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Erect on the Set


It wasn't long after finishing film school that I began to regret my decision. Finding work in the film realm was damn near impossible. In the three months after graduating, I wasn't able to land a single gig. It was in a moment of great desperation that I came across an ad that caught my eye. A boom mic operator was needed for an "erotic film". Now working a boom mic wasn't exactly my ideal job, nor did I ever envision myself working on an "erotic film", but I needed the cash. I called the agency, and they told me the position was mine for the taking. The man I spoke to also made it clear that it wasn't a porno flick, but rather a softcore film that would be airing on Cinemax.

The day work began, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I'd grown up watching "skinemax" films as we used to call them, and I'd always been curious how exactly they worked. Before shooting began, I had a talk with a cameraman named Dan. He was very open to answering all my questions. He admitted that when he first started making skin flicks the action would turn him on, but after working in the industry for years, the scenes had ceased to be arousing to him. He also made a point of telling me that professionalism was expected on the set.

For that first day, we were only scheduled to shoot two sex scenes. One was just a solo scene of a woman pleasuring herself, and the other was a girl on girl scene. Neither of these scenarios had ever been personal preferences of mine when watching porn, but the moment I saw the actress emerge out of her dressing room to film the solo scene, I suddenly felt like I'd stumbled upon a great job.

I was told the actress' name was Candace, and that she was known to be a wild performer. The first thing that struck me about her was her height. She looked to be the same height as me at six feet. I was also struck by the fact she was black. I couldn't recall having ever seen a woman of color in a skinemax film before. Her face was very pretty and she wore a long weave of straight hair that was falling over her shoulders. Right off the bat I assumed she had a great body, but I couldn't quite tell because she was wearing a robe that hid her figure.

While we in the crew made some final adjustments, Candace spent some time chatting with the director. She was laughing frequently, and appeared very down to earth. When the director was finally done chatting with her, he let us all know it was time to begin filming. Even though I literally didn't have to do a thing but hold a boom mic over the bed Candace would be masturbating on, I was still nervous as hell that I would screw things up.

It was hard enough to concentrate on the task at hand when Candace had her robe on, but the moment it hit the floor it was impossible for me to focus my attention anywhere else other than her body. The only thing she had on underneath that robe were black fishnet stockings that perfectly accentuated her long, slender legs. Where her legs met was a sexy patch of black hair. I almost got hard just knowing I would see what was underneath that patch once we began filming. But I didn't have to wait to see her glorious breasts. They must've been at least a C-cup, maybe even larger, and were extraordinarily round for natural ones. Her nipples were perfect two, no larger than the size of a quarter, well placed right in the middle of her tits, and very dark brown.

Before the scene actually began, some lucky son of a bitch oiled up her entire body. She laughed as the man went to work, making her smooth brown skin glisten. "If I were y'all," she said addressing all of us, "I'd be goin' for this job."

After getting oiled up, Candace took a seat on the bed and the director told us to take our positions. "So lemme see what I'm workin' with," Candace said as she propped herself up against some pillows and spread her legs.

The costume designer then appeared with a large, blue dildo. It looked like it must've been at least ten inches. Candace ran her fingers around it, fondling it sensually. "Ooh," she exclaimed. "This'll do. This is a big ole dick."

The scene didn't begin with her using the dildo, but rather it was just her fingering herself as she sat up on the bed with her eyes closed. From what I saw of the script, the scene was supposed to be inter-spliced with some flashback scene where she was getting fucked by two guys. We shot four or five takes without bringing the dildo in, but the director wasn't satisfied. "You need to really get into it," he said to Candace. "Fantasize about the best sex you ever had. Talk dirty, if that helps. We're going to shoot one long continuous scene this time. I want you to start by doing what you've been doing, then after a minute or so, switch to the dildo. Be creative, and have fun with it. Use it in whatever position you'd like. Let us worry about the angles."

So we started shooting the scene again, and Candace was really selling it. Her pussy had gotten visibly wet, and even her black pubes and inner thighs were glistening from the moisture. Her moaning even sounded completely genuine. Doing like she was told, after a minute of pleasuring herself with her fingers, she reached behind the pillow and pulled out the dildo. Remaining in the same position with her back up against the head rest and her legs spread wide, she rubbed the head over her clit, and eventually inserted it.

At first she slid it back and forth nice and slowly with her right hand as she sucked the two fingers on her other one. After about a minute of that she removed her fingers from her mouth and rubbed her clit while rapidly fucking herself with the big blue dildo. "That's it! That's it!" the director said enthused. "Show me how horny you are."

"Umm," she moaned. "I'm so wet, baby. I'm so horny," she replied.

She mixed up the pace between rapidly thrusting the dildo into her tightness, and shoving it slowly and tenderly as she continued moaning. "We're gonna keep the cameras rolling, but change it up," the director said, implying that she should change positions.

Candace did as she was told, removing the dildo from her pussy. She preceded to flip around, placing one hand against the bed rest. With her free hand she took the dildo and started fucking herself from behind, just like she was making love doggystyle.

I was standing no more than five feet away from her, and had a prime view of the giant dildo getting gingerly swallowed up by her pussy lips. I had never seen something so arousing. Her ass wasn't very large for a black girl, but it was perfectly toned and looked amazing in conjunction with her absurdly long legs. Her ass looked great on its own, but seeing it getting penetrated by a dildo made me want to cum in my pants. As much as I was trying to be professional, I couldn't keep myself from smiling a little, and Candace noticed. I inadvertently made eye-contact with her, and she gave me a wink. I tried to remain focused, but it wasn't an easy thing to do as she kept her eyes on me, and teased me by running her tongue over her lips and sucking on her fingers. While looking directly at me she said, "I need to get a dick in here."

I was pretty sure the comment was directed at me, but another part of me thought maybe it was just something she was saying to get herself off. Nonetheless her dirty talk combined with the visual of her pussy just gobbling up that dildo was enough to give me a huge hard-on. I'd made the fatal mistake of wearing basketball shorts to the set, and I was holding the boom mic with both hands, so there was nothing I could do to hide it.

Of course, Candace took notice. "I need that stiffy in here quick," she said between moans.

I brushed it off with nervous laughter, and tried to ignore her by looking away. After all, I still wasn't at all sure if she really meant it or not. I would feel like quite the fool if I took off my shorts only for her to call me a pervert, or something.

But then Candace left no doubt. "What? You don't want me to suck your dick?" she asked.

It took great self control, but I shook my head no, not wanting to ruin the scene. Candace laughed, and took the dildo out of her now gaping pussy. She quickly cleaned it off on the sheets and then sat up on her knees so she was directly facing me. "So you don't want me to do this to you?" she asked as she began to suck on the head.

Other members of the crew were even laughing. I thought maybe it was some joke they were playing on the new guy. "You don't want me to lick you like this?" she asked as she ran her tongue all over the dildo. "Because I want to lick you like an ice cream cone."

She planted kisses all over the dildo, and licked it from head to shaft before putting almost the entirety of it down her throat. After gagging on it for a few seconds, she took it out and said, "Come on baby, I know you want to get your dick sucked."

I was getting to the point where I was completely red-faced and humiliated. I was completely convinced that everyone was playing some kind of joke on me, and worst of all I had a massive boner I couldn't hide. All I wanted in that moment was to go home until the director said, "Go for it, bro. We can find a way to edit the footage for and extra scene on the DVD or something."

I breathed deep. I had no idea what to do. "I'll give you the best blowjob you've ever had," Candace said, enticing me some more.

I still wasn't sure if it was a joke or not, but not wanting to let a potentially life-altering blowjob pass me by, I handed the boom mic to someone else and took off my pants. Candace set the dildo down and lay flat on the bed with her head right on the edge. "Holy shit, this guy's hung," I heard one of the camera men say.

Candace was a bit surprised how big it was as well, and she giggled a bit when she saw it. "I like the taste of a real dick so much more. Stick it in my mouth baby," she said right before opening wide.

I walked right up the edge of the bed, and pressed the head of my meaty, throbbing cock up against her tender lips. Slowly but surely I slid in just the head. Candace held it in her mouth, and swirled her tongue all around it, licking up all my pre-cum. I feared if she kept it up I'd be shooting a real load down her throat in seconds, so I tried to pull it way, but she had a tight grip on the thing. So instead of fighting it, I slid it in deeper. I got it about halfway in, and she held it in her mouth, slobbering all over it like it was a pacifier. After letting her worship my cock for a few seconds, I slid it further out until just my mushroom tip was being worked by her talented lips and tongue. Then I slowly slid it back in again, and continued to sensuously face fuck her.

I kept thrusting slowly to allow her to get used to my girth, and with every thrust I shoved my dick deeper and deeper down her throat. After maybe twenty thrusts, I was finally able to get my entire cock in her warm mouth, and as soon as I did she grabbed my ass with both hands and shoved my fury bush right up in her face. She held me deep and shook her head back and forth before finally sliding her lips off my cock and taking a breath. She laughed after gasping for air and said, "Ooh baby, you've got a great dick. You taste so good."

As she began stroking me, she added, "Do you like how I suck you?"

"You know it," I said as I grabbed my cock out of her hand and pushed it up against her lips. "Why don't you suck it some more?"

"Ooh damn! I knew you were dirty! Lie down baby," she said as she made room on the bead for me.

I laid down right where she told me too, and put my hands behind my head. My rock hard cock was shooting straight up in the air like a rocket. Candace grabbed the dildo, and knelt down in front of me, almost like she was praying, and my cock was her god. "Do you want me to do this to you some more?" she asked right before she aggressively performed fellatio on the dildo.

"Of course."

"Like you were going to say anything else"

She began by kissing and licking my balls. It was the ultimate tease as she just barely grazed them with the tip of her tongue and gave them the smallest, most loving kisses. From there she worked her sexy mouth up to my big cock, as she caressed it with her mouth. As she bobbed up and down on my log, she took the dildo and rammed it up her pussy from behind. The faster she banged herself with the dildo, the more wild her cock sucking got. My balls stiffened up, and I could feel the cum rising. Knowing the pleasure of having a black sex fiend slurping on my thick dick wasn't going to last much longer, I put my hand on her head and gently pushed it down further. While I did this, she simultaneously thrust the dildo in deeper.

My dick began to twitch in her mouth, and she knew as well as I that I was about to blow my load. She took her mouth off me long enough to say, "You gonna cum for me? You gonna make that big fucking dick cum for me?"

She ten licked the underside of the top half of my cock, just like a kitten lapping up milk. I couldn't make up my mind between watching her make oral love to my sword or watching her big, beautiful, black ass getting penetrated by the giant blue dildo. Regardless, I knew I could take it no longer. "I'm gonna cum," I said. "Put your mouth on it."

She did as she was told, and I pumped load after load into her inviting mouth. She kept her lips wrapped around my cock until she drained every last drop of semen from my balls. When I was finally done, I took my dick out of her mouth, and put my hands behind my head. But Candace wasn't quite done yet. She took the dildo out of her pussy, and drooled the last traces of my cum that remained in her mouth all over it. "Damn boy. You came like a motherfucker," she said. "You like getting that big fucking dick of yours sucked, don't you?"

I just smiled and nodded while she licked all my cum off the dildo. Watching her I couldn't believe that just seconds ago she'd been giving my lucky penis the same treatment, that tons of people had seen it happen, and that it was all on video. I could've just lied there forever, but Candace still had some demands. "Get up on your knees," she said.

I wasn't sure exactly what she had in store, but I followed her orders. She then crawled underneath my legs and sucked my balls with great gusto. While orally massaging my balls, she milked my cock like she was down at the farm. I had gone flaccid, but my dick hadn't shrunk much yet. She stroked me from underneath, starting at the top of my shaft, and sliding her hand all the way down to the head. I couldn't get fully hard, but it wasn't long before I had a semi going, and the moment it was remotely hard Candace put it back in her wet, slippery mouth. I put my hands on her hips and started dropping my cock deeper in her mouth, just like I was fishing. But then right as I was getting hard the director shouted, "Alright you two, that's enough fun for one day. You can fool around all you want on your breaks, but right now we need to finish the scene."

It was weird having to work the boom mic again like nothing had happened. We filmed the remainder of the scene, and then went into a break. During the break I knocked on her door and asked if she wanted to blow me some more, but she told me not to press my luck. After that we filmed a couple more scenes, and although Candace said some dirty things to me, she didn't put her lips on my nether regions for the rest of the day.

Before going home Dan, who'd I chatted with before filming, told me during all his years on the job he'd never seen anything like that, and was particularly shocked that Candace would do something so wild. I just shrugged and began counting down the hours until I'd go back to work the next morning.

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