Erik's Transformation Ch. 04


"Mmmm, look at mom's throbbing anus. It's asking for your attention, Erik!"

Erik's hand slid between her firm rounded ass cheeks and the tip of his thumb flicked against her tight pulsating anus. Kate gasped. He touched the tight ring again. Each time his thumb dragged over her anus, a quiver washed through her, making her more and more excited. She was so incredibly stimulated! Erik's cock was massaging and pressing her cervix, while Erik's hand was grinding her ass hole. The doctor was caressing her clit and tummy, while the doctor's another hand pinched her nipples! Almost immediately, she felt the powerful surge of orgasm well up in her body.

"Harder... please...Go deep! DEEP!!!" Kate begged. "God...I'm going to cum... again... ohhhhhh... I'm cumming!" A massive orgasm took her by surprise, wracking her body with shock after shock of erotic delight.

Erik felt so powerful, controlling her that way, but had to exert all of his willpower to delay orgasm. He slowed down, rotated his cock deep inside mom's pussy by a circular forward and backward motion of his hips, as the doctor had said to him earlier.

"It's okay, Erik. You succeeded in controlling and delaying your cumming as long as possible. Now fuck your mommy harder and cum deep inside her hot pussy... give her full load of cum ... fill her pussy ... mommy loves that!" Dr. Wood encouraged him.

"Yes honey, fuck mommy harder... please... mommy needs that!" Kate begged again.

Erik started fucking harder. He was pounding her so hard that her large full tits bounced with every stroke in and out. He was plowing mom's pussy and she was moaning and squealing so loud that the doctor was afraid the neighbor would hear her. Kate was making almost animal grunts in rhythm with Erik's thrusts into her swollen pussy. She quickly achieved another massive climax and Erik felt his mom's pussy squeezing and her juices flowing in her already wet cunt. Dr. Wood noticed that Kate's juices were dripping out of her pussy.

"Ohhh Kate, you ejaculated! Relax, don't worry about the mess you made," said Dr. Wood enthusiastically.

"But ... how... ahhh... I've never ejaculated in my life..." said Kate, breathing hardly, "I feel... ahhh... like I've got to pee..."

"Most women who ejaculate say it! However, its not pee. It is female ejaculate and happens as a result of direct, firm, prolonged g-spot stimulation. Relax and enjoy it, darling!"

Kate tried it and from the swelling of Erik's cock, she knew he was close. She thought of his boiling seed filling her and she increased her pace, urging him to cum in her pussy. Once again she could feel her pussy wanting to cum again, to cum with him this time. He rammed forward and exploded! The first shot of his hot cum sprayed all over the walls of her hungry pussy. Her cunt hole was filled with her juice and his thick sperm. He came so abundantly it started to overflow. More of the juices were oozing out of Kate's pussy onto the bed sheets. Her orgasm was starting as soon as he began to shoot. She screamed one last time in orgasm and collapsed face down into the pillow with Erik's massive cock still embedded in her pussy. He stayed inside her about a minute and then slowly pulled his cock out. They were both damn tired and he lay down beside her. Kate turned over and pulled him close to her as she felt the afterglow of tremendously satisfying sex. Dr. Wood could see some of his cum leaking from Kate's swollen, tender pussy.

"Oh's wonderful ... Well done Erik, you've endured fucking almost 45 minutes and you made mommy sooo happy," the doctor said teasingly before rising up and kissing Kate on the lips. "I'm sure mommy needed that! I believe I saw and heard some nice orgasms in those 45 minutes of non-stop action by Erik. Are you satisfied now, Kate?"

"Yes, yes... I am very satisfied... That was incredible. I had so many orgasms I lost count... It seemed to be happening non-stop" Kate blushed and replied in a soft voice, "I have never felt so aroused or turned on."

"Kate that's great! I am glad to hear that," Dr. Wood did not hide her pleasure.

"And that was the best fuck I've had in my life... Thanks honey! And of course, thanks Dr. Wood. Without your help it wouldn't have been as nice as this," continued Kate.

"You're welcome," answered Dr. Wood, "I'm here to help you. What about you, Erik?"

"I had no idea that fucking mom could be so good. Hitting mom's cervix with my cock-head and her orgasms are the best parts of fucking. I love you mom," Erik answered.

"I love you to honey," said Kate innocently.

"Kate, do not forget to give Erik relief before bedtime. He came a lot less this time than you," the doctor reminded her.

"Of course, don't worry, I will not forget it."

"Now get some rest. You both deserve it! See you soon," said Dr. Wood and left them.

To be continued...

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