tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErica's Awakening Ch. 05

Erica's Awakening Ch. 05


This is basically a love story and of course all characters are over 21. I want to thank stg0936 for the original idea, although I deviated from his idea during the writing of the story. I also want to thank Navaura for her spot on editing and suggestions for the improvement of this story, it is a much better story because of her editing.

Chapter 5

"What was number two?" Alan ask.

Erica turned so she could straddle Allen's lap and looked directly into his eyes and said "I think number two and three kind of go together. Number two would have to be when the gang had me hanging from a hoist and the gang leader cut off all my clothes and while I was hanging naked and defenseless in front of the whole gang, I think I was the most terrified. Yet at the same time, the most excited I've ever been. And number three would be when they tied me up and spread me wide open to the table for everybody to ogle."

Erica leaned down and gave Alan a soft kiss on the mouth and said. "Alan when they were looking at me I could feel their eyes caressing me, it felt like hundreds of hands caressing and nibbling on me. In those moments I felt sexy, desired and I could feel their lust pouring over me. It was exciting and intoxicating, but I was also petrified with fear, because I knew these men were going to rape me."

"So if you could do it with safety do you think it would still be as exciting?" Alan asked.

"Actually, I think it would be more exciting now. Back then I never felt beautiful or sexy and I thought being beautiful was a detriment, not an asset. Now however, you've made me feel beautiful and sexy for you and I love how that feels. If you're with me, I think I would like to be shown off as your wife and your woman, but I know I would be scared but I would have to have you with me." Erica elaborated.

"Okay, the rest of the day we will spend exploring your exhibitionist side but before we start on that what would number four and five be."

Once again Erica leaned into Alan and this time gave him a long and lingering but very sensual kiss. The kiss wasn't deep because Erica licked and nibbled on Alan's lips, but it was very teasing and full of promise for things to come. Then she whispered.

"Number four would be every time you made love to me starting from the moment you took me when I was tied to the bed. Alan, from that moment since it's gotten better, more erotic and I wind up loving you more each and every time. I feel like I'm in a dream, a sensual and erotic dream with the man I never want to be apart from and I never want to wake up from this dream."

Allen grabbed her face and gave her a demanding kiss that was not a promise of things to come but a preview and then he said. "That's cheating, but I'll give you that one. What's number five sweetheart?"

Erica looked down and then hid her face in Allen's neck and wrapped her arms tightly around him and whispered. "I've already told you number five."

Alan knew that when she hid her face she was ashamed and so he knew what it was. "You mean Mike's big massive cock" Alan said.

Erica looked up but it was with her eyes full of tears and as she began to talk the tears roll down her cheeks "Yes, it was so big and threatening, but at the same time, one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and I'm sorry Alan, but I can't get it out of my head. I'm so ashamed, I can't get it out of my head."

Alan kissed her tears away. "Don't be ashamed my love, you are allowed other fantasies besides me, but only one." He said and grinned; And then in his best John Wayne imitation, he added. "We'll just have to create more fantasies about me, Pilgrim."

Erica hid her face in Alan's neck again and giggled as she cried.

Alan told Erica to stand up and as she did, he turned her around and once again used one of his ties to bind her hands behind her back. And as he turned her back around he could see her tears and ended and she looked up at him expectantly but without any questions she stood there waiting for Alan to command her. Allen stood up beside Erica and took another one of his ties and used it as a blindfold to block her eyes and then walked over to the window at the front of their house and opened the drapes.

Erica was now standing completely naked, blindfolded with their hands tied behind her back in front of their open window. Alan pulled the blindfold from Erica's eyes and when she saw where she was, she shrieked and turned around and hid her face and body in Alan's chest. Alan tilted her face up to look at him and quietly said, "Trust me Baby." He leaned down and gave her a soft kiss and then grabbed her shoulders and turned her back around to face the window. Erica stood stiffly and he could see her panicked breathing causing her spectacular breasts to jiggle enticingly. Alan ran his hands around her middle over her flat taut belly and then he whispered in her ear.

"Imagine what Ms. Smith would think of you if she saw this sexy, naked belly. This is the woman who said she's never seen a sexy navel, but obviously she hasn't seen yours."

Allen could feel Erica start to relax a little bit and even giggled when he talked about Ms. Smith, so he went on. His hands traveled up and hefted her breasts, presenting them to anyone looking through the window, and then he said.

"What if Mr. Crawford saw these beauties beckoning him, do you think he would have a heart attack on the spot or wait till he saw them in his dreams." Erica giggled even more at the thought of exposing her breasts to the dirty old man down the block. Alan's slid his hands down her belly and cupped her pussy letting his middle finger slide inside her. As Erica moaned and leaned back into his chest Alan said.

"You know when you're out gardening that little Bobby across the way has had dreams of doing exactly this to your hot little body."

With his free hand Alan untied the tie binding her wrists together and then he lifted her hands and put them behind his neck, stretching her body, making her breasts pull high on her chest and her belly shrink to almost nothing. Alan began to caress Erica all over in front of the window and as he was running his hands over her succulent body, their neighbor next door walked by on the sidewalk. Alan felt Erica's breath catch and then she gasped as she started to turn in his arms but Alan held her fast facing the window and the neighbor continued walking by.

When the neighbor was gone, Alan turned Erica in his arms and she immediately wrapped her arms around him and clutched at him possessively as she quivered in his arms. Alan kissed her on the top of her head and asked her "What are you feeling right now."

Erica responded in a quivery kind of raspy voice. "I was scared and exhilarated, I was scared everyone would see me and know what a freak I am. The only reason I didn't run screaming from the room was because I had your strength holding me. Alan, there is no way I could have stood there without your love and your arms around me, giving me the strength. Right now I'm quivering with excitement and I really want you to kiss me right now."

Alan gave her a long loving kiss as he ran his hands over her softly muscled back and then he moved her away from the window and back to the bedroom. Alan told her that they were going shopping and went to Erica's closet and pulled out one of Erica's older white blouse that had shrank over the years with many washings and was now very tight. He matched it with a skirt that was mid thigh and had a small split up one side. Erica had purchased this several years ago but had been too afraid to wear it, now Alan was going to make her wear it.

Alan put the two items on the bed and told Erica that this is what she was going to wear and told her to get ready. Erica started heading for her underwear drawer and Alan stopped her and said.

"This is all your going to wear."

Erica looked at him with love, lust and also fear as she said. "Alan I don't know if I can do this, go out in public without underwear, I don't know if I can."

Alan cupped her face and looked into her eyes and said.

"There is nothing to fear. First of all nobody ever sees your underwear, so nobody will know it's missing. Second I will be there with you the whole time protecting you and taking care of you. He kissed her and left her to get dressed.

A few minutes later Allen came back into the room and saw Erica dressed in her blouse and skirt and standing in front of the mirror. She was very sexy. Alan could tell by the way she was looking in the mirror that she didn't know if she could go through with this. Her blouse was so tightly stretched across her breasts that the buttonholes were gaping open with the strain and every time she took a breath the buttons threatened to give up the fight. Her thrusting nipples were hard knots beneath her blouse and were threatening to poke holes in it. The skirt showed a good bit of leg and the split showed even more, but even as risqué as Erica thought this outfit might be, Alan knew she would still be the most conservatively dressed woman at the mall.

Alan came up behind Erica and slid his arms around her sexy belly. As he held her, Erica looked into his eyes in the mirror and Alan could see fear overriding all other emotions. He could see Erica's mouth start to open in protest and he whispered in her ear.

"You're going to be the sexiest woman at the mall and everybody's going to know I'm luckiest guy in the world to have my fantasy girl in my arms. I know you're scared baby. You said you would put yourself in my hands, so trust me. Square your shoulders, stand up straight and show off what a sexy woman you are. Don't forget you're my fantasy girl."

Erica stood up straight, pulled her shoulders back thrusting her breasts into even more prominence and he swore that he heard the buttons groan in protest. Alan saw her eyes fill in determination and as she looked at him in the mirror, he realized what he thought was determination was really her love for him and her determination to be the woman of his dreams. Alan knew that everything she was doing was for him and that was okay because this is part of the journey to find Erica's sensual side.

Alan pulled her tightly in his arms and said. "I love you baby, I love you so very much and I know you're doing this for me and because I commanded you to, but I hope by the end night you understand this is really about you and us."

Erica wrapped her arms around Alan and whispered into his chest. "Alan there's no way I could do this if I didn't have you by my side and your arms around me. You loving me the way you do gives me the strength to do something like this. I know this seems silly, but this will be the first time in my adult life that anyone, but you will know I have these breasts and I'm scared everyone will think of me as this freak."

"Freak ... FREAK Oh my God Baby you are the farthest thing from a freak I've ever seen. Honey, people are going to look you at you and even stare at you, because you are one of the most beautiful women they have ever seen. You've never believed me when I tell you that, so as we go out I want you to look at people's faces. If they thought you were a freak there would be disgust or loathing on their face, but what you will see is awe, disbelief, envy, stunned and even some lust."

Alan held her tightly giving her his warmth, strength and love and finally she looked at him and said.

"Let's go and get this over with."

As they pulled out of the garage and onto the street Erica looked back at the window where Alan displayed her naked and realized that the windows are tinted. It was no wonder the neighbor didn't react as he walked by, you couldn't see anything. Erica realized that Alan had made her face her fears while everything was completely safe, she looked at Alan and realized that he was a very special man and she was crazy in love with him..

The ride to the mall was too long, because by the time they got there, Alan could see doubts and fears creeping into Erica's body language. As they walked to the mall, Alan took Erica's tiny hand in his and threaded her fingers through his. The closer they got to the mall the tighter her grip became and by the time they reached the mall entrance and actually entered, her knuckles were white from the iron grip on Alan's hand. The minute they entered the mall her free hand reached over and latched onto Alan's arm as well.

Erica felt naked as they approached the door to the mall, she wasn't wearing any bra or panties and her breasts looked huge in her skin tight blouse. Since she didn't have a bra her unfettered breasts were wobbling seductively beneath the white blouse and her nipples were sticking out obviously trying to poke holes in the blouse. She knew everyone was going to poke fun of the scandalously clad woman with the huge breasts.

Very quickly however, her angst started to dissipate as Erica saw people looking at her and as she started to look at their faces she realized Alan was right. There were lots of side glances, but in those glances most of the women had the look of envy on their face and the envy was aimed at her breasts. Other glances were at her waist, her slim legs and then at Alan. Most of the women were envious of her breasts, legs, or waist or even that she had Alan, but they wanted to have what she had. She did see some disgust on some women's faces, but it was disgust mixed with jealously because she was blatantly showing off what they didn't have.

For most of the men it was awe and lust and occasionally there was a look of envy, but that was aimed at Alan. All the reactions were subtle and no one was obvious about it so she had to really look and try to read people's faces. No one poked fun at her, quite the opposite, everyone seemed to want to be like her or in the men cases, bed her.

Alan felt her grip on his hand start to relax and her free hand released his arm. As they strolled through the Mall Erica began to relax, smile and even interact with people that moments before had been awed by her stunning beauty. Soon they were swinging their clasp hands and even snuggled together on their stroll and they began to look like a couple of new lovers that couldn't bear to be apart.

Alan took Erica for a slow walk around the mall and as they reached the place where a new store was being built and the windows were all boarded up until renovations were finished. Alan pushed her into the semis secluded entry and as she looked up at him expectantly, he gave her a strong loving kiss and by the end of the kiss she was beaming with happiness. Alan then helped the top two buttons give up their fight to contain her breasts and opened her blouse, giving just a hint of cleavage hidden behind the blouse.

Allen wasn't sure what to expect when he did this. What he saw when Erica looked up at him was love, gratitude, and lust in her eyes. Her breath caught and quickened as she looked down and saw she was still fully covered. Erica knew that look in Alan's eyes meant that this was just the beginning and as her heart beat quickened to match her rapid breath, Erica put her arms around Alan's neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Just before she kissed him she whispered. "I love you and I love being your woman." She nibbled on his lips and then pulled away and boldly stepped into the mall traffic and held out her hand to continue their walk.

Alan smiled at the saucy little vixen that his wife had suddenly become, took her hand as they wove their fingers together and she smiled up brightly at him. As they strolled hand-in-hand slowly around the mall occasionally stopping to look in the windows, or in each other's eyes, Alan would reach over and release another button. With the release of each button Erica felt her heart beat faster, her breathing quicken even more and her love for Alan grow to consume everything. By the time they made another lap around the mall the top button on Erica's blouse was below the bottom of her breasts and most of the inside of her breasts were exposed available for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Erica felt something else with the release of each button, she felt freedom from the shackles that had forced her to hide her beauty away. As she watched people's reaction to her slowly revealed breasts, for the first time she knew she was sexy and she knew she could be pretty. Some people were openly ogling and lusting after her, while others favored more subtle glances and as this realization hit her Erica took a couple of skipping steps away from Alan, twirled with her arms above her head, turned and jumped into Alan's arms.

Alan held her with her beaming face and her smile so bright he needed his shades and she looked up at him and said. "Alan I'm pretty." Alan could only nod, for his love for this fantastic woman created a lump in his throat that was too big to talk, so instead he wrapped his arms around her and crushed her to him in a big bear hug. He began to lavish kisses on her excited face and finally croaked out "Yes you are Baby, yes you are."

As they were holding each other someone yelled, "Get a Room". Alan thought that was a great idea and carried Erica over to a family restroom and fortunately it was available. The minute the door was closed Erica's lips latched onto Alan's is in a deep love affirming kiss. Erica was crazy with need and grabbed the sides of her blouse and ripped it open scattering all the remaining buttons across the floor and then dropped her skirt and jumped into Alan's arms naked.

It had always been Alan's policy never to argue with a naked woman, so with one hand holding Erica, the other hand unbuckled his pants, freed his cock and he began to feed Erica's hungry pussy with his hard thrusting cock. Erica had her arms wrapped tightly around Alan's neck holding on tightly as she rubbed her nipples into Allen's chest and was trying to suck his tongue down her throat.

Alan draped her legs over his arms, grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and began to drive his hard cock fast and deep into Erica's quivering and clasping quim. Erica had been on edge since Alan started undoing her buttons and now with a few strokes Alan could feel her orgasm building rapidly. The teasing had had its effect on Alan too and he wasn't far behind and within a few more strokes Erica's whole body clenched around his as she shattered. Having Erica explode in his arms was all it took for Alan to blast his cum deep into his lust crazed wife.

Erica exhaled a shuddering breath and then in a trembling voice said. "Oh Alan, I've never needed you more than I needed you right now, oh God how I love you." Erica tightened her arms and legs around Alan as she clung to him desperately as she started crying deep sobbing cries.

Alan sat on the toilet with Erica clinging tightly to him and his still hard cock buried deep in the woman he loved. Alan began caressing her naked heaving body as he began to lavish kisses on her shoulder, neck and face. Erica tightened her clinging grasp as she continued to cry and Alan whispered "I love you" into her ear as he continued to caress and kiss her. Then she whispered in his ear.

"How can you love somebody who is so stupid and wrong about everything? Alan I could see it in their faces they thought I was pretty, not a freak, not ugly they even wanted to be me and they were jealous of what I have, even my breasts. How can you love somebody that is so stupid?"

"Erica I fell in love with the beautiful person inside this gorgeous body. It drove me crazy that you hated yourself so much and I have done everything I could over the last four years to help you see that you are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Nothing worked until you let me in to your heart and let me help you, now you're starting to see yourself, but more importantly love yourself. You're finally starting to see what I've always seen; a dazzlingly beautiful woman that's even more beautiful on the inside." Alan said.

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