tagInterracial LoveEri Entertains Ch. 01

Eri Entertains Ch. 01


When Jeff first introduced me to his wife Eri, you could have knocked me off my feet with a feather. I'd know Jeff since college and he was a nice enough guy. Anything special - well I'd never thought so! He played a bit of racket ball, occasionally tennis in the summer but he wasn't a jock, he wasn't really anything special in any department. He'd gone on to a reasonably successful career as an investment adviser and the last I'd heard he had been transferred from London to Hong Kong and then on to Tokyo, after which we'd kind of lost touch.

That is until I received an invite to his welcome back party . I think his PA had just gone through one of his old address books and tried to contact everyone with a London or South East address. It was a nice flat, verging on the luxurious just off the Brompton Road. Ringing on the fine brass door bell l was thinking he'd clearly done very well in the far east; I didn't realise just how well until I got inside.

The door was opened by an attractive formally dressed maid and, after she'd taken my coat, I was shown into a large spacious room with two large sets of french doors which looked out over the adjoining square. There were about twenty of so guests already there, some faces already familiar to me but their names had been forgotten. Jeff had been on his travels for about six years and his and my social lives hadn't really overlapped that much after college. I started talking to a couple and we tried to worked out how it was we both knew Jeff but didn't know each other. I was there alone as my marriage had broken-up some six months ago, though no one there would have known that.

Jeff was in an adjoining room and I could hear his voice on the phone and it sounded like a business conversation. I thought that there is a price to be paid for this glossy life style; he's never actually allowed off the company leash; Saturday night is no different to Monday morning when you have pressing business matters across the globe.

Several minutes later Jeff joined his party and strode across the room toward me with his hand out, we shook hands briefly and then at his move fell into more of an embrace. He seemed genuinely pleased to see me and as he gripped my shoulders in an amiable bear hug I recalled the days when we had shared a rather different sort of flat in a rather indifferent part of London, south of the river. I remembered that there had been times when late into the evening we had drunk ourselves to sleep on the rug - knowing that we'd be skipping classes again in the morning but with the recklessness of youth that really didn't seem awfully important!

'Glad you could come, I'm delighted to see you again, here you must meet Eri' he said as he then hauled me across the room and out onto one of the little balconies which overlooked the trees of the square, still visible as the summer evening drew in. 'Eri, meet Steve, one of my oldest and closest friends' he said as he led me to the most gorgeous looking woman I had seen in many a long while.

I was slightly surprised at the great build-up he'd given me but I was even more surprised by Eri. She stood about 5'3", her slim figure was well displayed by the very stylish and tailored dress she was wearing. Somewhat unexpectedly for one with so neat a figure Eri had quite full breasts the upper slopes of which were nicely revealed by her off-the-shoulder dress which was then drawn in quite tightly at her narrow waist. The dress was a scarlet silk and the bright colour brilliantly set off her beautiful clear skin and her jet black hair which was drawn up to the back of her head then tumbled in a cascade down her neck and shoulders. She wore a bright lipstick in a kind of cupid bow, her eyes were wonderfully decorated and highlighted with soft shades of gold and a double strand of natural pearls set off the fine lines of her neck. She looked stunning and sophisticated - I had to check myself to prevent my jaw dropping. The thought that she was Jeff's wife was to me almost inexplicable.

Eri offered her hand and as I took it Jeff at my shoulder said in a stage whisper 'Go on Steve give her a proper hello, a kiss on each cheek at least!' I didn't need a second encouragement but placed my hands carefully on Eri's shoulders and drew her slightly toward me to give a polite 'air kiss' to each cheek. As I did so it struck me how easily she yielded herself into my slight embrace and as I kissed her I inhaled her sweet perfume. There was no doubt as in this fine apartment with the great view Jeff appeared to have done very well recently his new wife being the jewel in his crown. I couldn't help but feel a little envious thinking of my own collapsed married the failure brought on by the tug of two demanding careers which left little time to also work on making our marriage work.

But Jeff didn't appear to have the confidence and satisfaction I would expect. Instead his opening comment really surprised me. 'Do you remember that waitress that you fancied at the So Lin noodle house' - Jeff was referring to a cheap place we used to eat at, it must have been 15 years ago. 'You must have the most extra ordinary memory Jeff' I said. 'I haven't been there in, it must be 10 years. I do remember the girl though, I thought it was you that had the crush on her. We never did find out her name. She's probably fat and happily married now with four kids - she was quite a doll though but, Jeff, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you done considerably better with Eri.'

'But Steve, what I remembered was that it was the waitress as much as the cheap food which used to make it your favourite eating place. Though I've been away from the dubious pleasures of the London nightlife I did find out something special in the way of eastern delights - I got to sample what we could only speculate about that little sweetheart at the restaurant.' While certainly true that I had had a certain affinity for oriental ladies and had in fact dated one or two while at college - it was a fact that the student population of London was very international, I didn't realise that it had clearly made an impression on Jeff when we had shared that flat in the early days - but it was even more amazing that Jeff would have remembered it after so long. But while we were engaged in what I thought was a little reminiscence and harmless banter I realised that Eri hadn't spoken.

'Eri, how did you meet this very lucky man?' I really just asked in an attempt to engage Eri in conversation and to gauge how good her English was. She looked first at Jeff, seemed to count a beat then answered in impeccable very slightly accented English, 'Oh, we were introduced by mutual friends at a club in Tokyo, but Steve I've heard so much about you, do tell what you're doing now in London?'. She clearly had no language problems and for the next half an hour we enjoyed a general conversation about life-style and comparing London to Tokyo and to New York which we both knew, but in my case not terribly well. Somewhere along the way Jeff had drifted off to his other guests but I notice though he circulated the room and seemed to be enjoying generally socialising he made no attempt to bring anyone else over to meet his wife. Perhaps they had all met before I arrived I concluded.

Several times I had wandered off to get a new drink during the course of the evening, each time Eri had refused another drink and continued nursing her single white wine. But each time when I returned Eri appeared to be waiting for me.

As it got later and people started to drift off I made several attempts to suggest that Eri might want to join Jeff bidding his guests good night at the door, I even indicated that perhaps it was time I thought of leaving. Without saying anything directly Eri suggested that she actually preferred staying on the balcony talking with me, and that it was also what her husband would want. Of course I found it very flattering to monopolise the most attractive woman in the room but I put the attention down to extreme Japanese politeness and perhaps the fact that Eri didn't really know anyone else there very well. I hadn't realised that our time talking together had been planned until most of the guests had left and Jeff returned to speak to us. 'I hope you two have had plenty of time to get to know each other now' Jeff said as he handed both me and Eri an unrequested glass of brandy. 'It's been a pleasure Jeff', I replied,'but I think I'd better be heading off myself now'.

I started in on the usual thanks for the invite lines when Jeff interrupted me,'Actually Steve, I was rather hoping you'd stay on for a bit', he said suddenly appearing slightly awkward. I didn't quite follow what he had in mind and thought that he might want to have some heart to heart about his job or his company or some such 'serious' topic which, after such a pleasant evening, I didn't really have the stomach for. I looked around and noticed that all the other guests had in fact gone. 'Look Jeff I really don't want to overstay my welcome, and I'm sure both you and Eri must be looking forward to a chance to unwind now the party's successfully behind you.

'No Steve, that's not what we're looking forward to at all. Of all the guests here tonight I was particularly hoping that you that Eri would hit it off and I'm so pleased that it worked out, you see I remembered that you had fancied oriental women, and a little sleuthing by my PA unearthed the fact that you had recently got divorced.' I was even more unsure what Jeff meant by this and simply looked blankly back at him. Eventually I said, 'Now look here Jeff, I don't know why you'd want to gloat about a thing like that, I don't see what that's got.....' 'No, I can see you don't', said Jeff. For the first time in the conversation he turned to Eri and said, I thought rather embarrassedly, ' Eri, would you leave us.'

'Let's not get off on the wrong foot Steve, I didn't invite you here to gloat over my successful and your failed marriage, not at all. I've something quite different to propose and you struck me as the ideal choice. I'll put it bluntly, Eri and I have been married just over a year and during that time while we've had a great time, in every respect, and I mean a great sex life too, but I sort of had the feeling that for Eri something wasn't quite right. Oh, don't get me wrong, she certainly enjoys sex, and the sex for me has been good, but somehow I felt she was holding back, something, I didn't know what.'

'She can be pretty reticent too, it's not the language problem, it's more a kind of Japanese thing. I mean - I've done business with them over there for years, they're very, how can I put it, indirect. They rarely came right out and say what they want, you're expected to work it out, or just let it pass. Anyway since we've been back in London, and I guess Eri has felt less constrained by peer pressure, she has opened out a little more to me. Don't think I'm complaining, she a very very fascinating woman. Yes, I know she's beautiful but more than that she also has certain tastes of her own which are to put it bluntly a bit unusual, a bit different. I'm at something of a loose end myself because while I'm very happy to go along with whatever Eri wants I need some help and for reasons which may become obvious you're the person who came to mind.'

'Hang on Jeff,' I replied, 'I don't know what makes me the obvious choice for anything, we haven't met ourselves for years and as you know I just met Eri.' 'But you like oriental women, and somehow I feel I can trust you - something about our sharing a lot in the old days when neither of us had very much of anything - money or girls! I have to talk to someone outside the family, and outside the office and my immediate circle, and you fit the bill.' 'So what on earth is it?' I asked, finally exasperated with the endless hints and prevarication.

'We, that is Eri, wants to widen her sexual experience - and I suggested you! There I've said it, its out! It came up after she saw your photo the other day when I was going through some boxes of old stuff I'd left in storage here. I said you were one of my oldest friends. I mean it wasn't completely out of the blue, I have had a pretty exciting time travelling the far east for the last 10 years - on company expenses, and I'm not sure myself that I'm ready for the carpet slippers by the fire and the faithful wife in the kitchen fixing dinner for two! I'm not sure Eri's quite the little 'stay-at home' domestic goddess either!'

'Eri's been suggesting for a while that we might invite someone to join us in some of our sexual fun then when she came across your photo and I mentioned that you certainly used to fancy that Chinese waitress... well alright we'd both fancied her, but at least I knew you wouldn't be funny about the fact that my wife was Japanese.' 'Funny about it, you must be kidding,' I replied, 'Eri is gorgeous, she's a complete wet-dream come true, but Jeff, if you've said what Eri wants you haven't said what you want or why you want it.'

'Well, I said that she has some unorthodox tastes, apart from a very healthy appetite for sex turns out she sort of like to be dominated, sexually I mean. She's my wife and I love her but maybe that's part of the problem, I think perhaps I'm too nice to her and she feels she'd like to be, well how to put it, enjoyed more, taken more physically I suppose - I don't know this kind of thing's hard to explain.' 'Well Jeff, you've really taken my breath away. I'm flattered that you think I'm the one to help out and I've got no problem fancying Eri - but what this is going to do to our friendship?'

'Damn it Steve, I'm the one doing the inviting so I can hardly hold it against you.' 'No, but Jeff, just talking about it and analysing it is a bit different from actually seeing it happen. I take it that you'd want to be there to see fair play and all.' 'Yes, actually me being there is part of the whole thing. Frankly Steve the idea of watching you have Eri is not just something Eri would enjoy, I'd rather like it too. I mean she's is a completely and absolutely perfect woman, she has a wonderful body and I know she loves me and all but, for reasons I can't really fathom, I find the idea of watching her being fucked by someone else a real turn on - but the great thing is we both seem to feel the same way about it, though I don't think I would ever have brought myself to suggest it to her, but in some ways she's tougher than she looks - she knows what she wants!'

I felt suddenly very sober, even though I had been drinking all night. 'Jeff, if I've got the idea then Eri doesn't want to be treated as the wife of one of my oldest friends. She wants to feel she's something else. This is not about a loving relationship - its about sex, and the fact that Eri wants to be seen in a sexual way, not a love object.' 'Yes Steve, that does sound right, but this is about as far as I've got with the planning - I've put it to you, sounds like you've accepted it, and thanks for that, what the next step is I'm not exactly sure.' 'I think you can leave that to me.' I replied.

Eri had disappeared in the direction of the kitchen and I went off to find her. The maid was just finishing clearing away the remnants of the party as I appeared in the kitchen doorway. Eri was there, looking very much in control, supervising the disposal of the left-overs. Having seen me arrive she said rather curtly to the maid, 'That's enough for tonight, you can go now.' Once the maid left Eri turned to me, 'Jeff has spoken to you?' I nodded. 'And you have agreed?' I nodded again. 'I'm so pleased!' she said.

Her face, which had been rather tense and more than a little severe broke into a lovely smile, eyes crinkled-up quite delightfully and she walked across the room toward me. But before she reached me, her arms seemingly raised for an embrace, I put up my hands. 'No Eri, stop there! We are not going to be lovers, you are the wife of one of my oldest friends and I'm not going to compete in your marriage.' Eri stopped and her brow furrowed again - quite delightfully, she looked unsure, which I wanted. I was happy to string this moment out. 'No Eri not lovers but I would be delighted to have sex with you'. Again she looked a little puzzled, but less so than before. There was the beginning of a smile on her lips, and a look of recognition. 'Ah Steven, you also like to play games,' she said softly.

We had both heard Jeff let the maid out; there were just the three of us in the apartment now and although Jeff was around, there were still just the two of us in the kitchen. I think he was giving us a little privacy until this next step were taken. I could hear him re-arranging the furniture in the lounge where the party had been. 'Eri,' I said softly, 'What are you wearing under that dress?' As she began to reply I said, 'No, don't tell me, show me.' I didn't bark this out as a instruction but stated it quietly and firmly.

Eri kept her eyes on mine as she reached behind her back and felt for her zipper. I heard her draw it down and watched delightedly as the whole silky bodice dropped forward exposing her full breasts cupped in a lacy black bra. As she dropped the dress to the floor and then stepped out of it she lowered her eyes. Black stockings, and minute black thong panties completed the most erotic picture standing before me. 'Eri, I like what I see very much, I think this is going to be a perfect arrangement. Leave the dress, let's go and find Jeff.'

Anyone want to know what happened next? I know I do!

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