tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEntry 12: The Stranger on the Train

Entry 12: The Stranger on the Train


*A big thanks to sexforgirls for helping me edit my first story!*


The doors open and I'm met with a gust of cold, stale air from within the train carriage. As I make my way to a spare seat to get comfortable for the long trip home from uni, I notice the guy opposite me. He looks familiar, but I'm not too sure from where I know him. 'Maybe he's someone I've seen around campus?' I think to myself.

Although I have no idea who he is, I find myself checking him out anyway, which is a bit of a bad habit of mine. I'd put him at early twenties, his skin a deep tan, his eyes almost black to match his tousled hair, moustache and goatee. I work my down, his white t-shirt draws attention to how dark his complexion really is, and as I allow my eyes to fall lower, I notice the strong, muscular contours of his upper arms. My imagination kicks in, thinking about the parts under his shirt that match his muscular arms, and find myself wondering what he's packing as I look down towards his groin. Trust me to sit opposite some hot guy and be instantly curious about his cock! He looks up from his papers and my head snaps to the left way too quickly to be natural. I'm pretty sure he's noticed I was looking at him. Embarrassed, I hunt around in my bag for a pen and paper to write my thoughts down so I don't look so obvious.

As casually as I can I look up from my scribbles and continue detailing the view in front of me. I watch the muscles in his forearms move while he writes, I notice there are thick veins travelling down to his wrists. In the picture I'm developing of him in my head I add these features. I find myself imaging him taking off his jeans, his hard cock popping free. In the inner workings of my dirty mind his cock is throbbing, his balls smooth, with a large distinct head oozing just a little pre-cum. I could easily get carried away.

If all the lights suddenly went out, what would happen?

The train rocks sharply to the left and right, the tracks making creaking noises underneath. The lights flicker for a few seconds before the carriage is plunged into darkness.

"Oh sorry!" Mumbles the guy opposite me, as his books and mine crash to the floor of the carriage, pages and pens scattered across the carpet.

"It's ok," I say as I get down to find my scribbled pages.

As the carriage lights up again, he picks up some of my work to hand back to me. "Writing a novel huh??" he starts, but slows as he reads a description of himself I wrote not 5 minutes earlier.

I flush bright red with embarrassment. Luckily the next stop is my connection anyway and I start to pack up my things. He hands me back my scribbled pages as the train pulls up at Central station and I quickly step up to the doors, begging them to open faster. As I step off the train with the throng of other commuters and head down the platform, I feel my face cool and my heart rate slow back down to normal. I don't look back as I make my way through the station.

Back to a much calmer state, I make my way down the stairs to platform 9 which is practically empty this time of evening. I quickly scan the monitors and realise the next north-bound train is 30minutes away. With time to spare I look around for the bathroom. I double back the way I've come searching for the ladies and find myself face-to-face with my dark haired stranger.

"I thought that was very weird -- but then it became very kinky" He says seductively as he pushes me gently against the wall, pinning me with his weight. I'm a little alarmed, noting that we are out of sight of other passengers on the platform, but also strangely turned on for the same reason. As he leans forward to whisper in my ear, I can feel his erection pressed into my thigh. "Do you normally write dirty stories about random people on trains?"

"Only when I'm particularly horny",is the only semi-intelligent response I can come up with.

He grazes my collarbone and traces down my collar with his fingers. I find myself allowing him to stroke me softly, noticing I'm being slowly led further into the alley way and into what I realise is the stations store-room. As reality sinks in, I find my courage and pull him towards me, sliding my hands through his hair and feeling his hot mouth cover mine.

We kiss feverishly as he fumbles with the buttons on my shirt before finally pulling it off and unhooking my bra in quick succession. My breasts are freed and exposed to his groping fingers as I hear a gasp. He seems shocked to have found the silver bar that is attached to my right nipple. He flicks it gently, testing to see how far he can get before being slapped away, but this is his lucky day, and mine.

I feel a wet, warm mouth clamped on my hardening nipple while his hand slips down my back, reaching into my skirt and fondling my ass cheeks. I slip my fingers into his jeans and pull him closer, his goatee scratching at my neck as he kisses me. Unbuttoning his fly, I reach into the dark space and grope around for what I want most, and I'm not disappointed in what I find.

"Is it as you described?" he asks after he notices I've stopped and am now staring at the lovely thick cock in front of me.

"Words can never really do justice to a hard cock" I murmur as I kneel down, licking my lips instinctively before taking his hard cock as deep as I can into my throat.

With my head now pressed against the wall, I've made myself vulnerable to his deep thrusts into my mouth. There is nowhere for me to go but relinquish control and enjoy having my mouth fucked by a complete stranger. Picturing what I look like on the floor of the storeroom turns me on even more.

I slip a hand down my stomach to my crotch and feel how wet and slick I've become. I want his cock to be inside me, filling me, but I'm enjoying the feeling of my mouth being used too much. I slowly rub my lips, covering my fingers with my juice and spreading it from my clit to my ass, loving the feeling of my warm wet fingertips stroking across the thin skin around my asshole. Moving my fingers back towards my pussy, I slide one finger inside myself and feel a small shock sweep through my body. The feeling of something inside my wet pussy and this thrusting cock in my mouth causes even more juice to seep from between my fingers.

I reach up and put my slick fingers in his mouth and he sucks the juice from them, holding my head steady as he starts to thrust just a little deeper and faster into my mouth. As I look up and our eyes meet, I grab hold of his balls and squeeze them gently knowing what this will cause to his engorged cock. I brace myself against the wall as he grunts out his orgasm, jets of hot cum shooting deep into my throat that I swallow greedily. He releases his grip on my head and his cock softens slightly in my mouth as I lick the last few drops from the tip, taking the full length in, making small sucking movements to clean the rest of the cum off his shaft. I lean back against the wall satisfied with my performance and eager for my own satisfaction next.

Reading my mind he pulls me up from the ground, and in one quick pull has my skirt and panties around my ankles and is kneeling on the ground in front of me. He lifts my leg up, untangling my panties, and lifts it onto his shoulder; I lean my head back against the wall, feeling the cool air against my naked skin. I feel a warm wet tongue touch my inner thigh and move up and across to the other side, I roll my head around to the left so I can watch him work my pussy. I feel his tongue softly lap at the juice on my lips, making painfully slow circles around my wet opening, avoiding my clit despite the movement my hips are making to meet his mouth. Finally, as I feel the stiff tip of his tongue flick the little engorged bud ever so slightly, my legs almost give out from under me as the heat comes up my neck to my face. I thrust my hips forward, eager for him to continue his assault on my hard little clit. Instead he pulls away.

"Ahh" I moan, not wanting him to stop.

"You're such a naughty girl, letting a complete stranger touch you like this. You want me to fuck you don't you, you want me to make you cum?" He mumbles as he roughly thrusts his tongue in and around my pussy.

I'm so close to coming I can barely focus on the sounds of his voice or the surrounding platform. I run my fingers through his hair, grabbing a good amount of it and pull his face back toward my swollen and slick pussy.

He responds by roughly pushing two thick fingers inside me, his mouth still firmly clamped on my lips and clit. I go into a jerking frenzy, holding his head steady in just the right spot as he flicks my clit and pokes his fingers and tongue into my wet crevices. Just when I think all is lost and my legs are going to turn to jelly under me in a huge orgasm, he pulls his head free from my grip and stands up.

"That was just my warm-up" he says as he wipes my juice from his chin with his fingers and licks them clean.

He lifts me by the thighs and wraps them around his waist, pressing me once again against the wall, sliding his rock hard cock into my pussy. All I can do is roll my head around as the pleasure courses through my body. He thrusts his cock deep into my pussy, moaning into my ear as he holds my weight in his arms and I grind myself onto his cock.

"I want you to fill me up and make me cum hard," I beg as I put my arms around his shoulders and thrust myself down harder onto his cock, rubbing my clit against the base.

I can feel the heat coming up to my face as my clit swells, my moans getting louder as I bite my lip while he thrusts deeper into me. As I ride out my orgasm on his thick cock, my pussy tightening around his shaft, I feel him pump his load into me. Grinding down on the base of his cock I can feel the last small spurts of cum fill my shuddering pussy.

"Central Station, all passengers for west bound trains please change trains here." My head snaps up as I realise I've fallen asleep. My senses are groggy as I gather my things ready to get off at the next stop, but I notice movement in front of me.

"You dropped this." Says the man sitting opposite me.

As I look up, I realise it's the guy from when I first got on the train.

"Writing a novel huh?" He says as he picks my scribbles up from the ground. He stops as he reads the description of himself I wrote not too long ago...

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