tagInterracial LoveErika, Drew, and I

Erika, Drew, and I


My old Japanese girlfriend Erika and I had been seeing, fucking, and living together for about three years and over that period, our sex life had become progressively hotter and much more adventurous. When we first fucked, it was a pretty straightforward affair but it wasn't long before I was shaving her hairy Japanese pussy and asshole while she spread herself open for me, we were hitting European swingers clubs, fucking in public, filming ourselves, and getting involved in a few threesomes.

In the swingers clubs, we promised we would only fuck each other. London, Paris, and especially Barcelona had the best places. On almost all of our visits, Erika was the only Asian woman there and we were a big hit with the couples who watched us fuck. One of my most vivid memories is of fucking Erika from behind on our sides while she was having her nipples licked by a lovely Spanish woman and at the same time jerking off someone who or may or may not have been the woman's husband or boyfriend. My cock sliding in and out of her while seeing two complete strangers offering their bodies to her made me cum for the fourth time that night. Erika was definitely a big hit. The few single guys that were there jerked off while watching her take my cock in her shaven Japanese pussy from behind. I even spread her ass extra wide so they could see her cunt spread open for me.

But it was when we got back to Hong Kong that we really started to branch out. Erika was a stewardess with, let's say, "a well known Asian airline that prided itself on its stewardesses". As such, she was a knockout. About 5'5 and 115 pounds with full, round tits and an ass to die for, she was exactly what male passengers jerked off thinking about in the planes' toilets. Shoulder-length, silky black hair, luscious lips, a very trim waist, and a demure-yet-slutty look made her any man's dream Asian pussy. As luck would have it, only I was fucking her. Well, me and someone else.

My friend Drew and I often met for beers and to eyeball the local Asian talent. He had met Erika a few times and usually after six or seven beers, had commented to me on her ass and breasts. Although he was married, I was happy that he had noticed what a sexy woman she was and I wasn't shy about telling him that under those clothes was a body built for fucking with a pussy and asshole that I personally shaved every four or five days just before we had mind-alteringly amazing sex. I let him in on every detail of our fucking, from how she sucked my cock to the noises that she made when I put my finger in her asshole.

Because Erika was often away flying and because I had no intention of cheating on her and because Drew's wife was a bit of a cunt, he would often come over to my flat on the weekends to drink, watch porn, and jerk off with me, as opposed to me going out and finding some other pussy while she was away. On most of those occasions, I had a couple of pairs of Erika's used panties that I hadn't put in the laundry lying around for us to smell and lick and jerk off into while watching hot Asian porn. And yes, occasionally, Drew and I "gave each other a hand". Sometimes, we gave each other a mouth. Drew was circumcised, like me, but he was a bigger guy. Hence, a bigger cock. I told him I would love to see it inside Erika. He told me he was okay with the idea. Then we both came quite hard.

One night after a flight, Erika got back to the flat to find Drew and I slightly pissed and watching porn in our boxers. Being a bit jet lagged, she had a shower, put some lacy underwear on and came and sat next to me on one of my couches. Although not being much into porn, she must've been pretty horny because she started stroking my cock through my underwear and then she leaned over and Frenched me. I tweaked her nipples through the little t-shirt she had on and she moaned softly. I asked her if Drew could join us and she didn't say no so I motioned for him to sit on the other side of her. I slowly slid her t-shirt up to show him what he'd been dreaming about while jerking off. In Japan, they're called 90F tits. Everywhere else, they're called big sweet hard tits. He and I each took on, pulling on her nipples and lightly biting and sucking them. She moaned and spread her legs for us. It was easily one of the hottest things I had ever done with anyone. We worked on her nipples. I would hold a tit for him to lick, he would do the same for me. Our cocks were hard as rocks and poking through our underwear. Erika's legs spread farther apart and she rubbed her shaven pussy through her lacy underwear. We all needed to head to the bedroom.

Erika had turned the airconditioning on before her shower so the bedroom was nice and cool. She lay down on the bed and Drew and I knelt on either side of her, offering her our hard cocks. Mine was about 7 1/2 inches but Drew's must have been about an inch or so longer and it was definitely thicker. I wondered for a second if her pussy could take it. I would soon find out. As she alternated between sucking our cocks, her hips were gyrating on the bed. Her nipples stood out like big pencil erasers and Drew and I looked at each other in a very satisfied way.

I wanted him to fuck her tight Japanese pussy first so he could feel what I was feeling every time I fucked her. But I wanted to lick her cunt before he put his cock up it. I slid down the bed while she was still working on his cock and got her panties off. Her legs immediately spread for me and her hand went down to open her lips. I tongue fucked that pussy and smeared her juices all over my face, occasionally going up to kiss her so she could taste them. And yes, once or twice, she and I took turns sucking Drew's big hard cock. She began pleading for someone to fuck her. "Who do you want in you?" I asked. "Doesn't matter, just fuck me" she moaned.

I told Drew to go ahead (since he was married and since she was on The Pill we didn't worry about rubbers) and he positioned his cockhead right against her pussy lips. They looked so small against that helmet but I helped out by reaching down, spreading them open, and slowly guiding his cock into my beautiful Japanese girlfriend's sexy cunt. Seeing their faces as his cock split her pussy was amazing. I stroked my cock as I watched him go in and out, inch by inch while her bare cunt lips sealed around his prick.

Drew liked to fuck by alternating between slow, deep strokes and fast, short ones and Erika loved it. She looked down at the big dick pounding her and then looked over at me to see my tugging on my cock. Her eyes looked glassy from the fucking that she was taking but she was still able to pinch her nipples and to urge Drew on with quiet whispers of "Oh, fuck me, fuck me". He looked and me and said "This pussy is great. So tight and wet". That just made me jerk off harder. Drew turned Erika over to fuck her from behind. I spread her ass open to make her cunt ready for him and he slid in. I stood beside him and watched her pussy take him and he reached down to tug on my cock a bit. I got back on the bed in front of Erika so she could suck my cock and I could jerk off while watching her face as Drew fucked her. She grabbed at my cock and licked and sucked it while he pounded her sweet, shaved Japanese pussy.

It wasn't long before Drew was ready to cum and he groaned and shouted as he did. Pulling his cock out of her, he shot his load all over Erika's back. I'd seen him cum before but never this much. Just after he pulled out of her, I took a look at her pussy and it was more spread over than I'd ever seen it, gaping open but also sort of twitching in responsive to the fucking that it had been given. The three of us rubbed Drew's cum all over her ass. Erika and I took a little bit and rubbed it around her asshole. I took the hint and used it as lube to slide a finger up her bum.

Erika and I fucked very, very hard after that while Drew sat beside us jerking off. And yes, occasionally he offered us both his cock and we both took turns licking and sucking it as we fucked. When I felt my cum beginning to build I told them both just before I pulled out of her pussy. They each took a hand and jerked me off, my cum spraying all over Erika's face and tits.

This really happened although names and locations have been changed. Drew and I really did jerk and suck each other off and Erika really did take his cock up her Japanese slit. I the end, the three of us fucked together four times but it was that first time that as so fucking hot. Every time Erika and I fucked after that we would whisper what it was like for her to take his cock and for me to see her pussy get filled. And every time, we would cum unbelievably hard talking about it.

I still remember what Erika said to me the morning after our first threesome with Drew. "I used to be a bit scared of white guys. But after fucking two of them at once, I'm not".

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