks Adriana up and down, scanning her sexy black mini-skirt that shows off her firm body, long legs, tight thighs, and, especially, a great pair of soft looking breasts. "Your outfit is amazing."

"Oh, you like it? I love Halloween at this bar. You can dress as a hooker without getting arrested." Adriana turns in place, showing off her skirt, with a perfect grace despite being in sleek, high heels.

"You're definitely...hot." Her conscience is trying to remind her of Huo again, but her mind gets numb as Adriana smiles at her with a perfect set of teeth.

"Well, not like you. I'm a tall mess and I can't do anything with this hair of mine except put it in a tight bun. And I hate my skin, it's too pale."

"Definitely a model," Roxanne thinks to herself. She then says, "Are you kidding me, you're beautiful. It takes me forever just to curl this black mess, put on the light layer of make-up on this plain white skin, and I put on clear gloss because I can't use lipstick to save my life. And all for some..."

"Attention," Adriana interrupts, leaning closer to Roxanne.

Roxanne takes a deep breath as she feels Adriana's breast against her arm. "I...ah...ah," Roxanne stutters as she feels her brain refusing to work.

"Oh...I love your perfume, may I?"


Roxanne smiles with guilt as Adriana leans close to smell her neck while her chest rubs firmly against her arm.

As Adriana pulls away, her nose brushes against Roxanne's neck and chin, then she brushes her nose against Roxanne's cheek. "That smells nice, what is it?"

"It's...um...I can't remember."

"Take your time," Adriana whispers in Roxanne's ear.

Roxanne can't even remember where she is now let alone the perfume she bought two weeks ago. "I can't," she replies, too horny to be embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, am I coming on too strong? Do you want me to go?" Adriana presses her chest harder against Roxanne's arm while trailing the nails of her right hand lightly across Roxanne's shoulders and then up and down her back.

Roxanne looks into Adriana's brown eyes; she swears it's getting a shade lighter.

"No," Roxanne says, finding Adriana more irresistible by the second, but she keeps saying Huo's name again and again in her head, hoping it eventually makes its way to her lips.

Adriana tilts her head to the side as she slowly slides her hand down Roxanne's arm. "Do you want me?" Adriana is so close that Roxanne smells the cinnamon on her breath; the idea of kissing Adriana is becoming more and more likeable.

"Yes...shit...I mean, no." Roxanne shakes her head as the image of Huo smiling pops in her head. "Shit, shit, shit...sorry. I have a girlfriend...she'll be here any second."

With a sly smile on Adriana's face, she says, "You're definitely the most interesting person here."

"I'm sorry."

Adriana lets go of Roxanne and takes a step back. "Don't be. By the way, I think your girlfriend is already here."

The words didn't take hold, Roxanne just watches Adriana's plump backside as she walks away until she's lost in a crowd of people.


Roxanne turns to the entrance door and sees Huo at the door, pleasantly smiling at her. She's wearing a green, halter cut out mini dress that made her firm breasts look great and black high heels that gave her legs more length. She's accessorized by a thin leather clutch purse she's carrying.

"Do you like it? It's a siren costume," Huo says loudly, bringing more attention to her from the men around her.

"Yes." Roxanne loves how attractive her tone body looks. And that her black hair is cut in a new short spunky hairstyle to highlight her beautiful thin dark green eyes, curvy jaw line, and cute thin lips. Huo was worth the wait.

As Huo walks to her, more men look at her. Roxanne is sure they are thinking the same thing as she is; getting Huo out of that dress.

Huo walks up to her and immediately kisses her. Huo says, playfully holding Roxanne hands, "I'm so hot for you right now." She licks her cherry red lipstick covered lips and then laughs lightly.

"Ok, let's go," Roxanne says as she gets off the bar stool.

"What, that's it? No playing hard to get?"


Roxanne takes her purse and Huo's hand.

"Where are we going?"

"To the bathroom...now," Roxanne says as she leads Huo through the crowd and into the bathroom.


They immediately start kissing heavily as their bodies rub against each other. The bathroom smells like two day old sweat and perfume, but compared to other body smells it could be, it's bearable.

As Roxanne fondles Huo's breasts, Huo grabs Roxanne's backside lustfully, saying between kisses, "God... what has...gotten into you?"

"I had red wine and M&M's."

They share a laugh as they drop their purses in a nearby sink and continue kissing. Roxanne jumps unto a clean sink. "You want to see the girls?"

"Yes," Huo says lightly clawing against Roxanne's dress.

Roxanne watches as Huo immediately cups her breasts as she lowers the dress's straps. "Ok, enjoy. No bra baby, just how you like it."

Roxanne giggles as Huo takes turns sucking on her nipples with equal focus and determination; which was also turning her on.

"Oh damn...oh yeah, I like that." Roxanne laughs as she lightly presses Huo's head against her left breast. "There...stay on your favorite."

Roxanne closes her eyes and enjoying Huo licking her nipple with her wet, wanting tongue. As Huo starts to suck on it harder and harder, Roxanne pulls her dress up in preparation of being in bliss in a matter of moments.

Because she was too horny to think about going into a stall, Roxanne makes a quick check at the door and sees Adriana standing in front of the door, quiet but smiling.

"Oh shit...stop, stop." It takes several attempts to detach Huo, but when she does it's with a pop sound which makes Roxanne laughs. "We have company." Roxanne hopes that Adriana doesn't start any drama; although the idea of a threesome pops in her head.

To Roxanne's surprise, when Huo looks at and turns to Adriana, Huo suddenly pulls her down off the sink by the wrist and unto her feet.

"What the hell Huo?" Roxanne fixes her dress and then tries to free herself from Huo's hold, but Huo's grip on her left wrist is iron clad.

Huo yells sharply, "Mine!"

Roxanne stops struggling and looks at Huo. "What the fuck did you say?"

Roxanne looks at Adriana for clarification, but all Adriana does is look at Huo with a slight arrogance and then at her with a wanting smile.

"Mine," Huo yells again.

Roxanne watches as Adriana immediately looks back at Huo, her smile lessening.

Roxanne whispers, "What's going on?" Huo's tightens her hold on her waist briefly. "Ow!" Roxanne hits Huo's shoulders but Huo's hold remains fixed and her eyes remain steady on Adriana. "Let go of me!"

"Yes...let go," Adriana adds mockingly.

Roxanne swears she can hear Huo lightly growl at Adriana.

"Honor the laws," Huo demands.

"You'll make her?"


"Make me what," Roxanne asks.

"Tonight," Adriana asks.


"What the fuck is going on?" Roxanne is getting pissed that they're talking about her like she isn't there.

"It'll be interesting to find out what happens since she apparently doesn't know anything."

"Fuck you bitch," Roxanne yells back. Huo squeezes Roxanne's wrist tighter, this time her fingernails pressing into Roxanne's skin. "Ouch, fuck...seriously Huo?"

Adriana laughs deeply. "I like her, she's funny."

"Leave," Huo says with some intimidation in her voice.

"Sure...sure. Just...don't try to hide, because I'll still find her...and you."


Adriana grins as she turns and walks out.


Roxanne is used to driving home or being brought home via yellow cab from Huo's Southampton home after each rendezvous. It annoyed her every time, but it's quickly remedied with two dozen roses and chocolates that always await her on her work desk the next morning. But she likes the potential of sleeping over tonight, even though it cost her use of her wrist.

As Roxanne sits on a kitchen chair with an ice pack on her wrist and holding a glass of wine in her other hand, she looks over Huo's living room. Even with her recommendations to make it more warm and modern, it still looks like a cold and bland computer store. The thick electronic blinds, the expensive alarm system, and the top of the line modern furniture with barely any signs of use doesn't scream comfortable to her.

Meanwhile, Huo has been looking out the door for five minutes straight in different directions. Roxanne wonders if Huo could actually see something or someone in the dark. Roxanne misses the smell of dry leaves in the air and the noise they make as they scatter from the wind, but she can feel her nipples harden from the cold air blowing inside.

"Huo, do you mind?"

Huo closes the door and locks all five locks. She walks to Roxanne and says with concern, "I have to tell you my secret...I just don't know where to start."

Roxanne says, "You almost got into a girl fight with the hot chick in the bathroom and you almost broke my wrist in the process. Please...take it from there."

Huo removes the ice pack and kisses Roxanne's wrist. "Sorry."

Roxanne grins smugly and then she lets out a deep, playful sigh. "Ok, I forgive you." They kiss slowly. Roxanne closes her eyes as Huo touches her face softly.

"Ok...whatever I tell you, please...accept me as I am."

Roxanne opens her eyes after she realizes they stopped kissing. "You're married?"

"No Roxy." Huo takes and puts aside the glass of wine and holds Roxanne's hands.

"Are you involved with the Yuzuka?"

Huo replies with a smile, "That's Japanese not Chinese...and no."

Roxanne asks, "Then what the hell are you into?"

"Well...remember when we first met and you thought I was twenty-five..."

Roxanne watches as Huo jerks her head to the window as it rattles.

Roxanne says with a smirk, "It's the wind Huo."

Huo looks back at Roxanne. "Roxy...I..."

"So then, you're not thirty?"

"I'm two hundred and fifteen years old."

Roxanne raises her eyebrows. "What?"

"I'm a vampire...and the hot chick is a vampire to, but an older one. I sensed that..."

"Oh come on Huo, seriously what's going on?"

Huo sighs. "I'm going to show you something. I'm not going to hurt you, ok?"

"Ok, but what are going to show me?"

Roxanne watches as Huo opens her mouth and sees fangs growing longer and pointier.

Roxanne yells, "Jesus Christ!" She pushes Huo back and grabs the chair she was sitting on and starts swinging it back and forth at Huo, despite the pain of her wrist.

Huo stands perfectly still as she shows her teeth changing back to normal. "I know this is kind of...a shock..."

Roxanne yells, "What the hell was that? What the hell are you?"

Huo answers calmly, "Roxy, please calm down. I'm your girlfriend, remember?"

Roxanne swings the chair faster and with more force, but Huo doesn't move.

Huo says calmly, "Stop swinging the chair around, you'll hurt your wrist more."

"Screw you!"

"Roxy...I love you."

Roxanne throws the chair at Huo, but Huo easily catches it, and puts it down. Roxanne tries to run away but trips over her feet, but she's quickly caught by Huo.

Huo jokes, "I love this maiden in distress moment."

"Get off of me," Roxanne yells as she's gently dropped to the floor.

As Roxanne sits up, Huo calmly says while sitting down in front of her, "Easy. Take it easy."

"This is really happening?"


Roxanne tries to calm her trembling body. "Oh my God...my heart is going crazy."

Huo grins. "I know." Huo turns towards another window when it rattles.

Roxanne tears as the years of watching the Blade trilogy make her fully realize her situation. "Adriana is outside isn't she?"

Huo turns to Roxanne with concern written all over her face. "She told you her name is Adriana?"

"Yes," Roxanne says nervously, watching Huo starting to rub her eyes. "Is that bad?"

Huo looks at her with a crooked smile and reaches for Roxanne's hands. Roxanne decides to allow Huo to hold her, for now. "Adriana is old, centuries old. Many of us don't know what she looks like, just her name...as a warning."

"Am I fucked?"

"Technically, we're both fucked. But, we're also told that she honors the rules, but only to her timetable."

"And the rules are...you have to make me like you or she'll come after me?"


"And if you don't she'll never stop looking for me, right?"

Huo pauses. "Right."

Roxanne tears. "I...can't..." They both look at the door when there's suddenly three fast, light knocks on the door. "I'm fucked...I'm fucked."

Roxanne closes her eyes and breaks down crying. There's three more knocks on the door, but they're harder and shakes the door at the hinges. Roxanne feels Huo wipes her tears away.

"Roxy, please look at me." Roxanne looks at Huo, watching as Huo's eyes change into a lighter shade of green. "No more tears...no more worries. Just be with me. Love me...forever."

"Forever?" Roxanne could only say that much, finding Huo's voice suddenly soft and alluring like a lullaby trying to make her go to sleep.

"Yes, forever and ever, Roxy."

Roxanne closes her eyes and feels Huo's lips press against hers and her hands gently touching her face. Slowly, she feels her head tilt to the right.

"I love you Roxy," Huo whispers.

Roxanne feels another soft kiss on her lips, then her cheek, and then another kiss on her neck.

There's two more hard knocks at the door, but there is no third as Huo bites into Roxanne's neck, followed by a soft moan as she sucks Roxanne's blood out of her neck.

"Oh...God," Roxanne says wincing from the pain, unable to scream as she holds unto Huo's shoulders.

Roxanne breathes heavily as she feels she's being lifted. Roxanne opens her eyes, finding herself being carried to Huo's bed as if they are floating on air. As soon as she's carefully laid on the queen sized bed, Huo stops sucking on her neck and looks at her. Even with blood covering her lips, Huo smiles at her lovingly.

Even as Roxanne trembles and sees Huo's dark side of her ambition, she's still unable to resist her. "Don't stop."

Huo bites her own lower lip and let it bleeds out. "Drink my blood and love me forever," Huo says before leaning down and kissing Roxanne's trembling lips.

Roxanne slowly sucks the blood from Huo's lip and in that moment Roxanne's concerns disappear. Drinking more and more, Roxanne closes her eyes to enjoy Huo's blood that tasted like creamy caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Roxanne stops drinking and lets her head fall to the bed, as if in slow motion. She suddenly feels like her body is covered in silk.

"Holy shit, that tastes...so...good." Roxanne licks her lips, savoring the taste as her wrist immediately feels better.

Huo holds Roxanne as they share another blood kiss and Roxanne feels her veins surging with energy.

She then watches as Huo pulls away and her lip immediately heals. Huo then immediately rips off the straps of her witch dress and then lustfully rubs her breasts as they continue to kiss. The thrill of the moment is amazing.

Huo whispers, "This is just as good as I imagined."

Roxanne moans as Huo sucks on Roxanne's left breast and licks her nipple. They exchange a look as Huo's fangs grazes across her nipple and then punctures her breast.


As Roxanne listens to Huo moaning as she sucks on more of her blood, Huo pulls Roxanne's dress up and slides her left hand under Roxanne's panties. Roxanne was wet and was ready for anything, until she feels her clit being rubbed better than any vibrator setting.

"Oh my...God...yeah...oh shit...yeah...yeah..." Roxanne briefly bites the bed cover as the thrill of the moment overtakes her. She then rubs Huo's hair. "That feels so good baby."

Huo releases her bite and they kiss.

"Do I taste good baby?"

Huo grins with blood covered teeth. "You taste perfect."

They continue to kiss as Roxanne's legs twitch. Roxanne presses her hands against Huo's head and body as Huo's hand continues to vibrate between her legs.

"Oh shit...yes."

Roxanne comes all over Huo's fingers and Roxanne moans as Huo slowly stops rubbing her.

"I'm so hot for you right now," Huo playfully whispers.

"Then...take me," Roxanne says breathing hard.

Huo sits up with a smile and takes their clothes off in seemingly one swift motion. Lying there naked, Roxanne takes the opportunity to sit up and suck on Huo's breasts. She sucks on them harder when encouraged by Huo's hand pressing against the back of her head.

Huo pushes Roxanne unto her back on the bed and lies back on top of her with a playful growl. Roxanne is excited by Huo wasting no time separating her legs and kissing parts of her body as she slides down her body, her nails grazing against Roxanne sides.

Huo positions herself between Roxanne's legs and wastes no time eating her pussy; licking it, nibbling it, sucking on it, sucking on her clit, and slurping every drop of wetness.

"Oh that's good," Roxanne says breathing heavier with an open mouth. "Oh fuck."

Her wetness doesn't stop Huo's progression and the sound of Huo moaning and licking alone turns Roxanne on. As they exchange looks, Roxanne smiles and says, "You're so hot."

Huo sucks harder.

"Oh God...oh fuck." Roxanne moans louder after taking deeper breathes. "Yeah baby, that feels so good...oh, suck me, suck me good...yeah...make me come...yeah...yeah."

Huo wraps her arms around Roxanne's waist as to not break her suction when Roxanne's body starts to shake.

"Oh yes...don't stop...don't stop...don't stop...oh...don't stop..."

Even as she presses her legs against Huo's head, Huo continues to suck her clit faster and harder. Roxanne presses against Huo's head as she becomes like melted butter in Huo's talented mouth.

"I'm almost there...I'm almost there..."

Roxanne feels Huo's fingers slip into her pussy and vibrate at faster speeds as she feels Huo bite into her left inner thigh.

"Oh...shit...holy shit...holy shit...holy shit."

The combination of pleasure and pain causes the impended orgasm to suddenly crash against her body in waves.

Roxanne grabs unto Huo's wrist and she rocks her hips along with the motion as she continues to climax, keeping Huo's hand in place with a new found strength.

"Oh that feels so good....oh baby...yeah, yeah...oh...ok...ok..."

With her body still quivering on its own, she lets go of Huo's wrist. Roxanne leans back, enjoying the feeling of bliss take her over as she cups her breasts, pinching her nipples between her fingers.

She feels a tingle as Huo let's go of her bite and pokes at her g-spot. Roxanne looks down at Huo with a smile. "What was that for," Roxanne asks.

"You hurt my wrist," Huo says comforting her left wrist.

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