tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErica Wins a Vacation

Erica Wins a Vacation


Erica was your typical small town girl. She was raised in a quiet county setting by a wholesome family. Erica was always a very smart, pretty, girl. In fact all the way through school she continued to blossom and turn into a beautiful young woman. By the time Erica finished college she had turned into a voluptuous beauty that would turn heads on a regular basis. Although for some reason Erica had never settled down yet. She had dated a few guys but had never found Mr. Right yet. Perhaps it was because even though she was very smart she was also a bit ditsy.

After college Erica received a job offer in the city at a large travel agency. She jumped at the chance to get away from the small town life. Erica was finally going to be able to start living her dream. As time went on Erica did quite well at her job. She was able to complete most tasks and was respected by everyone including her boss. The only thing she had to be careful of was the occasional air headed comment or action she would pull off. Erica just seemed to get herself in situations every now and then that the average person could just stay away from.

These air headed moves often caught the attention of some of the traveling salesmen that would occasionally stop by to promote their resort. In fact one individual in particular, Juan from a resort in Mexico, seemed very interested in the young, voluptuous, gullible Erica. In fact over the course of the next six months this individual hatched a plan to have a little fun with her. He told Ms. Erica that he had entered her into a "contest" that his resort was putting on to promote the place. About a month later Erica was contacted by Juan telling her that she had "won" the contest. She had won an all expensive paid vacation to their all-inclusive resort for 10 days. Erica was ecstatic. She had never won anything before. She couldn't believe her luck. She had always wanted to travel the world and her chance was finally here. Although Erica was very excited the average person might have been a bit skeptical. I mean most prizes of that nature would include a vacation for two not just one like Erica had just won. Over the couple weeks Juan worked out the details with Erica and scheduled her vacation.

Vacation time had finally arrived. Erica was aboard her plane and finally on her way to Mexico. As the flight touched down in Mexico Erica could hardly contain herself. She was so excited about her adventure she was smiling from ear to ear. That excitement soon faded as Erica stood by the luggage carousel waiting for her suitcase. Round and round the belt went. The other passengers walked up grabbed their bags and left. Soon young Erica was the only one left standing there when the carousel stopped. Erica didn't know what to do. She had packed everything in that suitcase. Being an inexperienced traveler she had even packed all of her money, credit cards, cell phone, camera, etc. in that suitcase. She thought she was being so clever. Nobody could mug or steel anything from her in the airport that way. That was a hard lesson to learn. Now all young Erica had left was the $20 of pocket cash, her passport, and the clothes on her back.

What Erica didn't know was that Juan had already put his plan into effect. Juan had a cousin that worked at the airport. This cousin had already sent poor Erica's luggage on a trip to Bangkok, not to be seen again for a long time. Juan found Erica still standing by the luggage carousel. As he approached Erica her eyes widened and she started to smile. Finally someone she could trust was here to help her. Juan escorted Erica over to the service desk and they made a claim for her lost luggage.

As Juan drove young Erica to the resort she couldn't help but notice that it was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining. The breeze was warm. It was so much nicer that the cold weather she had just left. Even though Erica had lost her luggage she was still in a beautiful place. On the ride over Erica explained to Juan how she had everything in her suitcase and didn't know what she was going to do. Juan couldn't believe how well his plan was working. Although it was his overall plan, Juan never dreamed that Erica would be in trouble so fast. He was beside himself with joy.

Juan helped Erica check in at the front desk. As the check in process was going on Juan went into the back room and emerged with the "lost and found" box. What Erica didn't know was that Juan had previously went through this box and prepared it for her arrival. Juan gave the box to Erica and told her she could sort through it in her room and she was welcome to use any of the items she wished. Juan explained to Erica that everything in the box was laundered and they keep it around for just such emergencies.

Erica was still concerned about not having any money or credit cards. Juan explained to her that this was an all-inclusive resort and she would not need any money unless she decided to leave the resort. He explained to her that as part of the package she won they had even booked her on a few excursions and somebody would be available in the lobby tomorrow to explain which excursions she won. A little while later Erica found her suite. Exhausted from her travels she collapsed on the bed and took a nap.

About an hour later Erica woke up. She opened the curtains on her patio door. Her suite was a ground level room with an ocean view. She looked at the water and immediately decided to go for a swim. Then she remembered her bathing suit was in her suitcase. She then walked over to the lost and found box and started to rummage through.

Being a small town girl from a fairly strict family, Erica had only worn a one piece bathing suit. As she looked through this box all she could find for suits were one pink bikini and one white bikini. Neither one looked quite her size but close. Erica decided she needed to make the best of her situation. She reached for the pink bikini and headed to the bathroom to shower and change.

Erica emerged from the bathroom. The pink bikini was a tad on the small side. It covered everything sufficiently but the strings on the bottom where tight as well as the top. As she looked into the mirror she couldn't believe what she saw. Standing in the mirror was a new woman. A pink bikini clad goddess. Even though this suit was even much smaller than her underwear which she had just removed, she decided nobody really knew her here anyways and she just needed to make the best of it. So much had happened in the last couple hours she hadn't even taken time to think about it. Erica decided there was no time like the present, so she grabbed a towel and headed out the door.

As Erica approached the beach she was turning a lot of heads. The bikini top did not offer too much support. Her breasts were swaying gentling as she walked down the beach. This was a new feeling she had never experienced before. She was finally starting to have a good time. Maybe this vacation is going to turn out OK after all.

After her walk when Erica arrived back at her room she noticed that the housekeeping staff had already been there. They had turned her bed down for the night and cleaned up her room. As she went into the bathroom to change she also noticed that the clothes she had taken off in the bathroom were no longer there. The housekeeping staff must have picked them up with her towels. Now all she had left was what in the "Lost and Found" box, even the $20 she had was gone because it was in the pocket of her shorts she was wearing when she arrived. What was she going to do?

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