tagLetters & TranscriptsEpistle To My Lady Ch. 03

Epistle To My Lady Ch. 03


This story is part of a collaboration between myself and RedHairedandFriendly. It is a part of the Epistle To My Lady series, complementary to the Epistle To My Captain series that she is writing. I have enjoyed writing this with her and look forward to continuing for a while longer.


My Lady,

The glass phallus was a great experience for me as well. I take it that Antigone also enjoyed it. I look forward to trying the real thing next week, when I get there. This extra round of inspections has been an unpleasant necessity, due to the recent reverses in the war. Our fortifications, which your late father built, must be as strong as possible, given the greater peril to us.

Of what do I speak, you might ask. Well, to begin with, there is no need to worry about punishing Anexagoras for a few months at least, whether through his "oddities" or otherwise. He has fought another ill-advised battle (or so I think, given the weakened state of his army so soon after Pythaeum and our unimpressive victory there). This time, he faced Lord Pelopidas, the most elderly and respected of the Malacanian strategoi. It was a disaster. Not only was it too soon, it was too poorly planned. The results vindicate my view on it, I believe. The Pythonian Forest witnessed the virtual annihilation of his army.

Total statistics so far reveal losses of 4,000 killed. 3,000 have been captured. The rest are missing. Among the prisoners is Lord Anexagoras himself. He was taken alive, rather than falling on his sword like a true nobleman. The cavalry, mostly composed of green cadets, is totally scattered. For more bad news, it seems that Lord Hippolytus is not taking the threat from Lord Draco seriously enough. At least, it is not serious enough for him to steal a march on Draco's position in Damoclea. Nor has he made any efforts to encourage the locals to prepare for invasion. The Northern Army is idle, though solely due to the hesitation of its commander.

Well, enough bad news on the war front. Time to think of something else. You mentioned that you couldn't stand the idea of keeping Philomela around, due to jealousy. I admit to occasional jealousy myself, due to the idea that some other man will sire a child on you. Your heir will be of his blood, not mine. However, I know that it is necessity. Part of me longs for the simplicity of peasant life. Part of me even longs to be isolated from the world and live with you alone, like we are the aged couple that survived the Flood sent by the Gods. The other part of me craves variety, politics, intrigue, etc. There will always be conflict between those desires for both of us, I think. However, of course, the present situation requires me to choose this life, just as you choose yours.

Here is what I suggest. You marry Philomela off to Ganymede, as a kind of dubious present to that mad dog, who is even now complaining about his "audience" with you. The vain old man, being impotent these days, will probably claim the child conveniently and content himself with doing the only thing that impotent men are still good for in bed: licking a woman's sex. That is, assuming that he never regains his potency. He claims that he was just drunk. I don't believe him. Posidonians rarely get drunk. They are too good at drinking for that. Yes, thanks to his orations in the suburbs, I know Ganymede better than I used to know him. Offer him this prize, on the condition that he shut up. You don't need more enemies, particularly rude guests who are upset with themselves because they couldn't enjoy your body due to their own physical ailments.

Then, there is Laertes. The old Sophist thinks himself Socrates these days, or at least Pythagoras. I recommend that you have Leonippus use his contacts among his fellow homosexuals to get a spy into the lunatic's bed. That should give us some useful information about the nature of the apparently growing conspiracy against you.

I so look forward to making love to you again, especially the idea of taking your anal orifice and then having Antigone's. No doubt, she will want that too, when she sees it (and besides, it will be too soiled right afterward to put anywhere else in her). Then she can lick you clean and you can return the favor. I know that I will need to return to my own house afterward, so that my wife doesn't feel neglected. Besides, she is nice in bed, though not nearly your equal in that regard. She is much more conservative in sexual matters. She doesn't care what I do with others, but for her, the expectations of her class are most relevant. That means not doing anything beyond her duty to service me in the traditional position. That is to be expected of most ladies of such high rank. I suppose that part of your appeal (though certainly not all of it) lies in your willingness to expand to practices not customary for a woman of such high birth.

Out of curiosity, now that he is not able to participate in such "oddities", what are they? Also, what exactly did happen with Ganymede? Was he drunk or just impotent? I understand wanting to bed him to learn a few things from him. I'm not jealous of him, only of your future bridegroom. However, it must have been a disappointment, whatever the case.

Incidentally, given the conflict between our desires for variety and our common jealousy, perhaps we should get married when we are old. I posed this idea before and I hope that you will consider, once you are free to wed again and an heir has reached his majority. That, of course, assumes that I am alive and Arachne is not. However, if that should happen in our old age, what do you make of it? If I am an old man, I doubt that I will have as much desire, need, or ability to sleep with other women. The same would no doubt be true of you as an old woman. Perhaps, actual monogamy is something best left to old age, when nothing is new and variety is no longer possible. That is the time when only the heart and sentiment count, and the body scarcely matters anymore. If you abdicate, then politics is not an issue and you can marry whom you please.

I really do anticipate taking your bottom. I will be sure to lick it first, as I will with Antigone. That will ease the passage as well, though I still plan to use some oils to lubricate the entry, I did with the glass phallus. I regret again that this otherwise highly passionate and erotic letter has to contain such grim news about the war. Be assured that I am thinking of your best interests, both in the bedchamber and in the barracks. You are my Lady and my Queen, and I love you as both. I love you as my woman first, and then as my sovereign, I admit.

Your loving and loyal Captain,

Lord Cadmus

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