tagLoving WivesErectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction. Just a fancy name for something that doesn't work. Sometimes you can't get a hard-on. Sometimes you get a hard-on but it's not hard enough to use for anything. Sometimes you get a hard-on but it doesn't last until the job is done. Sometimes you get a hard-on and get to fuck your wife with it.

I've been fighting this for about 3 years. My wife, Helen, says she doesn't mind, but I know she does.

I eat her 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes till she's had several orgasms. But she wants me to cum too. So do I.

My wife is a lovely 50 year old lady. She still wears a size 10 dress. Her 36B tits don't sag the way a lot of other women her age do. She still has a slim waist, not like me with my beer belly. Her hips have widened a little. Hey, nobody's perfect. Her long blond hair (natural) always attracts attention. Even after all these years she can still blush when some guy ogles her.

In our 25 years of marriage we had been pretty straitlaced. Some oral sex and a lot of fucking. We didn't even get too imaginative about places or positions. We just found sex was great without having to try a lot of tricks.

After putting up with my problem for fourteen or fifteen months I decided to try something different.

I decided to try spicing things up and one night as I was starting to lick her pussy I reached down and put a rope around her left leg. I had tied the rope to the bed earlier that day without her knowing.

She jerked and asked me what I was doing. I told her I wanted to try something a little different to see if it would help my problem. Well, she was all for that.

I then tied down her right leg. I asked her if she was uncomfortable. She was a little nervous but game to keep going. Especially when she looked down and saw my dick had stiffened up a little.

I then hurried to secure her hands before she had a chance to change her mind. When I looked at my handiwork I found my dick was starting to get very hard.

I got on the bed between her legs and leaned down and bit her right breast. Not very hard, but a little rougher than usual. It got a little moan from her. That excited me more and I bit her left breast harder. That brought out more of a moan from her; and I could feel some pre-cum forming of the tip of my dick.

I raised up and looked at her face as I pinched her right nipple hard. She was beginning to get a "fuck me" look in her eyes. I pinched harder and she moaned and her body twisted some but she was obviously enjoying the pain.

I looked down and saw that I had a full blown hard-on and her pussy was slick with juice. I let go of her tit and guided my dick to her slit. I moved it up and down, coating the tip with her juice. Then I pushed in and was able to slide my 7 inch dick all the way into her.

As I started a rhythmic fucking action I reached up and pinched her nipple again. "Ooooohhhh God, honey. You feel so good in me! Oooooohhhhhh, I'm cumming."

I continued fucking her and pinching one nipple and then the other. I had never treated her so roughly before and it was turning us both on.

As I drove my dick into her harder and harder I leaned down and bit her right breast. I bit so hard that she screamed in pain and it scared me. I almost pulled away but she grabbed my head and pulled me tighter to her breast.

I suddenly felt something I hadn't felt for a long time. I was cumming. "YES. YES. YES. I'M CUMMING!" I yelled.

At the same time Helen shrieked, "ME TOO. ME TOO!". And then I collapsed on top of her. I don't think I had ever cum harder in my life.

God, it felt good.

For the next several weeks our sex life was GREAT.

I would tie Helen up and bite and fuck her and we both had fantastic orgasms. Then one night I lost my erection right in the middle of things.

I pulled out and started eating her wet pussy. Helen still had two orgasms, but I had a limp dick.

After that disappointment we didn't have sex for a couple of weeks and when we finally tried again the results were the same. We didn't discuss it but I know we were both thinking about it.

Then one night when we went to bed Helen told me to lie down. She started to tie me and I said, "Hey, I'm supposed to tie you up." I didn't resist, but I knew it wouldn't do any good to tie my up.

She just continued until she had me tied securely to the bed. I smiled at her for trying to help but I didn't know what good this was going to do.

Except it was working. Being helpless was causing my dick to grow stiff. By the time she had me completely secured I was fully erect.

Helen got on top of me and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. I wanted to fuck her but she was in charge.

She reached behind her and pinched my nipples. For the first time I had an idea of how pain can be pleasure.

After sucking her pussy and tongueing her clit for a few minutes she had a small orgasm.

She turned around into a 69 position and started sucking my dick while forcing me to keep eating her.

After she had a second mini orgasm, she raised up and moved down my body and impaled herself on my throbbing dick.

This was something we had never done. She was sitting on my prick but was facing my feet as she rode me.

I was looking at her beautiful ass bounce up and down as she rode me. It didn't take long before I was yelling and cumming.

When my sperm started pumping into her Helen screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." and she collapsed on me. I could feel a mixture of my cum and her juice trickle out of her and down over my balls to puddle on the bed.

Once again we were able to have GREAT sex for several weeks. Then the all too familiar failure.

This started a time of taking turns being the dominant one or the one dominated. Trading places and experimentally using a little pain worked for several months.

When it failed I got the idea to try it in a motel rather than at home. Maybe the different locale would help.

Helen wasn't too sure about being away from the safety of home, but she was willing to try it if I wanted to.

It worked!

Once again we had found the solution. I just needed more variety to keep me in shape to fuck. Hard.

These variations worked wonders for our sex life. It was better than ever. But there was always the fear that this would be the time when erectile dysfunction destroyed things again.

One night we were at the local Residence Inn motel. I got Helen down on the floor and tied her across the coffee table. I put a pillow on the table to provide some padding for her and a pillow under each knee so she could be comfortable.

As I looked at that inviting ass I found that I didn't have a hard-on. I had tied her this way several times and it always worked, but tonight, failure.

I was pissed off. Here I am, looking at the woman I love. Submitting herself to me. Tied up, blindfolded, and ready for me to inflict pain and pleasure. And I wasn't capable of doing anything. I smacked her ass, good a couple of times. She moaned, "Ooooohhhhhh, yeah, baby. I'm ready for it."

I wasn't. Nothing. Limp dick.

I spanked her ass a couple more times, harder. "Ooooohhhhh honey give me a hard dick."

I couldn't. I walked out of the room.

It was only about a hundred yards to a restaurant and bar. I went in and sat down in the bar to have a drink. I was almost in tears from the frustration.

It was very quiet in the bar, just me and one other customer. He struck up a conversation.

I guess I needed to talk to a stranger as much as he did.

He told me he had been in town for a seminar and wanted to be home but it had lasted too long. He was going to be stuck in town for the night. Tim was his name. He said he wanted to get home to his wife as he was horny.

I told him I understood, as I had had many of those out-of-town trips when I was younger.

We moved over to a booth and started talking. With no fear of ever seeing each other again it was easy to unburden ourselves. As we told our tales of woe to each other the mood began to lighten and we started to laugh some.

After a couple of drinks I knew it was time to get back to the room and untie my wife. I don't know what came over me. I remembered my wife saying she wanted a hard dick and I thought I couldn't give her one. But then I thought, maybe I can.

Not wanting to think about what I was going to do and maybe call it off I quickly invited Tim to come back to the room with me so I could show him some pictures.

Tim asked what the pictures were about and I told him that I didn't know how to explain them, he would just have to see for himself.

I didn't tell him about Helen being tied up, I just said he couldn't say anything so as not to disturb my wife.

He said he didn't have anything better to do so we left the bar and headed for my room. I was starting to breath a little ragged. Naturally I couldn't help but think about where this was headed and the thoughts were causing a little pain in my chest.

Here I was taking a young, horny man into a room where my nude wife was tied up and waiting to be fucked.

I knew I was crazy, but she wanted a hard dick and I was going to get her one. One way or another.

The funny thing was, at the same time, I could feel my own dick stirring.

I opened the door and moved in quietly with Tim right behind me. When I had closed the door, Helen said, "Honey, where have you been? I've been going crazy waiting for you. I'm so hot. Please fuck me."

Tim's mouth dropped open as he looked at the sight before him. He was just about to say something when I held my finger to my lips.

I moved into the room and turned on the radio to try and drown out any sounds of our moving around.

Tim took in the sight before him for a few moments then it was like a light flashed in his head and he suddenly understood what was up. I wasn't sure my own self, but he seemed to know why he was there.

Tim had a smile on his face and was openly admiring my wife's ass. He walked around behind her and squatted down so he could get a good look at her slit and ass. I could see moisture on her legs and some wet spots on the carpet where her juices had dripped.

Tim reached out to touch her pussy and I almost told him to stop. Just in time I realized I couldn't. Helen would hear me. Besides that, I had brought him here so he could fuck her. It took everything I had, but I didn't interfere with him.

My palms were sweating, and my hands shaking. My legs felt like they were turning to water.

I nervously watched as his hand slowly moved forward and finally came in contact with my wife's pussy, causing her to moan, "Uuuuummmm. That feels good." Tim slid his finger back and forth along her slit and soon his finger was glistening with her juices. Then he pushed his finger between the folds of her pussy lips and brushed up against her clit. "Uuuuuummmm, yes."

Tim kept up rubbing my wife's clit and she continued to moan. She was moving her body in time with his hand trying to get his finger in her hungry hole.

I couldn't understand it but my dick was harder than it had been in years. Tim turned to look at me and saw something in my face that said I wasn't going to stop him from using my wife as his fuck toy.

Tim got up from the floor and unfastened his pants. He pushed them and his shorts down exposing a 6-7 inch dick. It looked to be about the same size as mine. The only difference was his wasn't circumcised.

He got down between my wife's spread legs and put the head of his dick against her wet pussy. "Oh God, honey. Hurry up and put your cock in me." I almost came when I heard my wife of 25 years say that word for the first time.

Tim didn't need any more of an invitation. He lunged forward and drove his cock all the way into her hole, causing her to cry out, "YES, YES!"

Tim was so excited he immediately started driving his cock in and out of my wife's pussy, and she was encouraging him. "Oh yes, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." "Oh, baby, I'm cumming. Don't stop. Fuck me harder damn it."

Tim reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Helen's head back, arching her body and giving him more leverage to drive his cock into her. "Oh God, baby you're so good. Drive your cock in me. I love it."

I was crying, hearing my wife begging another man to fuck her and telling him he was so good. At the same time my own cock was throbbing and asking for relief. I wanted Tim to finish so I could get at my wife's pussy.

Tim kept pounding into her, with his balls smacking into her thighs with each thrust. Finally I saw his ass clench as he drove into her for the last time and then just stayed there while his balls jerked as he shot his cum deep into her pussy. When his balls stopped moving and he was done filling her with his jism, he pulled back and started fucking her again. I wanted to yell at him to get out of the way and let me at her, but I knew I couldn't make a sound. Helen was moaning and cumming again as Tim kept driving his cock into her. Wasn't he ever going to finish?

Helen started cunmming again. "Oooooohhhhh honey, you're the best. Don't stop." Tim didn't stop. He had no plan to stop until he had emptied his balls into her again. After 20 minutes of steady fucking Time grabbed my wife's shoulders as he drove into her even harder than before. He banged into her pussy 5 or 6 times. Each time I could see his balls jump as he was filling her with his sperm.

Finally he stopped. He rested for a minute, then his cock plopped out of my wife's pussy. I saw that his shrinking cock was glistening with the wetness from my wife's pussy and his cum.

I pulled him out of the way and got between my wife's legs. I could see the gooey mess in her, between her swollen pussy lips. I guided my cock to her hole and pushed in, finding no resistance. What an incredible feeling to have my cock engulfed in all that hot liquid with almost no pressure from her pussy walls on my dick. As I slammed all the way in I could hear a squelching sound and I could feel Tim's cum and my wife's hot pussy juicy flow out of her and onto my cock and balls.

She was thrusting back against me, with each stroke. I was in heaven. Fucking my wife had never been better. Tim just stood there and watched as I fucked Helen like a crazed animal. Helen was crying, moaning, and shaking as I drove into her.

She was just about beyond reason. She just kept saying "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." And that's just what I wanted to do.

But it all ended too soon. I wanted to keep fucking her until she cried out for me to stop. All too soon I felt an explosion rock my body from my head to my toes. My whole body seemed to be spurting from the tip of my dick, adding to the sloppy mess already in my wife's pussy.

Helen suddenly went limp. I continued to fuck my wife's limp body, knowing she had passed out. I was beyond caring. I was driven by lust. My cock was still hard and I wasn't about to quit. I looked up at Tim and saw him open the door and leave.

I continued to fuck Helen until I heard her moan softly. I knew she was waking up and I slowed, waiting for her to come fully awake so she could enjoy the hot sex.

When she was fully awake I pulled out and untied her. I helped her to the bed and then laid down with her. Entering her again I slowly and tenderly made love to her.

I knew I would have to tell her about Tim, but that would come later. I was sure when I did tell her she would understand how it happened. And I was sure she would be glad I had found a new way for us to enjoy each other.

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I have a small penis and just one, very small, testicle and I have suffered at various times from retarded ejaculation, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. My Wife and I decided early in ourmore...

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My wife is 42, i am 60.
I have recently been on a 4-week stress leave. I have been experiencing erectile problems ever since.
My wife has a good job that involves a lot of travel &/or long hours. Her bossmore...

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