Erin Andrews


I had worked at the upscale hotel in our college town for just over a year while finishing up grad school. Most of my hours were spent bartending in the hotel lounge. The tips were good as most guests in the 4 star hotel were on business so they had expense accounts and we definitely were the nicest hotel in the medium sized college town. We even had few regulars as salesman and women came through town. Most of the celebrities stayed there as well but they rarely left their rooms or at a minimum just sent their people out for requests. The one exception was the ESPN crews.

The on air talent often stopped in for a drink or three after a game and made great converstions prior to closing time. They usually didn't have to get up for anything but a flight home the next day so staying out late wasn't a problem. It was through these sessions that I finally met Erin Andrews. She never came down from her room at first, but after the other guys in the crew worked on her and told her there weren't many people in bar an no one would bother her she finally started to hang out and have a drink at the end of their workdays. I had probably served her 3 or 4 times, always probably a little too quick to give her free on the house, but hey she was smoking hot and I wanted her to stick around as long as possible. She was actually pretty funny and after a drink or two would laugh hysterically at Mussberger's stories about broadcasting in the 60's and 70's. I even got to be on a first name basis with her so that she would stop in an say hello if I was working in the evening before she headed out with the crew to cover a basketball game.

Luckily this year our basketball arena hosted our conference tournament and ESPN was there to cover it for the weekend. Games started on Thursday and ran through Sunday so the crew would in town for at least 4 days. I stopped in at the bar on Thursday afternoon to check the weekend schedule and was just relaxing sitting on a stool drinking a soda when I heard knock on the glass door. I saw Erin standing there with a stack of papers peering in the window and sticking her tongue out at me. Jumping off the bar stool I hurried over and unlocked the door opening it up as she walked away.

"Hey Erin," I called out.

"Oh hey," she responded turning back towards me, "Alex, you didn't have to unlock the door. I just saw you sitting in there while I was walking by and banged on the glass to say hi. My damn luggage got held up at the airport and we've got a game in 4 hours so I had to snag notes from the producer to cram some info on the coaches and teams. I gotta get back up stairs and get ready but we'll probably all be in the bar later. Are you working tonight?"

"Yeah, I was just checking the schedule and I'll be there tonight 'til close."

"I should have known, do you work every night or just the nights when we're in town? I swear you must check the football and basketball schedule." She laughed lightly at her tease.

"Of course I do," I admitted. "Mussburger leaves great tips and tells great stories."

"Uh huh. I'm sure that is the only reason." She rolled her eyes at me before stepping onto the just arrived elevator. Erin was never conceited when she sat around with the guys, she knew she was hot and that guys lusted after her but once with a group of friends she just had fun.

"O.K. you got me Erin, I like checking out your ass too!"

Her eyes bugged out a bit as she pretended to be mad through clenched teeth, "Shut up!" The elevator door shut as she shook her head at me. I couldn't believe I said that to her face but it all stemmed from the last time she and guys were in the bar. They were all teasing her about some fan that kept yelling,"Erin I love you! I'll pick your ass for you!" during a recent game after she got busted trying to discreetly pull her underwear out of her ass crack when she thought no one was looking. The guys kept teasing her all night about checking her ass for pantylines or a thong. She took it all in good nature as she had really become one of the guys, even when one of the sound guys played the Thong Song on his phone for her.

Of course she had to know I wasn't entirely kidding about checking out her ass. She once busted me looking down her top when she leaned over the bar to grab some cherries out of the fruit tray. Her scoop neck sweater gave me a pretty good view of her well rounded tits pushed together in a white bra before she busted me and threw a cherry in my face. I thik she was a little drunk at the time so she quickly forgot about it. It was one of the only times she had more than 2 martinis in a night.

Just as I was leaving the hotel for class I ran into my friend Mikel. He asked me to come in a little early and cover for him at the bellman desk for a few hours while he took his grandma to the doctor. It would only be for a couple hours and he'd be back well before my bar shift began. I told him sure, since it was pretty easy and I could do it after class today. All I had to do was sit around, wait for someone with luggage and wheel it on a cart up to their room.

A few hours later I was leaning on the bell stand when a woman from an airline walked in with a piece of rolling luggage carrying a clear plastic bag and an envelope.

"Is there a Ms. Erin Andrews staying here?"

Without even bothering to look it up I answered, "Yes, she's a guest here. Is that her luggage?"

"Ah yeah, and tell her next time to think a little bit before packing her bag. I guess TSA freaked out when this one went through the scanner."

She rolled the bag towards me and handed the envelope and the clear plastic bag to me. "Make sure she gets that, and sign here saying I left it with you." She pulled an electronic pad tethered to her hip up for me to sign before walking off. I don't think the woman had a clue who Erin was, just thought she was some novice traveller.

I didn't really look at anything at first until I gathered the bag off the suitcase. It was pretty obvious what was in the clear plastic bag. I was immediately confused, shocked, surprised, all in one. I immediately looked at the clear bag and knew this was the referenced item in the letter, inside the bag was a thick rubbery penis shaped dildo, a metal vibrator with a charging cord wrapped around it, a battery pack, an alarm clock, and a bottle of lube. I took the bags up to Erin's room, knocking before entering, but knowing she had already left for the arena with tip off only about 2 hours away. She had a suite so I carried the big roller bag into the bedroom and placed it on the suitcase stand for her. I placed the envelope on the table in the seating area. The envelope wasn't sealed so I carefully opened it and read the single page inside. Of course I also received a surprise when Erin shouted, "What the fuck are you doing?"

I turned around in shock, holding a fake dick in my hand as I faced her.

"Uhhh, they brought your bags to me to bring up and told me to tell you that you should think before you pack your bags. They thought you had a bomb in there. That's why your luggage was held up."

"What?! Where did you get that stfuff in your hand, that is not mine! I just got called from the airline saying my luggage was here so I rushed back to grab my notes from the bag. Why on earth are you in my room with a bunch of....?" She clearly didn't know what to say to a bartender/bellman standing in her room holding a wobbly pink penis dildo in his hand.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have looked in the bag. Look I didn't touch your clothes bag, this stuff fell out of the clear bag when was wrestling around with the big bag, you know putting it on that stand." I lied as convicing as I could about the dildo just falling out.

"What the fuck!" She seemed exasperated. "Well whatever. That stuff isn't mine and if I find out you put it here in some sick fucking stalker game I'll have you arrested. Now get out."

I tried apologizing as I hurried out, "Look Erin, I'm sorry, I didn't put it here. I'm mean I brought it up, but it was only because the airline said it was yours. I..." I didn't even finish before she shut the door behind me. I knew she was freaked. After the peephole incident I am sure she was already suspicious in hotel rooms.

I went back to the bell stand waiting for the cops to show up or something but they never did and I didn't see Erin leave but I knew she did because there she was reporting from courtside an hour later.

I watched the game from inside the bar after Mikel releived me at the bellstand and I began my bartending shift. Mussberger kept hinting at the joke they had planned for Erin and she seemed nervous and laughed uneasily at their jabs tonight. After the game the guys all came in for a drink and to my surprise Erin came in as well, although a few minutes after the crew. They all stood and cheered, causing her face to blush. She walked up to me and actually smiled a bit.

"I guess I owe you an apology. The guys in the truck fessed up on the way back here. They planted that vibrator in my bag and made it look like a bomb just to fuck with me. When our travel department got the call their inside man tipped these jack asses off so they paid the delivery woman to pull the bag out of the suitcase and hand it to the bellman for delivery, figuring to add to my embarrassment."

I couldn't help but laugh along with the rest of the crew as they slapped five and joked about their caper, wishing they had a video of Erin's face when she saw that vibrator.

I joined in, "I know, her face was classic but then when I was talking and waving that fake dick around trying to explain myself."

I could see Erin's eyes get wide and her head shake quickly from side to side. "Yeah, that fake dick vibrator..."

At the same time a producer was asking, "What fake dick, we just put the metal vibrator in for the metal detector."

I took Erin's cue, "You know what I mean, the vibrator dick thing..."

He laughed, "Oh, shit. For a minute there you had me going. I thought you were going to say little innocent Erin had big fake cock in her travel bags."

"Knock it off." Erin punched his arm. "You guys have embarrassed me and Alex enough for a night. You're lucky I'm a cool chick or I'd file sexual harrassment against you guys. But remember payback is a bitch and you know I'll get even with you guys."

The night progressed without anything more unusual and Erin actually stayed up until she was the last to leave just before midnight. She was a bit tipsy after 2 Cosmo's and nothing to eat.

"So tell me... is that big fake cock yours?" I asked, wiping the bar in front of her, while she leaned on her hand watching.

"No." She laughed as she sat up at the question, "Of course not."

"C'mon," I chided. "Your face was a dead give away. You didn't want me saying anything in front of those guys. I know it was yours."

"I'm not talking about this. I'm going to bed." She deflected as she rose from her stool.

"Whatever, Erin. I know your secret. I won't tell the guys about your boyfriend. Or...."

"You wouldn't!" Her eyebrows rose in desperation as she put her hands on the bar and leaned towards me to make sure I saw her serious look. By leaning in she only accentuated her large tits, resting them on the bar surface just inches from my hand. I gulped a nervous bit of air, catching the scent of her hair.

"I won't. Don't worry."

"I'm serious. Please don't." She pleaded as she pushed back off the bar standing straight up. "They'll never let me live it down."

"I promise." I agreed. "But I can't believe you carry that around. But then again you never talk about a boyfriend. And come to think of it you never get caught on TMZ or any of that stuff with a guy."

"I know. I travel all the time and I don't have time for relationship." Erin explained, standing now behind the stools. I tried my best not to look down at her tight fitting sweater stretched across her ample chest while she started opening up about herself. "It's not like I can just go out to clubs anymore. Creepy guys and douchebags seem drawn to me and won't leave me alone. The only guys I really ever talk to are the production crew, athletes and guys like you and believe me , I don't go out in most hotels."

"I can't believe you aren't married to some athlete by now. I mean a woman as hot as you..."

"Yeah right. I know those guys. I hear their conversations and I am not marrying one of them, not to mention I cover college sports. Most of the guys are 10 years younger than me now. "

"Hey, I'm 30, I'm available." I joked.

"See, I never get to meet a normal guy like you or go do normal stuff where a guy like you would be. What I wouldn't give to just go out and have fun like a normal person or like back in college."

A crazy idea hit me and given time to think about it I probably would have chickened out asking her but after getting caught in her room holding her dildo and hearing her slightly drunken complaints I figured what the hell. "Erin, I know a place you, well we, can go and you will be totally anonymous. No one will know who you are, you'll just be another hot girl dancing." Before she could shoot the idea down I explained, "There is club not far from here that has a huge Mardi Gras party and everyone wears masks and just parties. I could get you a mask and in the dark club no one would suspect it was you hanging out with some regular guy."

I neglected to tell her everything about the party but I wanted to draw her in at first before she shot down the idea.

"Are you asking me on a date?" Erin smiled coyly, leaning forward on the back of the stool this time, pushing up her tits again. "I can't believe you had the guts to ask me." She teased.

"Hey you said you never get to go out so I'm just offering up the chance. You don't have to call it a date, just two people going to the club." I tried to back down the implications of a date since I didn't want her to say no. "The party doesn't get really going until late so it is not a problem to show up this late..."

"You mean tonight? It's already after eleven. I haven't been out late in months." I could sense her coming up with excuses but she surprised me by continuing her own thinking aloud and looking at the ceiling. "Then again I don't have to do anything until after 3 tomorrow afternoon. I was just going to hit the gym so it isn't like I can't sleep in...yeah, I'll go." She made up her mind looking at me. "You'll have to find me a mask somewhere at this hour."

"Ah, the mask is easy, the rest of the wardrobe is a little more challenging."

"What do you mean? Can't I just grab something from suitcase? I know I don't have any real club wear stuff but I can still come up with something."

"Well, the other part of the party is that it is supposed to be a lingerie and pajama party so in order to get in you have to dress in lingerie or pajamas."

"Oh, how convienient you left that part out. I don't really travel with either of those so unless you know a place to buy women's lingerie at 11 o'clock on a Thursday night I guess I'm not going."

My heart jumped a bit when I heard her challenge. First, that she mentioned lingerie and not pajamas and second that she implied she would go if I could set her up with some. "So... it's a go if I can find you some?"

"Sure, Alex, you find me an outfit, and not something like just a bra and underwear and I'll go."

"Great, I'll meet you in your room in 30 minutes after I close up here and get your outfit." I was practically running to start closing things down. "Care to give me a hint on size?"

"I'll take a size four, but good luck finding something that my chest will fit into." She winked at the last part, before continuing, "See you upstairs in a few, but don't bother if you're empty handed, I'll just go to bed."

Erin had no idea of the neighborhood and fortunately for me I knew there was a 24 hour Adult Shop only 2 blocks away. In addition to the usual videos, magazines, and toys, they had large section of lingerie and masks for games. I zipped over and picked out a fairly tastefuly and probably the most conservative thing I could find. I didn't want something too risque for fear she wouldn't wear it.

Once back to the hotel I hurried up to her room on the 8th floor, knocking discreetly in case anyone was still up and knew she was there.

Erin opened the door wearing a robe and slippers, brushing her teeth. "I didn't think you'd find anything so I was getting ready for bed." She explained leading me into her suite. "Were did find something so fast at this time?"

I tossed the bag on the couch, "There's a shope just around the corner, open 24 hours, I knew they'd have something."

"A porno shop no doubt. I'm not wearing some crotchless panties or anything like that." She explained spitting out the last of her toothpaste in the room's bar sink before grabbing the bag. "Let's see what we have here."

She pulled out the satin babydoll nighty and held it up against herself. "That doesn't look too bad... where's the bottoms?" She dug around in the bag and pulled out a pair of matching shorts and the extra silk pajama pants I added in case the shorts were too revealing.

"Hmm, this isn't too bad at all. I'll try it on and see, but I think it will be acceptable. You can put yours on out her while I get ready in the bedroom." She instructed as she closed the door behind her.

I quickly changed into my rather boring silk pajama top and pants. They were a little tight on my athletic 6 foot 3 frame, especially across the shoulders and chest but I was used to that with any off the rack clothes.

Erin emerged about 10 minutes later. I immediately felt the heat rise in my groin, praying I wouldn't pop a hard on right then. She wore the pink baby doll nightie as I expected but she surprised me by foresaking a bra under neath it. The thin spaghetti straps held up the supporting fabric that covered her boobs which stretched the top to the limit. The deep V showed plenty of cleavage of her seperated tits stuffed into the cups above the elastic band around her chest. The guy at the store hadn't been much help, but finding a size 4 that said it would hold a C cup while knowing she was probably a D had been the best I could do. I could barely make out the hint of slightly hard nipples staring back at me, covered by just that thin satin layer. Her bare shoulders and arms shivered just a bit in the cool air, sending shockwaves across her tits.

Erin is tall so the baby doll barely made it to her waist, offering clean view of the short shorts hiding her ass but fully exposing her long legs and muscular thighs.

I was totally stricken and aroused knowing just how little seperated her naked body from me.

"It really isn't much more revealing than some of that stuff I wore on Dancing With the Stars." She told herself aloud. "I'll have to put the pants on to keep warm but it looks O.K. right?" She twirled once letting the motion carry up the nightie, exposing her stomach and giving me a passing view of her tight ass and narrow waist in the shorts.

"Looks great." I nearly applauded as she bent down, giving me a clear view down her top between her tits as she stepped in the pants and pulled them up. I couldn't see the expression on her face hidden behind the purple sequined mask but I felt like she was smiling at me.

When we got to the club it was hot and full of sweaty writhing bodies as expected. The cab driver gave no hint he recognized her in her mask and wearing a long overcoat. We were too late to get a table so we had a drink at the bar, yelliing to each other over the thumping music, laughing and oggling all the costumes around us. I saw a balcony set up near the dance floor where bouncers and VIP's tossed beads down to girl who flashed them, just like in New Orleans. Erin was relaxing as it was apparent no one looked at her face anyway so her fears of being recognized dissipated. Soon she was bouncing to the beat a bit and we moved to the crowded dance floor.

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