tagInterracial LoveErika, Drew, and I Ch. 02

Erika, Drew, and I Ch. 02


Threesome Two

"Drew wants your pussy again," I told Erika one night after we'd just finished fucking and we'd shared the cum I shot all over her tits and face.

"But his cock's too big. It stretches me too much," she replied with a pout on her cute Japanese face. But her eyes betrayed what she was really thinking.

"Are you sure? Your pussy can take him. I know it can. I watched him fucking you last time and your lips spread open for him so easily. And when we fucked after, you still felt very tight. Let's do it with him again. Please?"

"O...kay. But I need to be a little bit drunk so my pussy can relax," she replied.

Which was great to hear because after our first threesome with my friend Drew, Erika had become a super-horny Japanese fucking machine. She couldn't get enough of my cock and cum. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the shower, while watching TV, even in the car. She'd gone cock-mad. I'd come home to find her cooking naked, occasionally sliding a finger in her pussy while grilling some chicken. Sometimes I would walk in the door and she'd be bent over the counter, her legs spread apart, with a carrot in her cunt (yes, really). She had become a cock-crazy Japanese slut and I loved it.

So, again, one weekend while she was away stewardessing, I had Drew over and I told him she was into another threesome which of course made him very happy. We put some (uncensored) Japanese porn on, stripped off, and slowly worked our cocks while talking about the last time we were all together. I reminded him how I spread her ass and pussy open for his cock to slide into. He responded by reaching over and stroking my cock.

I told him how hard it made me to see Erika taking his cock in her and how the two of them looked so sexy fucking together- her pushing her cunt up to meet his big dick and his nice round balls slapping against her asshole. I reached over and gave those balls a rub as he continued working my cock.

On the TV, a cute Japanese girl, not unlike Erika, was masturbating, working her fingers up her pussy and fingering her clit while another girl watched. The other girl slowly pulled on her nipples while watching her friend's splayed open pink vagina. Drew and I talked about how Erika had sucked both our cocks at once, her little mouth stretched wide open to get both our heads in. We remembered him shooting his cum all over her ass.

Our cocks were very fully hard and we were beating each other off, moaning and groaning. Knowing that each of our hard, cut cocks had been in the same pussy made us even hornier and we jerked each other faster.

Drew stood up and beat his cock hard right in front of my face. I moaned for him to shoot his cum on me, just like he had on my girlfriend and he beat his cock harder and faster for me. I told him that the next time we fucked Erika, she would let him cum on her face while I watched. This put him over the edge and he threw his head back and pushed his cock towards me as he shot a thick rope of cum over my chest and chin.

I took his cum and used it to lube my cock, making it wet and slippery. Before he had a chance to come down from his orgasm, I told him I was cumming and he looked down in time to see my cock spray a load right up to my chin, my cum mixing with his. He bent down and cleaned my cock for me then I did the same for him. Again, knowing that each of our cocks had been in Erika's sweet Asian cunt made the experience especially hot. As our cocks slowly softened, we made plans for our next threesome with Erika.

When the day came for Threesome Two, I got home from work and Erika had already been drinking a bit of wine. She was naked on the couch, slowly playing with herself, the breeze from the harbour blowing in her hair. And speaking of hair, her pussy looked like it needed shaving. She spread her legs open and asked me to shave her so that she could feel all of my cock and Drew's like a good little Japanese slut. I told her I wasn't sure and that maybe she should show me some more so she turned around and with both hands on her ass, spread herself wide open.

"See? I'm too hairy. Even my asshole needs to be shaved. That way I'll really feel it when you two lick me. If you shave me really, really smooth, maybe you can even put a couple of fingers in my bum. Would you like that?"

Seeing her beautiful pink pussy and tiny little asshole so spread open of course made me hard and I stepped out of my suit pants and slid my boxers down. My cock had a drop of precum on the head and Erika looked back at me as I slowly traced the liquid with my finger.

"Oh, you're hard already? DId my pussy do that to you? You love this tight Japanese pussy, don't you? You want to fuck me right now, don't you?" she cooed as she slowly put her middle finger inside herself and slid it in and out.

"Yes. I want to fuck you right now. I want to put this white cock inside you and give you my cum. Fuck, Eri...I want to cum with you," I replied while beating my cock for her as I watched her continue finger-fucking her cunt.

"You want this Japanese pussy, don't you? You want to fuck it, don't you? What about this little asshole? Do you want to fuck it too?" And with that, she took her middle finger, wet with her pussy juice and pushed it slowly into her ass while letting out a low, soft moan.

"Yes, Eri. I want to fuck that beautiful Japanese ass. But my cock will never fit. It'll hurt you."

"But I've been practicing. See?" She pulled our vibrator out from between the couch cushions, slid it in and out of her pussy a few times to get it wet with her cunt juice and then, while looking back at me with her perfect Japanese slut face, slowly slid it in her bum. I watched it sink in while she bit her lip and moaned. Her lovely eyes closed slowly as she gently started bum fucking herself.

While the vibrator wasn't as thick as my cock, it was still a decent size and I stood, beating my cock, while she put it all the way inside her. I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen something so incredibly sexy. Her fit tight stewardess ass cheeks looked tiny compared to the thing she had in her little hole and her beautiful pussy lips slowly opened and closed as the vibrator went in and out of her bum. She moaned softly, with one hand now pinching and pulling on a nipple. My cock was painfully hard and I needed to cum.

"Eri, we have to save this. Drew's coming over for your pussy in a couple of hours," I told her.

"Mmmmm......but I want to cum now. I love this feeling. I love having something in my bum. Please, let me cum now. Please?" she moaned, almost begging for me to let her cum.

"But I still have to shave you, baby. You need to be smooth for us. We want to see and touch and smell and feel all of that pink pussy, baby."

"Oh, but I need to cum!" she moaned as she took the fingers from her nipple and started working her clit. "I need to cum!" she said louder this time, almost shouting at me as she worked the vibrator in her ass harder and faster. "Watch me cum! Watch me cum! Please! I'm so hot!".

"Cum for me Eri! Fuck yourself, honey. Fuck your ass for me! Cum, honey! Cum!"

She let out a long, low moan that slowly rose to a scream as her fingers frantically frigged her clit, working it in a rapid circle, sometimes sliding into her pussy. I'd never seen anything like this from her. She was acting like a complete fucking Japanese sex slut. Her body started shaking with her orgasm and she shouted louder that she was cumming. Her ass clenched around the vibrator and she had to press hard to keep it from sliding out as her cunt muscles tightened.

Her face was the absolute picture of sex, eyes half-closed, mouth open with her orgasmic scream, her long dark hair spread across her back. She shuddered again as she came but this time she couldn't hold the vibrator in and it slid out of her asshole, which closed up immediately. (I noticed that the machine was completely clean. I guess she had been planning this). Her body relaxed after she came and she rolled over to face me.

"Did you like that? Did you like watching me fuck my bum? I've been slowly stretching my hole so we can try anal fucking. Maybe tonight? But not with Drew. It's only for you".

I stood there with my cock in my hands, dripping pre-cum, as hard as I've ever been and said "I loved watching that Eri. You're so sexy, honey. Thank you so much."

She reached out and pulled my cock towards her and flicked her tongue over the head, licking off the pre-cum. Then she took me in her mouth and worked my shaft with her mouth and hand. After what I'd just seen, it didn't take long for the cum to rise and I pulled out of her mouth so she could jerk me off all over her firm stewardess tits.

She keeps her eyes open when I cum so she can see me shoot and this time she saw me shoot four spurts of semen all over her. She let out a little scream when the first one hit her nipples and massaged the cum in when I was done, her nipples standing out like bullets. She looked up at me with those little brown eyes and said "I hope you have more for tonight. Now please shave my pussy?"

After taking a few minutes to recover, we went into the bedroom and I got our pussy shaving kit: a brand new Venus razor, some mild shaving gel, a facecloth, and a bowl of warm water. First, I soaked the facecloth in the water and laid it over her pussy from top to asshole to soften the hair. Then I slowly started lathering up the gel, being careful not to make it feel too good because I didn't want her hips to be squirming around while shaving around her clit and lips. Then I slowly started shaving her. Because she's pretty fit, everything in her pussy area's quite firm so it wasn't difficult to get all the hair. Once in a while I slid a finger in her soaking wet pussy but other than that, I tried not to touch her too much while I was working away on her cunt hair. With her pussy completely bald, she rolled over and spread her ass for me.

To look at it, I'd never have known that she had had a vibrator up that little asshole about fifteen minutes ago. But I also wondered how the head of my cock could ever get past that little brown ring. I shaved her bum completely bare, got rid of the rest of the shaving gel, and gave her little bumhole a long, loving lick which made her moan softly into the bed. She pulled her cheeks farther apart and I slowly pushed my tongue into her. She was so clean and I pushed in a little farther, feeling her anus close around my tongue.

She gently pushed my face away from her ass and softly said "Later, darling. Later. When is Drew coming? I need to rest for a while but then I want to fuck you both again."

I got up to give Drew a call. He said he'd be over in a couple of hours, which was fine because I needed the time to generate some more cum for he and Erika. I went into the bedroom, set the alarm for 10pm, lay down beside Erika's wonderful naked body, and had a nap.

When the alarm went off at 10pm, I awoke to find Eri gone, I guess to get something to eat or drink. I stumbled into the bathroom to have a quick shower, wrapped myself in a towel and went looking for her. I walked into the living room and saw that Drew had come over early and the two of them had gotten started.

Drew's head was between Erika's legs, slowly tonguing her bald Japanese pussy. Her hands were pulling at her nipples and occasionally pulling his head into her cunt. She had her feet up on the couch and was spreading her legs as wide as she could. He was slowly jerking his cock as he ate that pretty Japanese pussy and he was already at full hardness.

I dropped the towel and went over to sit down and watch them more closely. She looked over at me with her Japanese sex slut look and gave me a little smile when she saw how hard my cock was. I slowly stroked it as I watched Drew eat her pussy. She got up and turned around, spreading her bum for his tongue. He licked between the bottom of her cunt and her asshole, causing her to moan and coo. I watched as he slid a finger in her pussy from behind. His cock was at full attention and twitching. Fuck, he was hard. I don't know how long he'd been here, licking her pussy, but he was very obviously ready to go.

"I want to watch you two fuck", I said as I slowly beat my cock. "Put that cock in her, Drew. Fuck her pretty pussy".

"Yes, fuck me. Please. Give me your cock. Please. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Please, fuck me," Erika pleaded as she looked back at Drew who still had a finger up her cunt. She reached back and spread her shaven cunt, showing Drew just where to put his eight and a half inches, as if he didn't already know.

Not wanting to miss anything, I turned the lights up as Drew took a few more licks of Erika's asshole. He stood up and positioned his cockhead right against her lips and slowly pushed in as I watched her vagina swallow him. She gasped a little as he sank inside her, her cunt muscles adjusting to his size, and then she slowly started pushing back on his cock, her fucking him rather than him fucking her.

She turned to look at me and gave me her slut smile as her hips moved back and forth and those gorgeous tits swayed with her fucking motions. She looked right into my eyes as she fucked him and I beat my cock. Another man's prick was in her and she was loving it, but she also wanted me to know that her pussy only really belonged to me- Drew was just visiting.

I moved over to sit next to them and gave Eri a long, soft kiss. She moaned as we kissed and it turned me on incredibly to know that it was because of Drew's cock inside her. I looked up at him and we smiled at each other, silently sharing the feeling of Erika's incredible pussy. She picked up the pace a little, pushing her cunt back on him harder and harder. She started breathing faster, panting almost, while still looking into my eyes.

"I'm fucking him. I'm fucking his cock. I love it. My pussy's so full. Oh, I'm fucking his cock...Ohhhhh...fuck....." she said as she nibbled on my ear. I moved underneath her to suck her nipples, which of course were as hard as little stones. I pushed her tits together and flicked my tongue over them, sometimes moving a hand down to her cunt to finger her clit and to feel Drew's slippery shaft as she fucked back and forth on it. I cupped his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, causing him to moan a bit.

"Im going to cum soon" he said as he watched Erika's cuntlips open and close around his cock with that little ring of pink pussy sliding in and out. I gave his balls another light squeeze and told him that was fine.

"Cum for us, Drew. Let's see your cum. Cum on us. Come on, feel that sweet Japanese cunt on your cock? You want to cum, don't you? Come on, give us your cum. Eri, do you want his cum?"

"Yes!", she said. "Come on Drew, give us your cum! Cum on us. Please. I want to feel your cum."

He started pushing his cock into her, meeting her backward motions. He grabbed her hips and drove into her, causing her to give little screams as his cock pushed deep into her pussy.

"Oh fuck! It's so good! Fuck, I'm cumming!" he shouted.

I sat up and Erika quickly turned around and Drew stood in front of us, madly beating his cock. I pushed Eri's tits together and she and I locked lips in a hard kiss. Drew kept pounding his cock and finally let his cum fly, the first and second spurts hitting Eri and I right on our mouths, the third and fourth hitting her sweet round breasts. She and I spread his cum over our faces with our tongues while we all massaged the cum on her tits into her skin. Eri and I took turns gently licking the cum and Japanese pussy juice off his softening cock- I held his cock for her, she held it for me.

"Do you like my pussy, Drew? It's nice, isn't it? Do you like fucking me? Pat fucks me all the time. I love fucking white guys" Erika said.

"Eri, I love fucking you. You're so tight and wet and I love how I can feel your pussy close around my big cock. Fuck, it's so good. I'm getting hard again already."

"Hey, my turn", I said. "And we have something special planned that I think you're going to like. Right, Eri?"

"That's right, baby. I want you to fuck my ass."

The three of us moved into the bedroom where I had some lube and a bottle of red wine waiting. Eri quickly drank almost a glass full (of the wine, not the lube), lay down on her back and slowly starting fingering her pussy while Drew and I watched, softly stroking each other's cocks. Since I hadn't cum yet, I was completely hard and full. He was getting harder as he watched Erika work her cunt. I put some lube on my fingers and slowly worked them into her bum as Drew stroked himself.

She was right, she had been practicing. While her ass was definitely tight, it wasn't nearly as tight as I thought it would be and first one, then two fingers slid in easily. I worked my fingers in and out and around as Erika and Drew looked down at her asshole. Erika's fingers played on her pussy and she took another drink of wine.

In a slutty Asian voice she said "I'm ready, baby. Fuck my ass. Put your cock in my ass".

I lifted her legs up and spread them wide apart. Drew came over to hold one and I put my lubed-up cock against her little asshole, asking her if she was ready. The head of my cock is fairly large so that was the toughest part. I gripped my cock and pulled back just below the head to try and make it smaller and then I started pushing in. She gave a small yelp at first as the very tip of my cock pushed past her ring but then she relaxed and with more very slow pushing, I had my head in. After that, the shaft was no problem and I slowly started fucking her tiny, perfect Japanese ass while Drew watched, his hand on his cock. I looked into her beautiful dark brown eyes and whispered that I was fucking her ass. She nodded, bit her lip and moaned.

"Drew, play with my cunt please. Play with my pussy while I get my ass fucked" she pleaded.

Drew reached over to her sopping wet slit and traced circles around her clit. Then he slipped two fingers inside her. It was kind of an awkward position so Erika and I rolled over and she turned around facing Drew, letting him get a full view of her spread pussy and my cock in her ass. That way, he could also play with her nipples and cunt. He went back to finger fucking her pussy and of course I could feel his fingers on my cock through her cunt wall. That feeling made me fuck her ass harder and we both started grunting and groaning.

"Oh fuck, honey! Your ass is so good! Fuck! I'm going to cum in your ass. Oh, fuck".

"Not yet! I need to cum again. Drew, rub my clit hard. Please! Rub my clit. Make me cum! Make me cum with this cock in my ass".

Drew put two fingers on Eri's clit and worked it hard. She started screaming and her ass contracted around my cock, almost forcing me to shoot my cum into her.

"Fuck baby! I have to cum. I have to cum in your Japanese ass, baby. Please, let me shoot my cum"

"Cum for me! Cum in my ass! Cum for me! Ohhhh, I'm cumming too".

Fuck, the three of us were sweating and moaning like something out of a porn film. Drew was beating off his now-hard cock, Eri was riding my cock hard, and I was seconds away from shooting in her ass.

"Eri, I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your ass! Oh, honey!" I shouted as my body stiffened and I shot what could have been about ten spurts of cum into her perfect Japanese stewardess bum. Each shot made my head spin. Drew had worked her clit to the cumming point and her whole lower body seemed to tighten around me, squeezing every bit of semen out of me. About five seconds after I came, he jerked himself to his second orgasm, shooting all over Eri's tits again. She and I massaged the cum into her while trying to come down from our first anal sex experience.

It seemed to take forever for my cock to soften, mostly because Eri kept tensing her muscles, trying to milk more cum out of me. When I finally pulled out of that wonderful ass, Drew got between her legs and yes, licked up the cum that spilled out. Eri rolled over to face me and gave me the softest, sweetest kiss I'd ever felt from her. Her pretty Japanese eyes were sparkling and she was grinning from ear to ear.

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