tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEric And I Put On A Show

Eric And I Put On A Show


This relates to another fun time that I enjoyed with my elder lover Eric, and some random builders watching us.

Before we moved in together, Eric had been living in his own flat for a little while and we had continued having our regular fun sessions whenever we could get time together.

On this occasion there were a group of workmen doing some building repairs on the block of flats opposite.

I had been popping in to see him after college for some fun and frolics and also to have my tea with him.

During the time I was going to see him, I had received quite a few wolf whistles from the builders opposite, and had been quite flattered, and aroused by them.

I always made sure my skirt was hoisted up as high as I could get away with on passing by, and tried to make sure I gave my best sexy wiggle as well.

I had mentioned this to Eric and he had laughed saying that he bet the guys would like to see more. During our sucking and fucking sessions the idea blossomed and Eric decided to hatch a plan.

I had already made sure my mum and dad knew I was going straight to Eric's flat for tea on the day in question.

My cunt had been wet and hot for a large part of the day anticipating the good fucking I was certain to be getting from my lover later, and also at the thought of his little plan coming to fruition.

College seemed to drag on forever and the anticipation was almost making it unbearable.

Eric later confessed to having the same feelings, and that he had found it difficult to concentrate at work as he kept getting a stiffy!

Once college was over and the day was mine I eagerly made my way to the bus stop.

Once on the bus I made my way to the top deck and was luckily the only one on-board at this time.

I started to make my slutty adjustments. Rolling up the hem of my skirt to shorten it, tidying my hair into the pigtails, Eric liked me to have my hair in pigtails, and also applying some extra make up. To complete the look I swapped my plain knickers for a sexier pair I had concealed in my bag.

It felt deliciously wicked to be taking my panties off on the bus and I have to admit at getting a little wet from doing so.

I deliberately kept them off longer than I probably needed too, enjoying the free feeling of being knicker-less on a public bus.

The final part of my transformation was a change of shoes. Off came my sensible flat shoes and on went a slightly higher pair of black stilettos.

I slowly made my way to Eric's flat, my pussy getting the familiar tingle and ache of anticipation as I did so.

Once at the corner of his road, I could see the builders in action. I wiggled my way down the street, and as soon as I was in view I got the usual wolf whistles and calls from them.

"Hey gorgeous!You're looking sexy today," one of the guys shouted from the scaffolding at me.

I turned around, smiled and blew him a kiss. I then thought I could make the teasing a bit fruitier.

So I pretended to drop something out of my pocket, and I bent over to pick it up. As I did so my little skirt was raised a fair bit and the guys must have had a good view up my skirt of my arse and of my legs.

I received another wolf whistle chorus and again turned to face them all smiling.

"Loving the show!" one of the guys shouted down to me.

"Well keep watching then!" I cheekily said.

Eric had now answered the door bell and I made my way into his flat.

A final chorus of wolf whistles and shouts of "You lucky old bugger. Give her one for us," being directed at us both.

Once inside Eric had obviously been really turned on by my sexy antics in the street. He pushed me against the wall and we had a terrific, long snog. Our tongues probing deep into each others mouths as we kissed passionately. I could feel his cock bulging in his trousers as he pressed against me.

"Mmmmmm, that feels nice and stiff," I said to him as I lustily rubbed myself against his aching hard on.

"Too fucking right!" he exclaimed back to me. "Your cock teasing ways have got me rock hard here."

I then placed my right hand down and began to feel his hard girth, my hand kneading his stiff prick as we continued our snog.

"Fuck its like truncheon!" I exclaimed.

"Its all yours too," Eric told me, laughing as he did so.

"Well what we waiting for then?" I asked him. "You like my get up?"

With this I paraded up the hall and into his living room. Trying my best to act like a cat walk model as I walked.

"Love it!" was his simple reply.

"I don't think you're the only one either," I said to him. "Did you hear the whistles I got from those randy buggers outside!"

Eric responded by telling me had heard everything and how much it excited him, knowing his little girlfriend was such a cock tease.

"I bet they'd like to see more," I said in reply.

"Oh I know so you randy little fucker," was his response. He then proceeded to tell me about the chats he had been having with a couple of the men from the builders firm.

"They all fancy you like mad," he told me.

"They think I'm so lucky to have you as my girlfriend. I've told them that you have just turned 18 and that your a right randy little fucker."

"Oh have you now!" I teasingly said to him. As I did so I could tell he had some kind of wicked plan in his mind.

My cunt was beginning to get really hot and wet from the anticipated fuck we would be having. I also had begun to have some very naughty thoughts of my own too.

"So what do you want to do about it then?" I asked him. Knowing full well he had some deliciously dirty plan in mind.

"I thought we could start by letting them see a bit more of you in action, so to speak," Eric told me.

I looked at him quizzically, "What do you have in mind then?"

With this he beckoned me to him and led me upstairs to his bedroom. His front bedroom looked straight onto the main road, and directly onto where the builders were currently working opposite.

As I entered the room I noticed the curtains were open. The blinds that normally covered the widow had also been fully opened.

"You dirty fucker!" I said loudly to my old lover. "You're gonna let them watch us aren't you?"

"Well if you're game for it?" he said to me.

"I asked a couple of the guys if they can see in and they told me yes from a certain angle, up on the scaffolding they can see into the room. I've checked it out from the street and you cant see anything from down there if we are far enough back in the room".

"Fucking hell Eric you are a dirty cunt," I said back to him.

"What and you're not!" he laughed at me. "I bet your pussy is fucking soaking from the thought of having an audience aren't you!"

"Yes I am," was my instant reply.

I wasn't lying. I was fucking dripping from the thought of being watched fucking and sucking with him.

I'm not sure if it was just the idea of being watched, or the great fuck we would be having that turned me on most. Either way I was simply gagging for hard cock, and gagging to let these dirty fuckers watch us at it as well.

"OK," I said to him. "Lets give them a show to remember then," and with this I made my way to the window.

As I approached it I could see fully across the street onto the scaffolding and was aware of the fact that one of the guys had obviously spotted me. I noticed him pointing to me and then another two of the men turning their heads to look as well.

I brazenly gave him a wave, blew him a kiss and then began to pose in the window for them.

I poked my tongue out, twirled my pigtails and began to loosen my blouse buttons slowly as I could see them now watching me.

Within a couple of minutes the three of them had taken themselves to the very top of the scaffolding, which was partially on the roof of the flats opposite.

Once they were in position, I began to slowly do a little striptease for them. Eric had pushed the bed back as far as it could go in the room, and I had gotten on top of it, wobbling slightly in my high heels as I did so.

As my audience watched and waved at me, I slowly began to undo the buttons of my blouse further. At the same time I kept turning around and bending over to expose my knickered arse to them.

I was cursing the bed being so wobbly, so Eric quickly gave me a chair to stand on. This way my balance was not so badly affected and I could keep my sexy high heels on.

Eric was now avidly watching as well, his cock now out of his trousers. Every now and again he would give my bum a squeeze or run his hands up my legs. I could sense he was incredibly turned on by seeing me acting so slutty.

After a few minutes my blouse was off, my bra unloosened and my tits were out. At this point Eric joined me and began sucking on my titties. He lovingly teased my stiff nipples and lapped around my tits. I moaned as he did so. Whilst he was busy working on my titties, standing to my side, I began to play with my pantie encased pussy.

I slowly began to rub my damp crotch and then put my hand inside my sexy laced knickers.

I could see the three workmen staring intently at us as we explored each other. My cunt was steaming hot from the wanton experience.

I dipped a finger up my sopping, tight pussy and wiggled it around. "Fuck, I'm soaking," I told my lover.

"I know I can hear you," he told me. He was right, the audible slurp and plop of my finger plunging up my young wet cunt was filling the room. I was dripping wet.

After a few short minutes I slipped my panties off. As I did so I looked straight ahead of me to see the guys opposite waving and applauding. I hoisted my knickers off and after twirling them above my head a couple of times I threw them at the window.

They hit the window, and slid down onto the window ledge. I was now stood on the chair, bra-less, knicker-less, Eric tonguing my left tit, as I was finger fucking myself.

I then undid the ties on my skirt and let it slide down my legs. It landed on the the chair and I eagerly kicked it away with my stiletto foot.

I was now naked except for my white ankle socks and my high black stiletto style heels.

Eric rapidly replaced my fingers with this own as he slid first one, then two fingers up my cunt. My clit was throbbing and hard. It ached for my senior partners touch, it ached for his tongue.

After a few seconds I asked him to lick me out.

He eagerly obliged. Placing himself in front of me a dropping to his knees. I was then able to stand above him, letting him get full access to my young moist quim. He lapped at me like a dog.

His tongue intermittently probing my lips and hot hole. He continued to move between licking my clit, probing my cunt and lapping all around my labia.

Opposite the guys were obviously enjoying the show so far. One of them stood up and pointed to his groin. I could see from his side profile he had a massive hard on. I only wished I could have heard what they were saying about us. I hoped they were using foul and dirty language to describe the scene, that they were commenting on my performance and that they wished they were in the room with us.

Eric then said he needed his cock sucked. I smiled. I knew my audience would love this.

Eric replaced me on the chair, his bottoms sliding down to uncover his throbbing hard cock. I eagerly went at him like a sex starved whore.

Moving to his side allowed me to lick his shaft up and down, using my tongue to explore the full length of his engorged member. In-between licks I kept an eye on our watchers. They mimicked back at me to suck harder. I could see them fake wanking a cock in their hands and obviously asking me to suck it.

"Oh fuck Eric this is so horny," I said to him in-between gobbles as I began to deep throat him.

His rock solid prick filled my mouth. I bobbed my head back and forth in an exaggerated fashion, hoping this would be seen by the guys opposite as a sign of my true slut credentials.

After spending a few minutes worshipping at my lovers cock I wanted fucking.

We decided the best way was me standing up. I positioned the chair to the side and placed my hands on the back of it.

Parting my legs allowed Eric to slip up me easily from behind. He began to fuck me. His cock nudging up my aching slot with ease. Within seconds his full erection was being pounded deep into my fuck tube.

"Fuck me!" I urged him. "Fuck me hard you bastard, oh fuck yes."

He responded by pulling at my hips and slapping my arse playfully. he rode me fast, hard and furiously.

"Take it you slut", he kept saying to me. "Oh fuck Anna I love you so much, you're such dirty little cunt."

"I love you too Eric," I said to him. I did. I loved his cock so much. I loved him in so many ways, in so many wrong ways!

We fucked like this for a while. Eric keeping up his pace.

"I'm gonna cum", I told him. "Keep fucking me please, I want to cum off so fucking bad."

He did as asked. He continued to pound me, pound me hard. My first wave of orgasm began to hit me.

I flooded my already wet cunt hole with another leakage of my cum. Eric's cock slurping and crashing up me as my juice flowed from me in my intense climax.

Opposite I could see the guys beginning to move. Perhaps they had been called away, I don't know. They waved at us they slowly made their way down from the top of the scaffolding.

I was a little disappointed. I had wanted them to see our full session. Next time I thought to myself, next time these dirty fuckers will see more!

We continued to have our glorious fuck for quite some time. We fucked and sucked in a variety of positions. Eric eventually pumping his hot cum right up my aching cunt. He loved to fuck me and spunk up me. I was on the pill, there was no risk of pregnancy, just the added thrill of this defiant act.

After our session we lay and cuddled, as we always did. The session had gotten us both so turned on and excited we agreed it wouldn't be the last in front of our audience and it wasn't!

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