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Erica Does Massage


Note: This is story no.13 in the Erica series. It begins with 'Erica's First Striptease'. Then 'Erica's First Night at the Club'. Then 'Erica Needs Her Daddy'. Then 'Erica Does Some Modeling'. Then 'Erica's First Date' and then 'Erica and the Private Detective'. Then 'Erica's Daddy Tells her the Truth'. And then 'Erica Steals Some Panties' and 'Erica and Her Neighbour' and 'Erica and Her Neighbour Part 2' and then' Part 3' and 'Part 4'. This is the next story in the series.


Poor Erica.

Her Daddy was gone and she was all alone in the house. With no money in her purse.

And no panties to put on.

After her ordeal with Mr Wood and his friends, she didn't want to go back there for help. Not ever again.

She had bathed and dressed and then she returned to her bedroom, picking out a short floral summer dress to put on. Stepping into it, she pulled it up over her tummy and breasts, lifting the thin straps over her shoulders and reaching behind to zip it up at the back.

She smoothed the dress down over her bare pussy and ass cheeks and looked at herself in the mirror for a moment.

The hem brushed softly against the soft underside of her bottom.

"Oh, what am I going to do?" Erica said to herself, as she opened a drawer and took out a pair of white stockings.

She stepped into them one pretty foot at a time, pulling the stockings up tightly and adjusting the sheer patterned tops so that they gripped the upper part of her soft young thighs.

When she had finished dressing, Erica brushed her hair and did her make-up and stepped into a pair of low heels.

And went downstairs to get the daily paper.

She sat down at the breakfast table, nibbling a cheese cracker she had found in a jar in the larder. The newspaper was spread out in front of her and she quickly flicked through it until she got to the employment pages.

"Oh dear..." she sighed, running her eyes down the list of available jobs.

There was so little that she could do. And most of the jobs didn't want their applicants to start until much later on.

Then she saw an advertisement at the bottom of the page. A small advertisement with a coloured border and pink roses around the edges.

It said: "Masseur wanted. Must be pretty. Excellent Pay. Come and join our team...start today!"

Erica stared at the advertisement. She often massaged her Daddy when he was tired and she knew that it made him feel better...except that he always got so excited!

Her eyes filled with tears as she thought of her Daddy. How she would lean over him, gently rubbing his neck and shoulders...her hands slipping down over his bare bottom...his cock getting so hard as she slipped her fingers in between his thighs...

"Oh Daddy..." she sighed. "Please come back soon!"

She wiped her eyes and looked at the advertisement again. There was a phone number. She picked up the phone and dialled...

"Flower Massage Centre...can I help you?"

It was a man's voice.

"Oh...um...I'm Erica..." Erica said. "I'd like to apply for the job you advertised in the newspaper today. Is the position still open?"

She thought she heard the man chuckle to himself.

"Sure, baby", he said. "How old are you?"

"I...I'm eighteen..." Erica said.

"Are you pretty?"

Erica felt herself blushing.

"I...um...y-yes...I...I think so..." she said, in a small voice.

The man gave her the address and told her to come over straight away and asked for Mr Nolan.

In fact, the massage parlour was just a couple of blocks away. Erica could walk there in just a few minutes.

She took a deep breath and got up and grabbed her handbag and purse. There was nothing in her purse except her student card.

"I hope Mr Nolan likes me and...and gives me a job!" she said to herself as she locked the front door behind her and made her way down the garden path. "I need the money so badly!"

She soon found her way to the right street and walked nervously past a row of shops...a laundromat...a café...some clothes boutiques. The Flower Massage Centre was a small shop, painted pink. The curtains were drawn across the windows. Erica walked up to the door and pressed the doorbell.

She could hear footsteps inside.

"Ah...the new girl...Erica..."

A man stood in the doorway. He looked old. Maybe in his mid-fifties. Grey, shaggy hair.

Wearing a crimson dressing gown.

"Hi...Mr Nolan?" Erica said.

"Sure, baby..." the man replied. "Come in..."

The interior was pink, too. Dimly lit. A desk at the front and a screen behind it. Erica could hear voices speaking softly from one of the rooms at the back.

Mr Nolan shut the front door behind her and walked over to the desk.

"Come closer, baby...let me look at you", he said, sitting down and leaning back in his chair.

Erica stepped up to the desk and tried to smile.

"I...I really need some work, Mr Nolan", she said. "I can start right away if you want me to..."

Mr Nolan looked up at the girl and smiled to himself.

She was real pretty.

Her dress was so...so fucking hot!

And he could see that she was wearing stockings.

So many young girls wore pantyhose. He hated pantyhose. But he loved stockings!

"Have you done massage before, baby?" he asked.

"Oh...um...only at home..." Erica said. "But I know I can do it, honestly! I really like to give massages. Soft ones. I can learn real fast, too...I mean, about what the clients like best..."

Mr Nolan smiled at the girl.

"Well, you look real pretty, baby", he said. "So I'm pretty fucking sure the clients are gonna like you a lot! You get $20.00 for an hour from me, in cash. That's a basic rate. I charge the client $100 and keep eighty. The rest is up to you, baby. If you're real nice to the clients, they'll pay anything you want. Most of them start by wanting you to strip down to your panties. Are you okay with that, baby?"

Erica blushed and lowered her pretty eyes.

"Y-yes, Mr Nolan..." she said, in a tiny voice.

"If you take your panties off for the client, that's usually fifty dollars extra", the man continued. "If you touch his cock, add another twenty bucks. If you suck it, add some more. Some guys want to cumm in the girl's mouth. Do you like that, baby?"

Erica gasped softly.

"I...um...I thought this was just about massage, Mr Nolan", she said.

The man sat back in his chair.

"Sure it is, baby..." he said, trying to look serious. "If you want, you can just massage the guy. And keep your sweet little panties on. But you'll only get twenty bucks for an hour, okay?"

Twenty dollars wasn't very much.

For an hour's work.

"Yes...okay..." Erica murmured.

"Now answer my question, baby", Mr Nolan said, looking stern now. "Some guys want to cumm in the girl's mouth. Do you like that? Do you like a guy cumming in your mouth, baby?"

As he spoke, he opened his dressing gown.

He was naked underneath.

Erica gasped softly.

She could see his cock.

It was small and soft. And pink.

Mr Nolan smiled at her.

"You're gonna have to be a good girl if you want the job, baby", he said. "Now tell me, do you like guys cumming into your pretty little mouth? Do you?"

Erica knew what he wanted her to say.

If he was going to hire her.

"Y-yes, Mr Nolan..." she said, in a barely audible voice.

"Yes what, baby? Say it!" he told her.

Erica blushed scarlet.

"I...I like guys cumming in my m-mouth..." she said.

Mr Nolan reached down to his cock and began to touch it.

"Do you want the job, baby?" he said, smiling wickedly.

Erica stood in front of him, nervously touching the hem of her short dress.

"Y-yes, Mr Nolan..." she said, her voice shaking.

"Come and suck me off. Then you'll get the job, okay?"

Erica knew she had to do what he wanted.

She needed the money so badly!

"Okay..." she said.

She took a deep breath and stepped up to Mr Nolan and knelt down in front of him.

"Good girl..." he said, pulling his dressing gown open.

His cock was almost completely erect and as Erica knelt in front of him he began to work his hand quickly up and down his shaft.

It was quite large now. And thick.

"Suck it..." he said, guiding the swollen cockhead up to Erica's pretty face.

She leant forward a little and opened her soft lips...

"Oh...ohhhh...mmmnn..mmnnnnnn!" she gasped, as Mr Nolan pushed the thick head of his cock into her mouth. "Oh...mmmnnnnnn...mmmnnnnnnnnn!"

"Yes...suck it...suck my cock!" Mr Nolan cried, quickly working his cock all the way in...sliding it over the lovely girl's wet tongue...forcing her to suck it as he began to pump his cock in and out of Erica's wet mouth.

"Mmmnnn...oh...ohhhh...mmmnnnnn..." she gasped, as she licked the shaft with her tongue and sucked the swollen head. "Oh...mmmnnnnnn...mnnnnnnnnnnnnn...ohhhh...mmmnnnnn..."

Mr Nolan groaned as Erica pressed her rosy lips around the base of his shaft, sucking his cock into her throat.

"You little slut...I'm gonna fucking cumm!" he cried, as his cock began to jerk and throb uncontrollably.

Erica looked up at him as she felt a hot ribbon of semen splash against her throat...and another...

...and another...

...her mouth quickly filling with thick, salty spunk.

"Mmmn...mmmnnn...oh...ohhhh...mmmnnnnn!" she gasped, trying desperately to swallow the juicy load...

...her tongue licking around the swollen shaft as gobs of semen pulsed over it...

...the cock buried inside her mouth as she sucked and sucked...

"Oh yes...swallow it...swallow all of it!" Mr Nolan groaned, as he felt the last drops of cumm oozing out of his swollen shaft.

He looked down at Erica as she sucked him off and drank his semen down.

She was going to be such a good girl.

He just knew it!


Erica had wiped her mouth with some tissues and stood beside Mr Nolan's desk while he wrapped his dressing gown around his waist and tied the cord.

"Your first client is here, baby", he said. "You can start right away. I'll even pay you in advance...okay?"

He opened a drawer and took out a crisp twenty dollar note and gave it to Erica.

"Th-thank you..." she said, putting the money in her purse.

It wasn't much, but it was a start.

"The guy is waiting for you in the back room, baby", Mr Nolan said. "He's real important, so be nice to him. Call him 'sir'. The room is clean so don't make a mess. And earn yourself some more money, okay?"

"O-okay..." Erica said.

She smoothed down her short dress and walked past the screen and into a long corridor. There was a room at the back and she opened the door and looked inside.

A man was lying face down on a massage table, his head on a large white pillow.

He was naked.

He looked up at Erica as she stepped into the room.

"Well, well, look who it is!"

Erica gasped aloud.

It was Mr Appleby!

The man who had...drugged her and raped her in his house. With his son, Peter.

She put her hand over her mouth and stared at him.

Mr Appleby lifted himself up onto his elbows and smiled.

"Come in and shut the door behind you, baby", he said.

Erica felt her mind cloud over. She closed the door and stepped into the room.

"You...you raped me!" she finally blurted out. "You...and Peter...you...you raped me!"

Mr Appleby looked hurt.

"Hey...baby!" he said. "I didn't rape you, okay? No one's gonna believe that fucking story. You came to my house in your hot little dress...with no panties on...remember? And you got drunk...you almost begged me to have sex with you...remember?"

Erica stared at him.

"I...I wasn't drunk!" she said. "You raped me! So did Peter!"

She began to cry.

Mr Appleby looked up at the girl.

She was beautiful.

"Baby, no one is going to believe your story", he said, more gently this time. "I'm a rich man in this town. And you're a real pretty young girl. I know your Daddy has gone away, baby. So you're gonna have to look out for yourself, right? I can help you, baby...if you're good..."

Erica wiped her eyes with her fingers.

"You...raped me..." she said, her voice trembling.

Mr Appleby reached underneath the pillow.

"I said I can help you, baby", he told her, holding his wallet.

He opened it and took out three crisp one hundred dollar notes.

"I know you need money, baby", he said. "Your Daddy left you with nothing, right? But you've gotta earn it. Forget about what happened with me and Peter. Be a good girl. For me. Now..."

He handed the notes to Erica.

She stared at them. She had never seen so much money before.

"It...it isn't Daddy's fault he left me with nothing", she heard herself saying. "He could help it. He...he loves me. My Daddy loves me..."

A tear rolled down her soft cheek as she reached out her hand.

"Yeah...I know he does, baby, he's a real lucky man..." Mr Appleby said, looking up at the beautiful girl. "Now take the money and give me a massage, okay?"

He smiled to himself as Erica gingerly took hold of the three crisp notes. She lowered her eyes and opened her purse and pushed the money inside.

Then she walked over to a table in the corner of the room and picked up a small bottle of oil. She slowly squeezed some onto her fingers and stepped back to where Mr Appleby was lying down.

"Make it real soft, baby..." he said, burying his face in the pillow. "Real fucking sexy..."

"O-okay..." Erica replied, stifling a tear.

She leant over the naked man and traced her fingers over his shoulders, gently rubbing them...

...massaging them...

...the oil glistening on his skin as her fingertips danced over his neck and slipped down over his shoulder blades.

"Mmmnnnn...so good..." he groaned, turning his head to look at the lovely girl beside him.

The hem of her short dress brushed against the top of her smooth thighs. Her breasts were just above him, visible through the sheer, tight fabric. Round and firm. And tipped with the pinkest little rosebud nipples.

She leant over Mr Appleby and moved her hands down along his back. Her fingers touched the curve of her buttocks and she gently caressed the soft flesh, making little oily circles around them.

Then she began to caress them, squeezing them softly and easing them apart.

Mr Appleby groaned and lifted himself up a little, pushing his ass cheeks up towards her.

"More...more..." he said, feeling his thick cock swell with anticipation underneath his stomach.

"Y-yes, sir..." Erica said.

She slipped her fingers in between his ass cheeks, touching the opening of his asshole for a moment...

...lingering there...pressing a finger against the tight opening just for a second... feeling his body shudder...

...and then...

...she slipped her fingers down between his legs, touching the softness of his balls...

...cupping them in her hand...

...and pushing her fingers up underneath him...along the length of his swelling shaft.

"Oh fuck...yes...my cock...touch my cock!" he cried excitedly.

Erica bent right over him as she pushed her hand underneath his body, her fingers curling around his shaft now...squeezing it...caressing it.

"Would you like me to kiss you, sir?" she asked, in a small voice.

And before Mr Appleby could answer, she leant over and pressed her pretty lips against one of his buttocks, kissing it softly.

And then...

"Oh yes...oh...oh fuck...oh baby!" he cried, as he felt the lovely girl's mouth slip in between his ass cheeks...

...her lips pressing against his asshole...

...kissing it...

...kissing the tender ring softly at first...

...and then harder...

...her lips pushing against it...her wet tongue touching it...licking his asshole...forcing it to open just a little...her hands pulling his ass cheeks apart...the asshole stretching...opening wider...wider...

...her tongue pushing inside...

...wet and pink...sliding into the stretched opening of Mr Appleby's asshole!

"Ohhhhh...oh fuck...you little slut!" he groaned, lifting his bare buttocks up and pushing them against her face. "Oh fuck...you slut...you little slut!"

Erica slipped her tongue out of his anus and let go of his buttocks.

"Would you like to turn over, sir?" she asked, in a tiny voice.

Mr Appleby looked up at the girl and smiled wickedly.

Then he slowly turned himself over, leaning back against the pillow...looking up at her...

...his huge cock thrusting thickly into the air from between his thighs.

"Are you wearing panties, baby?" he asked.

Erica lowered her lovely eyes.

"N-no, sir..." she said. "I'm not wearing panties..."

She reached down and took hold of the hem of her short dress and slowly lifted it up over her smooth, shaven pussy mound.

"Oh fuck...perfect...fucking perfect!" Mr Appleby said, staring wide-eyed at the lovely sight in front of him. "Strip the fucking dress off...I want you naked!"

Erica did as she was told and pulled her dress up over her tummy. Her bare breasts popped out as she lifted it up to her neck, quivering provocatively.

The nipples were already fully erect. Like pink rosebuds.

She slipped off her dress and put it on a chair beside her.

Naked except for her stockings and shoes, she leant over Mr Appleby and curled her fingers around his cock and lifted it up to her mouth.

"Yes...oh yes...good...good girl...you slut...suck me...suck my cock!" he cried, as she pressed her lips around the thick shaft and pushed her mouth quickly down along its length.

"Mmmnnnnn...mmnnnnnnnn...oh...ohhhhh..." she moaned, as the huge cock filled her mouth.

She licked the swollen cockhead as she sucked, her lips pressing tightly around the shaft...half-way down its length...the cock sliding over her wet tongue.

"Suck my cock!" Mr Appleby groaned, sitting up and grabbing hold of Erica's hair. "Suck my fucking cock!"

He pushed her down against his thighs, forcing more of his swollen cock into her mouth.

"Oh...ohhhhh...mmmnnnnn...mmmnnnnn...oh...ohhhh!" she gasped, as she felt the cockhead touch the back of her throat.

Mr Appleby suddenly began to work his shaft in and out of her mouth.

"I'm gonna spunk into your mouth!" he cried, holding her head down as he began to fuck her. "And then I'm gonna fuck you in the ass!"

Erica looked up at him...

...her lips around his cock as it worked quickly in and out of her mouth...

...thick and swollen...

...pushing against the back of her throat...

...then almost slipping out...

...then pushing back inside...over her tongue...filling her mouth with the thickness of his rigid shaft.

A tear ran down her pretty cheek as he held her head down...

...and when she felt his semen spurting into her throat, she gave a tiny gasp and began to cry.

"You slut...you fucking slut...I'm cumming...I'm cumming!" he almost screamed, his cock jerking excitedly in her tight mouth...

...the spunk flooding into her...

...thick and creamy and salty...

...splashing over her tongue and filling her mouth to the brim.

"Mmmnnnn...oh...ohhhhh...mmnnnnnnnn!" she cried as she tried to swallow the sticky fluid...

...gagging a little as it began to slide down her pretty throat...

...her face wet with tears as she sucked the semen out of his cock, letting it dribble out over her lips and trickle down her chin...

...swallowing as much as she could as her mouth overflowed with milky cumm...

...her tongue licking the cockhead as the last drops of semen oozed out...

...the cock sliding out of her mouth...

...its wetness touching her cheek...

...her tears.

She looked up at Mr Appleby as the thick, salty spunk slid down her throat.

His cock was still hard.

And wet.

He got down from the table and stood behind Erica.

"Your asshole better be as tight as it was when I raped you!" he said, pushing her over the massage table.

Erica gasped as he held her down, pressing her face into the pillow.

"N-no...please, sir..." she whimpered, unable to stop herself from pushing her bare bottom up towards him. "Please...no..."

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