tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErica Finds a Toy Shoppe

Erica Finds a Toy Shoppe


Erica was horny ...... again.

Since her little tryst with "Mr. Right" in the mall, she had begun to dwell on sex more and more. Not just ordinary, mundane sex – read as with a boring boyfriend- but exciting sex: sex in semi-public places; sex with a really good toy; sex with someone who knew little about it – all delicious in the anticipation and even better when carried out. Erica knew her capabilities and felt that she could enliven her own, and maybe even someone else's monotonous sexcapades.

One way she had already started changing her level of excitement was to stop wearing bras. Erica's nipples had become supersensitive as her breasts grew into a full c-cup. They jiggled when she walked briskly and this in turn turned her on even more than thinking about sex. Being unencumbered by a bra allowed Erica's breasts to keep her in a perpetual state of arousal and often led her to have to duck into a restroom and finger herself to climax. Still, Erica wanted more. She thought she knew how to go about relieving some of her wanton desires – a sex toy! Simply searching the web had led her to the conclusion that a "rabbit" was just what she needed. Small, discreet and powerful, a rabbit was her choice and she knew just where to find one. On her way to and from class, Erica passed an adult shopping center each day. Today, on the way home, she turned into the parking lot and discovered a whole new world.

Nude dancing, erotic lingerie, adult sex toys, and more. Erica was about to back out of her quest when she saw the entrance to the "Toy Shoppe." Her destination in sight, she steeled her nerve and parked a little way from the front door. Finally getting out of her car, she realized that she had begun to get wet just thinking about what she was about to do. Smoothing her denim miniskirt, Erica strode towards the entrance, keenly aware that her excited nipples were trying to poke holes in her t-shirt. As she opened the door, a deep, male voice said

"Hello. I'm Frank. May I help you?"

A little startled, Erica replied,

"N-No, I'm just looking."

Frank eased her jitters by replying,

"Well, I'm the owner here and if there's anything you need, just let me know. I'll be right here." His voice was like warm honey on Erica's jangled nerves.

Erica wandered around the store and was quite impressed by the huge selection of vibrators, dildos, and sundry other pleasure-delivering toys. Unable to find the rabbits, she headed back to the entrance and asked Frank if he could direct her to the "little critters."

"Sure. They're on the other side of the last counter you were looking at."

Relieved, Erica headed back to where she had left and, just like Frank said, there they were! She had no idea her choice would be so hard. There must be at least a hundred of the little buggers! After setting her mind to the task, Erica began to shop in earnest. Finally, after reading note after note of the effectiveness of each particular model, she was bending over to retrieve her choice from a lower shelf when she felt a presence behind her, and was startled to hear a sexy, feminine voice say, quite matter-of-factly,

"You have gorgeous legs and a beautiful ass to top them off!"

Erica straightened up and turned around to face her admirer. Taken aback, she was looking into the beautiful face of a raven-haired goddess. Her face was just the beginning. Her neck led one's eyes to a perfect pair of 36-d breasts, their nipples put on display by a black bustier with a shelf bra, and covered by the merest wisp of a see-thru coverup. Down,down Erica's eyes traveled to the black miniskirt, and from there to perfectly proportioned legs, encased in black silk. Looking back up, Erica gazed into the sexiest eyes she had ever seen.

"Hi. I'm Vickie, the store manager. I didn't mean to startle you, but I've been watching you from my office and just had to see if I could be of assistance."

Erica's knees were like jelly as she stammered,

"Thanks, and thanks for the compliment. I've made my choice, but I would appreciate any suggestions."

Vickie said, "Just one minute," and went to another display. Returning, she handed Erica a pair of nipple clips connected by a beautifully designed gold chain.

"Sometimes I need help in the nipple stimulation department and this does the trick for me."

Erica had begun to regain her composure by now and felt an opportunity coming. Just as she was about to voice her thanks, Vickie said,

"I know how it is to buy something of this nature and not try it out. Why don't you come into my office and get acquainted with your new pet?"

Turning abruptly, Vickie led the way from the store to a well appointed office. On the way, Erica couldn't help but notice the erotic sway of Vickie's ass, and had let her mind wander when they entered the office. "Well-appointed" didn't do the place justice. The tallest desk Erica had ever seen was the focal point of the office, which contained several luxurious chairs, as well as a matching sofa. The walls were decorated with slightly risqué paintings, depicting various sex acts between men and women, as well as women and women. Vickie led Erica to the desk and had her sit behind it.

"I meant what I said outside about helping. If you'll take off that t-shirt, I will help you with the clips, show you how your toy works, and leave you alone."

Feeling more brazen all the time, Erica quickly doffed her t-shirt and turned towards Vickie.

"God you have beautiful tits, too," exclaimed Vickie matter-of-factly.

Erica didn't know whether to feel intimidated or proud. She chose the latter and arched her back while Vickie attached a clip to each nipple, being careful not to exert too much pressure. Erica almost came at this point, but was able to control her body for a few more minutes. Vickie did let her hands linger on the sensitive underside of each breast as Erica quickly drew in her breath.

"I guess I'll leave you to your devices Dear. Just press this button if you need anything," and then Vickie was gone.

Magically, a screen descended from the ceiling and a soft porno movie began playing. Not wasting any time, Erica took off her skirt and drenched panties and sat down in Vickie's chair. Turning on her rabbit, Erica was almost ready to begin her pleasure trip when she wondered to herself, "They must be watching me." Looking about the office, she spied a discreet red light and knew she was being recorded.

"Well, let's give them a show they'll never forget!" she thought, as she slowly slipped the rabbit into her pussy. Almost cumming, Erica relaxed a bit until she had control of her feelings once more. Turning on the vibrator sent wonderful waves of ecstasy throughout her body, and as she began to build a rhythm, she remembered the nipple clamps. Gently tugging on the gold chain produced tingles in Erica that she had never felt. Before, she had used one hand on her pussy, and one on one breast. Now she was stimulating both breasts and her pussy simultaneously. What a rush! Suddenly remembering the clitoral stimulator feature of the rabbit, Erica turned it on and immediately lost all control. Wave after wave of pure lust crashed through her body as she sunk lower and lower into Vickie's chair, her orgasm lasting for what seemed like an eternity. Turning off the rabbit, she drifted off to sleep and was awakened when, for the second time that day, she felt a presence near her. Opening her eyes, Erica felt Vickie's soft hands massaging her temples, then her ears, and finally her sensitive neck. Vickie leaned down and gently kissed Erica's ear, toying with the lobe with her tongue. God, how sexy Erica felt. Vickie nibbled down her neck and was about to cup Erica's left breast when Erica turned to face her and kissed her. Vickie, used to being in control, took this as a "go" sign, and gently slipped her tongue into Erica's waiting mouth, while pulling on the nipple clamps.

Erica kissed back with such force that she raised up in the chair and almost tipped it over. Breaking the kiss, they simply smiled at each other, and while Erica stood up on wobbly legs, Vickie went to a closet and retrieved a u-shaped cushion. Placing it at the end of the desk, she told Erica to back up to the desk and step onto the cushion. This elevated Erica's ass to the top of the desk and, while Vickie kissed her sexily, she lay back and relaxed, inadvertently spreading her legs and displaying her hairless pussy. Vickie broke the kiss and moved to the end of the desk. Admiring Erica's exposed cunt, she took off her skirt and sank down onto the cushion. This put her at just the right height to give Erica's pussy a long, loving lick, from bottom to top.

"You not only have a beautiful pussy, but it tastes as good as it looks!" Vickie exclaimed.

Erica was beginning to realize that this had gone beyond coincidence when Vickie's tongue began its assault in earnest. Erica juices were oozing from her swollen lips down towards her ass, but Vickie just wouldn't let it happen. She lapped every drop and moved upwards toward Erica's clit. By now, it had protruded from its hood, presenting itself for Vickie's attack. Keeping her tongue flat against Erica's clit, she inserted a finger slowly into Erica's pussy. Curling it upwards gently, she reached Erica's g-spot easily and began to massage it.

Erica was in Heaven. No one had ever come close to bringing her the pleasure that Vickie's tongue and finger were delivering. Absolute bliss! Wonderful! Sexy! Sextacy! No words could describe what Erica was feeling. As her orgasm began, she realized she was pinching her nipples harder than ever. The sensations drove her over the edge into an earth-shaking orgasm. Clamping Vickie's head between her thighs, Erica came as she had never come before, drenching Vickie, as well as her desk.

After the earthquake subsided and her breathing returned to semi-normal, Erica lazily raised her head and looked between her tits directly into Vickie's eyes. No sexier sight had ever passed through Erica's vision. Finally getting her voice back, Erica said, "That was the absolute best orgasm I've ever had. Thank You! Thank You!" and began to slide down the desk to give Vickie a well-deserved hug and kiss. Vickie, on her feet by this time, was ready and waiting to take Erica into her arms and lavish her with kisses. As they cuddled in the afterglow, each realized something special had taken place. Vickie was ready to give Erica all the time and attention she needed; Erica was willing to accept it and return the favor. As the two returned to normal, Vickie gave Erica a smile and said,

"I should thank you. I think I enjoyed that as much as you did. Unfortunately, I have to get back to work. Frank has to check on something down the street and our part-time girl has the flu. Let's go get you checked out."

Erica put her clothes back on with Vickie's help and tender caresses. When they got to the door, Vickie turned suddenly and said,

"Are you interested in a part-time job?"

"I don't know," said Erica. They got to the front of the store and Erica started to pay for her selections.

"No way!" said Vickie. "Those are on the house. Here's my card. Give the job some thought and call me in a couple of days."

Erica left the Toy Shoppe with the beginnings of a plan to broaden her sexual horizons taking shape in her head.

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