tagInterracial LoveER Admissions Ch. 01

ER Admissions Ch. 01


Chapter 1: ALICIA

In part 1, two longtime friends and medical professionals finally consummate what is more than a friendship between them. In sharing an erotic taboo passion, they also experience an intimate act of love. The door remains open to a world of possibilities, including some with coworkers.


I brought my patient to the triage desk in the emergency room. I was happy to see Alicia was the triage nurse tonight. At 2am on a Tuesday, the hospital was fairly quiet. She saw me and the fatigued look on her face changed to a smile, with a hint of devilishness.

"Paramedic Macintosh, it's a pleasure to see you this evening."

"The pleasure's ALL mine," I replied.

"I think the pleasure is both of ours," she said.

We laughed and she proceeded to triage my patient, checking his vital signs and taking down the information I had for him. Throughout the exchange, I noticed she would occasionally shoot me a flirtatious look or comment. I was most definitely receptive. At 5'3", this curvy 29 year old Puerto Rican Choctaw Indian had entered my fantasies on more than one occasion. Her long wavy dark hair framed a gorgeous deep mocha face with almond eyes and spilled over her light blue scrubs. Her work outfit unsuccessfully hid her generous D cup breasts, and did little to disguise her shelf-like ass that I had lusted after for years. Especially after several conversations where she hinted that it was one of her erogenous zones. She all but admitted outright that she never felt more satisfied than when it was filled, preferably by a partner but if necessary by her own means.

More importantly however, she and I had become close. Five years ago, her mother and my sister both were diagnosed with breast cancer a year apart from each other. Fortunately, her mother responded well to treatment and became a cancer survivor. My younger sister was not so lucky and succumb to the horrific disease pathology. Her life was cut short at 32, ironically on my 35th birthday. Alicia and I had been there for each other, taking turns sitting with each other's relative when we could not be there ourselves. Together we had participated in many breast cancer run/walks.

While our friendship was deeply held with a special bond, there was definitely attraction other than platonic. Although we had acknowledged it, we had never acted upon it. There was always something that came in the way. Either one or both of us were in relationships with other people at various points. In the last year, however, we both found ourselves single. I recently came back from a six month National Guard deployment, and we had limited opportunities to catch up. Our lives had been relatively busy and we saw more of each other professionally than we did outside of work. Plus, because of that fact I think both of us had been too hesitant to pursue anything. In the past several weeks, however, it was apparent that things were...heating up between us.

After designating a bed location for my patient, she leaned in close, with a low voice.

"When are you done with your shift?"

"In about an hour," I said.

She asked, "remember our conversation the other day?"

How could I not? I left the ER harder than I had been in months. We had flirted back and forth, each of us subtly indicating how much we both enjoyed anal.

"Can you stop by after your shift? I'd like to... continue that conversation"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Oh man! I wondered what she had in mind. My head was spinning with possibilities.

After I transferred my patient to a hospital bed, my partner brought our stretcher outside to our ambulance to clean it and restock the medications we had used. I remained inside, finishing up the patient call report. As I was about to leave, Alicia motioned for me to come over to her. She glanced around.

"Come with me for a second."

I followed her into the nurses' lounge. She checked to see it was empty and made certain no one was about to enter.

"Close the door," she said.

I did and when I turned around, she was mere inches from me. I felt the electricity between us as she placed her hands on my chest, and on her toes she leaned in whispered in my ear.

"I want you to know something"

She turned around, facing away from me. Reaching back, she took my hand in hers and slid it down the back of her scrubs. She moved my hand down, over the ass I worshiped and it felt heavenly. skin soft but firm underneath. As she brought it down, I felt a strange protuberance in between her cheeks. Holy crap! She had a butt plug in! My breath caught in my throat as I started to harden.

"I put this in while you were transferring your patient over. I was hoping to replace it with something more...natural later. Maybe you could help me with that?"

I almost had to pinch myself to make sure I heard her correctly. It looked like we were going to finally find out once and for all the whether or not our friendship would cross the line. I thought about the consequences, of how it could affect our friendship. Did she really want to do this? What the fuck was I thinking? She had obviously been thinking about this for awhile and had planned it out. She had made her decision. Now it was time for me to decide what I wanted.

I grasped the plug and twisted it ever so slightly, causing her to gasp and shudder. I leaned in close, my lips brushing her ear.

"Leave this in and I'll be back to take care of it."

With that, I removed my hand, turned around and left her there in the lounge, leaning against the wall, panting.

The next hour seemed like the longest in my life. I quickly showered at the station, got on my motorcycle, and broke just about every traffic rule speeding over to the hospital. Parking and locking the bike, I went inside. The security guard, who I've known for years, let me in without a problem. I walked to the door of the ER, noticing that it had started to fill up with patients. I caught Alicia's attention. She told a coworker that she was taking her break and met me at the door.

She said "follow me," and led me down a few corridors to a section of the hospital closed for renovation. Being 3 in the morning, there was no one around to walk in on us.

"We have to be quick. I only have a ten minute break."

We closed the doors behind us and went into a dark exam room. Illuminated only by the moonlight streaming in through the window, she turned to me with a lustful look I had never seen before. She leapt into my arms, kissing me passionately. Her mouth opened to receive my tongue and I probed her, tongues dancing together. She pulled back with a fiery look in her dark chestnut eyes.

"I want to feel that tongue on my ass before you're inside me."

Who was I to say no? I grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, bending her forward. She rested her hands on the window sill, and arched her back, making her ass stick out deliciously. I pressed up against her, feeling the base of the butt plug through the thin scrubs. Reaching around, I untied her pants and let them drop to the floor.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time," I growled in her ear.

"Mmmm... I put the plug in my ass to stretch myself out for you."

I doubted she would need it, based on how turned on she was and that I was no John Holmes. I'm of average size, which has worked to my advantage. The women I've shared anal with have told me that I'm the perfect size. Any bigger and they said they wouldn't have let me within two miles of their backsides.

I got down on my knees and was presented with an ass that beat the pants off of J-Lo, Beyonce, or anyone else (pun only slightly intended). Partly because it was fuller, firmer, and perfectly curved...and partly because it was live, in front of me, and its owner wanted my cock inside it.

I spread her firm dark cheeks apart and in the moonlight I saw the butt plug inside the ass I had dreamed about, perched above her shaved pussy that was already glistening with her arousal. Grasping the plug with my teeth, I slowly pulled back, prolonging the removal.

"Nnnuuhhnn!!" she gasped as it slid out, her asshole closing tight.

"Lick me, papi... please!" she begged.

I leaned in and swiped my tongue from her labia up her rear crevice and over her rosebud. Back and forth I passed over it, generating sighs from her. I pressed my face against her and rimmed her. She gasped as I ran circles around it.

"Ay, que rico! Mas... mas!"

I pressed my tongue against her anus and it opened slightly for me, allowing me to stimulate it even further.

She rotated her hips, panting and wailing. "Ay... ay!!!

I continued as she began to shudder and I sensed that she was near orgasm. Just from me rimming her! She pulled away from me, panting and told me to stop.

"Yo te quiero! We don't have much time. I need you in me... I need to cum!"

She handed me a package of lubricant she had in the shirt pocket of her scrubs, and resumed her position, bent at the waist, her elbows now on the window sill.

"Lube me up," I ordered as I handed back the lube. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to the floor. I moved in behind her and watched as she spread the slick gel around her asshole. She slowly slid one, then two fingers inside, ensuring she was well prepared.

"My fingers will be you in a moment, papi. Does that turn you on?"

I pressed forward, my cock making contact with her hand. She slid her fingers out of her ass and grasped my rigid penis.

As she lubed up my cock, sliding her soft moist hands up and down, she turned her head to look at me. She said, "Ooohh, you're kinda big. I hope I can fit you inside me."

I smiled and replied, "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Grasping my dick, she brought the head in contact with her anus.

"Fuck me, mi amor. Fuck my ass!"

She bent over, spreading her cheeks with both hands and arching her back so her asshole was perfectly lined up with me. I grasped her waist and pressed forward against her. Her muscle gave way and the head slid inside. I was entering heaven.

"Ay!!!!" she squealed. "Slow papi... sloooooow."

I rested for a moment, letting her adjust. Already, it felt softer than any pussy or mouth I had entered. I pressed forward, sliding in millimeter by millimeter. She grunted and I saw her face grimace. Concerned, I stopped.

"Are you sure you want to continue? I asked.

"Si... si.... It hurts, but it's getting better. Keep going."

I slid further in, and after a few moments, my thighs came to rest against her cheeks. She let out a deep breath, shuddering a bit.

I whispered, "It's in all the way in, mi amor."

"Dios mio, I feel so full!" she groaned. "Mi culo... te ama... te ama," she panted. "Do me. Make me cum!"

I pulled almost all the way out and then started thrusting gently back in forth inside her. I couldn't believe I was fucking her. The Boricua I had a crush on for months was not only letting me fuck her in the ass, she was enjoying it.

She started pushing back against me, grunting with each thrust.

"Unnhhh... unnhhh... unnhhh... mmmm... mmmm... si... si... siiii... AYYYYYYY!!!!"

She exploded, convulsing beneath me. I continued pounding into her, feeling her anus squeeze me, riding her orgasm out so she would experience it fully. The waves of orgasm diminished and she panted, groaning as I kept sliding in and out.

The sensations and emotions were swirling around my brain. I had never felt anything so incredible. It was more than just fucking her, we were making love in the most intimate way possible. I needed to be closer to her. I slid my hands underneath her scrub top to cup her full breasts, which threatened to overflow my hands. I pulled her up as I leaned forward, my chest now against her back. She rested her head against my neck and shoulder. Lustfully, she reached up and pulled her bra down so my hands could be against her flesh. Her nipples were hard as stones, pierced with a stud in each. They pressed against my palms as I squeezed her tits and pinched the sensitive tips. She clasped her hands over mine, holding them tight to her breasts. I pinned her thighs against the padded window sill with my hips, ramming in and out of her. She became more vocal as she got closer to cumming.

"Oh... ay... unnhh... mmm... si, I love it! I love you!"

Another orgasm rocked her body as she wailed. She pressed her ass back against me, trying to pull me in as deep as possible. Tears emerged from her eyes. Overwhelmed, somehow she found the strength to speak.

"You can do this to me anytime, mi amor... always! Promise you won't stop? Por favor... I'm close... close...."

"I'm yours whenever... wherever... siempre," I gasp.

"Cum with me... cum IN me, papi... hurry... I'm... otra vez... I'm gonna...," she begged.

I was on the verge myself. Holding her tight against me as she writhed, I thrust into her ass.

"Ayyyyy!!!!! Cumming... CUMMING... AHORA... OTRA VEZ!!!!!"

And with that, I couldn't hold back any longer. I exploded inside her as her body was wracked once again with spasms. I was overwhelmed with pleasure and emotion. We collapsed against the window, panting, trying to catch our breath. I kept holding her tight, not wanting to let go. I had never felt so close to someone. I was honored that she trusted me enough to take me into what I discovered was her most vulnerable and sensitive place.

I started to pull back to slide out of her when she stopped me. With one hand she reached behind us, behind me, and grabbed my ass, preventing me from withdrawing.

"No... please... stay in me... stay with me."

I was more than happy to oblige. She turned her head on my shoulder to look at me with loving eyes. I noticed a few tears had streamed down her face. I immediately was concerned.

"Are you okay? Oh god, did I hurt you?"

"No, not even close," Alicia said, as she stretched her head up to kiss me gently.

"I've never felt so... so amazing... so turned on.... Yes, it hurt a little at first, but it always does. It doesn't last long though. How...what...HOW did you make me cum like that? I've never had multiple orgasms before."

I was completely under her spell. "I just did what I thought you would like. I wanted to make sure this was good for you."

She smiled and another tear fell from her eye.

"Oh papi, you did. You did. I...." She turned her head away from me and looked down.

I took her chin in my hand and turned it so I could look into her eyes. "What? What are you thinking?"

"I... I'm afraid to tell you what I'm thinking... or rather, feeling."

As hard as I had been, I had started soften and felt myself slipping out of her. We both shuddered as I withdrew, reluctantly, from the ass belonging to the woman for whom I had fallen. I turned her to face me. She looked up with an almost scared look in her eyes.

"I... we... crossed the line. I was worried about what might happen. But I've wanted you for a long time now. As more than a friend. And I had to know if it was real, if it was more than just lust or the fact that I'm horny all the time. And I had to know if you would want me too. I'm worried that I've ruined everything."

She looked down, almost dejected. I was in shock. While I knew there were mutual feelings of attraction, I didn't realize how deep they went, beyond just the physical. For both of us. This woman who had been my friend and confidant for the past five years was turning into much more than that. I had been there for her through her relationships with both men and women. When they were good, I felt happy for her, although a little sad as well, that someone else was the recipient of her love and affection. When they went south, I sympathized with her, but there was a little selfish element in me that was glad she was no longer taken. I think we both knew that at some point we would end up together. Our friends certainly did and did not hesitate to share their opinions with us. I don't think either of us expected it would happen like this, though. No matter, because my best friend and whom I realized to be my love was here, in my arms. And she needed to know how I felt.

"Mira," I said.

She tilted her chin up, eyes watering.

"Alicia Morena Running Eagle, I love you. And I think we both know now that it's more than that. I have had feelings for you for years. Out of respect for your and my other relationships, and our friendship, I never acted on it. But when you took my hand in the nurses' lounge, and did what you did, I knew for sure that there was more between us. For both of us. You did not ruin anything. In fact, your decision had us confront our feelings for each other, and finally act upon them. You have given me something I value more than anything. You have opened your heart to me. And in return, I offer you mine. I am in love with you Alicia. I know that for sure now. Your involvement with others will not change that in any way. Tonight was more than just sex. I felt it, and I know you felt it too. I am yours."

I felt my eyes watering up as we embraced and held each other tight. She wept in my arms. We finally separated and she looked up at me with love and passion.

"I love you. I am in love with you too. I didn't know if my lifestyle would affect our ability to be together. I promise that I will always respect you and never do anything without your consent, and that you will have my love and support should you wish to be with others."

I knew I had found the woman who I would be with for the rest of my life. Yes, she was polyamorous. Although others would have issues with that, I was okay with it. We had discussed the nature of her relationships and her love for others in the past. She explained that the way she felt about one person was unique and separate from feelings she would have for another. She had been searching for someone who would honor her and her ways, and ultimately she found it in me. Her happiness was more important to me now than anything. Just to be in her life was enough. I had had threesomes in the past, but this would be my first polyamorous relationship. I knew that we would respect each other and she would want me to feel comfortable exploring my feelings for others, should they come up. At the moment, all I could think about was her.

And the fact that her break was over five minutes ago! We wiped our eyes, and almost giggling we quickly got cleaned up and dressed. I made sure her scrubs didn't have any telltale signs of our intimacy. I quickly walked her down to the ER. Before leaving to head home and she to return to work, we embraced tightly, kissing each other with a passion that raised the eyebrows of a few coworkers. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Daniela, one of her Sicilian coworkers wink at me. Did she know what had happened?!?! And I can't be sure, but I thought I saw Wei Xiaoxu, an attractive woman from Macau and one of the 2nd year resident doctors, eying us as well. Hmmmm....

to be continued...

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