tagInterracial LoveErika- A Great Way to Fly

Erika- A Great Way to Fly


Erika worked for one of Asia's airlines that pride themselves on the beauty of their flight attendants (ie "stewardesses"). Out of 5,000 applicants every year only 100 were chosen. And they were chosen for language skills (sort of) and for tits and ass quality (very mainly). Erika made the grade in about 2000 and flew the Tokyo, Osaka and Los Angeles runs for five years.

The prep work for a stewardess is extensive and it's not always a lot of fun. When an airline builds entire marketing campaigns around its girls, there's no room for the girls to fuck up. So lots of gym work, low carb diets, plenty of skin moisturisers, proper hair length and styling and a demure but slinky attitude with passengers were required. Which is a giant pain in the ass. But when you're "a great way to fly" and the money's good, you toe the company line. And when when you're a guy who's fucking "a great way to fly", you learn to put up with some things because the payoff can be pretty fucking good.

Erika used to have to wake up at 4am for 11am flights so she could get showered and made up and get her hair into the proper French twist style. I loved watching her go through all that, sitting naked in front of the mirror, making herself into the girl that we've all seen in the magazine and TV ads. Sometimes we would fuck before she made herself up and I would think about all the men on her flight thinking about the pussy I'd just cum in. American, British, Korean, Chinese, Singaporean, and Japanese men would all look at her figure, dreaming about the cunt I'd just fucked. Only she wouldn't give it up for just any random passenger, especially inflight, because that would get her fired. So she gave it up to me at home instead. In her uniform.

One day a couple of years ago she came back from one of her shorter runs one afternoon before I got home from work. When I walked in to our living room, I found her freshly showered but in her uniform, the bottom up around her knees and her hand lazily playing with one of her breasts through the top of her uniform.

"Welcome home, sir. I'll be your flight attendant this evening. Would you care for a glass of wine? I've already tried some myself. It's very good."

"Yes, please," I replied, sensing what was going to come.

She slowly unbuttoned the top of her uniform to expose her braless tits. Taking the glass of red wine that was beside her, she squeezed a nipple and part of her right breast into the glass, covering her tit in wine. She held it up for me and said "Please, sir. Be my guest."

I walked over to her and licked the wine off her hard pink nipple while she softly moaned and squeezed her other breast. Her hips were slowly gyrating and lifting off the couch. After I cleaned the wine off her breast she lay back, holding her hard round tits together, looking straight at me.

"We have a choice of meals tonight, sir. Pussy or ass. Which would you prefer?" This was going to turn into something pretty hot but I wanted to draw it out a bit because this was the first time Erika and I had played this game and I wanted it to be a fucking blast.

"Can I try a bit of each before I decide?" I asked her.

"Sure, that's fine," she replied, hiking her uniform bottoms up to her waist to show me her smooth, shaved pussy and little brownish pink asshole. She slowly slid a finger into her pussy and offered it to me to suck on.

"Mmm...I like the pussy, miss. But now let's try the ass."

So with a little more effort, she slid a finger into her bum and her eyes closed gently while she pushed it in and then drew it out, completely clean, for me to taste.

"Mmm...That's excellent. Thank you. I think I'll have both if that's alright."

"Of course it is sir. Please just let me take a moment to prepare them for for you.". And with that, she ran both of her hands down her sides, converging on her two little sexy holes. She spread her pussy open for me, pulling the hood of her clit back so I could see the hard little button sticking out. She pushed her hips up and forward to show me all of her hot little slit and then slid two fingers into herself and began fucking her pussy, her wetness covering her lips and inner thighs. I sat across from her, my pants off now, very slowly stroking my cock. I really wanted to save my cum for her rather than shoot it all over myself.

She continued fingerfucking that beautiful pussy I had shaved a couple of days before while tugging on her nipples and moaning. When I first met her, Erika was shy and reserved but over time, after I convinced her what a beautiful woman she was, she got a lot more adventurous. I would imagine that being a great way to fly also incredibly increased her self-confidence, knowing that every man on every flight and in every airport was growing a hard-on thinking about her.

She held her fingers out to me to taste again and I licked the sweetness off them. No fishy smell, no cheesy taste, just pure feminine wetness. I moved in to get more of a taste and licked the length of her slit, pushing my tongue and nose into her and covering my chin with her juices.

"How's the pussy, sir? Enjoying it?" she moaned.

"Yes, Erika. Very much, thank you." There I was, my tongue pressed into a great way to fly while she pulled on her nipples and moaned, still mostly dressed in her form-fitting uniform although most of it was hiked up around her waist so I could eat her out. I pulled her lips apart to get more of my face into her pussy and she slid a finger in beside my tongue. I pulled my face back and put a finger in her as well, the two of us finger fucking her tight little Japanese cunt. Watching her face as she squeezed her right tit was amazing, her head thrown back and her shiny black hair still wrapped in the regulation French Twist style. The only thing better would have been to be in First Class with her legs wrapped around me head while I tongue-fucked her.

I ate her pussy for a while longer, rubbing her juices into my face, licking her pee hole and pulling the hood of her clit back to expose her little pink button. Then I asked for some ass.

"Erika, the pussy was great. Thank you. But I would like to try the ass now if you don't mind."

"Of course, sir. Please go ahead." And she raised her legs up so her hips came farther off the couch, giving me a clear view of her little Japanese asshole. She reached both hands down and spread her cheeks for me so I could get a really good look at it. As some readers may know, I'd fucked her ass a few times and ever since the first time, we had both really developed a taste (literally and figuratively) for it. Whenever she felt like sharing her ass with me, she would plan her meals so she was always clean inside. And between her using the dildo and me using my fingers and cock, she was getting very comfortable having me inside her bum.

I pressed my tongue into her, making it hard and sliding it into her beautiful anus. Although I'd done this many times before, I'd never done it while she was wearing her uniform and I thought of all of the guys on all of the flights who would have killed to be in this position. The warmth of her anus around my tongue was incredible and hearing her moan made the pre-cum drip from my cock.

"Miss, you ass tastes as good as your pussy. I really can't decide which one I like more."

"Then why don't you take them both, sir?" Erika moaned back to me. This was getting fucking incredible. She was playing her stewardess role in her stewardess uniform on the couch in my fucking livingroom. Only her top was open and her tits were spilling out and her skirt was up around her waist and her pussy lips and asshole were spread open. She was truly a great way to fly. Or maybe I should say "A great way to fuck."

"Okay, miss. In that case, I'll start with the pussy first." And I eased my cock into her as we both groaned and sighed. The head of my cock split her lips open and she slowly pushed her hips towards me. My cock's about eight inches long and about four inches around and her pussy is small so it takes a bit of time for her to get me in her. I always like to have her pull me into her so she can go at her own speed. But once I'm in, we fuck hard and the head of my cock pulls her pussy skin out so I can see the slick wet ring of her cunt around me.

I held her legs up in the air and since she was lying farther down on the couch, she could lick her own nipples (Erika has big, firm tits. That's kind of how she got the job, I think). Fucking her pussy while she licked her tits made me want to cum right away but I pulled out and told her to play with her pussy for me. She spread her lips open and poured a little red wine over her clit, not that her pussy needed anymore lubricant. She rubbed her clit in a circular motion while looking into my eyes and said "Is this what you like sir? Do you like seeing me cum?"

"Yes, Eri. I love watching you cum. It makes me so hard to hear you moan and scream. I love watching your fingers on you pussy, honey. But now I want your ass."

"Yes sir, here it is. Help yourself." She got on all fours on the couch with her ass in the air and her uniform still on. Although her pussy was quite wet and she took some juice from there to her ass, we still needed some more lube so I got some KY from the bedroom and spread it over the head of my cock and in and around her anus.

The head of my cock is much thicker than the shaft so that's always a problem when I fuck Erika in the ass but with the right amount of lube and with Eri's ass getting more and more stretched with every anal experience, I was able to pop my head in to her bum.

"Oh sir, please take my ass! Fuck my ass! Please! Fuck my ass!" she moaned over and over again.

Erika had really become something of an anal slut and I wasn't going to dissuade her. With my cock in her ass, her pussy lips opened and closed as I fucked her. Her nipples were as hard as stones and her clit, as small as it was, stood out from under its hood. She completely changed when I fucked her anally. She became just such a luscious Japanese slut, moaning and groaning and slamming her ass back on my cock while she looked back at me, urging me to fuck her. The fact that she was still wearing her stewardess uniform made the whole thing even hotter. I wanted to shoot my cum all over that uniform so that the next time she flew there would be little cum stains on her mixed in with the floral prints.

"Oh, sir. Please fuck me harder! Please. I'm so horny. Please fuck my ass and cum in me!"

"Er.....ika......I'm going to cum in you honey. But not yet. This is so good darling, I need to hold it." But let's be realistic...I was ass fucking a Great Way to Fly in her uniform on my couch after work on a Wednesday or whatever it was. My cock was like steel and her ass was like a glove filled with warm cream and there wasn't much chance I could last much longer. I was going to blow my load, no matter how much I wanted to hold it

I pushed my cock into her ass a few more times and then pulled it out. She turned around, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. With her stewardess uniform on, but the top open and the bottom pulled up, she was the picture of XXX sex. She looked up at me, asking for my cum, and I pulled on my cock, wanting to give it to her. I looked down and saw her madly fingering her clit and that made me shoot my cum all over her beautiful face, getting as much of it into her mouth as she could take. Her face was smeared with my cum, her nipples were standing out hard and her pussy was dripping.

We went into the bedroom to recover and held each other closely. Before we drifted off to sleep, I made sure to tell her how much I loved her and how much she was "a great way to fly."

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