tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEowyn: The Cage - Ch. 08b

Eowyn: The Cage - Ch. 08b


[Setting the scene: while King Théoden and his army ride to battle at Helm's Deep, Éowyn leads the remaining people of Rohan on a retreat to the refuge of Dunharrow.]

3 March 3019 (Third Age), Dunharrow

While Éowyn and Théo considered their next move, Elfi — unaware of the unfolding drama — continued her diligent efforts between Éowyn's legs, fingers maintaining their slow penetration of Éowyn's tight channel, tongue insistently flicking at Éowyn's sensitive clit.

Éowyn's hands sensually rode up her body, keenly aware of the effect the seductive theater was having on Théo. She covered Elfi's hand with her own as it enveloped a breast, teasingly circling her nipple with the young woman's finger, then reached downward and clutched the curls draped around her center, capturing the head that was bringing her such pleasure and, with a measure of regret, lifting it from her tingling sex.

Elfi looked up at her in confusion, lips glistening with moisture and eyes smoldering with lust. She seemed to be struggling for air, yet managed to ask, "have I done something to displease you?"

Éowyn smiled, trying to bring as much calm and reassurance to her expression as she could. It was no easy task, given her elevated passion and the delicacy of the circumstances. "Certainly not, Elfi. Exactly the opposite. But there's something you need to see." She tilted her head to the side, breath held as she waited, tense with uncertainty. Elfi's focus strayed in the direction of the movement, and when she finally locked eyes with her brother, all other activity stopped.

I expected a gasp of surprise, a flurry of modesty, a panicked attempt to cover and conceal. Maybe even angry words. Or perhaps a rush into each other's arms. At the very least, I expected some sort of reaction.

There was none. Brother and sister stared at each other, speaking no word, making no attempt to hide their bodies from one another, the fire of arousal burning unabated in their yearning eyes.

The moment stretched. Éowyn began to feel a measure of impatience — Elfi's fingers were still embedded deep inside her wet sex, and her flesh throbbed with unfulfilled desire — but she knew it was necessary to wait. The siblings had to navigate this complexity for themselves, and her own needs might, perforce, become secondary. That she felt no urge to flee or even cover herself, but instead hoped for a radical escalation of sexual decadence with two people she barely even knew, she set aside for later contemplation.

After several quiet minutes, the silent exchange of stares ended. No word had been spoken, but apparently their bond was such that they needed none. Théo returned to his study of Éowyn majestic form, and Elfi's fingers resumed thrusting. The tongue that toyed with her clitoris exerted more strength and purpose than before, and Éowyn knew that Elfi would soon hear her wish fulfilled.

Théo hastily unburdened himself of the rest of his clothes and leaned closer, his breath catching with suppressed desire, but he remained otherwise paralyzed with indecision. Despite any previous experience with women, despite his towering lust, this was the Lady Éowyn...and this was his beloved sister, naked and vulnerable in a way they'd studiously avoided for so long. He wanted to do the right thing, but he was overwhelmed by fear that he would do the opposite. This was a dream beyond imagining — the woman he loved but could't have, and an equally unattainable object of all-consuming lust — but he worried he might destroy everything with a clumsy gesture or a wrong word.

Or the wrong person. I came here for Elfi, but now that I see her unbound like this, I know we must hold all the more strongly to our vows. At least for now. If I touch her like I want to even once, I won't be able to stop. Still....

From between Éowyn's legs came a muffled order. "Stop acting shy and kiss her."


"Don't be an idiot, Théo. Can't you see that she wants you to?"

She's right, Éowyn realized. That, and more....

She touched his cheek. Gently. Affectionately. Then demandingly, pulling his lips to hers, welcoming the rough masculinity of his mouth. This certainly isn't my first kiss, but it's the first I've ever exchanged in the heat of passion, without preconceived boundaries or limits on what might follow, she realized, letting instinct guide her when experience failed. It's so much sexier. What a fool I was to be so controlled, to deny myself for so long. The sad irony is that had I only been bolder, earlier, Wormtongue would have taken far less from me.

Théo finally relaxed enough to let his own passion escalate, driving his tongue into her mouth to aggressively wrestle with hers. She moaned with pleasure as she surrendered to her second partner of the night; a thought that sent a thrill of the forbidden racing through her veins. Not just the second of the night, but also the second at the same time! Who am I?

Elfi removed her fingers from Éowyn's weeping sex and plunged her tongue inside, drinking the sweet nectar that flowed from deep within. At the same time, she reached for her brother.

Théo tensed as his sister's hand fold tightly around his. Her fingers were slippery, and his cock throbbed at the thought of where they'd been. She moved his hand to Éowyn's breast, and under Elfi's patient tutelage he began to rub, squeeze, and caress. Éowyn shuddered, for Elfi already seemed able to intuit the secrets of her body, and to feel her teaching them to him was to let any notion of control pass from her to them. As he took the long point of a nipple between his fingers, Elfi reached between her own thighs, quivering at the first stroke across her engorged clitoris.

Éowyn burned with lust. Her hips rolled against Elfi's questing tongue, her breast throbbed inside Théo's strong grip, and her own tongue penetrated into the musky heat of his mouth. Her touch left his cheek and ran over his shoulders, along his arms, then up and down his chest, exploring a muscular terrain she found increasingly irresistible. Like them, he was slick with perspiration. She scratched his skin with her nails, reveling in its raw, tactile maleness and wondering just how far she could challenge it before he lost control.

Without conscious decision, her curiosity moved lower. Wiry hair tickled her palms as she rubbed them across his hard stomach, fingertips tracing an outcrop of bone as she reached the top of his hips. She gripped and tested the flex of his strong thighs, sliding a hand down the exterior of one, up the interior of the other, and back again. Then, without further hesitation, driven by inevitability and hunger, she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock.

He wrenched his lips from hers, groaning with tension. From between Éowyn's legs Elfi watched intently, her tongue fluttering against Éowyn's clit, her fingers caressing her own dripping sex.

With confidence far beyond her meager experience, Éowyn stroked, all her senses attuned to touching and to being touched. In response, the burning in her sex escalated well beyond that of which Elfi was the direct author. Giving pleasure is its own reward. There's a lesson Wormtongue could never teach me, for pleasure was something he took, even when he feigned giving.

Théo was measurably longer than her only other partner, though only slightly wider, and between her sweat and his own no additional lubrication was needed. With slow, soft caresses she stimulated his heated shaft, feeling it pulse and swell in her hand. Théo searched her eyes, understanding without knowing why that he wanted this moment to be hers to guide, waiting for her to set both pace and limit, gritting his teeth against the building urge to explode. She cupped his balls, gently rolling them between her fingers, then returned to his rod with a firmer grip and a surer stroke. He began moving his hips in response, bringing himself closer and closer to the women with every thrust.

Abruptly, her hand left his hard organ, and she twisted and lifted her upper body to face him more directly. Elfi shifted in turn, sliding forward to maintain her position between her thighs. Both Théo's hands were aggressively working her breasts, kneading her flesh and tugging at her nipples. Her sharp intakes of breath each time he squeezed or pinched encouraged him to be bolder, and she responded in kind. She leaned forward, clutching his muscular buttocks, pulling him towards her.

Elfi abruptly plunged several fingers into her overstimulated cunt, pumping furiously.

Théo tugged on Éowyn's nipples with demanding force.

Éowyn took several inches of his cock into her mouth.

Elfi climaxed at the sight, burying her scream against Éowyn's sex.


As he slid through her lips for the first time, Théo groaned as much at the sight as the feeling, for beyond the pure sensation he couldn't believe the stunning, untouchable Lady Éowyn was doing this to him. For a moment she held him at a shallow depth, her tongue cautiously swirling around his tip. He knew that even now his fluid was leaking into her mouth...a harbinger of a greater explosion soon to come, though of her reaction to the taste she gave no sign. Nor did she — as his other lovers had — close her eyes. Instead, her attention flicked between the point of their union and his face, studying his reactions as she tentatively explored this new terrain.

This is turning me on far more than I'd ever imagined it would, she mused. And now I understand what Elfi meant, earlier, for I yearn to be the author of his ecstasy. I want to make him come. To see and feel it. Even to....

With a guttural moan of primal desire, she opened her mouth wider and pressed forward, taking the majority of his length. She coughed once, gagging at the abrupt penetration, and then her muscles relaxed and she took him all the way in, accepting him in full as her lips pressed against his body. From between her legs, Elfi gasped in shock.

Overtaken by desire and the rush of new experiences, she had no time to wonder at the ease with which she'd taken him so deeply, so quickly. Lacking any knowledge of the limitations usually attached to this act, she had no idea what she'd done was remarkable, especially for a novice. To her, it seemed entirely obvious and as natural as breathing...though had she known how difficult it was, her warrior's competitiveness would likely have supplied all the motivation lust itself couldn't provide.

Her tongue cupped and caressed the base of his spear while its head throbbed in the narrow entrance to her throat. Applying a gentle suction, she slowly pulled her mouth away until he popped free of her lips. Like a desert wanderer slaking a sudden, terrible thirst she noisily licked and slurped at his glans, her hand again pumping the base of his wet shaft. For his oozing white cream she now seemed almost greedy, and the salty residue smeared across her cheeks and chin. Taking him back between her lips, she began moving. Pulling him all the way in, then releasing him to flutter her tongue against his overstimulated glans. Fucking him with her mouth until, his shock and hesitation finally abating, he took up the rhythm on his own. He wasn't forceful, nor did he take control of her head, but neither he did spare her an inch of his length. Her breathing grew heavier, and at last she closed her eyes, the entire focus of her universe the tongue and fingers probing between her legs and the cock spearing her throat.

It took a while for Théo to wrest his gaze from the unbelievable sight of her swallowing the entirety of his shaft. But even as he surrendered to the unimaginable pleasure, his eyes drifted to his sister. She was rapt, focused like a ravenous bird of prey on his phallus as it repeatedly disappeared into Éowyn's eager mouth. Her tongue moved in tandem, plunging into Éowyn's pussy at the same pace Théo was setting while she fingered her own cunt in exactly the same fashion. Though Théo couldn't see what she was doing, there was no mistaking the sound, nor the humid aroma of sexual arousal.

It's too much. I can't hold back any longer. I'm going to....

Wrenching his hands from Éowyn's breasts, he scrabbled clumsily at her head, forcing it away from his swollen phallus. She looked up at him, lips reddened and wet with saliva, hand flying out to repossess his stiff pole. Her voice, when she found it, dripped with feigned obeisance.

"Have I done something to displease you?"

She both felt and heard the riotous burst of laughter from between her legs.

"Lady Éowyn, I'm...I'm...."

"I know." With a strength and determination greater than his, she forced his hands away from her head and took his swollen glans back into her mouth, closing her lips around it and sucking hard, her tongue working at a furious pace.

He erupted. His seed filled her oral cavity until it threatened to overflow. She swallowed when she needed to, reveling in the unexpected deliciousness of his issue, swirling her tongue through the thick cream with surprise and delight. She hadn't known she'd want this, hadn't decided whether or not she'd let him come in her mouth until the moment arrived, but now she couldn't imagine having done anything else. It makes all the difference in the world when I'm willing. She found his flavor compelling: bittersweet, salty, creamy, and inalterably his.

I want more.

His spurts weakened, and she applied her strongest suction yet, drawing her lips up and away from his cock. Staring into his eyes with unquenched lust, she made an ostentatious show of swallowing the rest of his seed, licking her lips in satisfaction when her mouth was finally emptied. Another drop of semen squeezed out of his shaft, dangling enticingly from its tip. Éowyn captured it on a finger, considering, and then held it aloft in offering.

Elfi had stopped her tonguing, tortured by lust and frustration as she watched her brother unleash his load inside Éowyn's mouth. Now, mesmerized by the cream at the end of Éowyn's fingertip, she tensed as the instinctual urge to join Éowyn in worshipping at the altar of his manhood warred with her conscience. I can't do this, no matter how much I want to. But I wouldn't actually be touching him, would I? Technically, I wouldn't be breaking my promise. I could have this small part of him, and then...and then....

Her expression revealed her roiling emotions, but at last she sighed with resignation and shook her head. "I can't. I'm sorry, Théo. I love you and I want to, but I can't. We made a promise."

In a beautifully tender gesture, he reached out to stroke Elfi's sweat-streaked hair. "I know." He looked back to Éowyn, obviously unperturbed by the revelation of their secret. "My Lady, thank you for the greatest pleasure of my life. I will never forget it, nor you. But clearly Elfi has told you about us, and why we can't be together in this way."

Heavily afflicted by the heightened emotions of post-orgasmic vulnerability, Éowyn was on the verge of tears at the tragedy of their unfulfillable love, and nodded. "I understand." She brought the pearly drop to her tongue and then, with a sultry smile, added, "but who says we're finished?"


From between her legs, Elfi cried out, "Éowyn, I'm sorry! I was so lost watching my brother, and you, and I forgot...I stopped...ohhh!" and plunged her tongue back into Éowyn's pulsing sex. Despite the onslaught of sensation, Éowyn immediately stopped her, again lifting her head from between her legs. For the first time Théo gazed upon Éowyn's swollen nether lips, wet with Elfi's saliva and her own endless arousal, and his cock throbbed with redoubled lust.

"You've been doing nothing but giving, Elfi. It's time for you to receive as well. Though you might need patience, for this is all new to me." Éowyn rolled them over until she was on top, then rotated, backing up until their lips met in a passionate inverted kiss that didn't stop until Elfi was panting from a lack of breath. Slowly, she worked her way around the young woman's luxuriant curves, spending long moments tracing the monumental expanse of Elfi's breasts with her tongue, feeling Elfi's teeth nibbling at her own, then moving downward, teasing her stomach and drifting lower still.

The rich aroma of Elfi's sex was as intoxicating as any liquor. Her pubic hair was (like the rest of her) lusher than Éowyn's, untrimmed save at the edges, and its golden threads were matted against her skin. The soft folds between them — everything about Elfi was soft — swelled with anticipation, and the entrance to her sex blossomed, open and inviting.

Though she'd never, ever contemplated doing this, nor ever before felt even the slightest stirrings of desire for another woman, she was lost in the moment and certainty of her passion. She bent her head and pressed her tongue into Elfi's cunt.

It was exquisite.

Her own channel hovered over Elfi's face, but the young woman was far too distracted by the waves of pleasure between her soft thighs to strain upward far enough reach it. Instead Éowyn lowered her hips, dropping her sweet center directly onto Elfi's outstretched tongue, and the problem was resolved.

They licked. Caressed. Rubbed. Circled. Plunged tongues and fingers inside one another. Grasped each others buttocks to anchor and plumb previously unexplored depths — Éowyn marveled at the lush fullness of Elfi's ass, so different from her own taut posterior — and built their shared arousal to its peak.

Théo watched in disbelief, afraid to touch his cock lest he immediately erupt all over both of them, or himself. He ached to join in, and fought against his weakening resolve not to. He hoped that he wouldn't remain a spectator for much longer, but at the moment he couldn't imagine anything sexier, more exciting, or more beautiful than what he was witnessing.

Elfi's hips bucked, and her pussy violently contracted around Éowyn's fingers. Wailing into Éowyn's sex, she thrashed through her second orgasm of the evening.

Pride and happiness that she'd brought Elfi to such peaks of pleasure despite her inexperience set off Éowyn's own long-delayed climax. They writhed together, groaning and gasping, as Éowyn's passionate tides drenched Elfi's face.

Théo could contain himself no longer. They'll have to forgive me. He grasped his manhood and started a furious abrasion, groaning in ecstasy as his scrotum tightened.

Elfi's eyes suddenly snapped open, her lashes strung with webs of Éowyn's juices, not quite able to see what was about to happen, yet somehow perceiving his immediate upsurge of lust and the accompanying danger. "No!" she gasped. "Théo, no!"

Éowyn looked back in surprise. In one decisive, instinctual, lightning-fast motion, she rolled from Elfi and yanked his hand away, clamping her lips around his cock.

Plunging into her mouth with wild, uncontrolled thrusts, the first few bursts of his ejaculate streamed directly into her throat. He was unloading his balls in greater quantity than before, unable to stop his frenetic pumping, and she held on as best she could...drinking his essence, swallowing quickly, accepting the flood of his seed, tasting his semen as it poured across her tongue and down her gullet.

Minutes later, the last of his shaking abated and he slipped from her mouth. She reached for his penis, gently stroking as it pulsed with aftershocks, playfully lapping at the tip whenever more sperm oozed forth. But his mood was far from playful, and his eyes glistened with guilt and sadness.

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