tagInterracial LoveEri Entertains Ch. 03

Eri Entertains Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Eri Revealed

'I want you to use me' said Eri. This time she remembered to look Steve straight into his eyes. 'You hear that Jeff,' said Steve to Eri’s husband, 'this isn't about what you want, or even what I want, it's about what Eri wants.' This was what Steve wanted to get out in the open. He wasn't going to take advantage of his old friend. Jeff was clearly anxious to keep his marriage together and his pretty Japanese wife happy. He was so anxious that he'd been prepared to ask his old friend Steve to help keep her happy.

But Steve wasn't keen to take advantage of his friend's concern. He looked down at the naked woman who knelt in front of him. He thought he saw more clearly than Jeff did what was really happening here. He wanted to get Eri to admit that she wanted to enjoy some sex play outside the marital bed. He didn't want to feel guilty about having a ride on the back of his old friend's feeling of failure. He did want to have this beautiful young wife, but it would be because she wanted it, not because his friend was desperate. And now he felt he had got to the truth of what was happening.

Immediately he met her he knew it was Eri who was the stronger partner in this marriage. She was a woman who knew what she wanted even if she kept it well concealed beneath a veneer of her Asian politeness. The next step was going to be what she wanted, and Steve would get her to make that plain to all of them. The natural order, what convention dictated, was that she should follow her husband's wishes. But Jeff's wishes had not been going in the direction that Eri wanted. Her scheme had been to get what she wanted by making Jeff feel inadequate.

Now Steve had broken through that veneer - Eri has admitted to her husband that it was she who wanted more. She had been steering Jeff into thinking that it was his poor performance in bed that led him to an embarrassing desire to see his wife get satisfaction from another man. It was the only way she thought she could make it could work for her. But Steve knew there was another way - a way that was more honest and would give her even more of what she wanted.

It meant she had to have the courage to say what she wanted and to then take the consequences and her share of the responsibility. It was not the way Eri had handled her complex sexuality before. But now she had spoken her real desires out loud as she knelt naked between these two men, and once she did so she felt an unexpected sense of release.

They hadn't reviled her, they hadn't rejected her, instead they were both smiling down at her with perhaps even greater affection than before. This was a new feeling for this beautiful woman. She wasn't putting on a 'face', a construct to mask her true desires, she had instead made it clear what she wanted and they had accepted it, and had accepted her. There was no doubt that Steve had tapped into her thoughts in a way that no one had before.

'Okay Eri, now we all know where we stand and what we want, would you kiss your husband.' said Steve, and he offered her his hand to help her stand. Eri turned back to Jeff and stretched up to kiss him. As she did so Steve surprise her yet again. While she had her arms on her husband's shoulders she raised herself just a little on her toes to reach his lips. Steve quickly moved behind her and, with his hands on each of her fine white buttocks, pressed his finger into that sweet tight rose bud of her arse.

Eri gasped with surprise, and then let out a groan of pleasure as she felt Steve's probe her rear entrance. Steve had decided that his first move would be to violate her where she would expect it least. It confirmed that no part of Eri's body was either not available to him, and perhaps more importantly, not desirable to him. She felt her knees tremble and her embrace of her husband turned into a grip of support as she felt herself go weak as Steve probed her hard. He stood up close and behind her. His hands travelled up her thighs and beyond to grab at her breasts quite roughly. He pulled her away from her husband and stretched around her shoulder. When she turned her head toward him he covered her mouth with his, crushing her breasts in his embrace as he did so. Eri loved his firm handling.

Jeff looked on as his wife fell into an embrace with his old friend. He felt himself growing hard watching Steve's hands explore her body. There was something very natural about the way these two who had just met seemed to be so comfortable together. There seemed to be a bond between them, which had been immediate and strong. He felt that Steve understood his wife in a way which he had himself so far failed to do.

Steve had not expected to be holding his friend's wife naked in his arms when he had arrived just a few hours ago but now that he had experienced the softness of her skin, the heat of her kisses he knew he wanted much more. He stepped back from her embrace. 'Eri,' he said softly, 'this is how I want you to be whenever you're with me, I want you naked and available.' Eri stood before him and adopted the same poise as she had earlier. Her eyes slightly downcast, her head a little bowed, her hands clasped in front, she nodded her assent.

Steve looked more closely at the carefully trimmed narrow tuff of jet black hair which sprang from the top of Eri’s cleft. Her lower lips were tight, the opening indicated only by a slight darkening of the shade of her delicate pale skin. Like so much about this woman her sex was both obvious and yet mysterious.

‘Open your cunt Eri’, Steve ordered rather than asked. Eri didn’t reply but her fingers quickly moved positions each side of that secret place and as she drew her lips apart to reveal the coral pink of her inner lips. Something in the beauty of her body, as well as the complete humility of her manner suddenly moved to Steve action he couldn’t resist. He had wanted to remain entirely cool this first evening of Eri’s submission.

With a glance at Jeff over Eri’s shoulder he dropped down in front of this naked wife and, putting his hands over Eri’s to spread her wider, he thrust his tongue into her warm silky opening. He savoured her and sought-out the hooded seat of her sexuality with his tongue. Eri let out a groan and Steve felt his mouth fill with her sweet salty juices. Steve was almost at the point of no return when he checked himself. He wasn’t ready to give his conquest everything tonight. He felt it important to hold on to his lead, he was being dazzled and overcome by this beautiful woman he so fiercely wanted to dominate.

He abruptly stood up. Steve had one more step he wanted to take tonight. He walked over to the French doors onto the balcony and opened the doors wide. There was still traffic still moving on the street although it was now the early hours of the morning. He stepped out. A looked down into the darkened street. A few people were about, most of them appeared to be hurrying home. No one looked up toward the second floor balcony.

Turning back into the room he stretched out his hand towards Eri. 'Come outside Eri, it's a fine night, it's not cold and you will enjoy the view.' Her breathing was still heavy as Steve had taken her right to the brink with his tongue. She held back for a moment realising that she would be the view! She looked at her husband and Jeff expression was simply one of disbelief. 'No Eri’, said Steve, ‘this is not up to Jeff, it's up to you, I want you outside, come.'. She took another deep breath and holding her head up she found herself moving toward the open doors and out onto the balcony where she often stood and looked at the garden in the Square. Where she occasionally waved to friends and neighbours below in the street, or as they walked across the garden. She hoped none were out tonight.

She moved onto the balcony and Steve lead her right up to the iron railing that didn’t shield her body at all. He stood by her side, his hand around her waist drawing her against the rail and displaying her nakedness to anyone who cared to look. The dense drift of her hair surrounding her shoulders was blacker than the night sky but there was a good moon and its cool light gave the rest of Eri's nakedness a soft glow as she stood quite still, not daring to move unless she should drew attention to herself.

Her husband moved to stand buy her other side and the three of them kept their own thoughts as they looked out onto the street. Steve was hoping someone would notice them standing there. He wanted someone to see Eri exposed, he wanted it to register that this was something he wanted her to do, and something her husband would go along with. It would put a stamp of completeness on what had happened tonight. Eri should be exposed to the eyes of a stranger, it didn't matter who, and should accept that she was to be used in this way if Steve so wished.

At last, a cab pulled up a few houses down the street on the same side and a couple got out. The man was on the street side and the woman alighted onto the pavement. As he leaned into the cab to pay the fare he glanced across to his companion on the other side and his eyes strayed up toward the balcony. Steve didn't know whether Eri and Jeff knew this couple. But he heard a quiet groan from Eri as she also realised that she had been seen. She dropped her head still lower but Steve kept his arm firmly at her waist and prevented her stepping back out of sight. The man stopped and stared for a moment then, not wanting the woman with him to see what he had, he moved around the cab quickly. Taking his companion by the arm they entered the house down the street. Very satisfied with the evening's events Steve left the others and moved back into the house. Without anything being said both Eri and Jeff turned and followed him.

(Thanks to Rochelle for the inspiration)

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