tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Captain Ch. 07

Epistle To My Captain Ch. 07


Author's Note: Please enjoy this complimentary letter that is in answer to SEVERUSMAX's letter Epistle to My Lady Ch 06. I hope you enjoy these letters of politics and passion that revolve around a Captain and his Queen. ~ Red.

My Dearest Captain,

The matter of the rumors are forgotten. My love to do you not know by now, nothing you do to me would wound me so great that I should not forgive you, lest you stop loving me. You own my soul, my sweet Cadmus. I must not speak of this love right now for I know I will transgress to further delights that we enjoy together, but that is so easy to do with you.

I do find myself concerned with Draco's movements. I confess this to you, for at times I wish only to be a woman and not a leader. The victory of Sophocles is great and one that will be marked in our children's history books, but I do worry that our losses are slowly outweighing our wins. Perhaps with Tetrarch's loss of life, and the inexperience of his replacements will give us the upper hand and another quick defeat will be our reward. I do not like stalemates my love. . .they leave too much sway to one side or another and it is just a matter of time, before the leverage changes. It needs to change in our direction. I can not stress the importance of that enough.

There are options for me, so that I can save lives and I may have to consider them, if the changes are for the worse. I do not wish to think of them, but they are always at the back of my mind, more to the front when I see the numbers of our warriors decreasing rapidly. I have been receiving news all morning of the losses we have suffered. My fears are being pushed aside as I realize the numbers of those lost to the fight are growing. I know defeat of one or the other is closing in, I do pray it is for our cause. Hippolytus' loss will be acknowledged, but no fan fare will accompany the news of his death when it spreads throughout the land. That is all the man deserves to be regarded in my letters of love to you.

As distasteful to the palette that your idea of taking charge may be, all options should be placed on the table. Even I have ideas I find stomach turning, but wish not to focus on them during these short times I have to write to you. . . though if we do not then am I not like the rare bird that hides their head in the sand? I shall not hide from fate, whether it be positive of negative. . .I shall do my best to stand strong and be the Queen I know I am. I do not want you in harms way, the loss of you would tear this mere woman apart, for I am a weak woman when it comes to you.

I fear if you became a prisoner that I would become mad and risk all to have you back at my side. My Dear Captain. . .I know you are wise in these matters of the military and I know that the command to put you in charge is a sound one and a smart one. I also know it is likely to happen. When the orders arrive there will be a secret one, unwritten to you. . . Demanding my love that you shelter yourself in a mantle of my love, perhaps that will shield you from the enemies blades.

Just the thought of your new position makes me long to hold you. I do hope that feeling is rewarded with the touch of your arms around me. I know our meetings are becoming more heated; we have moved beyond what some consider normal in a union. But ours was never normal was it? Even in our youth when I was but a child, our friendship was not normal. It is only natural I bend to your will, my dear Captain, for weren't you always there to save the girl hidden inside the woman?

You know my dear lover. I have always trusted you, to submit to you is natural for me. It is an easy role to slip into. I could fall to my knees in your presence if it were allowed. I wish it were. A slave girl to her Master. For that is what you are my sweet, my Master, one who commands my very soul and could by all rights command when this girl breathes.

My Captain. My Cadmus, you are the beat that flows through my body and keeps the blood burning warmly in my veins. I never fear you will overstep the bonds of soldier and lover. I know our feelings burn in public, but we lock them away until we are behind closed door. Nothing makes this woman grow more aroused then looking at you as if you are simply another soldier while you converse with me and others that surround us, inside I swelter, knowing you are going to impale me with great force when we are secreted away under the sheets of my bed.

Do you know what I think while you sit around the table with others, discussing the war and giving news to officials and myself? Do you know that at times I allow my thoughts to travel to you binding me to that very same table and having your way with me. I will have to find a way to have you take me in there. I have other fantasies my lover. I do so want to be used in a fashion some fear; my face grows hot as I think of you forcing me. Stalking me and then making me submit as if I were your enemy and you were there to teach me my place. My blood grows thicker with desire. The balls I wear now in my sex vibrate through me.

I have constructed a new toy my lover. One that Antigone will wear as I take your manhood. It is a belt and on it a glass phallus has been attached. Again, the privacy of my jeweler was required for this and you will see when Antigone puts this device on she looks freakish, but she now can take me as a man can. Her "cock" is thick and always hard. She's used it in my sex and my ass. I must confess I have become aroused and covered her in juices, but my love an artificial man is not a replacement for you. Your cock gives me the fluid I long to drink. You however my love will see this whore of a Queen take too phalluses the next time you come to me.

You may be startled by the word I used to describe myself, but you should not be. I am a whore. Your whore. I am yours to command, enjoy, take and suckle from. I long to feed you from my breasts. Oh my Cadmus, I grow so hot with need as I continue to write to you. My thoughts and fantasies grow more frenzied and I feel my sex growing thick with lust. I need you here to relieve this burden of honey that flows from my womanhood. Antigone will soon have to accompany me when I write you letters, for she will have to hide under my skirts and drink the evidence that my words to you leave behind.

Would that arouse you my love? Knowing as I write you she rests between my legs, my long skirts hiding her and her tongue sliding up and down my thighs. My juices coating my skin, her teeth grazing my sex and her lips pressing wet kisses over the nectar. Perhaps knowing her tongue travels into me and brings forth spurts of juice as I think of you hiding between my legs, pleasuring me, trying to tempt me to scream and show all your presence.

Oh my lover, even now I write with one hand and allow the other to travel over my breasts. My nipples are hard and I can feel the nubs through this thick material. There is a fate aroma of my pussy rising up to me and I can breath in the heady scent. I wonder if I were to get up now and conduct military business would another scent my heat? I am in heat my lover. . .heat for you.

I go now my sweet in hopes to find release from Antigone and her glass cock. I will think of you as she plunges into me. I will think of your rod driving me to beg you for the right to shower you with liquid. I will whimper and cry wanting nothing but to feel your fingers in my hair and then when you are here, you may force me to crawl to you and relieve you of your seedy burden.

Your Queen and Your Woman,


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/20/17

You are gifted!

I love your stories so much! I swear I have cum too many times to count to your written words. It is amazing! I was wondering if you wanted to write a story together. My premise is of a male college studentmore...

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