ER Visit


I was doing dishes, in a t-shirt and lace thong, when I dropped a glass. It landed on the edge of the sink and shattered, with many pieces hitting my legs. Mostly I just had some minor scratches, but there was one cut on my upper inner thigh that I was worried may need stitches. So I quickly taped some gauze over the cut, put on some loose pants, and drove myself to the emergency room.

The ER seemed pretty slow. I was immediately put in an exam bed surrounded by a curtain. I nurse came in and asked me what I was there for. I explained what happened and said I thought I might need stitches. She seemed bored and didn't even ask to look at my leg. "The doctor will be in soon to take a look," she said as she left.

A very young, cute doctor came in soon after. "Hi there, I'm Dr Jack. The nurse told me you have some cuts on your leg?"

"Yes, but really I am only concerned about one of them," I said, trying not to be flustered by his bright blue eyes.

Ok, well let's take a look," he said with a smile. "Can you roll of your pant leg for me?"

"Um, well actually it's on my upper thigh."

He blushed a little, apparently a little embarrassed. "Oh, ok, well can you take your pants off for me then?" He paused and blushed even more. "Um, I mean can you take your pants off so I can see the cut?"

I smiled, amused by his embarrassment. "Sure," I said as I stood. I looked at him as I slowly slid my pants down off my hips and let them fall to the floor. My panties really did not cover much. I'm sure he could tell my pussy was completely shaved. I layed back on the exam bed and spread my legs so he could see the cut. I spread them a little further than I needed to.

He just stared at me for a few seconds before he spoke again. "Why don't you turn sideways and sit on the edge of the bed. It will be easier for me to get to your cut...that way."

"Of course doctor." I sat up and turned to face him with my legs spread extra wide again.

He brought a stool over and sat right in front of me and began looking at my cuts. I did notice he was glancing up at my pussy a couple times. "Well you don't need any stitches, but let me clean it and put a bandage on for you." He began cleaning them with some kind of antiseptic. I couldn't help but be turned on by this stranger touching my thighs. My pussy started getting wet. I wondered if he could smell it.

He didn't talk while he worked. And I think he was taking more time than he needed to. I also think he was leaning in more than he needed to. His face was right between my thighs, only a few inches from my pussy. He very gently bandaged the cuts.

"Ok, you are all done," he said, his voice a little raspy now. "I'll send the nurse in with some discharge instructions in a little bit. It will probably be at least 15 minutes."

"Thank you doctor," I said while smiling at him. I glanced down and saw a very noticeable bulge in his pants.

"My pleasure," he said while blushing again before leaving.

I layed down on the bed again and sighed. I was so turned on. I couldn't help but spread my legs again and reach my hand down. I pushed the tiny piece of material of my panties over to the side so I could touch myself. I was practically dripping. I gently ran my finger in circles around my clit.

As I was doing that I heard someone walking by and it sounded like they stopped right outside the curtain. I looked up and noticed the curtain was about an inch open and someone was looking in. I could see a bright blue eye. The doctor was watching me touch myself. That made me even wetter. I pretended I didn't see him because I didn't want him to leave. I wanted him to watch me cum.

I put a finger inside my cunt. I finger fucked myself while he watched. I started using 2 fingers. I used my other hand to raise my shirt. I had run out of the house so fast I didn't even put on a bra, which was pretty obvious with my DDD breasts. I was pinching and pulling my nipple while still finger fucking myself. I was moaning just loud enough so that Dr Jack could hear me.

I started using 3 fingers. I could feel my juices dripping out of me. I had never masturbated while someone watched before. I never knew it would turn me on so much.

I pulled out my fingers, which were completely covered in my pussy juice. My clit was begging to be touched. I started rubbing it slowly at first. But I was so horny I couldn't help going faster and faster. I was getting close to orgasm.

I sat up a little so Dr Jack would have a better view of my tits. I kept my eyes closed so he wouldn't think I saw him. I was going back and forth from playing with my left and right nipples. I hand was a blur as I rubbed my clit. I felt the orgasm getting closer and closer. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming," I whispered. I had a very intense orgasm.

Right after I opened my eyes and smiled right at Dr Jack. I could see him take half a step back, but he must have realized from the way I was smiling I didn't mind him watching me. I stared at him as I started licking the cream off my fingers.

I got dressed just in time for the nurse to walk in with my discharge papers. As I was leaving the ER I saw Dr Jack and we made eye contact. He blushed again.

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