Erica's Debut Ch. 03


"And you know the best part about it?" he yelled down. "The best part is my fuck-toy is married to this guy." He looked over at me then back at the men. "He's gonna watch me use every one of her holes over and over. Then this husband's gonna thank me for fucking his baby doll by sucking all my cum out of her."

Otis pulled his finger out of Erica's pussy and relaxed his grip on her hair, letting her down off her tiptoes. He turned to me and brought his wet finger up to his nose, inhaling deeply. "Mmm, lovely bouquet...walk this doll inside so I can stuff her full of dick." I turned my naked wife around to guide her back to the living room when Otis stopped me. "Bend her over and spread her ass cheeks...we want to give the audience a good view up her snatch." I did as I was told, giving the three men in the pool area a parting glance worth remembering.

"Put her on all fours on the table, head toward this window, tail toward the front door." Otis trailed behind us and had almost closed the door when he reconsidered. He slid the door back open and stepped out onto the balcony. "If you three promise to do as you're told you can come up and watch the rest of the show. Interested?" I couldn't see the men anymore but Otis chuckled, and then called down to them "Room 405, and make it quick, if we've started by the time you get here you aren't getting in."

I had just finished arranging Erica on the pillow covered coffee-table on her hands and knees. In this position, when the men arrived they would be looking right up her naked ass as soon as they got around the divider, assuming Otis wasn't already blocking the view.

The thought of my wife being thoroughly used by this domineering black man in front of Mark, the doctor and three complete strangers was absolutely thrilling and almost totally inconceivable. Just three weeks ago my wife caught me masturbating and I confessed a secret fantasy to her. Now she was going to serve as a sex toy for the entertainment of five men, all under a gorgeous, redheaded doctor's orders.

To be continued....

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by Anonymous

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by liz33nd03/18/18

ya lost me on this installment

i got lost now, i don't think i will finish it, i don't know where this came from and not interested how it plays out. sorry, it is like as if the Dr. is making the calls now, nothing to do with the originalmore...

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