Ergo Proxy Ch. 03


"Do you know the origins of your name Re-l?" He asked. She shook her head slowly. She felt a thrill for the sudden turn their conversation had taken, but a silent apprehension clawed at the corners of her conscious, warning her to be careful.

Vincent took a deep breath and continued, "Your name means "the one". Another name used to signify "the one" is Monad. You are the Eve of my creation and I am Adam. My name is Ergo, the Alpha and Omega. I was the first proxy created by a fleeing mankind to act as guardian and protector for the remains of humanity. I created Romdo to house and protect this remnant against the furies of a bleak Earth. There were originally 30 of us scattered across the globe in city-states not unlike Romdo, to protect the last remnants of humanity that stayed behind. I created Romdo in hopes of maintaining a level of peace and prosperity for those who remained on Earth during this difficult time of transition."

Vincent paused in his explanation to look into her eyes. Re-l seemed lost in thought, trying to comprehend his words. He gently placed a large hand on the back of her head and brought it to his lips, kissing her sweetly, gently on the lips; he didn't want this moment to turn sexual...not just yet. He only wanted to feel her sweet lips to help soothe her fears and to reassure her...and him...that they were here for one another. He released her lips and took a moment to look deep into her eyes, trying to convey all the love and desire he had for his tiny Re-l. She laid her head down into his chest, snuggling hard against him. He gently stroked her hair and continued to speak.

"We were originally paired to another proxy, male and female. My female was named Monad. Her city was named Mosk. The same city I came here from as a refugee. She was a gorgeous creature and looked exactly like you do. She was very sensual and kind, we were very much in love. Together we helped build the birthing chambers that future generations of citizens would be born of. So in many ways we are father and mother to every citizen in Romdo and Mosk. Together we stored the genetic material of every last human in the computer data banks. Our first baby born out of these chambers was a baby girl...a girl named Re-l. She was very special. She contained the DNA from Monad; she was, in truth, a genetic match to Monad in every way, except she was completely human. Monad and I went against orders left by the fleeing humans to sterilize every newborn. Monad knew that if she was ever killed, I would need a mate to continue the lineage of humanity if the birthing chambers were ever destroyed. We never fully trusted the Regency installed to govern the masses. Humanity can be a very cruel and evil species, always looking for power at the cost of others."

He looked down at Re-l. She had raised her head from his chest and was now looking at him with rapt attention. A glimmer of understanding now stood in her eyes. He could see it. She had guessed her purpose of existence in this world; she knew the importance she held for him. She was smiling broadly, ecstatic at the prospect of motherhood.

"I see you guessed it Re-l. Yes. You are a descendant of this original Re-l. Every other generation I created a new copy to carry on the species in case of disaster. I have always entrusted the safety and security of each with the Regency, knowing this to be the safest place for you to be. That was until I was foolish enough to entrust you to that ego maniacal fascist Mayor. He used you against me and launched a surprise attack on Mosk and my beloved Monad. He then proceeded to hide you away from me. I was overcome with guilt and sorrow; I fled the city and went west to Mosk. Hoping in vain to find Monad and leave this cursed existence once and for all. I never found her again. That is where I erased my memories and began living my life as Vincent Law."

He looked once more down upon his beloved sprite. Her eyes were warm with emotion and her breathing was becoming more labored. He could tell she was thinking back to the first night when they met, when he first took her as Ergo.

"That is until I found you again Re-l. And now I am never going to lose you. What do you want me to do to you tonight? I am yours to command my love. I will be your willing slave." He said quietly as he brought his lips to hers. She whimpered quietly as her arousal began to get the better of her.

She looked at him with a renewed hunger, "Tie me up! Make me your slave!"

He looked at her questioningly not sure he had heard her correctly.

She repeated her request with an impish grin, "Tie me up! Please!"

Vincent grinned wickedly. He was enjoying where this was headed immensely. Suddenly she looked worried and a little scared at him.

"Does my grandfather know of this place? Can he find us here?"

Vincent began to shake his head slowly, "No! This place is known only to me and Monad. This is my sanctuary away from the worries and cares of those government vermin. We are completely alone and safe away from prying eyes. We can safely indulge in your little perversions." He said this last sentence with a wicked grin and watched her skin flush in embarrassment. He lowered his mouth to her neck and began sucking and nibbling at her soft flesh. She began to writhe and pant; her body telling him to hurry and find something to tie this little cock whore to the bed.

Vincent went into an adjoining room where extra linens were kept. He returned with four long, thin strips of silk. He quickly and expertly tied his flushed minx to the bed; it was far better knowing she had never dressed, leaving her entirely naked. Each limb was attached to a separate post, stretching and posing Re-l into a stretched eagle position. He purposely tight her legs a little higher, forcing her ass to be raised off the bed. This allowed him easier access to her dripping quim. When he was finished securing her, he went to the foot of the bed to observe his handy work. He was watching her, observing her, evaluating her flushed ivory skin; his Re-l, his mate, waiting for him to feast upon her supple body.

Vincent stood over the bed looking smugly down at his blushing minx tied securely to the bed, her legs spread far apart. Her pussy lips were drenched, dripping nectar down the crack of her ass and to the mattress below. He mused he would have to change the mattress soon; the smell of her sex soaking into the fabric was intoxicating, making his long cock rock hard and prepared to skewer her tiny fuck hole. He stood there for some time just looking at Re-l; watched as her body continued to heat up as she struggled against her restraints. He took great pleasure in watching her in sexual agony with no way of satisfying the burning desire now consuming her body. He locked his emerald eyes on her soft brown eyes and trying to convey his own sexual desire to her; willing his pheromones to travel through the air up her nose, to attack her olfactory center, confusing and stimulating the sensitive nerve bundles until she could no longer withhold her own wanton sexuality.

She was writhing in sexual agony now. Her eyes were glazed over as his pheromones overrode the logical centers of her brain. She began to buck and squirm, thrusting her pussy and ass into the air; she was trying to entice him to pleasure her, begging him for his touch to cool the fire now blazing through her loins. She looked at him and in a soft whimper pleaded,

"Vincent. Vincent? Please my dear sweet Vincent. My studly hung man-god. Please come over her and fuck me. Please, I'm begging you. My tiny pussy needs your giant fuck stick! Please shove your massive prick up my fuck hole, skewer your cock on my slutty quim! I know I am a total cock whore, a worthless slutty whore. Please. I need your cock to make me a good girl again. Won't you come and dump a gallon of that delicious cum in my baby hole and make me a good girl again?"

This filthy dialogue was not lost on Vincent. His cock was reacting vigorously despite his stoic demeanor. His staff was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum on to the carpet below. Re-l noticed the state of his cock and smiled; she continued her filthy monologue.

"See? Your cock doesn't lie. You need to be more honest with me Vincent. Don't you know I am your dirty cock slut, yours and yours alone? Your gigantic fuck stick knows it has a home, several homes in fact, in my whorish body. Come to me. Fuck me! Shove that enormous cock in every orifice on my body! Bathe me in your abundant fuck cream! Baptize me in your glorious spunk and make this cum-guzzling whore love you even more!"

She was delirious with pleasure from her own words. Her pussy was flooding now. A large pool of girl-cum had gathered beneath her writhing body. She was completely out of her fucking mind and enjoying every glorious minute of it. Vincent walked over to the side of the bed and knelt down next to his vixen, moving his cock to within six inches of her hungry mouth. Re-l turned her head towards his massive mushroom. She opened her mouth, trying to invite him to fuck her mouth. She was panting heavily, her hot breath bathing his cock, giving Vincent a new pleasure. She extended her tiny pink tongue, trying to touch and caress his cock. There were tears in her eyes, a supreme hunger burning in those amber corneas.

Without allowing her to touch him, he bent close to her ear and whispered, "Re-l listen to me. I love you more than life itself. You are my mate, my completion in this world. But tonight you are my filthy, dirty, cock whore. You are my personal fuck toy to do with as I please. I am going to bring you so much pleasure, your body will collapse from the amount of orgasms you will have. I will fuck you so good you will come just from the thought of my giant cock filling your filthy, dirty pussy. I am going to fill your body with so much cum your body will hunger for my creamy nut juice for the rest of your life. I am going to fill every hole you have with my sperm until I run dry. Tonight you will call me master."

With this last word she looked at him with wanton lust screaming, "Yes! Oh fuck yes! Please master, my beautiful hung master! Please make your dirty cock slave a good girl again! I need to be punished for teasing your beautiful, delicious cock. I need to taste and swallow gallons of your tasty cum, filling my pussy and tummy till I can't take anymore. I want to know that I can pleasure your beautiful, muscular horse cock...."

Re-l was not able to finish her sentence as all the filthy talking had brought a torrential orgasm all its own upon her tiny body. Re-l's head rolled and dropped back as she screamed. Her pussy clenched in sweet agony. Vincent watched in fascination as a thick stream of cum evacuated from her urethra in a beautiful arc, hitting the floor just beyond the footboard. She continued to scream as her orgasm ripped through her for a whole minute; the stream of cum slowing to a trickle as it dripped off her beautiful ass. Re-l breathed erratically, trying to slow her heartbeat as she finally came down from the earth-shattering orgasm.

Vincent was speechless. He had never seen such a display as sensual and beautiful as his tiny Re-l squirted her release all over the floor.

"That was the most beautiful and erotic thing I have ever seen." He whispered in visual awe.

Re-l looked at him weakly and smiled. She didn't know she had that powerful an orgasm in her. Fuck! She was so turned on right now! The kinkiness of the bondage and filthy talk was making her hotter than she had ever known to be. What will happen when he finally fucks her? The thought made her pussy tingle with anticipation.

He bent over her body and kissed her gently, "Do you want me to untie you?"

She looked at him with continual hunger, "You better fucking not! I'll attack and rape your ass if you do. But you better make sure I can't move or walk straight after you do untie me. I expect you to fuck me silly with that beautiful cock of yours and make me orgasm till I pass out!"

Vincent blinked and gasped in mock surprise. He was enjoying the effect the kink was having on Re-l. She really was enjoying this new experience. It warmed his heart to know that he could have such an effect on this lovely creature. How he loved her. He wanted to pleasure her immensely and be with her always. He tried to regain the same stoic and demanding mask he wore when he first tied her up; he was finding it difficult not to chuckle at her sincerity and the utter ridiculousness of it all.

He stiffened his actions and played the part of an angered master, "you dirty slut! How dare you orgasm without me saying so! Now I must punish you so you can learn proper respect for your master and his needs!"

Vincent reached under Re-l to squeeze and massage her buttocks.

She squealed in delight, "I'm sorry my hung master. My beautiful godly master! I couldn't help myself. You make me so horny, so very fucking horny! I can't help but think of your massive fuck rod destroying my dirty, little pussy; the thought alone makes me want to cum again and again."

The bonds holding her body were flexible enough to allow Vincent to flip Re-l onto her stomach. Her heart-shaped ass pointed proudly in the air. Re-l watched in fascination and mock horror as Vincent climbed onto the bed and straddled her back sitting on his knees before her ass. His own muscular ass pointed towards her.

"Now I am going to punish my little cock whore until she learns proper respect for her master!" Vincent said in a dark gruff voice.

Vincent raised his right hand in a dramatic display as he turned his head to look at Re-l. She was looking at him with hungry anticipation. As he continued holding her gaze, he allowed his heavy hand to fall onto her left buttock with a resounding SLAP! The resulting force ground her engorged sex into the silk sheets, causing Re-l to buck in both pleasure and pain. Her sensitive clit hammered every time his hand rose and fell upon her perfect little ass. Vincent never lifted his gaze from hers as he proceeded to spank and massage her buttocks. Re-l's reaction was growing increasingly erotic. Her breath was becoming sharper and more ragged as her arousal grew and grew. Between the short painful whimpers a continual sensual mewling was growing in her throat as her battered pussy was raped across the silken bedding.

"Yes Master! Smack that tight ass! Punish your little cock tease! Teach your little slutty slave not to cum without your saying so! Oh God! Master! I'm going to cum so fucking hard again! I'm going to...going...cum...oh fuck! Please master! Say it is okay to cum! My little pussy is soaked for you. It needs a release! Please master, let me cum!"

With a final resounding slap across her ass, Re-l came. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she began to scream and whimper. Her body was quivering and trembling between Vincent's powerful thighs as he watched her endure one continuous wave of pleasure after another. Just as she started to come down he started spanking and massaging her ass again, forcing her into a second wave of powerful trembling.

"Oh fuck....fuck....fuck, fuck, fuck...God!! I'm fucking" Tears began to forming as she tried to withstand the torrential hammering her body was enduring. The nerve endings in her ass and pussy sending endless impulses to the pleasure center of her brain. Her battered pussy was leaking profusely under her writhing body.

But Vincent was not finished...oh no. He was going to give her an orgasm she would not soon forget. Just as Re-l was finally coming down from her second violent thrashing, he stuck a finger into her pussy, moistening and fucking her burning hole. Then he shoved his sodden digit into her tiny asshole. Re-l opened her eyes wide in fear and confusion. Her mouth contorted and twitched as her lips formed a continuous and silent "Oh!" A final massive orgasm ripped through her tortured body so quickly her mind was reeling to process the amount of electrical impulses flooding her brain as every single nerve ending in her body fired an impulse at once. The resulting orgasm was too much for her and she passed out from the pleasure. Her pussy continued to drool on the bed long after conscious thought left her battered body.


Re-l woke with a start; she didn't know where she was. She was still tied to the bed but now she could not see anything. She could not see! Something soft was covering her eyes, causing her to panic slightly. She screamed as a large hand came down on her right buttock and squeezed harshly.

"Vincent?" she asked the darkness.

She felt his hot breath fall on her ear, "So. My little cock tease decided to wake from her little nap, did she? It isn't nice to make your master wait so long for some attention. My cock is rock hard and waiting for your hot little mouth. Will you be a good girl now and suck my cock?"

The fear of the moment quickly passed as she again felt the passion and arousal return with renewed intensity. She was pleased Vincent had decided to keep her restrained and surprised he had decided to up the kink factor once more.

"Yes my master! I'm so sorry for not sucking your delicious fat cock. I have been such a horrible, horrible cock tease. Please clean my dirty, filthy mouth with your giant fuck stick. Would you please now fuck my mouth and let me swallow a gallon of that delicious nut cream?"

She felt his massive girth glide across her lips and immediately opened her mouth to let it slide pass her lips and into her throat. She concentrated on relaxing her throat as Vincent proceeded to fuck her mouth. She felt so deliciously naughty letting him use her like a fucking toy while she was restrained. His cock felt so warm and tasted so good as it slid in and out of her sensual mouth. She added pressure to her tongue to give his cock extra friction as it slid in and out; a pleasurable grunt from Vincent told Re-l he enjoyed the stimulation. After a couple of minutes, Re-l could tell Vincent was close as his speed continued to increase to near recklessness.

She felt the familiar tingle in his shaft that signaled his ejaculation. She concentrated on relaxing her throat and let him do what he wanted. Suddenly Vincent held very still and Re-l prepared for the onslaught as she felt his flood gates open. With a low grunt he came. Her mouth was suddenly filled to the brink with hot seed as it evacuated in torrential spurts from his thick shaft. She swallowed his sperm like it was air. Sucking and slurping at his cock like a massive straw, milking every delicious drop of sperm from her new favorite source. His semen always made her feel light headed. Its smell and texture was so strong yet tasted as sweet as honey. The first time she tasted his cock, she became instantly and irreparably addicted to his spunk. As the flow lessened and finally slowed to a trickle, Re-l continued to lick and suck, plunging her tongue into his slit causing him to jerk and a final delicious rope of cum splash against her throat. His deflated cock finally fell out of her mouth with a pop.

She giggled as she heard his weight drop with a resounding thud onto the floor. She was infinitely proud to know she could have such an effect on her magnificent lover. She listened quietly to his breath as he came down from his own massive orgasm. She squinted slightly as the soft fire light washed over her eyes as the blind fold was removed. She looked up at Vincent with an impish grin; like a cat who just caught the canary.

"Am I your favorite little good girl again Master?" she asked in the most innocent girl voice she could muster.

He grinned wickedly at her. His eyes sparkled in delight and love as she continued their sensual charade. He tried to speak forcefully to her in a masterful tone, but failed miserably when he looked into her face.

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