tagSci-Fi & FantasyErgo Proxy Ch. 03

Ergo Proxy Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Bonds of Love

Author's Note: This is my third submission. Even though I have received no feed back as of yet on my first submission, the volume of readers is favorable. I hope those who are reading this are enjoying the story. I am having an absolute blast writing this type of fiction; it is so deliciously wicked. I will continue to advise new readers who stumble across this chapter to read from the beginning; it makes more sense that way.

If any fans of the series are reading this, you may notice that my personal interpretation of scene and plot varies greatly from the original, as it should. I am making this version of Ergo Proxy my own. I think the destination will ultimately be the same, but I enjoy walking my own path. I do ask with whole sincerity to those who are reading this to provide feedback. I don't care if it is positive or negative; okay, that is a lie. I prefer positive feedback of course, but I enjoy constructive criticism that may improve my writing abilities or offer particular insight that I may not have noticed. I like having my ego stroked like any other man, but outside encouragement is always nice. And don't worry. My head never exceeds my shoulder capacity; I always manage to inflict enough personal criticism to deflate any excess ego that may accumulate. Just think of me as a narcissistic egoist with a glass jaw.

In this chapter I will attempt to strengthen the budding love between Re-l and Vincent. There will still be a lot of humping like Pfizer bunnies, but I hope to add an emotional foundation to all the blatant, gratuitous sex. Just remember that I am only dictating to the voices in my head and sometimes the stories are fragmented and incongruous. This is just how my poor fractured mind works; it may confuse the fuck out of you, but it makes perfect sense to me. I know that may sound selfish and just plain weird; but in the end, I am the one who has to live with what I am writing. If I'm not happy, you sure as hell are not going to be. Just try to hang on and enjoy the ride, keeping in mind to keep your arms and wits about you at all times.


Re-l stirred in the dim light. A warm amber glow washed over her body as she lay trying to thrust of the fetters of a deep and comfortable sleep. In truth she was afraid to open her eyes. Her last conscious thoughts were one of fear and confusion. She remembered being carried swiftly from that horrible detention center in the arms of her animalistic savior. Despite her physical comfort she was afraid she would awake alone and in the dark, her protector once more fled from view. She hated being alone. It scared her more than anything; it scared her more than the darkness and the cold.

The fire chose this moment to make its self known from the hearth as it began to crackle and sputter embers as it encountered small pockets of moisture. This unfamiliar noise forced her eyes to open and her body to wake with a small start. It took a moment for her eyes to regain their focus as she forced sleep from her eyes. She was in a large bed chamber with a roaring fire in an antique fireplace and hearth at the opposite end. As her brain began to comprehend the visual signals sent via her eyes. The bed she now lay in was a large king, four-poster bed from a forgotten era. The mattress was large and comfortable; probably made from down or some other natural material that was unheard of in this most unnatural world. The sheets were soft and sensual, massaging and caressing her naked skin as she continued to indulge in their luxurious depths.

"They're made of silk Re-l." A voice startled her out of her reverie.

Here thin, delicate ears received the sound waves easily, allowing her brain to interpret both direction and proximity of the speaker. Her brain quickly sent a signal to the muscles in her neck, prompting them to rotate her head sharply to the right. Her eyes focused on the shadowy figure lying next to her in the bed. The light was bad. She was not use to the soft amber glow of firelight, it being so low on the spectrum of visual light. Her eyes strained a little as she finally recognized the voice. It was the voice of Vincent Law.

Vincent was lying on his side facing her, watching her with those intense green eyes. The firelight seemed to emanate from within the depths of his emerald vision, belying a sexual hunger for her naked body. She suddenly realized that she was completely naked, and she made a motion to pull the covers to her neck. A strong, muscular arm held her tiny wrist gently to halt her action.

"Don't!" he commanded with a wicked grin, "I'm enjoying the view."

Re-l quickly allowed the covers to drop to her waist as she felt his gaze caress her naked flesh. She looked at him coyly as he continued to assess and appreciate her nubile form. Her skin began to turn a rosy color as she felt herself burning with renewed desire; a thin film of sweat soon coated her skin. Her nipples hardened and darkened into knots as she began to whimper. God! What his gaze alone did to her?!?

"Do...do you...have any idea...what the fuck...the fuck...oh God! Those eyes! Those eyes are making me so fucking hot!! What the fuck are you?! Who the fuck are you?!" She gasped as her breathing became more ragged and more labored. Fuck! She was on the verge of cumming already! His gaze continued to bear down on her slick skin watching her toned tummy rise and fall. She closed her eyes as she felt herself begin to sky rocket! She felt her right hand grasp her breast, squeezing and massaging her ample tit; her hand moved up to her nipple and began to pull and twist the hard little nub. A mixture of pain and pleasure began to attack her nervous system. She was close, oh so very...very close! Her left hand made a motion for her drenched sex. She wanted to bring herself to orgasm so very badly!

"Don't!" he barked and order.

His voice was severe enough it caused her left hand to land on her stomach with a resounding slap, mere inches above her moist snatch. Her eyes flew open at his harsh command. Her eyes were wet with need, begging him to let her finish herself off. She was on the verge of tears she was so horny! She opened her mouth to whimper in complaint, but Vincent did not allow her an opportunity. He quickly moved his body until it was over her small frame, his large muscular body commanding respect as she looked once more into those sensual emerald pools. He bent his head down and gently kissed her lips. His lips were hot and sweet; his sexual scent was bathing her mouth as his tongue sought out her own. She moved her hand behind his head pushing his mouth harder against her own, hungrily trying make him swallow her entirely. She began to buck her hips, hoping to find something, anything to grind her engorged sex upon; anything to relieve this burning desire that had engulfed her loins. She felt him chuckle softly in her mouth and then he pulled apart from her lips, her breath returned in gasps as their vacuum was broken.

"I know you are in need little one. But you are not in control tonight...I am. And I tell you that you may not touch yourself, until I say so. It is my prerogative to bring pleasure to you tonight. This is the first time I can knowingly make love to you in this form. And I intend to collect your pleasure in full tonight. I don't want to leave you in agony...just yet anyway...so I will bring you off once, just to take the edge off."

With these words, Re-l watched Vincent slowly move south towards her heavenly quim. But Vincent was taking his own sweet time in worshiping his goddess. He kissed her lips once, sweetly and gently. It was the tenderest and most loving kiss anyone could ever have placed on her lips; in that one simple kiss she felt his hunger...his desire...and his love for her. It was the most beautiful act she could ever imagine; a lifetime of emotions and desire delivered in this most basic show of affection. Her heart swelled with a burning desire to stay with this man...this beast...this wonderful creature always. She instantly felt a world of connection as a new understanding washed over her. Tears began to touch at her eyes. The last shreds of coldness and distance were removed once and forever from her being. This wonderful man was replacing so many years of repressed hatred and anger at the world in which she lived; replacing it with an undying love for him...and for him alone.

She was crying now, crying with a hunger to feel him take her and make her his once more, "Vincent! Vincent! My God! Please make me cum! I need this so very, very badly! I need your tongue...I need your cock...I fucking need you!"

Finally Vincent's mouth was positioned over her pussy. Her lips were making the most obscene noises as she leaked girly cum all over the silk sheets. He watched her sex intently, amazed at how her outer lips seemed to open and close involuntarily with each breath; enticing and inviting him to partake of her womanly fruits. He lowered his head slowly, inching his mouth lower until it was practically touching. He breathed a heavily onto her clitoris, sending a visible shiver through her body. She continued to whimper and look at him longingly, begging him with her eyes to finally give her what she desperately wanted.

"Lift your hips so I can see your pretty asshole." He said quietly.

She lifted her hips immediately, awaiting any touch of his with a hungry stare. Vincent delicately nudged his nose around her puckered hole, breathing in the scent of her nether region. He wanted to know every smell, every taste his tiny Re-l had to offer. He gingerly probed her tiny hole, spearing his tongue as he proceeded to gently pierce her asshole. Then after only a couple of licks, Vincent flattened his tongue and with the gentlest sweep, he began to work his way up tasting her body from her starred hole upwards towards the fiery furnace of her fuck box. When he reached Re-l's tiny fuck hole he began to dip his tongue into her burning trough, drinking and savoring the copious amounts of nectar than were spewing forth from her endless reserves.

The entire time Vincent was eating and worshiping her sodden pussy, he maintained perfect eye contact with Re-l. Her soft amber eyes holding his burning emerald orbs as their heartbeats synchronized to one another's desires. The heat escaping her velvet box was intense, small beads of sweat formed atop his brow as he continued to tease and probe her delicate petals. Her eyes were losing focus with his continued ministrations. A continuous cacophony of mewling and whimpering escaped her lips, reaching his ears like the most delicious of symphonies. She began to hump his face, trying to drive his massive tongue deeper into her hole, to grind out the intense orgasm that eluded her still. He looked mischievously upon her tear-filled eyes as she tried everything to entice him to bring her off. His eyes moved to her engorged clitoris. Her most sensitive of places was filled with blood poking out from its protective hood. It seemed to sense his presence and, like a tiny beacon, twitched and vibrated to signal its own desire for attention.

Vincent had decided to relent, to give his darling Re-l the little death she so desperately desired. Flattening his massive tongue until the taste buds were the only surface area in contact with her hole, he moved his tongue up until it rested upon her clitoris. He then began to massage her clitoris with the rough texture of his tongue, allowing each and every precious bud to enjoy the sweet flavor of her womanhood. His attention was once again on Re-l's watching to ensure his actions had the desired effect. Suddenly he clamped down on her clitoris, sucking and nibbling the small pleasure button. Her reaction was immediate and violent. He chuckled deep in his throat as her eyes started to roll back into her head. But he immediately winced and clamped down harder on her sex when she screamed at the top of her lungs as a massive orgasm took her and throttled her tiny little body. She was desperately humping and grinding her tortured pussy against his face, soaking him in a continual stream of girly cum. He moved his mouth down to her tiny trough and sealed his mouth around her hole, greedily drinking the copious amounts of nectar that were flooding from the banks of her little pussy.

Her screams eventually settled into a series of muffled sobs and whimpers as she slowly descended the precipice of her orgasm. She was bathed in sweat; the bed beneath her was soaked in a mixture of sweat and sex. When her breathing reached a level of stability, Vincent quietly moved his face once again level with hers. She greedily sought his lips and moaned when his mouth opened to hers. Her eyes widened in mild surprise as Vincent deposited a generous portion of her cum in her mouth, letting her feast upon her own essence. She quickly agreed to the taste of herself, sucking and licking the inside of his mouth; cleaning any lingering remnants of her sated sexuality. They continued to kiss and nuzzle one another for several minutes. Afterwards, he quietly rolled them on to his back, moving her onto his ample muscular frame holding her like a porcelain figurine; for she truly was his most priceless treasure. They quickly fell fast asleep, her face nuzzled into his massive chest. Their breathing quickly found its own rhythm, allowing them to drift into a deep and, most importantly, recuperative sleep. Neither one seemed to mind the sodden state of the mattress or its heady brew of Re-l's sex now soaking into the silken bedding.


Vincent stirred in his sleep. He could no longer feel Re-l's slight frame sleeping contently on his own. He did however feel a luxurious moistness enveloping his cock. He forced his eyes to open and look downwards to the source of such a wonderful awakening. Re-l was kneeling between his legs, his massive length securely in her mouth and throat. He watched in amazement as Re-l continued to administer such an expert blow job. She would never be able to swallow his cock in its entirety, it was simply too long and fat, but fate be damned if she wasn't giving it her best shot.

She had both hands wrapped around his shaft controlling the descent into her throat. He marveled at how delicate her hands looked wrapped around his massive shaft. He estimated she had managed to envelop roughly six inches of his godly staff. She continued to relax, allowing another two inches to slide past her gag reflex into the depths of her glorious throat. She felt like Heaven on his cock. Re-l was so fucking good at this. She was using her throat muscles to actually milk him, trying to coax his spunk to evacuate down her esophagus. He laid his head back down on the pillow and silently allowed her continue. It would not be long before he coated her insides with the contents of his massive stones.

There it was! He felt the familiar tingle as his testicles announced their release. Re-l seemed to sense this as well. She increased her massaging and stroking. Her throat continued to coax and cajole the head of his cock. He knew it would be a massive load for her to swallow; but knowing her, she was more than able to take it. He allowed himself to go rigid as he felt the first luxurious rope of cum splash against the back of her throat. She continued to suck and work her throat muscles, relaxing her throat further to ease the transition of his seed to its new home in her belly. My God! He was not ejaculating down her throat, he was flooding it. It did not matter; Re-l took it all. She relinquished his cock only when his cock began to flag and deflate. She breathed a luxurious gasp of air and raised her eyes. Only then did she notice him as a spectator. Re-l flashed Vincent a wicked smile, those honey amber eyes glazed over in arousal.

Vincent pointed a finger at Re-l and crooked it towards him, beckoning her to him. She crawled slowly and contently like a kitten after a large bowl of warm cream. She mounted his body with her own and slid her sex along his naked body, causing them both to shiver in excitement. She reached his lips and they embraced one another. Vincent could taste himself on her lips, finding he did not hate the taste of his seed. But then again, it was in HER mouth and he loved every inch of this woman, inside and out.

"I love the taste of your cum! It makes me feel all warm and sensual. I can feel it swimming around my stomach, trying to impregnate me as it searches for my egg." She said as a touch of sadness tugged at this last word. It was a known fact that every individual in Romdo was sterile. All babies are genetically created from the original DNA of founding humans, allowing for strict quality control in an environment that abhors and denies mutations to gain a foothold in their "perfect" society.

"Why is God so cruel? Why does he deny the remnants of humanity to stay in a perpetual state of sterility, mere guinea pigs and genetic combinations of the "true" humans?" She spat this last part out like a bad taste in her mouth. The whole idea of a contained society, a clean society, a pure society continued in its cruel irony as every passing generation of new citizens in Romdo were mixed and matched with scientific and genetic indifference to create superior and healthy offspring. How could parents love a child who was genetically engineered? It may not even resemble their own mixture of DNA.

"Why did humanity leave us to rot in these hermetically sealed prisons? Why are we denied the ability to procreate as nature and God intended? I don't even feel human anymore. I am merely another superior copy, a genetic puzzle of some founding shit-head that neither cared for nor considered the ideal for individuality, for difference. Perhaps if we had been allowed to create our own progeny, we might be more robust against the poisons and toxins that keep us trapped in these fucking cities!" She began to sob quietly into Vincent's shoulder.

Poor Re-l! Underneath all her coolness, all her calculated pomposity, she was a woman through and through. A woman that needed love, that longed for completeness, for a child. It was time she knew the truth...or as much truth as he could recall...his memories still contained gaping omissions. However, the more time he spent with Re-l, the more he was able to recall from his subconscious repository.

Vincent raised her chin and using a finger dried the crystal tears that formed at the corners of her eyes. He spoke softly and reassuringly, "Do not cry little one! Lest you forget, you are special! You are the granddaughter of the Regent and the one destined to be my mate."

This statement was totally lost on Re-l. She had no idea what being the granddaughter of the Regent actually entailed. Vincent took a long breath and looked deeply into her eyes; those lovely, sensual brown eyes.

"Do you trust me? Trust me with your life, your love, and your heart?" He asked. He needed to hear this from her before they went any further. If she was not able to accept what he was about to say, there could be no future for them.

She threw herself at him, crushing him with all the strength her small body could muster. She spoke with a profound wisdom and conviction, "I trust you to the ends of the Earth. I will not question anything you will do or say. I know deep in my soul that everything you do is for my welfare. Somehow, since the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew that I would be supremely safe in your embrace. I love you Vincent! I love you more than any woman has known love in this wretched existence!"

This revelation brought a huge smile to Vincent's face. He had no reason to worry. He knew she would understand. The information, the memories and the knowledge of centuries had survived deep within the mitochondrial of her DNA. She was his original match, his soul mate. But what he would say next would still come as a shock to her. However, she must be prepared for the difficulties that ultimately lay ahead for them. Their safety, their happiness demanded that she be given the tools for her survival.

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