tagCelebrities & Fan FictionErin on the Right Side of the Law

Erin on the Right Side of the Law


Author's Note: While I actually received permission from Playboy model Erin Fox to use her name in the writing of this story, it is entirely a work of fiction. ~~ BrettJ


Erin Fox was not a happy girl. She had only been in Toronto for a day and had already got herself in trouble with the law. It wasn't her fault, the guy had it coming. Just because she was wearing a bikini and signing autographs at the Hooters on Queen and Adelaide didn't give anyone the right to touch her. Her normally-smiling face frowned as she recalled the incident that had led to her arrest. It was not how she had envisioned her first trip to Toronto doing promotions work for Playboy and their cyber-club.

Erin was enjoying her new career as a model. The photographers had done a great job making her look sexy, sultry and alluring yet still allowing the pictures to look like her. The way the light highlighted certain areas of her body; all the props that had been used for the shoot, the sexy clothes and how comfortable they had made her feel had made Erin feel like a member of a select group of women. She hoped to pose further for the company and had hinted that posing with another model would not be something she would be averse to.

The crowd and the staff at Hooters had made Erin feel welcome and there were lots of admirers lined up to get autographed photos and pictures. Erin smiled, flirted and laughed with everyone until he showed up.

At first, he seemed like just a big, boisterous jerk and Erin had dealt with guys like him before. Joke back with them, flirt just the tiniest bit but make sure they don't get the upper hand. Flash them a big smile but keep your eyes open. Erin used her brain and was sure this guy wasn't going to go anywhere.

She underestimated the guy, whose name was Jake and he got "handsy". Erin clouted him one and a few of his buddies came to his defense and even more men in the restaurant came to Erin's defense. An over-zealous policeman arrested Erin for inciting a riot. Now she and a few of the other restaurant patrons had been taken to the local police station and were standing in front of the desk sergeant, trying to get things sorted out.

"Are we going to be able to get things sorted out here?" The sergeant, whose name was Sergeant Avery, asked everyone involved.

"She didn't start anything Sarge, Jake did," A female officer said from the back of the group. She walked up to the front desk and stood in front of her superior.

"Ah Jake, I see you're back with us again," Sergeant Avery said with a sigh. "How do you know all of this, Officer Benton?"

"I was there at the time Sarge, waiting to get an autograph from Miss Fox," The young officer smiled at Erin. "I'm a fan and all she did was give Jake what he had coming to him."

Sergeant Avery looked over at the large, loutish Jake and nodded. "Knowing you Jake, I don't doubt it for a minute. Miss Fox, you are free to go, with our apologies. I'll be talking to Officer Mills later. Officer Benton, can you see that Miss Fox gets to wherever it is she needs to be?"

"Sure thing, Sarge," The very pretty officer Benton smiled at Erin. Erin thought the attractive young officer was way too sexy to be a cop, with her sexy blue-gray eyes, impish smile and wavy brown hair. It pleased Erin to know this young woman was a fan, but an autographed photo would not be enough to thank her for her trouble. Dinner wouldn't be enough either, Erin's wheels were spinning once again. She liked to have adventures when on promotional tours and she thought she just might have found one. Her body was aroused as she smiled sweetly at the young police officer.

"You've done me a solid and gotten me out of a bad situation," Erin told her. "I'd love to buy you a drink or dinner to say thank you for all your help," She said, placing her hand on the young woman's arm.

The girl looked at her and nodded. "I'd like that, Miss Fox. It's always nice to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman." Erin picked up on the vibe immediately, the pretty officer was bi-sexual, or at the very least, bi-curious. She wouldn't be curious when Erin finished with her; she'd know what sexy delights another woman could provide. "I have to get you back safely, Miss Fox, where are you staying?" Officer Benton asked her.

"I'm staying at the Royal York and please, none of this `Miss Fox" nonsense, I'm Erin," She smiled. "What's your name or should I keep calling you Officer Benton?"

Officer Benton giggled; she had a lovely, impish laugh. "No, by an odd coincidence, I'm Erin as well. Erin Benton."

Both Erins laughed and once Erin Benton had Erin Fox safely ensconced at the Royal York, they exchanged information. Erin gave the other Erin a gentle kiss goodbye, but she let the hint of promise be visible in her dark eyes. She wanted to make the kiss more passionate and yet she wanted to tantalize the pretty officer. Erin knew she would be thinking of Officer Benton's sleek, sexy body tonight and playing over the image of her sweet face in her mind. Her favorite toy would get a nice workout before she crashed; Erin Benton was a delicious little piece of candy!

Erin had a few promotional appearances to make the following afternoon at various adult stores around Toronto and Mississauga, but her concentration was only 50% there. The rest of her thoughts were with "other Erin" and what they would be doing tonight. She wanted to lick those yummy tits and she wondered what the sexy cop's mouth would do to her body. The thrill of an illicit rendezvous was getting to her; 6 PM couldn't come quite fast enough. She signed a few final autographs, hailed a taxi and gave him a 20 dollar tip for getting her back to the hotel so fast. She got out of her casual apparel and rummaged through her suitcase, knowing the outfit she wanted to wear for her companion. Out came a black chiffon blouse, a black leather mini and lingerie to go with it. She got out a skimpy black leather jacket and her favorite black boots, given to her by one of her admirers. She didn't want Officer Erin to doubt for a second that sex was part of tonight's agenda. Erin went to shower and treated herself to a small cum before dressing for her date.

Erin Benton showed up right on time at 8 and she stunned as well. In a light, cream-colored blouse, a snug white miniskirt and white stilettos, she made Erin's mouth water. "We could just stay in," Erin told her date as they eyed each other like two hungry cats. The sexual tension was so thick you could have cut it with a chainsaw.

"God, I'm tempted," Officer Erin grinned. "I'd like to just rip your clothes off and do all those things I've been fantasizing about for the past few months, but I also want to take you out to dinner and show you off," She sighed. "I'm also fucking hungry, so let's go have dinner and then come back here for ... dessert," She teased, licking her lips. Erin's supposition about the other girl's sexuality vanished, she was most definitely bi, she might even be gay. Toronto was very liberal in their views and gay marriage was legal here. Erin didn't know what the police force's views were here in Ontario; a gay officer might be perfectly acceptable. As it was a lovely summer evening, Erin and Erin chose to walk the distance to Baton Rouge. Two lovely brunettes strolling the streets of Toronto in sexy attire did attract some attention. Erin was used to it, but her policewoman companion was not.

"Oh come on, you can't tell me that men don't notice you?" Erin expressed her surprise as "other Erin" gave the hostess their name. As they walked to their table, a few more sets of eyes followed them. They were seated in back and Erin knew the two of them could openly flirt and be ever-so-slightly naughty; she didn't want to get Erin in trouble with her superiors.

"If they do, this is the first time I'm aware of it," Erin Benton smiled as she slid in beside Erin. She sat as close as she could without making a scene, but did briefly place her hand on Erin's knee to make her intentions clear.

"I'm surprised that you don't model yourself, Playboy or any other company would love to have you," Erin told her new friend. "You've got a smoking-hot body ... what are you, 5'5" and around -- 34B?"

"5'6" and you're right about `the girls'," Erin chuckled. "You've got a good eye ... and the rest of you isn't bad either," She flirted.

"You seem very comfortable flirting with me, are you gay or bi?" Erin asked the young officer.

"I'm bi and I have a steady boyfriend," Erin smiled as the waiter brought them both some wine that she had arranged as a treat for the Playboy model. She tasted it and indicated that 2 glasses should be poured.

"Your boyfriend's cool with all of this?" Erin asked as she sipped the cool liquid.

"Very cool with it, he's thrilled for me," Erin grinned, taking a mouthful of her Cabernet.

"I take it he's a big Playboy fan?" Erin asked, looking into Erin Benton's piercing blue eyes.

"Actually, I'm the big fan of the two of us, I've had a membership for a while," Erin grinned. "When I saw on the site that you'd be in town for a signing, I arranged to work only a half-shift so that I could be there to meet you. Am I glad I did," She sighed.

"Maybe fate brought us together," the Arkansas honey grinned. "Your boyfriend's must be a special guy to have someone as cool as you in his life," She told her new friend.

"You tell me, you've met him," Officer Benton grinned.



Erin's heart sank. Oh no, Erin couldn't possibly mean Officer Mills, the arrogant jerk that had arrested her?! She looked at Erin who figured out what her concern was and burst out laughing.

"Oh God Erin, no, not Officer Mills. No, Don's as gay as they come. I meant Brookes Avery, the sergeant" Erin told the Playboy model.

Erin breathed a sigh of relief and looked at her new friend. Sergeant Brookes Avery had to be at least 15 years Erin's senior, but he had looked rather rugged and handsome, a real man's man. She remembered his jet-black hair with graying temples, firm jawline and broad shoulders and saw how Erin could be attracted to him.

"We keep it quiet so no one suspects," Erin explained. "We live together too and only a few people know about that. I use my parent's mailing address," She told her foxy friend. "It started as a fling, but we've been going for 4 years now. He's a nice guy and terrific in the sack!"

"WooHoo, good for you girl!" Erin told her friend. The waiter came to take their order, both decided on Prime Rib. The two women chatted amiably about their interests. Erin learned that Officer Benton came from 3 generations of police and that her sister was a firefighter. She saw a picture of Theresa, Erin's sister and decided that the job was perfect for her, because she was smoking hot!

Their flirtations grew with every passing minute until Erin was almost overcome with the desire to make love to her companion. She tugged her into the bathroom and lifted her mini. Pulling Erin's tiny white thong to one side, she licked the officer's bare pussy a few times to get the juices flowing.

"Shaved cunt, yummy," Erin said, standing up and licking the girl's juices from her lips.

"Wuh-waxed, actually," Erin said, gasping for breath. "Oh fuck, that's technically illegal, but who the fuck cares? Let's pay the check, call a cab and get back to the hotel. I want to show you that I can blow your fucking mind too, babes!"

Erin got the same driver as the previous day, who declined a tip when he saw the two brunettes he was driving. Both women gave him a kiss and then kissed each other in front of him, giving him a story he'd likely be telling for weeks. Erin made a note of his cab number and made a note to send him an autographed photo, but that would have to wait. The pair of women practically ran through the lobby and up to Erin's suite. This time, there was nothing at all impeding them. Clothes began flying off the moment the door slammed shut behind them and their lips and tongues clashed as the pair of beauties stumbled in the direction of the bedroom.

"Wuh-wait," Erin stammered again as she moved away from Erin Fox, her dream girl. "I brought something with me and I want you to see it. Strip down to your lingerie, gorgeous lady, but keep the boots on. They're really ... rowrr ... and when your legs are around my back, I want to feel those heels drumming into my spine."

Erin nodded and smiled, delighted at her friend's eagerness. She sat on the edge of the bed and slid off her clothes, leaving on only a black mesh bra that left little to the imagination and her thong. She had a few ideas of her own for later and while waiting for Erin, she called Room Service to see if those ideas could be put into play. She was happy to find out that they could and with ease.

Officer Erin emerged from the bathroom and if ever there was an "Arresting Officer", she was it. Now in a sexy, gauzy black negligee, she had also changed into matching heels. With a confident strut, she walked towards Erin and pushed her down on the bed, planting her toned body against the Playboy model's.

"God, you're a fucking sexy, slutty, hot bitch," Erin snarled as she began kissing the model. Her lips grazed over Erin's 34D tits and pulled on each nipple with her mouth. She licked Erin's big mams and rubbed her hands over them as her mouth grazed Erin's flat belly. The two Erins were now captives to their own bi-sexual fantasies.

Erin Fox was now grinding her own bare cunt against that of Erin Benton. She felt alive, horny, aroused and thrilled at the passion she was feeling. It had been a while since she'd had a girl-fuck this good and they were only just getting started. Erin Benton's hand grazed over her pierced navel and she tickled her there, making Erin Fox groan. Her nails dug into Erin Benton's back and she wrapped her legs around Erin as she had promised she would. The boots dug into Erin's back and the pretty officer sighed and began to moan as she hunched her body against the model's. They were no longer teasing each other, the sex had gotten underway and it looked like it was going to be incredible.

Erin and Erin kissed and caressed for a while, both enjoying the soft, languid way a woman could make love to another woman. Erin always purchased a toy or two when she traveled, she enjoyed her nightly orgasm too much not to have a little assistance if necessary. She gave thought to just how far Erin Benton would let her go, but decided to let the evening play out naturally. The policewoman's face was now moving down her body and between her thighs. Erin Benton's tongue dipped into the well of Erin Fox's pussy and began to eat her, noisily. Erin threw her head back and tangled her hands in the dark curls of her lover's head. She encouraged her newest lover with loud groans and filthy, lewd language that seemed to be arousing both of them.

Erin Benton couldn't believe she was really girl-fucking a Playboy model, how cool was that? She'd enjoyed a number of female flings over the years, but this one was certainly the icing on a very yummy cake. The curvy cutie was a great partner and so fucking responsive! When she came up for air, Erin found the lovely Miss Fox gasping for breath.

"Jesus-fucking-CHRIST, that was the best," Erin grinned, kissing the younger girl and tasting her own juices. "Okay, I have a surprise for you, little darling. You just stay there and I'll be right back."

Erin had heard Room Service arrive while they were fucking. When she'd made her call, she asked that they just let themselves in and not announce their presence. She looked at the tray, everything she had ordered was there. She brought it in to her sexy bedmate and smiled.

"What's this, did you order some food?" Erin asked the model.

"Kind of, your earlier comment about dessert got my wheels spinning," Erin told the girl. She revealed the contents of the tray, Erin's blue eyes went wide and she laughed. On the tray was whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce and shortcake. Erin went over to her little friend, had her remove her negligee and get into the center of the bed. Once the girl was there, Erin began placing the food strategically all over her body. When Erin had enough food covering her "naughty bits", Erin Fox went to work uncovering them with her mouth and tongue. It was torture of the most exquisite kind for the young officer, but she didn't want her lover to let up even for a second. She wasn't disappointed, Erin kept on going until her body was clean as a whistle and her cums had been several. As there was still a lot of delicious dessert left, Erin Fox was soon feeling the same kind of bliss she had imparted to Erin Benton.

The two Erins grinned because both women knew what was next. They both enjoyed the ages-old sixty-nine and neither of them had enjoyed much girl-time as of late. Without saying so much as a word, they joined up on the still-clean side of the bed and tumbled around until Erin Fox was on top of Erin Benton. Knowledgeable tongues went to work on horny pussies and they slaked each other's thirst for cunt juice, the funk of girl-sex filling the hotel room. It was well after 1 AM when they finished their love-play and sat down for coffee. Erin Benton's blue eyes still sparkled with merriment and Erin Fox knew the evening was far from over, they were just "on a break". Once they finished their coffee, the two women headed for the large shower and had intimate, naughty sex under the warm spray. They didn't stop until the water ran cold.

Erin insisted her friend stay for the night and go to Sunday brunch the following afternoon. Erin agreed to that and over a sumptuous meal, they continued flirting. Both Erins wanted to see a bit more of each other, although that wasn't quite possible, Erin Benton teased, running her foot up Erin's leg under the table.

"When do you have to go back to the States?" Erin asked the curvy model.

Erin grinned. "My return is open-ended. Why, what further naughtiness did you have in mind?"

Erin Benton gave her the most evil, yet sensuous, grin possible. "Well, if you wanted to bank some of the cash you've been spending at the Royal York, you could come and stay with me ... us ... for a few days. I'd love to introduce you to Brookes in a more up close and personal setting. Let me put it this way, bitch ..." The sexy officer leaned in and whispered huskily to Erin "... I want to see you riding his fucking big cock while I'm licking those awesome tits of yours, got that?" She nipped Erin's ear and moved away with a Cheshire cat grin.

Erin Fox was nobody's fool, she didn't have any pressing engagements back home and a chance for a little more swinging fun was most welcome. One more time, her wheels went spinning. She imagined that the two police officers likely had some handcuffs ... would either of them be willing to use them in bed? Either on her or on each other or ... all of the above? Now that she'd had a girl-on-girl fling, a threesome sounded like a blast, a hard cock fucking her deep sure sounded good to Erin.

"We'll pack my things after lunch," Erin said as she slid her hand up the cop's leg and under her skirt. Her fingers touched bare pussy and she moved them about and then slid them out and into her mouth. "I'll say this, Toronto certainly has been one of the most hospitable places I've ever visited."

Erin Benton giggled and nodded. "We're known for that," She smiled.

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