Equal Shares Ch. 29


Denise closed her eyes, still running her tongue in haphazard patterns around Susan's slit, tasting her metallic, tangy, wonderful fluid. She felt the red mist descending, heat rising, the liquid pleasure running through her veins.

Denise came, almost blacking out, shuddering, heaving up and down against Susan, and crying out, "Oh Ohh! Ooohhhhhh FUCKFUCKFUCK!" There was white hot liquid in her now, coursing through her body, she was there/she wasn't there. Denise faded away, her awareness reduced to a tiny mote, only a single bright point of existence in her whole universe.

As she came back to herself she felt Elaine in front of her, nuzzling against Susan under her, kissing the girl's thighs, running the vibrator over them. Susan was carefully avoiding Denise's now supersensitive clit, licking and nibbling the outer lips, just keeping things going.

Denise raised her head a little, allowing Elaine to reach under her and touch the shiny vibrator against Susan's labia, running it up and down while Denise began to work seriously on Susan's clit, running her tongue around the hood, flicking it around, catching the sensitive nub, curling her tongue into a tube and fucking the tiny morsel like a miniature vagina.

Susan bucked, moaned and cried, but the other two ladies gave her no mercy, drawing her higher and higher, but never quite pulling her over the edge. Finally Elaine heard Susan calling "Please, please, so close, so close..." and she thrust the buzzing chrome tube into her lover, while Denise redoubled her own efforts. Susan came, hard, coating the vibrator and Elaine's hand with her juices while the powerful movements of her hips thrust Denise up and down. Dimly Denise heard Susan's cries, dimly because Susan's thighs were now pressed against her ears.

Denise rolled away from Susan, letting her pull herself together, while she reached for the young blonde. They kissed, and Denise knew that her love for Elaine, now pressed closely to her, had grown back to and even surpassed the heights she'd formerly known. She also knew that her love for Susan could one day grow equally as deep. Soon afterwards, coherent thought once again escaped her, as Susan rejoined the two and they concentrated on Elaine.

- - - - - - - - - -

The three made love long into the night, each peak rising beyond the first, expressing the love each felt for the others until finally, sated, exhausted, chests heaving and running with sweat and other juices, they stilled.

It was several minutes later, but it seemed to Denise like hours, when Susan propped herself up on one elbow, and said with a teasing smirk to Denise, "Still want a guy?"

"Yeah," Denise said, dreamily, on the edge of slumber, "Stan. I want Stan."

- - - - - - - - - -

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