tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErica Wins a Vacation Ch. 03

Erica Wins a Vacation Ch. 03


Antonio walked the naked, oil covered Erica over to the shower. He opened up and held the door for her like she was walking into a restaurant. Erica just looked over her should at her clothes that were piled up on the floor. They seemed so closed yet so far away. Erica had never showered with or in front of anybody her entire life and this shower offered no protection. Even the door was a clear glass so Erica had no choice but wash the oil from her body with her new audience. Antonio didn't seem to mind the show at all. He just stood by the door waiting for her to finish. The entire time he was standing there he was watching every move Erica made. He was also holding a conversation with Erica but she was so flustered and nervous that she had no idea what was even said. All she could think about was her clothes lying on the floor and how she could get them back on.

Erica made pretty quick work of her shower. She just wanted this to be over so she could get dressed again. Once she finished up with her shower Antonio opened the shower door again. Antonio pointed young Erica over to the mud bath. It was a large tub sunken into the floor. It was filled with a brown colored mud. Antonio explained to Erica that she needed get into the bath and soak for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Once that was done they would put her into an oven that would bake the mud into a crust all over her body. He also explained that this treatment was supposed to was supposed to be wonderful for your skin. Erica actually liked this idea. For one she would be able to be completely covered in the mud hiding her body and she also like the idea of replenishing her skin. Erica quickly made her way the mud bath and hopped right in. A wave of relief washed over young Erica's body. This was the first time in over an hour that she had her naked body out of sight. It was like just heaven. As Erica was enjoying her bath Antonio excused himself and left room. Now Erica was truly alone. She finally felt at peace.

This relief didn't last too long. Shortly after Antonio left the room Juan walked in. He walked right over to young Erica and asked her how she was enjoying her spa. Once again Erica didn't know what to do. Did Juan know she was naked in this tub? She knew Juan couldn't see anything because she was buried in mud to her neck but she still felt very uncomfortable being this close to him when she was naked. Once again she looked over to her pile of clothes. They still seemed so close but so far away. I a few minutes as Antonio entered the room Juan excused himself and left. Antonio told Erica that it was time to get out of the tub and into the oven. Erica started to get that sick feeling in her stomach again. She was feeling so comfortable buried in the mud and out of sight. But that time was no over and it was time for her to move on. Erica slowly forced herself to stand up in the tub. She knew Antonio was watching every move she made finally she was standing on the floor completely naked again. As she walked over to the oven she passed by a mirror. She looked at her reflection she was pleasantly surprised to see that the mud was covering everything quite well. You could definitely see the outline of him most private parts but at least the mud was offering some form of coverage.

The oven looked very similar to a tanning bed. The only difference was that it had two doors. As she lay down in the bed Antonio shut the first door which covered her from waist down. He instructed her to place her arms at her side then he shut the door which covered from her waist to her neck. Erica really enjoyed this treatment. She was completely covered and out of sight. The oven felt warm on her body as the mud baked away. She was once again in heaven. Antonio told her that she needed to stay in there for about 30 minutes. He excused himself and left the room. As promised Antonio returned in about 30 minutes to let Erica out of the oven.

After a couple minutes of conversation Antonio started to fiddle with the lock on the oven door. Erica could see by the expression on his face that something was wrong. Panic started to build inside young Erica again. After Antonio struggled with the door for a couple more minutes Erica finally got the courage up to ask him if something was wrong. Antonio started to apologize and told her the something was wrong and he could not get the lock open to release her. Erica went into full blown panic now. She was locked totally naked in this box. She was totally helpless. Once again what Erica didn't know was that Juan had rigged the locks on the oven door so that they would jamb up once they were shut. This was all part of his plan. Antonio explained to young Erica that he was going to have to go get help to get these doors open. Erica watched him leave the room. What was she supposed to do?

A short while later Antonio returned to the room with a maintenance guy in tow. The bottom of Erica's stomach dropped out. She knew that she was totally naked inside this box. She also knew that she was trapped and needed help getting out. She wondered what would happen next. As bad as she wanted out she didn't want this man to open the doors and see her naked body, even if it was covered with mud. The maintenance man worked away at the latch for quite a while with no luck. Finally he said something in Spanish to Antonio. Antonio just shook his head and then looked over at Erica. Antonio then said that the maintenance man had no luck and that he said he needed to take the oven back to his shop to work on it some more. Once again panic overtook young Erica. Erica was so shook up she couldn't even speak. She couldn't argue that she didn't want to leave this room. She couldn't say a single word. Antonio comforted Erica for a couple minutes as the maintenance man unhooked a few things so he could move the oven freely. Antonio told Erica he was going to go find Juan and inform him of the situation and that they would catch up to her in a few minutes. Antonio excused himself and left the room.

As the maintenance man started to push oven out the door to the room Erica looked over at her clothes on the floor. She had finally regained her senses enough to talk. The told the man that he needed to grab her clothes on the floor and take them with them. The man just looked at Erica and smiled. He said something in Spanish to her. Right then Erica knew that this man could only speak Spanish and had no idea what she was saying. Erica turned her head and looked at her pile of clothes until they were out of sight. Erica didn't know what to do. She hoped that Antonio would pick them up and bring them to her. As they Erica and the maintenance man exited the spa building Erica was feeling totally helpless and lost. She knew that every step he made took her farther and farther from her clothes. Everybody seemed to be staring at Erica as she was pushed through the resort. The maintenance shop must have been on the far side of the resort because it seemed to take forever to get there. Once they arrived Erica looked around. Her heart sank as nobody was there to help her. She was stuck totally naked in this box with this strange man. How could things possible get any worse?

Erica looked around the room as the maintenance man worked away on the latch. She was in a room full of tools hanging on the wall. There was also a large garage door that was open facing the driveway. The only nice thing about this was she did have a small view of the beach. In fact every once in a while she would see a few people walk by. Erica just remained quiet in hopes that nobody would notice her. She also hoped that Juan or Antonio would get there soon with her clothes, especially before this man got the latch open. Then the worst possible thing happened. She didn't know what to do. She couldn't believe things could have gotten any worse, but they just did. As Erica lay trapped in her box the two neighbor boys from next to her room had spotted her and walked up to find out what was going on.

Erica was just beside herself. She just wanted these guys to leave. Here she was totally naked and trapped inside this box; only inches away from these perverted young men. If they only knew the real details of her circumstance. Although she knew and she also knew she needed to get them away from her as fast as possible but she didn't know how. Then it happened. As young Erica lie trapped totally naked in this box talking to these two, she heard a click. She looked over to the maintenance man with panic in her eyes. There was nothing she could do as the maintenance man raised the lid the lower half of her body exposing her mud covered self to the world. Her only hope was that the mud was covering her sufficiently enough that nothing was on display.

As young Erica lay totally naked trapped in this box with bottom lid open she heard the phone ring. She couldn't understand anything that was said but she did notice that the maintenance man picked up his tool belt and left the room quickly. Panic overcame young Erica quickly as she was left in such a vulnerable spot. As the two guys continued to talk to Erica they finally noticed that she was naked under the mud. At this point Erica had had finally had too much. She broke down and started to cry. This crying had the opposite effect on the boys than Erica had hoped for. They instantly knew that they knew they had her at their mercy. Erica then saw the change of expression on their face. She even begged them to leave but they wouldn't. Erica was definitely in trouble now.

Erica could do nothing but watch as these two guys stood right over Erica studying every part of her body that they could. They even reached out with their hands and rubbed up and down her mud covered legs. Just as one of their hands was approaching her mound, Erica heard Juan's voice as he and the maintenance man entered back into the room. The guys also heard the voices and jumped back to a safe distance. For a brief second Erica felt saved then she remembered that the lower half of her mud covered body was on display for Juan to see.

As Juan entered the room he walked right up to Erica and stood by her head. He began to start talking to her as if everything was completely normal. Erica knew that from his position he could see everything. She was so embarrassed and ashamed. During this conversation with Juan the maintenance man started to work on the last remaining latch. As Juan chatted away and the maintenance man continued to work Erica looked around the room and noticed that the two young guys now there cell phones out and had decided that it was time for another photo shoot. Just as Erica was about to ask Juan to make the boys leave she heard another click and the maintenance man opened up the last door revealing her entire body to all who were present. Erica couldn't help but notice that everybody got quiet and just stared as her beautiful mud covered breast came into view. Not a single person in the room said a word as young Erica stood up and climbed off the oven.

Erica was finally free from her prison. The only problem was that now she was stuck standing completely naked in the middle of the room with only a thin layer of mud covering her body. Erica felt very uncomfortable as she tried to cover herself the best she could. Erica scanned the room for something to cover up with but there was nothing there. She asked Juan if he had brought her clothes or her robe from the spa. Juan apologized and said that he had asked someone to do it didn't happen. Juan looked over at Erica and told her he would go fetch something to cover up with as he exited the room. A few minutes later he returned with a small bath towel he had picked up from one of the maid carts. Erica quickly grabbed the towel and tried to cover herself up. Although it didn't take long for her to realize that this towel was not going to offer her the coverage she hoped for. It basically covered her from her breasts to just above the bottom of her butt cheeks. Never the less it was better than the nothing she had on a couple seconds ago. Once Erica had herself wrapped up Juan offered to walk her back to her room. Juan just smiled as young Erica agreed to the escort. He couldn't believe how well his plan had worked. This had t be one of the best days in his life.

Juan and Erica exited the maintenance room leaving the maintenance man and the two boys behind. They walked through the resort back to Erica's room. Erica couldn't believe how far they had to walk. She felt that every single person in the resort must have seen her. Everywhere she looked there were people. She was so embarrassed; she could imagine what everybody must have thought about her. After her escorted walk through the resort they arrived at her room. Juan opened up her door and young Erica walked in said her goodbyes then shut the door. Finally for the first time in a few hours she was alone and safe. Erica dropped her towel and headed for the shower to clean up.

Once Erica had finished her shower she climbed into bed; totally exhausted from her adventures of the day. She didn't even want to go get supper. She just wanted to stay in the confines of her room and relax in safety out of sight of everyone. She had been seen by so many people today in so many comprising positions. Young Erica had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. If she could have packed up and went home at that very moment she would have. Although she had no choice but to stay, no choice but to wait for her missing luggage, no choice but to go back to the lost and found box. She was still at the mercy of this place. Hopefully tomorrow would be better. It definitely could not be any worse. She knew she was signed up for the jungle tour/zip line adventure and that actually sounded quite fun.

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