tagAnalErica Does Some Modelling

Erica Does Some Modelling


Erica didn't go back to Mr James's strip club. Not after what had happened to her. She stayed with her father and they spent each night together, kissing and fucking. She loved being fucked by her Daddy more than anything. Her mouth...her cunt...and especially her pretty little asshole...she let him fuck her delicious little anus over and over. And as they lay together in bed, she told him how much she loved him and how he was the only man she wanted to cumm inside her.

But as they became more and more intimate, she began to see less and less of him Erica didn't know it, but her father had begun to gamble. Poker, mostly. He began to stay away from home longer and longer, sometimes all night and the following day. She missed him dreadfully. She soon began to spend more time masturbating alone than she did with her Daddy.

And she still needed money to spend on all the pretty things she liked. Her dresses were wearing thin, and she had given most of her panties to her Daddy to take with him when he had to go away. She knew that he fucked them and came over them, thinking about her. So she didn't mind giving them to him. But he bought them back to her torn and ruined, and now she hardly had any panties left in her lingerie drawer.

Could she ever strip again? Erica sighed. She knew she was pretty and she loved being looked at and admired. Maybe...modelling? She made herself a cup of coffee and sat down and began to flick through the employment pages of the local newspaper.

A small advertisement caught her eye.

Wanted: Pretty Girls for Model Agency. $100 per hour. Get paid to create a professional portfolio of photos and videos. And if we like you, the sky is the limit!

There was a phone number.

Erica picked up her mobile and dialed the number.

And in a few minutes, she had made an appointment with the agency director, Jeremy Jones, for 2.00 pm that afternoon.


Erica stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her wet body. Quickly drying herself, she ran into her bedroom. She opened her panty drawer and...

"Oh!" she cried, putting her hand over her pretty mouth. "Where have all my panties gone!"

The drawer was empty.

Her father had taken every last pair of Erica's panties with him.

And now she had no panties at all to wear.

Erica sighed.

"What am I going to do?" she said to herself. "My appointment is in twenty minutes... I'll be late if I don't hurry! But...but I don't have any panties to put on! Oh, Daddy, how could you!"

She quickly slipped into a soft cotton dress, drawing the bodice together over her bare breasts and doing the buttons up at the front to about half way over her cleavage. Her breasts pushed urgently against the tight dress and her pink nipples were visible through the thin fabric.

The dress hugged her naked body and she ran her hands down the sides, smoothing the fabric down over her hips. It was quite short, the hem reaching down to about four inches above her pretty knees. But the dress was tight-fitting so at least it wouldn't blow up in the wind as she walked to her audition.

Erica arrived at just after 2.00 pm. She went up the stairs of a small apartment block to the third floor and found the right address. A small red door.

She knocked softly.

"Come in!" someone called.

Erica opened the door and stepped into a well-lit studio. There were cameras on tripods and a variety of different lights and lamps, as well as some beautiful old chairs and a wardrobe and a large bed on the other side of the room.

A man was sitting behind a desk.

Middle-aged. With dark hair and a moustache.

"Hi, baby," he said, sitting back and looking up as Erica stepped into the room. "Come in...yes...come in, baby. Stand there...close to me...that's good. What's your name, honey?"

"Erica..." she said, standing beside his desk.

"I'm Jeremy," the man said. "I'm the director of this studio, baby. Tell me, how old are you, honey?"

"E-eighteen, sir..." she said.

"Good perfect..." he said, smiling up at her. "And have you modeled before, angel?"

Erica lowered her pretty eyes.

"N-no, sir..." she said. "But...but I know I can do it, honestly!" She bit her lower lip for a moment, and then blurted out: "I...I've done some stripping before, sir. At...at the club in town..."

Jeremy stroked his chin.

"Ah...yes...I know the place..." he said. "Were you nude?"

"Y-yes, sir..." Erica replied, blushing a little as she remembered all the things she had done on the stage that night...

"Sit down, baby," he said, picking up a pen and notepad. "I'm gonna ask you a few questions. And then we'll take some photos and stuff, okay? You're real pretty, baby, but a good model always does what she's told. So answer my questions truthfully, angel, like a good girl. First, do you really want to be a model, baby? Read bad?"

Erica sat down on a large armchair beside the desk and crossed her pretty legs.

"Oh yes, I do!" she said. "And I know I can be a good model!"

Jeremy smiled at her.

"And you don't mind the idea of nude modelling, baby?" he asked.

Erica bit her lower lip.

"N-no..." she said.

"The next question is personal, baby," he said. "But you'll have to tell the truth, okay? So tell me: are you a virgin?"

Erica blushed again, looking down at her pretty legs.

"N-no, sir..." she said, in a tiny voice. "I...I'm not a virgin..."

"That's real good, baby," Jeremy replied. "Do you have a boyfriend right now, angel? Is anyone fucking you?"

"Oh...um...n-no..." Erica said, thinking about her Daddy. "Well, sort of...I guess..."

Jeremy chuckled.

"Stand up, baby, let me look at you..." he said.

"Okay..." Erica said.

She got to her feet and stood in front of Jeremy, letting him look at her.

"That dress looks real fucking hot, baby..." he said, feasting his eyes on the lovely girl. "You're not wearing a bra, right, baby?"

Erica lowered her pretty eyes.

"N-no, sir..." she said.

"Are you wearing panties?" Jeremy asked.

Erica lowered her pretty eyes.

"N-no..." she said, in a small voice. "I'm not wearing any panties..."

The little slut probably took them off before she came to the studio, he thought to himself.

"Good...that's real good...no panties is just fine!" he smiled, picking up a small camera from the top of his desk. "And now, let's take some pictures, huh?"

He leant right back in his chair and lifted the camera up, focusing it on Erica. Before she realized it, he had taken a dozen photos of her.

"Lift your arms up...put your hands in your hair, baby..." he said.

"O-okay..." Erica said.

She reached up and ran her fingers through her hair...and as she did so, the hem of her tight dress lifted up over her bare thighs.

"Good...good girl..." Jeremy said, taking more shots of her. "Now turn around, baby...and look back at me..."

Erica turned around, facing the chair...and looked back at Jeremy, smiling sweetly. Her tight dress was caught up a little around her waist and the hem was much higher now. Most of her thighs were visible.

"That's good, honey...now lean over the chair for me...push your ass out towards me, okay?" Jeremy said, as he focused the camera on her gorgeous young body.

Erica knew that if she leant over the chair, her tight dress would rise higher...up over her ass cheeks.

But she wanted to be a model so badly.

She whimpered softly and held the chair in front of her and bent forwards...

...and as she did so, her short dress rose up over the swell of her beautiful young ass cheeks...

"Good girl...good...fucking perfect!" he said, taking the camera away for a moment as he feasted his eyes on the lovely sight in front of him.

He could see Erica's pussy.

A darling little pink pussy slit in between her legs. With the prettiest little cunt petals pressed so closely together.

And her glorious ass cheeks.

So round and tight and sweet.

"Push the ass out behind you, baby..." he told her, moving right behind her now to take some close-ups of her luscious charms. "Oh yes, baby...your cunt and ass are real fucking hot! Now bend right over for me...over the chair...and lift the ass up...good...good, baby!"

Erica sighed.

She knew she had to do as she was told.

Oh, why did Daddy take all my panties with him! She thought to herself as she began to bend right over the chair now...

...pushing her bare ass cheeks up behind her.

Her tight dress rose up right over the gorgeous bottom to her slender waist, leaving nothing at all to the imagination.

Jeremy looked up at the lovely sight.

Her perfectly round ass cheeks quivered provocatively.

And the pretty pink cunt lips in between her legs glistened, moist and visibly trembling.

"Good girl..." he said, taking more photos of her delicious young charms. "Good...real good, baby...now lean over, baby... good...and spread those pretty legs...good...good!"

He moved closer, almost underneath her ass cheeks now as he focused the camera between Erica's open thighs.

Some close-ups of this lovely girl's ass and cunt would be so fucking hot, he thought.

"Good...real nice..." he said, as Erica moved her feet apart and bent right over the soft chair. "Now reach down between your legs, baby. I want you to open the cunt lips for me so I can take some shots of that pink little pussy of yours!"

Erica looked back at him.

"D-do I have to open my cunt lips?" she asked. "I mean...does nude modelling mean I have to show the inside of my pussy?"

Jeremy look at her sternly.

"Listen, baby," he said. "If you want to be a model, you have to do as you're told. Guys don't just want to see your ass and pussy. They want to see how wet you are inside! I oughta put a fucking camera inside your cunt, baby, so guys can see how fucking hot you are right inside that tight little fuckhole. Now listen, baby. I do nude stuff and porn. And my clients pay good money to see hot little bitches like you show off their goodies. So spread the fucking cunt lips!"

Erica sighed.

"O-okay..." she said.

And she reached down between her legs with one hand...

...touching the lips of her vagina with her fingertips...

"Oh...ohhh..." she gasped softly, as she gently peeled the tiny cunt petals apart.

The inside of her vagina was suddenly exposed to view, pink and glistening and pouting.

She couldn't help it. A tiny droplet of milky girl-cumm suddenly oozed out of her pussy mouth and splashed onto the floor below.

Jeremy gasped softly to himself. The sight of Erica's open cunt lips...the love juices already seeping out of her fuckhole...and her gloriously round buttocks behind her...so close to his camera now...was almost too much to bear!

"Hold the fucklips open, baby...wide open!" he cried, pushing the camera lens in between her thighs.

Erica spread her lips wide apart...whimpering softly as the soft folds of flesh at the base of her pussy mound peeled away from her clit, exposing the tiny pink rosebud to view.

"Oh yes...so fucking hot!" Jeremy cried, taking one photograph after another of Erica's swelling cunt and round ass...the camera clicking away between her legs as she leant over the chair for him, her darling charms completely revealed.

After a few moments, he put the camera down and got up.

"That's enough for now, angel," he said. "Turn around, let me look at you. I think it's time we made a little movie. Don't you?"

Erica took her fingers away from her wet pussy lips and smoothed down her dress. She turned to face Jeremy, blushing prettily.

"O-okay..." she said.

Jeremy smiled. He opened a drawer in his desk and picked up a video camera.

"Take the dress off, baby," he said, stepping over to one of the tripods beside the bed.

He mounted the camera on the tripod and turned back to look at Erica.

She had slipped the straps of her dress over her pretty shoulders and was pulling the front down over her beautiful teenage breasts.

The full round titties quivered provocatively as she lifted her dress over them. Her pink nipples were already swelling with anticipation.

Jeremy watched as she pulled her dress down over her waist...her tummy...

...her smooth little pussy mound...

...her ass cheeks...

...her thighs.

"Good...good girl..." he said, staring wide-eyed at the lovely eighteen-year-old as she stepped out of her dress and stood naked in front of him. "Now get onto the bed. I want you to masturbate for the camera, angel. Kneel down on the bed so your ass cheeks are pushed up towards the video camera. We'll film you while you masturbate and cumm. Get real involved in it, baby. The harder you cumm, the better my clients are gonna like it!"

Erica bit her lower lip.

"Y-yes...okay..." she said, her voice trembling.

She stepped over to the bed and climbed onto it. Kneeling down, she pushed her glorious bottom up towards the video camera.

"Good...good!" Jeremy said, getting behind the camera to make sure it was focused properly. "Now look back at me...good...and introduce yourself...say your name and age...and tell the guys watching how much you want their cocks to get hard when they watch you masturbate!"

Erica looked back at him. Her bare ass cheeks were pushed up towards the camera and she was conscious that he was already filming her.

She watched as he picked up another video camera and got behind her.

"Go ahead, baby," he encouraged, staring at her luscious ass cheeks and cunt lips. "Introduce yourself and start talking dirty...come on, I'm filming!"

Claire looked at the camera.

"H-hi..." she said, after a moment. "I'm Claire. I'm eighteen. And...and I want you to watch me while I masturbate. I...I want your cocks to get hard for me...while you watch me t-touch my pussy..."

As she spoke, she reached down between her legs and touched the soft tender lips of her pussy with her fingers.

"Good girl..." Jeremy said, kneeling behind her as he held the video camera. "Spread the cunt lips apart, honey...show off your pussy...and talk dirty while you do it!"

Erica slipped her fingers underneath the folds of her cunt petals and gently peeled them open to reveal the glistening pinkness inside her tight little fuckhole.

"I...I'm spreading my cunt lips..." she said, her voice trembling a little as she pushed her bare ass out behind her. "I'm spreading my cunt lips and...and I want you to see inside my...my pussy. My cunt. I'm so wet...my cunt is so wet. And I want to masturbate so bad..."

She touched the wetness inside her pussy with her middle finger, dipping it into the milky girl-cumm that was already oozing out of her vagina.

"Good...good...push the finger into your cunt, baby!" Jeremy urged, standing up behind her.

His cock was straining inside his trousers as he watched the girl touch herself.

"I...I'm going to masturbate..." Erica whimpered, pushing her finger against the tight opening of her teenage fuckhole. "I...ohhhh...I'm going to masturbate and...and...cumm...ohhh...ohhh...my pussy...my...my cunt...my cunt!"

She cried out as she pushed her finger into her vagina...the tight pink lovehole kissing it as it slipped inside...

Jeremy gasped softly as he watched her pretty finger disappear inside her tight little pussy. He put down the video camera and began to open his trousers.

"Keep talking dirty, baby..." he said, as he pulled out his aching cock. It throbbed and swelled in his hand. "Make yourself cumm!"

Erica had closed her eyes. She knelt right over on the bed, pushing her bare ass cheeks up towards the camera as she pushed a second finger into her wet pussy.

"Oh...ohhhh...my cunt..." she gasped, as she pushed the fingers into her quivering lovehole. "My cunt...oh...ohhhh...watch me masturbate my cunt...my teenage cunt...ohh...ohhhh...my cunt...my...my fuckhole...my fuckhole!"

She pushed a third finger into her pussy, stretching wide the opening of her pretty pink lovemouth as she masturbated.

"Oh...ohhhh...my fuckhole...my cunt!" she cried, as she felt her milky love juices bubbling inside her.

Jeremy stepped closer, his swollen cock throbbing in his hand.

He could see her asshole.

Each time she pushed her fingers into her pussy, the tiny puckered little hole opened and closed.

"Keep talking dirty!" he urged, leaning over her. "Tell me how badly you want to be fucked!"

"Oh yes...yes!" Erica gasped, pushing her three fingers in and out of her pussy faster now...faster. "I want to be fucked so bad! Please...fuck me...fuck my tight little pussy...fuck me...ohhhh...fuck my cunt...oh yes...I want to fuck so badly...in my cunt...and in my ass...fuck me...fuck me!"

Jeremy groaned as he guided his swollen cock to the hot little opening of Erica's asshole.

And as she began to cumm, he pushed his aching cock head against the tiny pink O...

...gasping as it opened up for him, like a pretty little flower.

"Oh...ohhhhh!" Erica cried, as she felt his cock push into her tight little bottomhole. "Oh please...no...please don't fuck me there...please!"

She looked back at Jeremy, her eyes wide open and wet with tears as he leant over her, his cock working deeper into her tight little anus.

"Shut the fuck up, baby," he said, groaning loudly. "I know you love to fuck in the ass. And now everyone's gonna know it. I'm gonna sell this video to every last one of my clients, baby. And they're gonna jerk off over you as they watch you take my hard cock deep inside your hot asshole!"

He pushed his shaft into her once more, feeling her anus open up...kissing his cock as it slid deeper inside her...the precumm already leaking into her bottomhole...lubricating her...making it easier for him to force his shaft right inside...

"Oh...ohhhh...please!" Erica cried, her fingers still inside her tight pussy. "P-please don't fuck me in the ass! Oh please...ohhh...your cock...no...please don't fuck me in the ass...please...not...in my ass...please don't fuck me...f-fuck me...fuck me...please...don't fuck me in the ass...ohhh...oh...don't...please...don't...fuck me in the ass...don't...ohhhh...f-fuck me in the ass...oh...oh please...fuck me...ohhhh...oh please...fuck me...oh...ohhhh...fuck me in the ass!"

Her fingers pushed in and out of her slippery cunt now, faster and faster as Jeremy buried his cock deep inside her tight asshole.

Milky love juices began to ooze out of her pussy, dripping over her fingers and trickling down her hand.

She couldn't help herself.

"Oh please...ohhh...oh...I'm cumming!" she cried, burying her pretty face in the pillow as her body exploded...her pussy contracting around her fingers...her tight asshole filled to the brim with cock. "Oh...oh please...I'm cumming...I'm cumming!"

She slipped her fingers out of her pussy as she came, peeling the cunt lips open to reveal the milky wetness inside...her pussy mouth opening and closing...

Jeremy groaned and pushed his shaft deep into Erica's asshole.

"I'm gonna shoot my load!" he cried, as his cock jerked and throbbed uncontrollably inside her...

...and suddenly he felt his semen begin to spurt into her tummy.

He groaned again as he ejaculated, easing his cock out of her ass...

...holding it in his hand...

...the semen splashing against the glistening asshole as he came...

...spurting over her bare bottom...

...into her hair...

"Oh...please...no...don't cumm over me!" Erica cried, still holding her pussy lips apart between her legs. "Oh please...now that you've fucked me in the ass...please don't shoot your cumm over my asshole...my tight little asshole...oh please...no...you're cumming over my pussy, too...oh...ohhh...please don't cumm over my ass and cunt!"

But as Jeremy finished ejaculating over her, she dipped her fingers into the semen...

...and pushed them back inside her pussy...

"Oh...your cumm..." she gasped, still masturbating. "Your cumm...it's inside me...in my asshole...and inside my pussy...my teenage pussy..."

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