tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 05

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 05


Author's Note: This story is complementary to the ones called "Epistle To My Lady", written by SEVERUSMAX. I do hope you enjoy these little tidbits of star-crossed lovers. ~ Red


Captain, my loving Captain,

I come to you today with a sense of sorrow on my heart. I have been dealing with my womanly curse and I find myself lost in emotions that roar through me like a flame. I think of lying in your arms and pulling you against me. Of loving you completely and with the passion that we often display and then I think of how long it will be till that day comes, the day we have sworn to make ours... the day of our old age, when we can walk in the gardens in the country and fall into each arms.

Then my love my thoughts shift again to the what ifs.... What if you perish? What if you find another? What if I am never allowed freedom? What if ... What if.... What if I do not wish to dwell on these things, so I thought to come here into the gardens and think of you, but these thoughts assailed me with no warning. Oh how I despise the times my weaknesses show. I hate them. To bleed and fight back both rage and sorrow is not a joy. My women still care for my needs, taking me to great heights of passion... but it does little good when they are done and the thoughts descend on me again.

I am furious with myself now. I have read back what I write and see a selfish young child and not the Queen that I am. Enough I will shake off this mood and come to you as a Queen and perhaps end as a lover.

You shared news of Anexagoras and his treasonous desertion. I am not surprised by his behavior. He was a weakling in the bed, why would he not be a weakling when it comes to face his mistakes and suffer the consequences. I have no need of him. My only regret is for the lives that were lost by his stupidity and cowardice. I am glad you were never under that fool's command, but are in fact greater than him in all ways, my love. See, my dear Captain, I am slowly becoming myself once more.

Let us tread onward and see what lies at the end. I am listening to all reports of Lord Draco and some are not favorable and some are. I shall not give up hope on my armies and though some are weaker than you, some are strong too. I do hold them in high regard and hope their strategies will bring forth greater numbers of victories and not losses... but as you stated in your last correspondence... We must pray to Ares and Athena.

I received an unusual gift from one of my slaves. It seems a guard used her several times a few years ago and when he left her, he had given her an interesting series of balls to play with. Now, she brought these to me a few days ago and asked if I would be interesting in trying them. I must admit my love, that I blushed. I was unsure of what these things were, but I asked her to explain and she did with no hesitation on her part. I will do my best to explain, what these balls do.

First let me share with you what they look like. The ones she brought to me were lead and started from small to large. They were five in all and a long thin chain ran through the center of them. These are inserted in the anal passage or in one's sex. She also explained they could be left in there and one could enjoy sensations of pleasure throughout the day.

My love, I confess to you that I allowed her to insert them into my bottom and then we enjoyed a frolic amongst ourselves. She then pulled them out, each one popping free and driving me to a great climax. I was gasping and moaning as she took my juices and drank deep of them.

I, of course, rewarded her and then called forth my jeweler the next morning. I demanded ones made of the finest ivory and they arrived yesterday. I can not believe I just now remembered them and allowed my emotions to overtake my joy. I am going to wear them in my sex the day you are to arrive here for our conference. I look forward to you easing them from me as you devour my juices. I know I will be more wet and more slick for you. I do hope you will enjoy drinking the fluids of my naughty treat.

My dear Captain, I must ask something of you. It is only you I will trust with this secret. When Anexagoras had me become the "Rider" of our play, I admit to you, I did not like it. I did wonder what it would be like to have you command me. No, my love I do not and will not ever allow you to bridle and saddle me, but I do want to be commanded, just once... unless we find it both pleasurable. I want you to restrain me or perhaps you will take control of something. I do not know what. I just ask that you think of something.

I am blushing again and struggle not to take my pen and scratch out what I have just written and not tell you my desire, but I can not, for you are my life, my love, and my friend. I trust you to help me in this and I look forward to the time you order me to please you.

Your loving Queen and slave to your heart,


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