tagSci-Fi & FantasyErgo Proxy Ch. 01

Ergo Proxy Ch. 01


Chapter One: A Sensual Awakening

Author's note: This is my first submission. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Japanese anime, it is very different from American cartoons. Japanese anime is much more explicit, graphic in nature, and sometimes very dark in its expression of story and plot. Ergo Proxy is my personal favorite anime; for those who are interested I highly recommend investing sometime in the series.

The whole premise of Ergo Proxy revolves around a barren Earth after a series of environmental disasters. The human race has retreated to the relative safety of space, awaiting a time when the Earth will heal itself and support life once more. In its place, the humans have left a species of genetic humanoid called Proxy; virtual super beings to protect and advance what is left of human society within protective domed city-states. These proxies are the creators of these domes, the demigod stewards of human society within tailored protective surroundings. The series is centered on two beings in the city-state of Romdo, one of the few remaining protective "utopia" against the ravages of a barren and poisonous Earth:

Re-l Mayor (spelled as Real Mayor {ree-al mea-yohr} in the English version and {ree-ru mei-yohr} in its original Japanese) is the grand-daughter of the current Regent or top political officer and leader of Romdo. She is an agent of Romdo's Intelligence Bureau, tasked with maintaining the fragile peace and contentment of the city-state's citizenry.

Vincent Law is a refugee from Mosk, another city-state destroyed in a war between Romdo. Vincent is a low-level repair technician for Autoreiv, robotic servants and companions for the citizens of Romdo. Vincent is determined to become a citizen of this "utopia"; bent on doing nearly anything to obtain his goals. He suffers from acute amnesia with little or no memories of his past or home and he is completely smitten by Re-l. Re-l in turn treats Vincent like a pile of dog refuse she has had the misfortune of stepping in.

In secret Vincent Law is Ergo Proxy, the creator of Romdo city and its erstwhile protector. Ergo Proxy hides his true form within a humanoid shell, in hopes of living out his existence in relative obscurity. Ergo has purposely washed any memory of his true self in hopes of escaping his destiny and a time known as the "Awakening". The awakening is a fail-safe mechanism built into every proxy, a design to seek out and destroy other proxy like himself. This destructive nature comes as the Earth begins to support life once more, prompting the rest of humanity to return and begin anew. The proxy are only meant to be the stewards, not the kings in this new world order. Each and every proxy must be destroyed before the human race can regain its place on Earth. Its prime creation, the alpha and omega of protection, is Ergo Proxy: the bringer of death. Only he contains the key to mankind's continuance or its eventual destruction.

This story is my own creation. I incorporate scenes and plot from the original anime and twist it to transform my own vision of what really would happen between these two people. Most of the scenes include graphic sexual and violent references from the depths of my own demented imagination. For those of you who have seen the anime, you know the Re-l character is smoking hot and any man with a pulse would want to tap that ass. This narrative allows me to explore such avenues of depravity and fantasy to fulfill what obviously must be missing from the original show. I also intend to conclude what happens to the characters after the show ended. My hope is that you will enjoy and value my own twisted view of fiction, and appreciate the abundant imagination that comes from the fragile mind of a man who maintains a minimal sense of normality due in no small part to the American pharmaceutical industry. In short, enjoy the story and do not dwell on the fact that it comes from a self-described crazy person.

***With this knowledge let the perversion begin***

Re-l Mayor walked through dimly lit hall of the Autoreiv Repair and Reclamation facility located in the heart of the immigrant district. If it were not for the important work these immigrants performed for the ordinary citizenry, she would gladly see these buildings (and its inhabitants) demolished. These aging buildings and structures were a perpetual eye-sore in Romdo. A freckle, a hideous blemish on the otherwise flawless ivory skin that was Romdo. God! How she hated immigrants! They were so weak and contrite in their demeanor. Everywhere she went she was greeted by tops of heads and abject bows, a constant reminder of her status as citizen. Never had one of these sniveling excuse for humans had the spine to look her directly in the eye; not once had she had the pleasure of meeting a single immigrant who would look squarely upon her countenance and judge her for herself and her beauty, and not as a citizen or an agent of the Intelligence Bureau.

Even now she had the director this facility falling over himself in profuse politeness and sickening humility before her person. This tiny wisp of a man was doing everything in his power to praise and compliment her very existence while apologizing for his own. If only one of these immigrants would exhibit an ounce of spinal column, she might gain something resembling respect for these bumbling fools.

"As you can see your Highness, we are the epitome of productivity and efficiency in this district, dare I say in all of Romdo," continued the facility director.

This poor excuse for the Y chromosome continued his hyperbolic rhetoric for ten more minutes, touting the worth of his facility to the state while maintaining a demeanor of servitude in her presence. A man expounding and bragging the worth of his workers, while denying his own. The irony would be humorous if it were not completely true. This man was not even hypocritical in his speech. He actually believed his worthlessness at the same time expressing HIS facilities' accomplishments. Even the callous undertone of contempt and hatred would be welcome to her at this point. But no. The mindless drone of hyperbole continued unabated.

She was getting dangerously close to telling this annoying speck of a man to fuck off when she saw HIM. A man was in the facility cafeteria busily picking at a cooling bowl of soup. He was an average looking man in appearance. The orange jump-suit of an Autoreiv technician did nothing to accentuate his physical character. He was just over 6' tall and could not be more than 150 lbs. soaking wet. His jet-black hair slicked down over his eyes, with a god-awful tuft of hair sticking straight up over the crown of his head in a rooster tail. Just another immigrant, just another mindless drone of a worm with no spine she imagined. She would have continued in this line of thought if he had not chosen that moment to focus his eyes on her. As he lifted his head to address his Autoreiv, their eyes met.

For the briefest of moments the world around her faded into the blackness of oblivion, her full attention bearing down upon those eyes. A pair of emerald green eyes with just a touch of gray stared back at her with all the intensity of a focused plasma cutter. In those eyes she felt herself melting into an emerald stare of such animalistic fury she was finding it difficult in maintaining her equilibrium. As she continued to be lost within those eyes, she noticed a brief glimpse of sadness hidden amongst all the raw emotional magnetism. It was as if a dark cloud passed briefly in front of the sun; darkening, if only for a moment, this perfect emerald pool of clarity. In this moment, this briefest of glimpses, her soul ached to relieve this darkness from his visage. And then the moment passed and it was gone.

The man quickly realized who she really was and averted his gaze once more to his soup. His cheeks burning crimson, as if chastising his body for daring to lay eyes upon such a thing of beauty. Re-l immediately felt the disgust and hatred bubble back to the surface. She instantly berated herself for allowing one such as him to make her feel...feel so wanted, so needed. She ordered the small entourage to continue with the inspection; once again the director's mouth began spewing forth his worthless drivel. She decided to turn her anger and disgust towards this swine for the duration of the visit.


Vincent Law quietly cursed at his own stupidity. Why had he done what he did? Why had he allowed his eyes to remain locked with hers for so long? His cheeks burned with embarrassment and arousal. She was an absolute vision of beauty. He knew who she was. Everyone knew who she was. She was the regent's granddaughter: Re-l Mayor. Never before had he known there was a creature left on this cursed planet that was as beautiful as she. She stood 5'5" and could be no more than 105 lbs. Her black designer clothing hung very tightly over her body. With every breath she took he noticed an ample bosom rise and fall, making the simplest acts of breathing highly erotic. Her raven black hair reached passed her shoulders, and only God himself knew where it ended. Her face was a masterpiece. There was not a blemish that dared mark her exquisite face. Re-l's nose sat proudly marking the equatorial hemispheres between her gorgeous, soft brown eyes and those luscious, full bodied lips stained blood red with what must have been a very expensive designer lipstick. Only the best was even considered allowed to grace such lips. The mere thought of those lips wrapped warmly around his...he snapped out of his reverie.

He had a full day's work ahead of him. He could not afford to entertain such thoughts. Even though he would gladly live a pauper's life just to reminisce of her countenance once more. His assigned Autoreiv Dorothy caused him to focus once more upon more pressing matters. The polite, yet monotone female voice continued to expound upon today's appointments and the necessary tools required for each. Vincent found it increasingly difficult to recover his full attention, fragments continued to linger of his dark angel. He resigned himself to rise to his feet and continue in this bleak existence for another day; anything...anything for a chance at citizenship. But would citizenship allow him what his body truly wanted? "Never in a million years!" his brain continued to repeat for the thousandth time.


As her own Autoreiv Iggy adroitly directed the car through the busy freeway, Re-l was lost within the realm of her own thoughts. None of which involved the official dossier spread out on the back seat next to her.

Official Memorandum

Director of Bureau of Intelligence

The number of cases surrounding this latest outbreak of Autoreiv related violence has reached its Zenith. The malicious virus now officially labeled as The Cogito Virus has long been known to affect only the silicone - synaptic brains of humanoid-type AI (i.e. Autoreiv). At this time, there is no counter to this virus. Containment, isolation, and ultimately termination are our only means of quickly, and quietly restoring the peace and harmony that is paramount in Romdo. I am therefore ordering all agents of the Bureau of Intelligence to immediately terminate any and all Autoreivs that exhibit symptoms of infection. I do not need to remind you of the panic and hysteria that would result if this information became public knowledge. Officials of the ARR (Autoreiv Repair and Reclamation) have also been ordered to inform their technicians of the sensitivity of this new viral infection. Technical staff are also ordered to immediately deactivate and terminate any Autoreivs suspected of infection. Any personnel that disregard or disobey these orders will be subject to Regent Tribunal and summary execution or banishment from Romdo. End.

Re-l involuntarily shuddered at this last sentence. There have been many individuals banished from Romdo in the last few years. Many citizens finding that their "utopia" is not so ideal after all; reminded that peace and tranquility are only gained through obedience and complicity. For these poor, disillusioned bastards foolish enough to go against the state, they quickly discover that the Regency does not tolerate dissension in their society. Those unfortunate enough to escape summary execution are quickly and unceremoniously thrown into the garbage chutes and ejected with the rest of the trash. Death is still the same outcome. But outside death comes for one more slowly and more painfully than through the barrel of a firing squad. She had heard of people able to survive in the outside world. She understood that there are those whose immune systems are able to combat the toxins and poisons so prevalent in the natural atmosphere. Mortality rates are still extremely high, but there are those who will survive. Whether they consider themselves lucky or not is too subjective to speculate upon. Either way it is not a happy circumstance to dwell upon in polite society.

Re-l often wondered if her status as the regent's granddaughter would save her from a similar fate. True, her blood line had significantly improved her role within certain social circles and definitely allowed her to quickly rise through the ranks of the bureau. But there was a small part of her that always wondered what her fate would be if she ever decided to disobey. She doubted highly that blood is thick enough to escape punishment. At worse she would simply disappear with the rest of the garbage into oblivion and subsequent obscurity. At best she would be executed at the hands of the Regency and then be regaled as a fallen hero and awarded a state funeral. The latter made her chuckle with amusement. Just one more perverted joke to add to a never ending succession of perverse jokes in this place. God! How she despised and hated this utopian dictatorship! How she despised her grandfather! With this last thought Re-l threw the dossier away in disgust and ordered Iggy to take her home. She was far too angry and fatigued to give a flying fuck what her grandfather wanted.


Vincent Law was exhausted. He had spent the duration of the afternoon at the home of the Minister of Justice. An urgent call had summoned him before the lady of the house. When he was ushered into the foyer, the wife gave him a cursory glance then decided that he was beneath her attention. She simply pointed to a small object lying on the floor.

"She's broken! Fix her!", the lady of the house spat at him in contempt.

Vincent quickly made his way over to a small companion Autoreiv. The Autoreiv was a small girl dressed in pink foot-ie pajamas with a hood that oddly reminded him of a rabbit. Vincent quickly and adroitly went to work diagnosing and repairing the small girl. When he was finished he powered the unit on. The little girl abruptly sat up and began spouting mindless chatter at her "mother".

"Application off", Vincent ordered.

This command quickly turned off whatever persona the Autoreiv was programmed with and allowed more direct or cursory commands to be given without the personality lashing back at you. The child simply sat there with a blank stare on her face until it was given a command to continue.

"The unit's power cells needed recharging. This unit is supposed to recharge every 4 - 6 hours every day. I would suggest being more careful in what you allow her to do." Vincent admonished this shrew of a woman.

She haughtily spat at him, "What do I care? My husband is the one who is enamored with his "daughter". I simply don't understand his reasoning. The state, after all, just granted us a real child. When the baby arrives, his daughter will simply go out with the rest of the trash. Stupid little man."

As he was summarily thrown out of the house after announcing his prognosis, Vincent wondered why the hell such a woman was allowed a human child. I guess political and social connections count more than common sense. God! He felt horrible for whatever child was forced to feed at this frigid bitch's tit. Perhaps the Autoreiv would contract the Cogito virus and slice this woman's throat for good measure before being destroyed. Vincent quickly chastised himself; he shouldn't think that way of a citizen. No matter how frigid and horrible a bitch she may be.

He was making his way home after work on his speeder. Weaving in and out of traffic trying to beat the late afternoon rush hour. He turned on to a quiet street that led to his apartment. He needed something to eat and a shower. He smelt like a barnyard. He mused that this was the real reason, and not for his immigrant status, the woman had looked at him like she just tasted ass. He was amused at how wonderful it would be to shove his hard cock straight up her ass and make that frigid woman moan like a bitch in heat. However, the thought of sex quickly morphed his partner from this woman into Re-l Mayor. He continued to fantasize about her ivory skin shaded in a hue of arousal as he penetrated her moist snatch over and over again until she was spasming and cumming all over his slick fuck rod. Then he would unload his torrent of spunk directly up her fuck box until he..... At this moment Vincent blacked out and his speeder careened of the road.


Re-l was glad to be home. This was the one place she was allowed peace and solitude without that blasted Autoreiv hovering around her. She was grateful for Iggy, he did so much for her; but she knew that her grandfather had secretly programmed his visual array to transmit to Regency headquarters. A simple if voyeuristic way of keeping tabs on her.

She quickly disrobed to her panties and small undershirt and stood a moment admiring herself in the mirror. Re-l was infinitely proud of her body. Her well-toned abs and legs allowed her to wear practically anything without fear of looking bad in it. Her small, heart shaped ass was the envy of every girl she came in contact with, and of course, he bountiful breasts were large and perky. She proudly looked at how her C-cup breasts filled out her small top that served as a bra. She admired the shape of her thighs as they curved towards the valley of her womanhood. She had had many lovers, if you could call them that. She was never under the illusion that she loved any of them. They were simply a way to relieve sexual tension and afford her body the physical attention it desired. But far too often these men (and some women) had left her wanting more...more size, more stamina, more everything. Her eyes began to glaze over in the mirror...her eyes...his eyes....HIS eyes...why was she suddenly thinking of that hapless immigrant at the ARR?

She allowed herself, her imagination to take her in this direction. His eyes. Fuck! They were intoxicating. Re-l had never before seen eyes such as these. They were warm and gorgeous. They were filled with a wanton confidence and sexuality that just made her want to melt...but there was also this....this sadness...she had never before seen such a sadness in a man's eyes. It was not very evident, if it wasn't for how intently she was taken into those eyes, she would have missed it. This flicker of genuine anguish in these eyes cried out for love...for someone to help remove the pain from them. Despite her cold exterior and haughty nature, she found the sadness endearing and immediately found herself wanting to coax, to soothe the sadness, that flicker of storm away from those eyes forever.

As she continued to fantasize, Re-l found herself continually getting more and more turned on. She was allowing herself to be turned on by that immigrant. This weak looking man with that horrid hairstyle. She admitted to herself she could tell nothing of his physical appearance other than his face. Those ugly jumpsuits removed the slightest hint of masculinity, making even the best looking men look boring and mundane. But it was his eyes! Those eyes spoke so much of confidence, and energy, and....and love. That was it! There was the faintest flicker of love in those eyes. A man she had never seen before... Re-l returned with a start to reality. She had been mildly touching herself for the last five minutes, her panties increasingly moist with her arousal. She decided the water had run long enough in the shower and she made her way to the bathroom, the room quickly filled up with steam as the heated water condensed on the tiled surfaces. The mirror was coated with a thin film of con...there was something written on the mirror...the word "awakening".

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