tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Lady Ch. 01

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 01


Note: this is another letter in a series in which I am collaborating with RedhairedandFriendly. It is a series of love letters that are not included in my novel in progress, but are set in the same background. My side is henceforth called "Epistle To My Lady" and hers is "Epistle To My Captain".


My dear Queen,

I write this to you with the taste of you still fresh in my memory. Our recent encounter has met every one of my expectations, and I certainly hope that it has met yours. You have been a blessing from Aphrodite, of that I am now convinced. Our lovemaking has been wild and passionate enough for me. I hope that it was gentle and tender enough for you.

The fact that you used that idea of the wine that I suggested for your pussy was quite delightful, both in the variety of flavors and in the knowledge that you did as I asked you. No one could deny that you are a considerate and pleasing lover. Your surprise at the end, with Antigone cleaning your juices from my cock after she licked your cunny, was so enjoyable that I almost released my seed into her throat instead of her sex. I wonder if you knew how close it was, my love.

Your pussy during the lovemaking itself was especially tight. I felt sad at the idea that you were almost as deprived as me, in terms of the amorous delights that this war has made too scarce. It would seem that you have not touched any but your slave girls in my absence.

That must be a true hardship, to have all of your favorites gone to war, sacrificed by you for the good of the realm. The people have no concept of how unselfish a ruler you truly are, how conscientious in respect to your duties. Mind you, I am somewhat biased in my politics. I am always loyal to you.

I understood, however, that you were only preparing her for my entry into her willing channel. The idea that you wanted me to take her and satisfy her crush was a delicious twist there. I just did not realize that you also wanted to clean both of us afterward. That was another shock to me, though I did not mind it. Clearly, you are quite kind to your slaves, or at least to your favorites. I was pleased that you followed my counsel in sending her back to bed for the night, just as you assured me that you would.

If I had anything left in me after that evening, I might have yielded to your urging that I use your bottom for my pleasure after all. It would have been difficult to refuse your request at that point, despite my misgivings regarding buggery. By the morning, I was, sadly, my old sober, hesitant self in that respect. I thank you for your understanding of my reluctance to explore that one matter. In most areas, I have no trouble with enjoying a woman's body, particularly yours.

However, the reason for my dislike for buggery is linked to my distaste for the seed of a man. You asked me about this, and I have finally relented in telling you in this epistle, when I could never get the courage to explain it to you in person. When I was a young cadet of just 18, I was drunk and frustrated, so I agreed to indulge in a tryst with a comrade who was perhaps one year my senior. This was during a military training exercise, so we were at an isolated camp for the week.

He was more than a little rough when entering my mouth, his seed tasted awful, and his ravishing of my sphincter left me sore for the next 3 days. He never forced himself on me, as I was eager for the relief, but I did not enjoy the act at all. When it was my turn to have my way with him, I took my revenge brutally, ensuring that he would not forget what happens to those who are too selfish with a lover. Even a man needs some time to adjust when it comes to buggery. I am not sure, even today, which of us had more problems sitting down the next day.

So, that was the incident where I "tasted a man's seed", as you put it, and learned to dislike the use of the anal passage for sexual purposes. Perhaps I will revise my views about the latter in time, though not quite yet. I just feel too much empathy for the recipient as of yet.

Back to other matters, I reassured my wife that I had no intentions of divorcing her, as sweet as she is. That was the afternoon before I returned to a certain encampment whose nature I will not divulge here for self-evident reasons. When I returned, I made no mention of you during the officers' mess. I remembered well your urging on that concern.

I hope that you miss me as much as I miss you, as selfish as that may sound. I pray to the Gods every day for your happiness and prosperity as Queen and as a lady. Forgive my selfish desire on that issue.

On a more altruistic note, I hope that Philomela doesn't keep mooning over Epimenas. She should not neglect you, however, if she should ever stop. She owes you a great debt for your kindness to her. I trust that Eris and Helle are still happy together, as well as with your attentions. You are apparently quite capable in pleasing women as well as men, it would seem, my dear.

Your loving Captain,

Lord Cadmus

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