tagNonConsent/ReluctanceErica's Awakening Ch. 01

Erica's Awakening Ch. 01


This is basically a love story and of course all characters are over 21. I want to thank stg0936 for the original idea, although I deviated from his idea during the writing of the story. I also want to thank Navaura for her spot on editing and suggestions for the improvement of this story, it is a much better story because of her editing..

Chapter 1

As Erica closed and locked her desk drawers, she felt like she had accomplished something today. It had been a long day full of legal pleadings and depositions but in the end she felt like she and her boss had moved this case forward. She started walking toward the elevators and nobody noticed her walking by or leaving. Sometimes she felt a pang of sadness that she seemed to be invisible and nobody ever noticed her comings and goings. Most of the times she reveled in her anonymity but during times like today, she would rather someone notice her than the invisibility she received.

She pondered her day and thought how lucky she was to be a legal assistant for the managing partner of Baker, Connelly, and Locke as she waited for the elevator. She worked her way up, using her brains and had not gotten here with her body like so many other executive assistants before her had done to get their position. Her husband told her she was beautiful, he was prejudiced wasn't he, but she didn't use any feminine wiles to achieve her lofty position. Her boss liked her work and that was the end of the subject.

As the elevator arrived she stepped in on the 26th floor and waited for the doors to close for a ride down to the garage. During the ride down she noticed her reflection in the polished steel doors of the elevator. Her face was spectacularly beautiful with bright green eyes, high tight cheekbones, small straight nose and a soft sensuous mouth with full pouty lips. However she actively tried to hide her features with her mousy colored shoulder length shapeless hair and no makeup downplayed her beauty.

Likewise, her shapeless knee length, pale blue dress hid the body that she worked hard to keep in spectacular shape. She didn't eat any red meat and would occasionally eat some fish but for the most part she was a complete vegetarian and took her vitamins and supplements religiously. Likewise she spent at least an hour in the morning doing cardio and body shaping exercises to keep herself healthy and in shape. This was not for anyone's benefit, she just wanted to be as healthy as she absolutely could be.

The results of this fanatically healthy lifestyle was a tiny waist, small tight butt, and sensuously toned legs and arms. Her belly and abs were tight, toned and muscled, the kind the fitness magazines labeled as the perfect abs. Her breasts had nothing to do with her healthy lifestyle, but they were just as spectacular. A 34D bust on top of her tiny 5'2" petite frame looked like a double D on anyone else. It was something she had fought against all her life. She had been an early bloomer and she had had large breasts ever since middle school and she had been teased incessantly by the girls and thought of as a piece of meat by the boys.

By high school she had mastered how to squish her breasts into smaller bras and worn shapeless clothes to hide their prominence. She hated the attention that her breasts brought to her, but when she was alone and even she could admit they were a fitting addition to her incredibly gorgeous figure. However, they had to be hidden otherwise they would garner too much attention and people wouldn't take her seriously.

Her current shapeless dress did just that and what she saw in the elevators' reflection, was a mousy nondescript woman that had to be taken seriously in any job she wanted to do. People would know she got where she was by using her brains and not her body. She also reflected on her marriage.

She married Alan four years ago after a two-year courtship. She loved him. He was kind, attentive, supportive, took care of all their living expenses and maintenance on their home. In Erica's mind he was what a good husband should be. To be honest she didn't know what she would do if she didn't have Alan. However, he was always trying to improve things, wanting her to change her clothes, wanting to make love with the lights on and then those really kinky things about oral, anal and even bondage sex. Honestly, she didn't know where Alan got all of these ideas.

Sometimes she wished sex would be like it is in romance novels where it overwhelms you and consumes you, but then she knew she might lose her focus on her job. She knew if he got the things that he wanted, such as her dressing sexier and having sex all hours of the day and night, he would lose respect for her as a human being and look at her as a sex object. She knew what this body of hers did to men. They lose their mind and become animals. She'd seen it in high school, college and the workplace. Nothing good ever came from looking beautiful and sexy, and certainly nothing good or wonderful ever came from sex.

She was proud of what she looked like and how she kept in shape but she couldn't let anyone, even her husband treat her like a sex object and sex was something to be done hidden away in the dark and you only do when you need to create children. Yeah, those romance novels were really a way of trying to objectify women and she'd worked too hard to have that happen to her.

The elevator doors opened to the garage. She started walking in an unhurried pace to her car thinking about what she would cook for dinner for her husband when she got home. As she was walking towards her car, she heard the sound of an engine behind her and moved to the right to give the car plenty of room to pass. As the sound of the engine got closer, she glanced behind her to make sure that there was plenty of space between her and the vehicle. She saw a white van with the side door open. At the time she thought the door being open was a little odd, but this is LA and odd is an everyday occurrence.

As the van pulled alongside of her, four hands grabbed her, pulled her off her feet and into the van. Erica was so surprised that she didn't scream until she was in the van and by then the 4 guys had her limbs bound and a gag was forced into her mouth, along with a hood pulled over her face. As Erica took a deep breath to scream, she felt a needle poke her right arm and slip beneath her skin. Her head started to spin as she succumbed to the drug and blackness surrounded her.

As Erica started to come to, she felt lightheaded and woozy. Her whole body was limp and she had this strange pain in her wrists and arms. She opened her eyes and saw blackness and realized the hood was still pulled over her face and the gag was still in place. She realized her wrists were tied together with her arms stretched above her head and she was hanging from a winch. Her whole body was still recovering from the drugs and she tried to get her still recovering legs to work. She gathered her legs under her, began to stand with the pain in her arms easing a little bit, but that was short lived.

She heard the whine of something mechanical, felt her arms being pulled higher over her head, stretching her whole body until her feet came off of the floor and she was dangling from her bound wrists. The pain in her arms, shoulders and wrists were excruciating. She tried to scream just as the hood was pulled off her head. She blinked her eyes against the bright light and saw a heavily tattooed, fat, ugly brute of a man standing in front of her, grinning wickedly.

In the background she saw approximately 30 other men, all dressed similarly with filthy wife beater t-shirts on and lots of tattoos oozing around the t-shirt. From what she'd seen in the news she was sure she was being held by some kind of gang, but she had no idea why she was here. The brute standing in front of her pulled a knife from behind his back and started rubbing the dull side of the knife down her arms. He grinned wickedly as he inserted the knife into the neck of her dress and started cutting down the front. He seemed to be savoring it as he slowly started to part the dress revealing first her neck and chest, then the band of her bra and as he continued to slice down, her flat muscled belly was revealed. Then her panties and finally her firm toned legs and then the dress parted.

Everybody there was now staring at her and rapt attention, because opening her dress this way revealed her firm succulent body hidden by this nondescript dress. He used the knife point to sheath the left side of her dress, then flickered it open so that it hung from her breast and then did the same to the right side. Now the front of Erica's body was revealed to the gang with only her bra and panties still providing any modesty.

Erica began to turn red and at the same time scream with terror into the gag for these men to stop and let her go. As she looked into the crowd of men she saw no sympathy only hatred and lust, with all these men lusting after her she was scared of what was going to happen. At the same time the fact that her body was igniting such lust in all these men made her belly quiver, her nipples harden and her pussy was getting wet. It was then that she noticed a computer set up in front of her with a web cam on and she knew her almost naked body was being broadcast to somebody.

The fear quickly came back as the brute in front of her started caressing her breasts with the tip of the knife and ran it over her skin up to her shoulders and sliced through the shoulder straps of the dress. He repeated it on the other side and then the dress fluttered to the floor. The body that the dress had hidden so well was now mostly revealed, and the crowd started inching closer to get a better look. No one had expected this centerfold body to come out of that nondescript dress.

You could feel the excitement start to build as everybody stared at this stunning woman being revealed to them. Erica could feel lusty stares crawling over her skin and while she screamed into the gag for them to let her go, that excited tremor in her belly and pussy was getting stronger. The gang leader brought Erica back to reality as once again he started tracing the knife tip down her chest and as he did so, he gathered the center of her bra away from her chest and quickly sliced it in half.

Erica's breasts exploded out of the bra and they were revealed in all their incredible glory. With her arms pulled high over her head her breasts were likewise pulled up high on her chest. With her breasts suddenly being released they wobbled enticingly and her nipples hardened into tight knots pointing at everyone in the crowd. Her breasts were almost too large for her frame, they were full and almost completely covering her chest with just a hint of a sag to give her breasts a beautiful rounded shape. Her aureole was a pale pink about the size of a silver dollar with small pointed nipples in the center.

Erica felt ashamed at being stripped and displayed to this crowd of ruffians, but at the same time she felt excited that her body could create such lust in these men. She screamed into the gag for them to stop and let her go, but at the same time the quivering in her belly and pussy began to increase and her breathing became more rapid and deeper. She fought her whole life against this, she didn't want to be thought of as a sex object or a vessel for a man's lust, but her body seemed to have a mind of its own,.

Here she was, tied hoisted into the air being displayed like a piece of meat on a hook and she found she liked it, hell she loved it, she felt her pussy throbbing with need, her whole body trembled with excitement and her skin shivered under their lustful stare. She told herself that it was because she was tied up and she didn't have a choice. They were displaying her almost naked body to everyone and they were forcing her to do this. She felt the eyes of every man in the room caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples and her breathing was coming in heavy gasps.

The gang leader finished off her bra by cutting through the shoulder straps and letting the bra fall to the floor. The gang leader then began tracing the tip of the knife around her breasts and Erica began to suck in her breath trying to get her breasts away from this knife. The gang leader seemed to enjoy toying with her spectacular breasts and as he began to pinch her nipples with his fingers Erica realized he was lusting after her breasts as well. The quivering in her pussy was flaming higher and she couldn't believe her body's reaction to this debasement.

The gang leader drew the knife point down over her flat muscled belly and ran it around the center of her panties scraping against her pussy. He then pulled the side of her bikini panties away from her body and sliced through the side with the knife and then repeated the procedure on the other side of her panties. The panties fell away from her, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, yet still bunched at the center of her by her thigh muscles. The gang leader grabbed the panties from the front and back and slid them back and forth through her pussy lips in a teasing motion before he finally pulled them away and threw them on the ground.

Erica was now completely nude and on display for everyone to see,

not a single person who knew her, except Alan her husband, would believe that this stunning body belonged to her. Her large prominent breasts topped off a taut succulent body, with a tiny muscled belly with slim tight hips, butt and legs. She had sleek sexy lines with soft lustrous skin making her whole package look the epitome of dazzling femininity. Everyone in the room was silent and aghast at the bound, hanging goddess that had been revealed to them.

Erica was silent as well as she watched the reaction her nude body had on the crowd of men standing in front of her. She felt like every inch of her body was being caressed by those lustful eyes and she had to close her eyes to try and stop the needy throbbing in her pussy. All these feelings were new to her and she found she liked the power and the excitement her body generated in these men. She opened her eyes again and saw several men licking their lips and rubbing their hands together like they couldn't wait to feel and taste her. This made the flames in her pussy go even higher and she let her head fall back as a lusty moan escaped her lips .

The gang leader started running the tip of the knife all over her breasts, belly, legs and butt as he started addressing the WebCam.

"This is what happens when you try and cross us. You promised to get all of my men out of jail and if you keep your promises I might give you your assistant back in one piece."

The gang leader turned to grasp one of Erica's breasts and cruelly twisted the nipple, and then turned back to the WebCam and added.

"We might have to have a little fun first and she won't be damaged too badly. Who knows she might even like it. A body like this drives men crazy and all of us will have a taste before she's done."

Erica now realized with horror that her boss was on the other end of the WebCam and he was seeing her nude body displayed before him. She knew her working relationship with her boss would be changed forever, but in all honesty it was the least of her worries right now. The gang leader was talking about everyone gang raping her and all her excitement in being shown naked to these men now evaporated as the new horror of being gang raped by 30 men had her petrified with fear.

The gang leader gestured to two men and said. "Mike and Steve take her to the table and prepare her."

One man came over and grabbed Erica around the waist as a second man went over and pushed a button lowering Erica into the first man's arms. When she got low enough the man holding her waist unhooked her hands from the hoist and started carrying her over to a small wooden table. With her tiny hundred pound body she knew she didn't stand a chance fighting this heavily muscled man that was at least a foot taller than she was. She felt his hands on her naked skin and each touch sent fiery throbs to her pussy. As he was carrying her his lips latched onto one of her hard nipples and began to suck on it scraping it against his teeth. Erica's head fell back as she thrust her breast into his mouth and every tug on her nipple sent a corresponding pulse straight to her pussy.

Mike (the guy carrying her) was carrying Erica over to the table and this is something he was never going to forget. Who would have known that the shapeless dress held this centerfold body that he now held her in his arms. Mike used the opportunity to caress the baby soft skin and thought to himself "my God she's perfect in every way, soft petite, firm and slim but those incredible breasts, he had never seen anything so perfect." Mike knew that if she was his, if he ever let her out of his bed, she would be walking bow legged from all the love he gave her.

Erica couldn't figure out what was going on, her mind and body seem to be fighting each other. Being naked and shown to all of these men had her more turned on than she's ever been. She felt powerful, beautiful, and desired with all the men lusting after her, and when they touched, her whole body vibrated with desire and need. But, the thought of having those men touch her was revolting and she was almost sick to her stomach with fear. The fear of what the gang leader said to her boss had her scared out of her mind and she didn't know if she would live through the night.

Mike gently deposited her on a small wooden table. It was so small it only supported her back with her butt and head hanging off both ends and apparently that suited their intentions perfectly. Mike pulled her bound hands over her head and pulled her body backwards over the table binding her hands to a hook on the underside of the table. While he was doing this the man that had lowered the hoist (Steve) had joined his partner and had spread her legs wide and was tying each leg to the outside leg of the table.

When they finished her body was tied to the table with her back bowed, breasts thrust upward, legs spread wide with her naked throbbing pussy displayed wide open and head hanging over the table. In other words her body was spread wide open for anybody to do anything they wanted to her. Erica realized this and she started to tremble with the fear of what they were going to do to her, and there was nothing she could do to stop any of it. In a strange paradox being tied spread open in bondage made her feel free.

She couldn't stop anything they wanted to do to her and knowledge released her from her vows and obligations. She thought about her husband Alan and she wished she had given her body to him like this, for him to take her and use her for his pleasure. Alan tried many times to take her and in his frustration sometimes forcefully tried to make love to her through the night and sometimes even tried to use bondage to help. She steadfastly refused her husband's attempts and once threatened to call the police and charge him with rape if he persisted. She regretted many things, since she knew she probably wouldn't live through the night, but she pushed all of that aside and decided to do whatever she had to do to live.

The two men that had tied her to the table hovered protectively over Erica and she figured they just wanted to stake their claim as the first to ravage her body. But with her head hanging off the back of the table she couldn't see much except the brute that carried her from the hoist and he now unzipped his pants exposing his monstrously large cock.

Mike was proud of his huge cock in the past he used to tame women and make them a slave to his cock. Unfortunately in high school word got out about his endowment and he picked the name horse, short for horse cock. When he went to college he made sure he moved far away and tried to get rid of his nicknames stigma. In college he hooked up with one of his female professors that taught him how to drive women crazy with, but also how to deeply satisfy women with his cock.

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