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Epistle To My Lady Ch. 05


This story is the newest (but certainly not the last) in the Epistle To My Lady series that I have written in collaboration with RedHairedandFriendly. It is complementary to her series, Epistle To My Captain. I appreciate her writing this series of letters with me, and I hope that you will continue to read what we write in it. She has done an excellent job of collaborating with me on this writing project.



My Lady,

I don't think that there is any shame in behaving in a way that any mortal woman must sometimes do, given the time that curses women each month. You may be a Queen, but you are a flesh-and-blood woman as well. I will let you in on a secret. We men have our dark moments of pain and sadness. I am pleased that you trust me enough, both as a lover and as a soldier in your service, to reveal such things to me. Therefore, I can only reciprocate. The truth is that we men simply hide such moments in an effort to appear less affected by our sadder experiences and self-doubts than we are in reality.

My love and admiration for you will not disappear because you prove yourself human. I am no fool. I have noticed that before, but chose to allow you to keep your dignity in that regard as long as you wished.

As for ivory balls, well, they sound rather appealing. The idea and image of slipping such balls inside your sex and your bottom is a sensual one that stiffens my cock every time that it occurs to me. I would happily use them on you. Perhaps Antigone can participate too, but she will have to wait her turn.

I have to confess, my dear Elissa, that the part of your last epistle that most seized my attention and interest was the bit about you wanting me to take charge in bed. I am already somewhat assertive in bed a lot of times, so this makes a great degree of sense, not to mention that is simply appealing. I am particularly glad, not only that you want me to do this, but that you trust me enough to reveal something that you no doubt hesitate to unveil for others out of fear of political repercussions. Be assured that this, even more than most of our liaisons, will remain a secret that I will die before revealing to anyone without your consent.

The praise that you gave me in your last letter was also something that I prize very much. To know that you view me in such a way, that you have such a good opinion, as a soldier and as a man, is both flattering and an honor. I will never take that lightly. I will strive to never fail or betray your confidence like Anexagoras did. I am and always will be a loyal soldier and lover.

Speaking of Anexagoras, I have heard rumors that his price was something that I had not expected from a gutless traitor like himself: he wants the crown of Etoria for himself. Oh, not by himself, which would be bad enough. He wants the Tetrarchs of Malacanos to force you to wed him and become his consort. Naturally, I was outraged at the notion that you would cooperate with such dishonorable arrangements as becoming a Malacanian puppet at a defector's side. It insults you, this idea that you would go along with that. Even if we lose this war and are forced to make unfavorable peace terms, I don't imagine that you would ever break your vow to only wed a prince of royal blood by giving such a traitor your hand in marriage.

On a more positive note, I doubt that any of the Malacanians trust or respect Anexagoras enough to give him what he wants. They are just stringing him along with false hopes and illusions of advancement. On an even more positive note, I have good news from the war at last. It seems that Sophocles has, at least temporarily, stopped the enemy's advance toward the capital under Pelopidas. Sadly, the enemy has not withdrawn, but the old man has died in battle. His successor, Demetrius, is not yet confident enough to engage our southern army under Sophocles. I suspect that he will try, but at least for now, the invasion has halted. We have fought them to a stalemate for the moment.

Therefore, my love, I am cautiously optimistic that our misfortunes have turned. Perhaps Ares and Athena answered our prayers. True, the enemy has retaken Pythaeum, but our chances of victory have improved. The fall of that city back into enemy hands was expected after the disaster at the Pythonian Forest. We have at least one competent field commander: Sophocles. Your faith in him seems well-placed, my Queen. (As you can see, I have a few spies of my own.)

The chief uncertainty now lies in the armies of Draco and Themistocles. Their forces represent a real menace, and I can only hope that Hippolytus and Sophocles can deal with such threats. May the Gods protect us and aid our commanders and men.

Well, my dear, enough of war. I want to speak to you, to reassure you that my passions have not changed in the least. My hope of our retirement as a couple is still a thought and dream that strengthens me and stiffens my resolve to do my duty as a soldier. We have to safeguard both our country and our future as lovers. The day when our aging, wrinkled hands can be bound together with the ritual bindings of the nuptial ceremony is a day that I will envision until it happens at last. I trust the Gods and pray to Aphrodite that it will occur.

It is a small favor I ask them, after all. I want only to take a wife who happens to be you, my Queen, my Elissa, once you are free from duty and able to marry out of love instead of politics. I don't want to be your consort. I want to be your husband. I want the woman first, whether she is Queen or not. Since I can only have you when you are a private citizen, then that is how I will take you. I have never resented your vow. It is one that you took out of duty, because you love our country and put it first, as a monarch should. I will wait for that day, the day when you are no longer a sovereign, but simply my lady.

In any case, I will happily take command in the bedroom, as I am familiar with being in charge and would love to ease your stress of being head of state. To know that you have such desires is not a surprise, I confess, but it is a pleasure. Some of the most assertive and self-reliant women I have known are also some of the first to kneel before a man in private and service him. They know, as you do, that there are times to take control and times to yield it. Be assured that I will use such power for mutual pleasure, not just mine. Only those whom you wish to know will ever know about it, either.

I want you, I miss you, and I will always be loyal to you, my love. Never forget that, my lady.

Your Captain,

Lord Cadmus

P.S. Beware of Ganymede's faction, for he has been building one. Then again, perhaps you have learned this already from your agents. Laertes and he are trying to bring you into disrepute, which seems unworthy conduct for guests. He is especially fond of courting the merchant and tradesman classes. His style of rhetoric, that of a demagogue, has little appeal to the aristocracy.

Fight fire with fire, my lady. Have demagogues of your own, people ready to point out that Ganymede led his own country to defeat and now wants company in his misery. Also, spread word of his impotence. That has to undercut him with the rougher sort of men, who tend to judge men more by their sexual prowess, at least at a visceral level. Just some advice from one very familiar with urban commoners, the men of the city streets.

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