Sitting nervously in my car, watching the house, I debate whether to flee, or go through with this. God, how nervous I am, having met these friends online so many months before, why is it so hard to finally go and meet them face to face? Knowing the answer, a picture in my mind flooding my senses of a young handsome thing I had grown ever too close to. Tres. Pronounced Trace, his name rolling easily off my tongue, so unique, having been given that moniker, by his parents, meaning three. Heart, soul, and mind. The very thought of this man making my tummy do flip-flops, and my heart to feel as if ready to burst. Thinking, well you know honey, things are much different in real life. He is much to young for you, and underlying all the sexual tension and teasing of the previous months, you know that, and you will do what is right for him. Hoping I can walk the fine line between what is right and what I want.

Checking my reflection once more in the rearview, opting to apply fresh summer rose lipstick to my full lips. Rummaging through my makeup bag, taking my plum eyeliner, and gliding it under the lower lashes of each eye. Touching it to the upper corners as well. I blot the lipstick, leaving a perfect shaped kiss on the tissue. My cheeks sprinkled with freckles from the sun's kiss, never wearing much makeup, liking instead to enhance what is there naturally, I decide, this is enough. Pulling the natural bristled brush through my long hair, it's color a beige, with lighter streaks of blonde running through the thick waves. I twist it up, clipping it, letting a few tendrils lay loosely, curling over my nape, and framing my face with shorter layers. I reach for the door, and get out.

The contrast of the hot Atlanta sun, warming me instantly as I step out of the coolness of my airconditioned car, I stand, basking for a moment in it. Tugging my faded, cut-off denim shorts down a bit, and smooth out the short white t-backed tank, that allows my left shoulders' adornment of a 4" wide swallowtail butterfly tattoo, with the blue-eyed leopardess superimposed in it's wings to show. I reach in...getting my sandals from the car, dropping them, and stepping each perfectly pedicured foot into the leather, wiggling prettily rose painted toes, and bend to adjust the golden toe-ring on the second toe of my left foot. The black rose toe-ring tattoo on my right foot's second toe, giving testament as well as the slave anklet with it's tiny bells, to my other life. Taking a bit of cocoa and shea butter cream, smoothing it over long golden tanned legs, and gliding the remainder over my arms, it gives my tan a deep luster, I straighten, and head for the house.

Stopping at the door, taking a deep breath, I hesitantly ring the bell. Well, here goes my girl, sighing, remembering my motto, "Return with Honor." Scowling, shit, why do I have to have that motto! I giggle to myself, so bad, you are soooo very bad woman. Snapping back to reality as I hear approaching footsteps on the other side of the door. Gulping hard, as the knob turns, suddenly there is a sweet-faced woman looking back at me. I smile, and say, "Lisa?"

"Shae!!! I'd know that voice anywhere!" laughing, she pulls me into a tight hug. "Come on girl! We've been wondering when you'd get here!" Lisa, takes my hand pulling me along after her. Loving her already, her gentle way making me feel instantly at ease. She stands only 5'3", reddish hair draping over her shoulders, small and petite, she is everything I had pictured. "Some were getting a little restless, thinking you might not show." she says. "One in particular, has been watching for you." she giggles, poking me in the side, wriggling her eyebrows. My face, blushes crimson, telling thoughts I had hoped to keep to myself. Hearing music playing and voices we pass through the french doors, into the backyard, where Lisa announces, "She's hereeeeeeee!"

A tall, oh so very tall man, jumps up. I know at once this one as Rico. Grinning as he rushes taking me in a big hug sweeping me off my feet, swinging me around, "Shea! You made it!!" Rico shouts out. As he sets me down, I peer up into the piercing blue eyes, almost appearing violet, smiling into them.

"Sweet man, so good to meet you my friend." I say, my eyes taking in his commanding features, long black hair pulled neatly back into a ponytail, long thin face, yes, this is our Gothman, grinning back at him. His voice not matching his appearance, soft, higher in pitch, but growly at times, remembering the tracks of his band's songs I had listened to so many times, him singing lead vocals.

"So, you ready to take that long walk, m'love?" I say, teasingly. We have all assembled here, friends from far and near, who had grown so close to he and Lisa over the previous year, to bear witness to their nuptials.

"Oh, yeah!" Rico replies, with his familiar "Ha ha ha ha ha" laugh. He looks to Lisa, his eyes softening, "I am the luckiest man alive, Shea."

"Yes, you are my friend, yes you are." I gush, pulling them both into a warm hug. "We are all here for you both, and I for one...love you both dearly!" Catching a movement out of the corner of my eye, looking around Rico's shoulder, I see him, and my heart flutters, knowing at once, as he approaches us, who he is...Tres!

My arms slip from the embrace, and Rico and Lisa part, giving me full view of this one who has invaded my every thought for so long. A slow grin spreading across my face, meeting his gaze with my own. As our eyes meet, a jolt rushing through me, I gasp, feeling his eyes pulling me in, laying his soul bare. My own, suddenly feeling a completeness. My eyes travelling over his body, he is tall, well over 6', dark hair, almost black, short with bangs feathering across his forehead. He sports long sideburns, which accentuate his full cheeks, and oh my, those lips, so full, and kissable. The dark hair cradling his chin, invoking wild thoughts of what that might feel like brushing against the insides of my thighs causing my face to flush. Finding myself running into his arms, I cling to him. Blinking back tears, feeling so overwhelmed by his very presence, wishing at once, we were alone. Feeling his arms encircle me, holding me tight to him, the thought occurs to me, "how can something, that feels so right, be wrong?" He pulls away a bit, looking into my eyes, his dark green eyes, outlined by ebony lashes, seeing the truth in me, I just want to fall into them, and be swallowed up.

His voice, deep and strong, caressing me, as he says, "Shea, it's about damn time!" He smiles, and my heart melts further.

"You too sweet man, you too." I murmur softly. All the thoughts of behaving before our meeting suddenly gone in an instant. Feeling large hands on my shoulder, I turn to meet Rico's grin.

"Okay, you two...break it up!" he says, laughing evilly. "Come on Shea, a few more intros for you." and leads me off, making the rounds of meeting he and Lisa's many friends. I look back over my shoulder, to Tres, wanting to be back in his arms, biting my lip, hoping he knows that.

After all the introductions are made, the evening settles into idle chat and merriment. Rico gets out his guitar and plays for us all, and we sing along when we know the tune. Others taking over the guitar as Rico checks the ribs he has grilling.

As the drinking gets fully underway, and other illicit activities, everyone seems to ease into a comfortable state with one another. Much laughing and teasing is done, at Lisa and Rico's expense, horror tales of marriages gone awry, and how once the couple says "I do," they don't. Giggling at the statements, knowing how they serve to unnerve the betrothed couple, I can't help but add a few hilarious observations of my own. Having chosen to sit with Tres, feeling his eyes on me as I chat easily, as is my way. Looking around for Lisa, I decide to go find her, and help with the preparation of the night's meal. No need for the bride-to-be to be working so hard. As I rise to head toward the kitchen, I turn to see Tres, watching my departure, and again, feel the surge of want rushing through my body.

I find Lisa, in the kitchen, taking ears of corn out of a steaming pot on the stove. "Hey, girlie, let me help you, hon!" I say. "What needs done, Mrs. Chavez?" laughing at calling her the soon to be married name.

"Oh, thanks Shea!" she replies and motions to the oven. I grab some oven mitts and begin taking the baked potatoes out and assembling them on a tray. Gathering up all the condiments, salt, pepper, butter, and sourcream, and placing them on a small tray as well. I grab a stack of napkins and follow off behind her.

"Rico? We ready?" Lisa asks. He nods, and she announces, "Ok, ya'all...come and get it!" We set the trays amongst the paper plates and all begin ambling toward the buffet of food.

I opt to wait for the line to die down, and lean against the wall, enjoying the coolness against my hot skin. I take a long drink of my Corona, sucking gently as the lime wedge slips back up into the neck. Smiling as Tres walks toward me. Leaning against the wall with me, I turn my head, and wink at him. Grinning as I see those sweet cheeks flush crimson. I lean towards him...whispering up to his ear, "Don't worry my sweet, I don't bite...well, actually that's a lie, I do!" giggling, feeling the effects of the beer slightly, " Maybe...you should be afraid..." I whisper again, with an evil chuckle, "but, am hopin', not too afraid.." my eyes looking into his, seeing not the slightest trace of trepidation, liking that. I say, "Come on, baby, the line has died down." We walk together to fix our plates, and I say, " Now...how am I supposed to be genteel, eating ribs and corn-on-the-cob?"

"You? Genteel?" Tres says as he elbows me, plopping a buttery cob on my plate.

Walking back to our seats, we listen as all are talking and Rico meanders in to put on some discs. The warm, humid Atlanta evening sun, fading in the western sky, stars are beginning to twinkle, fighting for their time to reign, along with the moon. I finish, and rise to take our plates and dispose of them, as I toss them into the can, I hear a familiar tune begin to play. Immediately, my blue eyes meet Tres'.

He gets up, stretching his long legs, and crosses the yard to me. His fingers reaching for my hand, gripping it, he pulls me to him. The song, by Staind, "Epiphany" begins it's low, haunting melody as my body molds to his. Careless of what others see or know, we begin to slowly sway to the sounds of "our" song. Laying my head against his chest, I just feel, as the words caress us, having so long ago, found this song, and claimed it as our own. I lean up and whisper, "Baby? How can this be...Rico playing this particular song?"

His lips brush along my ear, and he whispers back, " I told him to play it," chuckling huskily, " had to think of a way to get you into my arms." His hands on my waist, sliding around me, holding me, oh so tight, feeling the length of his body against mine, I quiver. Taking one hand away, I slide it into my back pocket, retrieving a key. Concealing it in my palm, I slide the card shaped key, into the front pocket of his jeans.

Murmuring softly as the song fades, "Only if you want to, Baby, no pressure, no strings." Clinging to him for a moment more, wishing so badly to just be alone, he and I. Knowing I had told him where I was staying before making the trip. Having picked a hotel close to Rico and Lisa's home, but not too close, I smile softly into his eyes. Feeling suddenly weak in the knees.

He guides me back to our seats, and we once again, begin our idle chatter with our newly met friends. The evening wears on, and the night sky is dotted with heavenly winks and swirls of milky way luster. Occasionally a plane soars overhead, it's red and blue lights contrasting against the stars.

Stifling a yawn, I rise and say, "My sweet friends, I am going to head back to the hotel. The long drive having sapped me somewhat, I wish for a long hot shower." Hearing their protests, I say, " No, no, it wouldn't do for ya'all to be dozing at the altar, now would it?" chuckling. I walk to them and hug them each tightly, feeling honored to be even invited to share in their big day. Thanking them both for a beautiful evening, I turn to say goodnight to their friends, telling each I will see them the following day at the church. Priding myself in remembering all their names.

"Come on Shea, I'll walk you to your car." Tres says, standing. Telling Rico he will be back shortly. We walk through the house and out the door. As soon as we clear the house, I reach for his hand, entwining my fingers with his. We reach the car, and I lean back against the door, facing him. Looking up into his eyes, taking his hand, guiding it to my lips, kissing the back of it. Then turning it over, kissing the palm, my tongue snaking out to lick where my lips had been, my eyes never leaving his.

"My angel, give me about a half-hour, and I will be there. I want to be there." he says, as he lifts my chin, leaning in to brush his lips against mine, pressing in, his tongue slipping between my parted lips, dancing with my own. Passion rising between us as his kiss shakes me to the core. He pulls back, and brushes an errant tendril from my eyes, gazing at me. I smile weakly and move to get in, him holding the door for me. One more kiss ever so gently placed to my lips and he says, "Soon, baby, very soon." and closes the door.

I start the car, and put it in gear, wiggling my fingers at him as I pull away. I look in the rear view as he makes his way back to the house, thinking, "Shea, damn girl, what happened to behaving?"

Rolling into the hotel parking lot, I stop, and exit. Having checked in earlier, I go directly to the elevator, and push number 5 for my floor. Lost in a daydream, the *ding* of the announcement of the arrival to my floor, brings me back to the present. Walking the long hallway to my room, I take the extra key and slide it into the lock. Entering and turning on a small bedside light, I slip out of my sandals, and turn on some tunes I brought with me for my portable boombox. Walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up, I feel suddenly giddy. Standing before the mirror, I looking back at my reflection, avoiding my own gaze staring back at me. " So what is wrong with wanting this man? Yes, he is so very young, but his soul, is that of one who has lived many lifetimes." I finally meet my own eyes, and conclude, nothing is wrong with it, he adores me, and I him, is all that matters, Each of us knowing what the other can give, and accepting our place. Two separate lives, but two hearts joining long ago, more than lust, a deep friendship having grown from the very beginning, only much later did the passion between us kindle from an ember to a raging fire.

Peeling the tank top over my head, folding it neatly and setting on the vanity, my fingers fumble with the button of my shorts, finally undoing it. Unzipping and shimmying out of them, picking them up from the floor, and laying with my top. Unhooking the front clasp of my convertible bra, it's straps able to be adjusted for any type of needed bra, I slide the straps over my shoulders and roll it in a tiny ball, concealing it between the folded material of my shorts. Closing the door a bit, I reach for the black satin teddy hanging there. Donning it, the coolness of the satin as it falls over my curves making my body spread with goose-flesh. I slip into the matching short robe and go back into the room...walking about, lighting gardenia scented votive candles I had brought with me, their soft glow flickering throughout the room. Easing onto the bed, wishing to relax, calm my nerves a bit... as I wait.

Blue eyes fluttering open as I hear the key slide into the latch of the door. My heart jumps to my throat, blinking my eyes, I realize I must have dozed off, and as I hear the door open, I swing my legs to the side of the bed and jump up. Turning to the sound, I come face to face with Tres, frozen in place for a moment. His eyes slowly move over my body, then our eyes meeting, he murmurs, "C'mere."

I pad softly on barefeet to him. The gentle tinkling of the slave anklet floating through the room as I walk. Stopping before him I gaze up into those eyes of green. Seeing the softening there, my heart melts, and I reach for his hand.

Taking it, placing it gently against my chest. Closing my eyes, wishing to convey these feelings running rampant through me. His fingers touch my face, and I turn my cheek into his palm, opening my eyes, looking to him. Reaching one hand out to touch, long rose-colored nails tracing the outline of his strong jawline. The other taking his hand on my chest, bringing it to my lips, spreading his fingers with my tongue, licking long strokes up and down the length of each. His eyes watching the gentle dance of my tongue, rolling it over the tip of each finger, suckling each in turn, into my mouth. Circling his fingers with my tongue, watching his eyes, mesmerized by the actions of my tongue. His hand drops from my face, slipping around my waist, pulling me roughly to him.

I press my body to his, feeling his hand on my lower back, pulling me tighter against him, my short teddy rising as he does. I feel the hardness of his sex against my body. Raising up on tip-toes to rub my mound against him, craving what he has. Letting his middle finger slip from my mouth. I pull his t-shirt from his jeans. Tugging it up over his head, and tossing it aside, his hands pushing the robe off my shoulders, we mold our bodies together. I slide my hands up, behind his head, gripping his hair, I pull. His head lays back, stretching his neck before me, running my tongue along the side, over his throat, up to his ear. Tracing the outline with my tongue, probing into his ear canal, nibbling at the lobe, softly whispering, "I need." I blow softly, into his ear, feeling him shiver. I move my mouth down, sucking the tender skin of his neck. His arms crushing me to him, throaty moans escaping his lips, turning his face to me, his eyes open, and we gaze...no words needing to be said. Pulling his mouth to mine, kissing so tenderly at first, our lips caressing each other, tongues searching for one another, then the overwhelming passion...taking control.

Feeling my gown lifted, being pulled up...over the soft round of my belly, further still, until my bare flesh meets his chest. Inhaling deeply as my nipples press into him. His mouth hungry on mine, he reaches up to unclip my hair, tossing the hair claw, his fingers entwining into the mass of waves as they tumble down my back. Breaking our kiss, I push him back a step, and remove the teddy completely. Standing with only a black satin thong on, it's edges trimmed in lace, I slip my fingertips into the waist of his jeans. Pulling him gently back to me, kissing softly over his chest. Bending to touch my tongue to one nipple, teasing it, raking the nub with my teeth, tugging, then suckling it into my mouth. His moans, spurring me on, kissing across his chest, taking the other nipple, and giving it the same attention. Lowering myself, kissing a trail as I sink to my knees.

Nuzzling into the hardness of his crotch, feeling him want to be free, but taking my time to tease him further. Nibbling at the fabric, taking it between my teeth, tugging. Making my tongue firm, licking, tracing the outline of his bulge, he twitches under the denim.

"Shea, baby, damn...." Tres moans. His hands moving through my hair. I look up into his eyes as I unbutton, moving my mouth to take the zipper clasp into my teeth and lower it slowly. Reaching around, slipping my fingers into the waist, and pulling. As the jeans fall, his cock springs forth, and I catch the tip with my tongue. Holding it there as my fingers curl around his shaft, lifting, snaking my tongue down the underside, down to his sac. Gliding my tongue over the skin, gripping his cock firmly, as I suck one ball into my mouth, wetting it, swirling my tongue gently over it, so as not to hurt, letting it slip easily out, and taking the other in to the warmth of my hungry mouth. His moans becoming louder, ringing through the room, his grip tightening in my hair, as I let him slip out gently, his balls resting against my chin. Rising up on my knees, I press my tongue firmly against his vas deferens, pushing up, coaxing precum up to the head, then guide his cock to my lips, gliding the head along my lips, as if applying lipstick to them. My tongue licks my lips, tasting the precum there. Snaking out to taste more, pressing into the small hole, moaning as I suckle his essence from him. His hands pulling my head down, wanting entrance to my mouth. I let his cockhead, pop between my lips, swirling my tongue over it, circling him, sucking, wanting more.

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