tagMind ControlErin Obeys

Erin Obeys


“Okay, so I’m, like, here and stuff,” said Erin.

I raised my head in response to hearing her voice. I knew she was on her way, I had summoned her, she had no choice to but come to me, but I hadn’t counted on her arriving so quickly. I turned around to face her and found her dressed exactly as I had wished it – hair back in a bun, horn-rimmed glasses, man’s white dress shirt with thin, vertical light blue stripes unbuttoned two buttons, snug (but not skin-tight) blue jeans and black boots. No socks. She stood motionlessly, arms draped at her side, grazing her hips, a look on her twenty-three year old face that wavered between boredom and annoyance. No lipstick. No makeup. Her natural good looks demanded no embellishment.

“I’d like to say again how fucked up this whole arrangement is, what a sick pathetic pervert I think you are and how I hope you choke while you’re doing this,” she recited in a rapid fire monotone.

“Quiet,” I admonished her.

“You’re the worst lover I’ve ever had, I hope you contract every disease known to man…” she whispered through tight lips and burning brown eyes.

“Make no sound,” I sighed through closed eyes. She was immediately quiet and unmoving. I had learned with earlier girls to leave a standing command of complete motionlessness; otherwise, you had to keep telling them not to run away. The way I had Erin configured, I only had to tell her what to do (as opposed to telling her what not to do). I arose from my chair and walked slowly over to her, examining her in the soft light from the hallway. She stood 5’ 7” and weighed maybe 120 pounds. Her skin was clear and smooth, the soft, light blonde hair grazing her forearms all but invisible. Her breasts were small but nicely shaped; her hips slender and her muscles tight. Her legs were skinnier than I would have wished but they were long and lovely. What little ass she had was tight, firm and round (albeit flat). Her tummy was a main attraction – nearly completely flat. For a twenty-three year old woman, Erin could pass for a teenager. Sometimes, in my fantasies, she did.

She regarded me through searing, narrow eyes as I came within scratching distance of her. How much she must have longed to mar my face with her claws. But her arms remained at her side. I leaned in closely and breathed on her neck. “My breath on your neck pleases you,” I murmured as my tongue extended and traced her skin. “So does my tongue.” Involuntarily, she shuddered as her body responded to the commands. The fire in her eyes softened somewhat. I just loved Erin. As she turned her head (to avoid eye contact and to expose more of her long, slender, beautiful neck to me) I caught the metallic gleam of the device implanted at the base of her skull. It was another reason I liked her hair back – I liked to see it, especially before things escalated.

I had no idea what the device was, who made it or how it operated. Neither did I understand why I had been given it. It was nearly imperceptible, no larger than the fingernail of your pinky with two small electrodes attached on either side of the back of the skull. They made no sound and they emitted no light. You didn’t even know they were working, save for the presence of this comely young woman who obeyed perfectly, although feisty. But it was that fight in her, that fierce, profane resistance that slowly melted into her all-consuming passion, drew me to her more than to anyone I had used the device on. After exploring the wiles of any number of women who crossed my path and tickled my fancy, I always seemed to come back to Erin.

My desire to play increased. “Erin,” I said softly and slowly, “I’d like your nipples to get hard, please.” I watched as the small points pressed slightly outward against the designer shirt. I unbuttoned the third button on the shirt, still not reaching the bra but exposing more of her chest to me. “Do you like how your nipples feel,” I continued. My query was met with silence. I had told her not to make a sound. “You may answer with one word answers.”

“Yes,” she answered tonelessly. This was another command of mine: always answer any direct question with “yes.” You have to be careful with commands like this. Making someone as feisty as Erin answer my leading questions with “yes” was such a glorious tease as I knew the passion rising within her slowly crumbled away her distaste at being commanded; of being compelled to perform for my pleasure.

“Show me your hard nipples,” I commanded. Erin took my hands and placed them on her breasts, poising my fingertips over her taunt flesh. However, through the bra and shirt, there was little to feel. I respected Erin for it – she had obeyed without giving me what I wanted. What I wanted was the visual. “Take your shirt off and leave it off,” I commanded. A slight scowl crossed her face. I had learned not to tell her to make any facial expressions. A commanded smile was forced and phony. Her nimble fingers worked the buttons rapidly (which surprised me some – I thought she would take her sweet time executing the order) and her pale skin was soon visible down to the waistline of her jeans.

She opened the shirt, shrugged her shoulders out of the fabric, pulling the shirt out of the jeans and dropped the shirt to the floor. Her bra was lavender colored and framed her modest bosom enticingly. I kneeled before her, wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her flat stomach to my waiting mouth. My tongue lapped circles around her belly button, flicking into and out of the sensitive skin quickly. Her arms shot behind her back, finding the clasp of the bra. “Slowly, baby, slowly,” I breathed into her tummy as my tongue moistened her flesh.

Her movements became more gradual, more tantalizing. One strap appeared from behind her back, dangling loosely. Then the other appeared. I knew there was nothing holding the bra to Erin’s body. She slid her right strap over her shoulder and the brassiere came loose on that side. I got my first hint of her firm, round breast appearing from the cup. This was always the most exciting moment of the undressing: it was more than you would ever see in any social situation yet before the impending nakedness that would expose her every last secret. I drank in the sight of her partially exposed breast. My own excitement accelerated. Erin continued to make no sound as her other hand drew the remaining restraining strap over her left shoulder.

How I wished the fabric could have remained on her tight, young body a while longer but all too soon it disengaged from her lithe form and fell onto my face. I’m sure Erin enjoyed that. That was okay, too – she was allowed to have some fun at my expense. If you wish to receive, you must give, as well.

The irony of our position; I, the master, was kneeling before her, the submissive, as she stood tall and erect over me in a seeming position of power. All the power was mine. Her nipples were savagely erect and her body quivered slightly. The hatred in her eyes had softened into a hint of anticipation. This aroused me more, as well.

“Please play with your nipples for me, Erin,” I whispered breathlessly. Her hands moved quickly and effortlessly to her breasts as her fingers curled and softly stroked the sensitive underside of her breast. After a short time, the fingers moved to her nipples. She liked to run them over her nipples two fingers at a time; teasing the turgid flesh. Sometimes she would slide her nipple between the knuckles of her fingers and pinch them lightly.

When her eyes closed unconsciously, I took the signal to begin working on her hips and butt. My hands ran down her soft, smooth back to her jeans and to her ass. A slight murmur of a whimper escaped her neck. “You may moan, groan and gasp Erin,” I allowed. A full moan followed immediately. “Would you like me to unbutton your jeans,” I asked hesitantly, like a seventeen year old boy asks his sixteen year old girlfriend. “Yes, please,” she responded. I hadn’t been expecting her to respond to willingly or politely and felt myself getting even harder. I couldn’t wait to taste her moisture. But, again, I asked, “Are you wet, Erin?”

“Yes,” she responded, “I’m very wet.”

I undid her belt buckle and slowly pulled the belt through her loops. Her breathing became deeper and her fingers worked her nipples more urgently. I unbuttoned her pants and slid the zipper down. Pulling the jeans apart, I detected a small dark spot, the stain from her dripping vagina, at the base of her lavender panties. I hooked my fingers into the waist of her jeans and slid them down, over her hips and down her beautiful legs. I realized I hadn’t taken her boots off and couldn’t get the jeans off. I laughed and she laughed with me.

“Here, hold them back up,” I offered as I pulled the jeans back up so I could remove her boots. She bent over slightly to accept the jeans. She had tied the shoestrings into double knots (another early act of a resistance that had now faded) so it took me longer to untie them. However, I succeeded and slid each boot off her feet. Dropping her jeans, she stepped lightly out of the pants so she was now naked except for her wet panties. I looked up at her.

“Please remove the clip from your hair,” I asked. She did so and shook her hair free. Her honey-brown strands weren’t as long as I liked but I did enjoy watching the tousled locks shake free and cover her ears and frame her cute face.

“I want to kiss your pussy,” I said. It was the first vulgar reference to her body. She shivered slightly in response to hearing it. “Would you like that?” I asked. She shook her head yes.

Reaching my hands behind her upper thighs, so nicely shaven and smooth, I ran my hands up to her panties and slid my hands underneath the tight fabric, cupping her ass cheeks and squeezing them. As I squeezed, I pulled her closer to me. Her covered mound was less than three inches from my nose. I could smell her arousal. I extended my tongue and licked the panties from bottom to top, teasing her excited entrance and grazing her clit (which I could not feel through the panties but knew was there; hard and moist).

“Mmmmm,” she sighed through her nose, the pitch growing higher. I went back down to the base of the panties and pressed my face closer to her, allowing the coarse, flat part of the middle of my tongue to navigate the same course. I pressed hard so the tongue drew the panties with them until the elastic band reached its limit. I knew this rubbed and stimulated her even more and her sighing corroborated my assumption. I dug my fingers into her ass cheeks slightly and pulled them apart. She drew in a deep breath through her nose. Her nipples were now fully erect and her hands dropped to her side, cupping my head softly as I licked her. She stroked the back of my head and sighed.

I could bear it no longer. I extended my fingers up to the waistband and drew the panties down over her hips. As her blonde bush came into view and her wet lips appeared, I could tell I wasn’t going to last very long once I was inside her. I drew the underwear all the way down her legs and she stepped out of them before they had cleared her ankles. Now it was my turn to laugh at her eagerness.

We smiled at each other as her leg went back down to allow me to completely remove her panty. Then, at last, she was completely naked and dripping wet. I grabbed her by the ass and pulled her to my face. I could not wait another second to have that sweetness coating my tongue. I licked her eagerly and rapidly and hungrily. She was very slick and very warm. Gradually, I worked up the lips to reach the apex of her womanhood and I searched out her clit. Upon finding it, I began licking it directly, making small circles around it and then grazing my tongue over its head. Erin moaned with each lick.

I retrieved my right hand from massaging her ass cheek and began running my middle finger up and down the length of her labia. As I flattened my tongue and ran its length all over her clit (to which she began whimpering in a high pitched voice ever more quickly and in increasing volume), I slid my finger inside her. She was so primed it slid all the way in without any resistance. My index finger joined it and penetrated nearly to the third knuckle.

“Yes,” she whimpered. I wanted my ring finger to join but she was too tight with her legs together like that.

“How close are you,” I heaved in between licks.

“Oh my God,” was her only response. Just mentioning orgasm drew her to the edge.

“Are you going to cum for me,” I asked as my fingers fucked her faster.

“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes closed and her legs beginning to wobble. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” she repeated in staccato bursts, growing louder with each breath. Then she squealed and thrust her pussy against me, forcing my fingers slightly deeper inside her. I could feel her internal muscle spasms and drank in the delicious, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” that filled the room.

She was still standing, but obviously needed to lie down. I picked her up and carried her to my bed. We exchanged some deep kisses as she relished the slippery juice on my tongue. There was no denying my need now; I had to be inside that tight body. As I tore my clothes off, she spread herself widely and rubbed her pussy, sliding two fingers inside her to get more juice which she then sucked off her own fingers. She also took her glasses off (the last stage of the seduction) and lay back against pillow. She was ready to feel me inside her. Naked, I knelt between her legs. I don’t have a particularly thick or wide erection, but it is long and it was rock hard. I grazed her opening, teasing her with the head of my cock. “Is this what you want?” I teased her.

“Yes, please,” she grunted in response.

“Do you want to feel this head inside you?”

Her legs spread wider in response. I couldn’t bear it any longer. I slide inside her lips, feeling the warmth of her cervix enfold me and penetrating the vagina, where my fingers (and hers) had been. She was so tight. As I thrust inside her, I repositioned myself over her prone form. Her arms clasped me and her nails dug into my back.

“Easy,” I admonished. My hips began rotating and hers joined me in harmony. Her legs wrapped around my hips and squeezed my waist as the penetration extended. This wasn’t going to take long at all. I slid my hands under her back, grabbing her shoulders to pull her body down against me as I fucked her. We reached fever pitch in seconds.

“Fuck me,” she hissed softly. My thrusts became more urgent, my heart raced, my cock was so hard I could hardly feel anything else. Then my testicles stiffened, an explosion occurred in my body and then those sweet thrusts from below as I shot my seed into her. She could feel it and loved it, her muscles squeezing my shaft as she, too, reached climax. I pounded into her warm flesh as she moaned in ecstasy. I became vocal, as well. Her climax outlasted mine by thirty seconds.

Finally, when it subsided and her eyes opened, I stopped thrusting and allowed my rigidity to diminish. I try to keep myself hard even after climax if she’s in the throes of ecstasy. I withdrew from her opening, laid beside her, took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. During the entire exchange, our lips only met this one time and our tongues caressed only at this juncture. “Baby, it was so good,” she whispered gleefully. “I already can’t wait for the next time.”

The device had done its job again.

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