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Eric's Theater Suprise


***So, I have written several stories about women and them being humiliated in some way shape or form. One of my stories included a chapter where a man was also humiliated. I got a lot of replies and letters asking for more. As such, I wrote a couple with the man being the center of the story. This one, well I was on the fence about. Not sure if I liked it or not. So please, vote and feel free to leave CONSTRUCTIVE comments. Thanks for reading.***


Eric's cock was sore from all the abuse he had given it the past week. Every opportunity he had, regardless of where it was, he masturbated. Sometimes this was in the privacy of his own home and sometimes it was someplace public. Something about the chance of being caught added to the excitement.

At 43, Eric's wife of 15 years recently left him for a younger man. A younger man that his wife had told him had a bigger cock then Eric's before she left. This was a fact that Eric thought about often when he masturbated, to add to the self humiliation he had become so accustomed to. Still, at 43, Eric looked 33. His cock was average, about 7 inches, and was perfect in shape. His working out kept him in decent enough shape.

Today, Eric found himself in a movie theater. Wearing only a tank top and loose shorts, he picked a movie that was crap to begin with and had been out a while to boot. The theater was deserted except for a couple down in front. Eric picked a middle seat, three rows from the back. With the design of the theater, he had a viewpoint of all but one entrance and could not be seen from the projection room. Safe enough, he thought.

After the movie began, Eric took out his already semi-hard cock. It was easy to do without underwear, just by moving the leg of his shorts over it. The cool air hit his cock and the instant thoughts of being caught brought him to full erection. Eric stroked his cock slowly at first, prolonging the humiliation of this self torture. The soreness was very noticeable as he did not use lotion and all the masturbating this week had left it very sensitive. He was well into playing with his cock when someone behind him said,

"What the fuck?"

Eric turned fast to see two young women that had apparently walked in after the movie started from the one door he could not see. As he started to get up and out of their as quickly as he could, the same girl said,

"Hold on, stay right where you are or I am calling the cops!"

Eric was dumbfounded. As he fought with what to do, he seemed to notice a wicked look on the girls face. His momentary hesitation was all she needed.

"Here is the deal." She said.

"You will do exactly what I tell you or I am screaming at the top of my lungs!"

Eric knew that he was still fully erect and anyone her scream may summon would notice. Eric looked to the couple at the front. They did not seem to notice anything.

"What... what do you want." Eric stammered, thinking that they would ask for money.

"Take your cock back out and keep doing what you were doing." She said.

The second girl blushed but also smiled.

A wave of humiliation hit Eric as he did what he was told. Here he was, caught by two girls that could have graduated from high school with his oldest daughter last year, masturbating for them. The humiliation was a rush, he had to admit. The girl that had been doing all the talking whispered to the second and she got up and moved to Eric's row, sitting down next to him. She grabbed his shorts and pulled them off completely. She handed them to the first girl who tossed them in the row behind her. Now Eric was trapped. He could not get his shorts without risking anyone else seeing that he was naked from the waist down and hard. This added to the shame and humiliation which fed his erection. Cum dripped from his cock and Eric felt like he was about to explode. The first girl seemed to sense this.

"Don't you dare cum bitch!" She said.

Eric slowed down the assault on his cock, realizing the way she was talking to him was making it even more difficult not to cum. The first girl whispered something else to the second and she again blushed as she giggled. The second girl pulled up her skirt and began to play with her pussy through her panties. Eric could see that she was already wet.

"See, she is my little slut and now, so are you." The first girl said.

Eric could not believe this was happening. He was as thrilled as he was terrified. Sure, this kind of thing was great as a fantasy, but here it was, actually happening. The first girl whispered again to the second and she pulled off her panties.

"Open up." The first girl said.

"What?" Was all Eric could say as the second girl shoved her panties into Eric's mouth.

Eric could taste the girl's cum on the panties and it drove him again to the brink. Here he was, half naked, masturbating with panties in his mouth, with the possibility that anyone could catch it happening. The humiliation was intoxicating.

"You like the taste of your own cum?" The first girl said.

Eric did not want to admit that he had eaten his own cum many times before. The answer really did not matter to the girl.

"I want you to cum now." She said

Eric did not need to be told twice, he orgasmed hard, so hard that his balls hurt from the release of it all. Without warning, the second girl caught most of the cum in her hand, with only a little landing on Eric's stomach. The first girl pulled the panties from his mouth as the second fed him his own cum.

"That's right bitch, eat your cum. You're my cumslut now!" The first girl said.

As he did, she took two photos with her cell phone camera. Eric noticed one was a close up of him eating his cum and the second was probably showing him half naked in the theater with an erection. She wrote down something on a piece of paper and handed it to him. Then she tossed his shorts and wallet to him. Wallet, Eric noticed at once that it was not in the rear pocket it had been. He looked and saw that his driver's license had been moved and the twenty dollar bill he had was also gone.

On the note was a phone number and a message.

"Call me soon or I find interesting ways to share these pictures." It said.

Eric hurried home, half erect the entire way, thinking of the possibilities of the note and what could be in store for him. How could he call them, how could he not. In the driveway of his home, Eric pulled out his cock and masturbated again.

He would call, he knew it.

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