tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErika's and Tammy's Journey Home

Erika's and Tammy's Journey Home

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author's note: There are three previous chapters to this, describing the actual vacation, that got rejected because literotica was for some reason not convinced the characters were of age. Although this chapter is, in my opinion, not leaving any doubts, this rejection gives me cause to explicitly state that Tammy and Erika are NOT minors. I'm using my literotica account as an archive for the stories I write for the ASN story board, so I won't rewrite anything. Apologies to the readers if missing references reduce the enjoyment of this chapter.


When Erika woke up the next morning feeling mischievous and - well, horny. She walked over to the window and opened it. Her nipples immediately perked up, and she started to masturbate while ideas for the day started to form in her mind - ideas about what she would do to Tammy.

Those ideas circled around the idea of directing Tammy completely naked into situations where she is seen or runs a high risk of being seen.

Finally, she climaxed. After a few seconds she could think clearly enough to realize she had better get things started.

Knowing that Tammy usually slept longer than her, she stepped out of her room in order to enter Tammy's and steal her clothes before she woke up.

Unknown to Erika, Tammy woke up earlier than normal that day. She too started the day by masturbating. While doing so, she fantasized about things she could do to Erika.

Her fantasies had Erika naked, but they also involved collar and leash and a lot of rough play with clit and nipples.

When she had calmed down from her orgasm, she decided to get rid of Erika's clothes and make some of her fantasies true.

The plans of both girls shattered when they met each other leaving their rooms at exactly the same moment.

Always the pragmatist, Erika re-thought the coming day's activities and suggested something to make the journey both less complicated and more enjoyable: "Let's load the luggage into the car naked and dress when we collect our clothes from yesterday." (see previous instalment)

Tammy agreed, and they proceeded as planned. It was still early enough to be able to load the car unseen, but the girls still got a nice naughty feeling from their actions.

They drove naked to their clothes, and upon reaching them, they had reached a playful and daring mood.

The first part of their route was a road through a forest with little to no traffic. If you wanted to, you could take a slight detour through similar roads even after that. The girls decided to continue naked for a while.

Keeping to the "winter fun" theme of the past weekend, they decided to lower the windows. However, this proved to be a rather bad idea. Although the cold brought a nice stiffness to their nipples, they soon discovered that the cold was not bearable while sitting still.

They closed the window again and turned up the heating. Erika, however, was already planning the next step: "Don't turn it to high, I don't want us to sweat."

When Erika was feeling warm again, she told Tammy to stop. She left the car completely naked, figuring that for the short time she planned to be outside, she wouldn't even need boots.

She tells Tammy to drive ahead until they can just barely see each other. While Tammy does so, she runs on the spot to keep warm, causing her breasts to move in a very erotic fashion.

When Tammy stops, Erika suppresses the urge to run and instead starts to walk towards the car forcefully and at a brisk pace, feeling the invigorating coolness on her skin. Also, the naughtiness of what she was doing put her sexual imagination into overdrive. Her pussy starts to get moist, and the flow of her juices gets even stronger when she imagines Tammy doubling the distance or even driving away for good.

When Erika has almost reached the car, the engine starts for real! However, Tammy moves just far enough to give Erika a little shock, which actually serves to heighten her arousal.

As Erika is about to get into the car, Tammy, who is just as naked as Erika, jumps out shouting: "It's my turn!"

Tammy then does the same thing Erika did before, and gets as wet. When she has almost reached the car, Erika throws out Tammy's boots and jacket, shouting: "The jacket is only for emergencies", before she drives away.

Tammy is a strong-willed girl, and just to defy Erika, she resolves to wear the jacket when she meets Erika again. But she also is a girl with a very wet pussy. She decides not to put on the jacket just yet.

Erika stops when she thinks the distance between her and Tammy will take about one hour of (naked) walking. She locks the car and starts walking back, taking her jacket without wearing it, just like she planned it for Tammy. Moving away from the safety of the car made her very excited.

Two very horny girls are walking towards each other, and about half an hour later, Tammy sees a naked Erika approaching. Before they can see details of each other, Tammy slips on the jacket, but sees no reason to close it.

When Erika sees her, she is a little disappointed.

"Why don't you take of the jacket?"

"Don't wanna."

"I think you do."

With this words, Erika starts to pull and twist Tammy's nipples, which where already stiff with cold and arousal.

Feeling the pain, Tammy immediately gives in, although deep down, it makes her even hornier.

Now, two very naked girls move toward their car together. The cold and the possibility of being caught - it was a public road after all - have their now familiar effect on them. To be appropriately graphic, they are horny as hell and their pussies are dripping wet - and not just figuratively.

Tammy finds out that being forced to be naked was also quite a turn-on for her.

The girls are so horny that they almost don't hear the car approaching. When they do, they practically have to jump into the bushes on the side of the road. They experience some very tense moments wondering whether the driver noticed them, but apparently he doesn't, driving past without slowing down.

When they reach their own car, it becomes clear to Tammy she wouldn't be able to wait for privacy, so she immediately starts using her fingers. This quickly brought her to an intense and prolonged orgasm.

Figuring that Tammy was occupied and wouldn't notice anyway, Erika treated herself to a huge orgasm, releasing the pent-up sexual energy of the day.

When the still naked girls where able to speak again, Tammy threatened: "Don't think you can get away with forcing me. You owe me a dare."

next: Erika's dare

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