tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 06

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 06



My Lord Cadmus,

You excite me beyond words and I can not imagine the adventures we will share together in the bedroom. I must admit the thrill of being tied down and pleasured the last time you were here, made my body sore to heights I'd not deemed possible. The thrill of being unable to escape the tortured touch of your lips, teeth and fingers, though as you know I would never have truly fled from you, but. . . my love to be denied the right to touch you. Oh, it was more thrilling than I could have imagined.

When I saw you with the silk scarves, my eyes were wide with fascination. Your touch upon my wrists and ankles sent flames of heat rolling through my veins. My love, I was so needy and so hungry for you. I know you knew this. I could see it in the lift of your lips. You are so sly. The feather was an added feature I'd not expected. The tickling touch presented me with both delight and frustration. I do believe that little toy can be left alone. I do hate tickles, but my love. . .those ivory balls. I was truthful with you. They were and are such a pleasure.

My dear Captain, as I write you, I am wearing them. I have worn them all morning and even during a meeting with several of the Lords and Ladies that visited the courts this afternoon. Oh my, what a joyous treat for your lady. I had to have Antigone wash me when they left. Of course with her tongue and that only made me more soaked in the perfume of my sex. I would love to have you hidden beneath my skirts at this moment, working your tongue around my honey-covered walls.

I must digress my dear, or I have fear I'll leave this letter to have Antigone wash away my desires again and I'll not get finished discussing the past few days and the events that have occurred since we last spoke.

Anexagoras will never grace my bed, nor will I ever stand before the Priest and repeat vows to love, honor, and obey him! Rumors are simply that . . . rumors and the day I marry a traitor will be the day that my blood flows fast from my wrists and I lay upon the cold marble floor of the throne room! I know what he wants and he'll have nothing from me, but the contempt I feel for him. If this woman ever breaks her vow to not marry a royal, do you not think it will be your door I throw myself down upon? It is a waste of my ink to even discuss such an outrageous proposition!

But enough of such foolish talk. . .

The news of Sophocles is very good, my love. It shows that we are recovering from the treasonous acts of those that wish to bring my rule down. I feel there is a turning point approaching and as long as we continue to show wisdom along with our bravery we shall be victorious.

You mentioned spies my love. There are eyes everywhere, even in my kingdom. I have disposed of a treacherous slave girl, who I thought would have made a wonderful addition to our play. I was going to present her to you, a gift for us both. Alas, she was seen handing papers that I had secreted away, none concerning us, my dear. Those as you well know are destroyed within minutes of reading them. These were simply ones I had drawn up to look false, something you know I do in order to weed out prospective lovers. She my dear failed and was quickly executed. Her cohort however, she did remain true to them, for I know not who she would have given the papers too. So even our enemy has spies. Please be safe my love. I have increased the guard around my keep, in order to protect not only myself, but my people withing my walls.

Draco and Themistocles, their names and theirs alone make my blood churn with a mixture of fear and admiration. Two strong men that lead a great number of warriors. They have proven time and time again that they will not fail and that does worry me. We must continue our prayers for our victories to be swift. The tides are turning, my love. . .which way they roll will soon be determined.

There are several men in place and I am staying on top of Ganymede's moves. His patrols are followed by a number of the most elite at hiding and blending into the mix of things. Do not worry my love. I do play fair when I deem the foe worthy. I do not when I feel it is time to do what we women are so very good at doing. . .never trust a woman you have scorned, my love. . . we women are sometimes worse than facing a field of blood tipped swords.

You know by now my sweet, I refuse to end my letters to you on such unhappy or anguishing terms. So I will let my words rest over you and blanket you with a mantle of sweet dreams and perhaps naughty fantasies. Think of me my love, of how I wish to proceed the next time you come to me. I want to be bound again. I want to blindfolded and teased. I want to be forced on my knees and crawl to you, cover your sex with my mouth. My love I wish to feel your hot seeds cover my skin, fall from my lips to slide down my neck.

I want you to mark me my sweet. Not a mark of love, a small bruise on my inner thigh, but a true mark. I want to look at my nipples and see the outline of your teeth upon my ivory skin. I want to twist and turn, trying to free myself so I may force you to take me when I command it, but. . .in the end no matter how much I try to gain my freedom I can not. I want to feel you take me hard. I know how you love me slowly, but next time. . .I want you to prove to me how ruthless you can be.

With that thought my love,

I leave you as I began,

Your loving Lady,


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